Extraordinary Power Encounters in Australia; Jesus Healed Blindness & Afflictions

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Amazing night of night here in Perth, Australia. Actually quite remarkable on multiple levels; as Jesus rescued, healed, restored and freed souls bound by sins, bondages and demons. Thus far this Australian mission has been a spiritual success. Every day I have ministered in various kinds of meetings resulting in souls finding liberation from darkness –so many demons expelled and sent to the pit! Speaking of ministry meetings, I really sense the Holy Spirit moving on my heart to be open to extending the mission in Melbourne as I sense a great need in Victoria. If you are interested in private meetings, in the Melbourne area, please contact my Australian mission coordinator Pastor Joan Smale at +61415114385 or smale.joanbATgmail.com (note: for private encounters; a donation will be required to cover operational costs) and we will begin to pray about the need to extend the Melbourne mission. 

Last night, at the Concordia Lutheran Church, a woman’s only meeting, we experienced incredible ministry. One of the first ladies we ministered to, who was experiencing some convulsions, had been invaded by powerful spirits of death. These were commanded out of her in Jesus name. As we ministered to her, another few women up in the front of the sanctuary began to convulse. I inquired why she was shaking.

“Jay, as you were praying, I saw a vision of a Freemasonry symbol drenched with blood.”

Wow! Here we go again, another Masonic spirit. By the way, I believe in nearly every ministry session we have conducted here in Australia have included confrontations with the spirits of Freemasonry. It seems to me, from my global ministry perspective, that the Freemasonry spirits are strongest here in and in America. Freemasonry is rooted in the Illuminati and is some of the most destructive spiritual forces that exist in our day. I was liberated from Freemasonry nearly 30 years ago. I know of the strong demonic powers that are rooted with Masonry. 

(As I have been sharing with everyone, in our email updates, our victory reports over Freemasonry, I have received a number of emails from individuals, including some high ranking Masons, who are angry about me speaking out against Freemasonry. There were even some indirect threats concerning this. I’m here to tell you –Freemasonry is SATANIC and you will find yourself enslaved if you do not repent and seek deliverance from the ancestral curses.)

The violent Masonic spirits rose up against me in public and battled me. They used spiritual weapons; they fired spiritual darts in my direction. It failed to deter. With claw-like hands, within the lady I was ministering to, it approached me in an attempt to injure me. I called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me in restraining the violence of the demonic spirits. They struck the demons with their swords and spears; greatly weakening the demons. I sprinkled the holy oil (the fire of the Holy Spirit) and they cowered in utter defeat. At first, they stood face to face with me with rage and murder. I made sure this Jesus power encounter was front and center so that the church could see clearly that our Lord is greater and He conquers His foes. At the end, these spiritual enemies, were submitting to Jesus as Lord! 


“We have been here for many generations, hundreds of years because of Freemasonry rituals and ceremonies,” the Masonic spirits revealed, “We afflict with all kinds of sicknesses and pains.”

In the name of Jesus, I had these vile spirits remove numerous fiery darts from her body; instantly the pain left. We also discovered many other spirits within her body including spirits of death and Jezebel. We also found a human interject within her –her very own father who was a Mason. 

“I’m here to control my daughter; I want her involved in Freemasonry,” this human interject, her father, revealed to me. 

This is another aspect of the ministry that must be addressed and spiritually investigated as many souls are being controlled or tormented by these human invaders. Our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center spends considerable amount of time exploring this complex subject and offers practical tips on how to minister to those with human interjects. 

Think about it…how many ministries are conducting this kind of work in the field of the gospel? Not many; I assure you. We are. This is a very good reason to support; to invest into our global work so that many more souls might find freedom in Jesus name.

I spoke to the human interject that surfaced and commanded him to depart. He left. I then dealt with the spirits with him; the spirits of witchcraft and sorcery. All of them were forced out in the name of Jesus and directly sent to the pit; they screamed out of her. Immediately her facial disposition was stunning; she was filled with light. She looked totally different. What an amazing transformation as a result of the love of Jesus being poured out on her life.

This was only the beginning of the meeting; more Jesus power encounters took place. One was quite dramatic. A young lady to the right of me had been afflicted by demons all night long. I began to pray for her and powerful demons of death surfaced and battled me. They wouldn’t allow her to get off her chair. So, I asked the holy angels to lift her off. It was difficult to get the angels to pick her up off the chair. They finally forced her up without human aid and led her to the front of the sanctuary. I had the holy angels strike the invading demons. What a powerful public demonstration of God’s power! 

Among the many afflictions they placed upon her life; they had her eyes and fought for her eyes. I kept on fighting and pouring the blood of Christ upon her eyes. Finally the demons released her eyes and as this woman came out of demonized state (during the deliverance I had taken off her glasses) she could see clearly. Remarkable! We are seeing so many dozens supernaturally and miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness; amazing Jesus! I really feel empowered by the Holy Spirit in healing the blind. Not all are healed; but many are indeed healed of blindness. I had one of our ministry partners stand in the back of the room and tested her healing. He raised his hand and she could easily tell how many fingers were raised; where before she could not, without the aid of her glasses. 

This is only but one miracle that took place as for many hours we ministered to the sick and those tormented by demons. This same precious young lady, also, during the meeting, surfaced a powerful demon that made her run out of the meeting hall. Literally, she ran out of the sanctuary under a demonic trance and ended up outside in some bushes, in the middle of the night. No doubt the demons wanted her to leave and not submit to this kind of spiritual Jesus power. Eventually the holy angels captured her and without any direct human aid; the angels made sure they returned to the sanctuary. As she was being carried supernaturally by the angels back into the building; the demons glanced over at me. They were furious. Another powerful demonstration of the powers of Jesus. 

As she was brought into the meeting hall; I was able to effectively minister to this lady and drive out all of the tormenting spirits and they directly sent to the pit. As I was casting out demons from this woman; I began to minister to another woman in the middle of the sanctuary that was manifesting spirits all night long. I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit. Immediately it descended and caused the woman to twist in an most unusual position as the demons were reacting to the judgement of the living God. The Holy Spirit was forcing out many sicknesses from this woman, including some kind of Lupus affliction. She was powerfully healed and freed from demons on this night. It was extraordinary night!

Not only were many demons expelled but also many infirmities and afflictions. Moreover, many little heart parts (dissociative identities) ranging from little ones to  older ones; each were brought to the Savior for deep healing. Mass number of little heart parts have been healed by Jesus. Many were refreshed by the teachings offered from God’s Word and I as really encouraged to see even some disciples from Singapore, who have been following our mission for awhile, travel to these meetings. 

Looking forward to this evening’s meetings; believing for many to be freed from demonic bondage and healed from a broken heart. Thank you for praying for us.

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