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Supernatural Thriller Like No Other, Some Say?

Monday, August 10th, 2020

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We are in awe. The miracles, signs and wonders we witnessed, in Omaha, in Kansas City and last night here in Lois Angeles, were phenomenal. For example, last night, during our weekly Jesus Church service, here in Southern California, we witnessed a woman, who had been in physical pain, for more than 50+ years, was powerfully healed and delivered. Moreover, she was supernaturally transported into God’s Third Heaven and met the Father and the Son.

Speaking of Third Heaven encounters. While on our Midwest tour, this past week, in each city, precious souls, were caught up into the Third Heaven and experienced the glories, the joys and the wonders of the heavenly realms. Perhaps, a highlight of our mission, occurred in Omaha, NE, during our seminar, when a young woman,¬†was not only set free from demons but was honored to travel to the glorious realms of the Godhead and visited with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.¬†Some disciples, who attended the seminar, mentioned, it was, perhaps, one of the most powerful and intense demonstrations of God’s power and love they have witnessed.

It was a battle, though, as the evil spirits battled me and fought for her soul. God prevailed –as the demons, the soul invaders and the satanic curses were broken in Jesus name. It was a thriller like no other, according to some.