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Stunned! Spectacular Mass Miracles in London!

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Yesterday, I reported the previous meeting’s events. I believed it was perhaps one of the most powerful European missions we have ever held. Well, tonight, it was EVEN MORE POWERFUL! The miraculous and the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit was intensely strong in the meeting hall. I feel the empowerment of the Holy Spirit upon me in a unusual manner resulting in many souls finding freedom in Jesus name.

Tonight was truly unusual. The power of God was very strong in the meeting hall. Very strong. Tonight’s public seminar was completely full –in fact it was a standing room only crowd. We had to bring in extra chairs to meet the needs of those arriving for deliverance and healing. I taught from the Scriptures and explained the dynamics of dissociation in relation to the deliverance ministry. Everyone was attentive and was encouraged. It was interesting that only a few disciples understood the reality of dissociation so there is a MASSIVE need to teach on the subjects such as dissociation, ancestral dissociation and human interjects. I literally ran out of time in teaching. I would estimate I covered perhaps 30% of the material I wanted to cover. This is astounding. There were so many questions and the interest was compelling.

The spiritual education was needed as many in the hall had dissociation, ancestral dissociation and human interjects. I dealt all three elements and incredible liberation and healing took place however the enemy did make an appearance. Allow me to explain.

I was teaching from the Scriptures and a young woman who had traveled in from Australia interrupted my teaching with very strange comments including a comment that was spoken before the assembly of believers.

“I believe the apostle Paul is a fall prophet and his teachings are false,” she clearly stated before all.

I was sad to hear this lady make an absurd statement such as this. I rebuked it in public as did a few other elders. She continued to hold her stance that the apostle Paul’s letters should not be included in the New Testament. Troubling statements for sure. Even after rebuking her and trying to correct her. She still argued aggressively to the point where we actually had to remove her from the meeting. Now, just in this year alone, I have had to remove a number of people, in various meetings, throughout the globe, who sought to undermine the meeting with false doctrine and with the usage of curses. 

As a servant of the Lord I could not allow demons, within this lady, to control the direction of the meeting and thus was guided by the Holy Spirit to remove her. She still fought me and even after the completion of the meeting still stated that the apostle Paul was a false apostle and his teachings were filled with fallacies. The enemy was deeply threatened by our work here in London and wanted to disrupt; to stop the ministry from going forward. The enemy failed and Jesus conquered.

After dismissing the disruption –the Body of Christ felt a spiritual release and we continue in the ministry of deliverance and healing. Young children were set from demons. Some people were set free from a distance. Young men and women were set free from demons. Mature adults were freed from evil spirits and nearly everyone in the meeting hall received a measure of deliverance. It was astounding. I was spat upon. I was threatened with death. I was attacked. However, through it all, Jesus came out victorious. 


  • Dozens of satanic mind controlling mechanisms and fiery darts were extracted by the power of Jesus
  • Many thousands of evil spirits were bound up and sent to the pit in the name of Jesus
  • Many dissociative identities were supernaturally healed
  • Many human interjects were removed in the name of Jesus
  • Many ancestral dissociative identities were sent to Jesus
  • Many witchcraft curses were demolished by the blood of Jesus
  • Many ancestral curses were broken in the name of Jesus
  • On dozens of occasions holy angels assisted me in ministering to those controlled by demon powers
  • On dozens of occasions my sacred cross brought immediate defeat to demon powers and curses (this cross from my brother Bob Larson is unusually blessed by God, the miracles that come from this cross is simple awe-inspiring). The demons screamed, ran away, and faltered by simply glancing at the cross. 
  • The Holy Communion blood brought immediate defeat also to thousands of demons
  • The Holy Spirit fell upon my hand is unusually strong ways –even motioning to demons my fire-filled hands caused to demons to fall down to the ground in utter defeat
  • The presence of the love of God was tangibly strong in healing numerous heart parts and those wounded. Some even fell out under the great power of God’s amazing love.
  • Many souls re-dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, in service to Him
  • Many souls were physically healed of various ailments, sicknesses, and afflictions. POWERFUL!

Where do I begin to recount the personal stories? You had to be in the meeting to see it for yourself! It would easily take several hours to share with everyone what transpired. It’s stunning on multiple levels. I do know this, by God’s grace, I will return to the UK, as so many need freedom and healing (and teaching). 

Towards the end of the meeting I even had the opportunity to lead a young Russian lady, in front everyone, in the hall, whose entire family are Muslims, to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! Each night souls were saved. 

Can it get any better? YES! GOD DESIRES FOR MORE MIRACLES in the days to come! I believe and receive it in Jesus name! 

I am in awe here in this hotel room at 3:30am. 

Blessings in Jesus name!

One of the Most Explosive European Missions

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a phenomenal mission thus far. Where do I start? There were so many miraculous signs and wonders in tonight’s meeting that it’s difficult to recount them all in this email update. All I can say is this has to be one of the most explosive public deliverance missions I have conducted in all of Europe. I have traveled in and out of Europe for many years. I have conducted many public and private missions throughout Europe –from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean– and yet this meeting tonight was amazing on multiple levels. Jesus was glorified above all else and His power liberated so many precious souls. I was shocked to see that individuals traveled in from Sweden, from South Africa, and even as far away as Australia to attend this weekend’s deliverance mission. This is incredible to see. Souls are hungry.

The seminar was well attended and for nearly 7 hours we ministered to those enslaved to demon powers. After teaching for several hours and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began praying for those who were bound to demons. The first group of souls we ministered to were a number of women who had endured an abortion. A small number came forward for prayer and as I began to speak healing over their lives, one precious lady surfaced a Hindu demonic spirit named, Kali. 

“We are here because she visited our temple,” Kali revealed, speaking out of this woman, “She watched our ceremonies and then we entered her.”

It was discovered that is lady visited one of the largest Hindu temples in all of the UK resulting in a demon invasion. It also boasted it was there to destroy her and that it was staying. 

As I began to pray for her –many Hindu spirits surfaced and spoke to me. They confessed they had entered through her mother’s ancestors thousands of years ago. 

This woman that was invaded by these powerful Hindu spirits was a very strong Christian woman who desired to preach the gospel and to drive out demons. It was remarkable to hear that she was essentially the first believer in her entire family. No wonder the spiritual enemies were rising up against her. They wanted to stop her from sharing the gospel to others. Obviously, as this woman fought these invading spirits, these enemies of Jesus had no chance and were quickly removed in Jesus name. 

This was simply the beginning of a night of tremendous warfare with the powers of darkness. For many hours we battled millions of demonic spirits that surfaced within those at the meeting. There were massive numbers of spirits of rape, fear, torment, mind control, madness, witchcraft, death and so many others that warred against us. As the meeting went on many people were manifesting demonic powers and spoke out of their victims. Many aggressive and violent contortions were on display by these vile beings. In each instance I made a public spectacle of them as they were forced to acknowledge that Jesus is Lord.

In the midst of the public meeting, to the left of me in the middle of the meeting hall, a man (whom I’ll refer to as Bruce) started violently shaking and his arms stiffened up and were claw-like. Violent demonic spirits surfaced and spoke loudly, “We are going to kill everyone! We are going to kill him before it’s over!”

I commanded the demon to reveal his identity.

“We are Killers!” the demons informed me, “Our name is Kill. There’s millions of us within him. We entered the father’s ancestors, many generations ago, because they worshipped Satan. They sacrificed babies and animals to Satan. They drank the blood of babies and animals. They were KILLERS!” the demons shouted at me. 

I called forth mighty holy angels and they arrived binding these killing spirits in spiritual chains to ensure the safety of Bruce and others as these are very violent demonic spirits hell bent on destruction. I spoke to the holy angels and they assisted me greatly. 

“We are here because all of his ancestors killed. We will kill him. God has chosen this man for powerful works we can’t allow that to take place. We have to stop him.”

Ah! The demons are here on planet earth to hinder God’s people and the calling upon our lives. However, I commend Bruce as he wasn’t going to give in to these vile spiritual beings. He was determined to fight and he did! God honored his fight and was able to get a beautiful victory tonight. It should be noted that Bruce is also a elder of a church here in London also. No wonder he was being targeted by the enemy. He is a threat to their work and wanted to shut him down. But, on this night victory was achieved, as Jesus defeated these millions of demons.

It was also discovered that during the ministry with Bruce that these many evil spirits held captive many broken pieces of his heart. One such heart part immediately surfaced as the millions of the spirits of killing were cast out into the pit in Jesus name! One little 8 year old surfaced quickly. He sobbed and sobbed. I held him and prayed for the peace and love of God to rest upon him. It was revealed that when Bruce was 8 years of age a demon appeared to him (thus frightening him) and forced little Bruce to make a demonic pact –an agreement that he would allow the demon to be part of his life to help him with his fears. What a cruel means to invade this child. These monsters knew the 8 year old would be fearful and used that emotion to their advantage by then attempting to trick little Bruce by saying he would be able to protect him from the very fears they had brought in the first place. This is why I tell my little children all the time –do not trust anything monsters (demons) say as they will try to trick you. Parents, tell your children that monsters will appear and will lie to them. Warn them! 

I had the little 8 year old break the pact and spoke out against fear and torment. The hold was broken in Jesus name. I then proceeded to confront the spirits of fear and torment that held captive this little 8 year old part. All of these monsters were forced to let go of the parts of his heart and were commanded to enter into the pit in Jesus name! They flew out of him and great peace came upon Bruce as the little parts were rejoined to his heart!

Many other demonic spirits were confronted including spirits of insanity and madness. They were also driven out in Jesus name! 

As we dealt with the demonic doorways of witchcraft, death, Freemasonry many demonic spirits surfaced within many in the meeting hall. One lady who had traveled in from South Africa surfaced a Octopus spirit that has placed it’s tentacles around her mind and various parts of her broken heart to hold them captive. This Octopus demon was expelled in Jesus name and immediately this dear lady revealed she could finally, after all of these years, feel some relief from the deep spiritual oppression that the demons had brought into her life. I was so happy because this sister of mine in the Lord is also enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and learning more about these very spiritual realities she was facing on this night. She will walk in freedom and she will help many others in the years to come.

Towards the end of the evening, an entire Nigerian family was set free from powerful witchcraft curses and spirits. The mother had brought her two young daughters to the meeting to experience deliverance and healing. God did not disappoint. While praying for the 21 year old daughter a group of tormenting spirits surfaced and spoke to me.

“This girl we have invaded will fail. She is not worthy of your God’s love or favor. She will not prosper,” the demons informed me, “We have told these lies to her and she believes them.”

As these confessions were being made the demons laughed and laughed for they knew they could control her if the lies were believed. They were believed so the demons remained in this young woman’s life. On this night, the curse was broken, though, the lies were dismantled and the dark spiritual forces of Satan were defeated in Jesus name. It was truly astounding to see this entire family find relief and deliverance from the many demons that had controlled their life. Instead of torment, there were smiles and inner peace on display.

This entire night there were loud cries, demonic screams, contortions of the limbs, demonic threats and all kinds of warfare however our great God displayed His awesome holy power tonight. He forgave sins, restore relationships, healed numerous broken hearts, repaired bodies, removed demonic spirits and cancelled curses. Jesus and His holy angels worked in the midst of us in great power. All praise to our great God!

In Newark, New Jersey: Demons Threaten to Kill Me!

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

After my last mission to Houston where we witnessed many miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance I traveled back home for a few days of rest. While at home I made a follow-up visit to the otolaryngologist who has been advising me recently in relation to the submucosal hemorrhaging I had experienced. God has truly healed me. This world-renown physician who has treated former US Presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton took some time, out of his extremely busy schedule, for an examination and consultation. Again, he re-affirmed the healing that has taken place (however been facing some other physical issues in relation to my sinuses that God is healing me of) and I am heading in the right direction; which encourages my heart however I’m still limiting my speaking in variety of ways however been receiving strength and grateful for all of your prayers. 

I’m now currently, in one of the most spiritually darkened regions of the United States–the Northeast. It is here in New Jersey the Holy Spirit opened the doors for us to travel to minister to the sick and demonized. Every year we make several trips into this part of the country that so desperately needs the power and love of Jesus! I was pleasantly surprised to see that our meeting hall was nearly filled up and some even traveled great distances to receive ministry of liberation. In fact, some of those in the Mennonite community who traveled from Pennsylvania to Houston last weekend to receive ministry followed me over to Newark for more ministry. It’s incredible. I might just need to travel into the Mennonite community to conduct some meetings as many of them, as I have discovered, are terribly vexed by evil spirits. 

One of the first souls I ministered to was a precious Mennonite lady who I brought to the front of the meeting hall whom confessed to having been involved in raw Satanism –including the participation in hideous blood rituals including the consumption of sacrificial blood. She spoke of having to endure very dark satanic ceremonies that included sadistic acts that allowed demons the means to enter this young lady. I led her in a prayer to renounce the witchcraft, the black magic, and the Satanism. While she prayed with me, demons were coming out and she received a significant spiritual release. I truly commend this young lady for being brave enough to break the satanic silence. This was just the beginning of the ministry that was to take place for many hours deep into the night.

It seems every mission here to New Jersey is filled with spiritual fireworks. In my last public mission to Newark I was viciously and violently assaulted causing me to shed blood while I battled demons. Tonight for nearly 6 hours I battled hundreds of thousands of evil spirits. I lost track of the many hundreds of thousands of Legions I warred against tonight. They were furious with me. They threatened to kill me if I continue to battle them. They threatened to attack me and many times motioned to me in an attempt to send demons my way to afflict me. Their powers were countered with the power of the fire of the Holy Spirit, the holy angels, the Sword of the Spirit, the atoning blood of Jesus, and Holy Communion.

The supernatural power of God was off the charts! I called forth the holy angels and they greatly assisted me in battling the demonic spirits. Dozens of times, they restrained the demons, they assisted me in striking the demons thereby weakening them greatly. My sacred cross was mightily used of the Lord to weaken hundreds of thousands of evil spirits –so many of them were fleeing at the sight of the holy cross. 

All of them were cast to the pit in Jesus name! It was extraordinary on multiple levels. The screams were NON-STOP!  During our ministry sessions the demons while confronted produced some truly intense blood-curdling screams. It was very loud. This public meeting was being conducted in a rather large Hilton Hotel and yet the screams could be heard down the corridors and a number of times hotel guests inquired if everything was okay as it sounded like war!

Well, it was a WAR! A spiritual war with very powerful demonic spirits that fought me fiercely. It’s astounding my vocals held up. Jesus help me!

There were some powerful witchcraft demons that were surfacing within many. Spirits of death, destruction, Jezebel, Baal, black magic, blindness, hate, poverty, lack, Leviathan, Dragon, Anti-Christ, Blasphemy and a host of animalistic demons including a crocodile spirit. There were many infirmities and afflictions such as cancer, dizziness, old age, and leukemia also driven out in the name of Jesus. Furthermore, many ancestral dissociative parts were located and sent to Jesus for healing. Also, I dealt with a number of human interjects that were hell-bent on destroying their victims through satanic curses. 

Many of the demons boasted how they had been in these individuals for many thousands of years and how nobody ever confronted them through the generations. Again this is a spiritual crime. The church of the Jesus Christ should rise up and lead in curse-breaking and casting out demons. However, this isn’t largely happening in most churches around the globe thus demons are working largely unhindered. 

However, I’m encouraged with the a number of pastors, evangelists and prophets that were present in our meeting that testified of learning so much from these public demonstrations. In fact, one church planter, who was present in the meeting testified of his desire to take this kind of ministry into every church that he plants from here on out. This is wonderful news to my ears.

Also, I was shocked to see so many Hindu spirits surfaced during our meeting. Very strong spirits of Kali, Shiva, Ganesha, and many other Hindu spirits. I led my precious friends of Hindu backgrounds to break the oaths, the rituals, the sacrifices, the offerings, and the ancestral Hindu curses of black magic. Many Hindu spirits were shaking their victims violently. Some of their shaking and twisting of body limbs were very strange and eerie. They were grotesquely contorting their victims and attempting to cause great pain. In each case, Jesus provided victory and these many Hindu spirits were expelled and sent to the pit as they cried out wildly out of bodies. 

As usual nearly everyone stayed the entire night as we taught from the Word, administered Holy Communion and prayed for those sick and demon afflicted. I was really encouraged to see that many were refreshed and strengthened as I taught on the Hidden Life in Christ. Many were not familiar with this foundational biblical teaching that empowers the disciple to carry out the works of the Kingdom. Also, during our ministry sessions, many mass numbers of broken heart parts were released and sent to Jesus for healing. As you can see God was working powerfully in our midst. To be honest with you, I could easily spend a few more hours sharing the various miracles. However, I need to get some rest as I leave for London, UK in literally in a few hours. I thank you for praying for me. 

Miraculous Encounters: Demons Flee, Blindness Departed, Heart Healed!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Earlier this evening we conducted yet another meeting here in the Houston area and witnessed the supernatural power of Jesus release a young woman from deep demonic enslavement. We quickly discerned this woman loved the Lord Jesus and much of her spiritual attacks were stemming from ancestral curses that had been passed down through the bloodline. While counseling Julie we discovered that she had been a slave to pornography and all sorts of perversion but it was obviously she was ready to find freedom in Jesus. 

Our small prayer team shared the promises of God with Julie specifically in relation to the transformational truths of our position in Jesus Christ in the heavenly realms. As I taught from the WORD I could see blinders were coming off of her spiritual eyes and she could begin to see who she truly was by virtue of her ascended state in Christ. I believe many disciples are in the dark when it comes to understanding this basic and yet foundational teaching on the state of our spiritual ascension upon conversion. For those who have ascended and understanding what this entails are quickly empowered to act in power over demon powers, disease and death. Julie was beginning to see who she was in Jesus and this was empowering and bringing joy into her heart. 

After partaking of the Holy Communion, I began to pray for Julie and within a few minutes a evil spirit named Sarcoidosis (a disease that can affect the eyes) surfaced and boasted to me how they had been afflicting her eyes thus requiring Julie to wear glasses. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and assured me she would be healed on this day.

“We don’t have to leave because she hates God, ” the demon informed me, “Her ancestors hated God hundreds of years ago thus allowing us the right to come into the bloodline. 

Julie informed me it was true that at one point she hated God and had even blasphemed. I led Julie to renounce the generational curses and then suddenly another a more powerful demon surfaced that growled at me. It was named Fear.

I called forth the holy angels of God and within a few minutes they arrived and assisted me in striking the demons; thus greatly weakening them. The demons groaned and moaned in utter defeat as the holy angels utilized their swords against these dark powers. The spirits of fear spoke to me.

“We are here because the ancestors committed perversion –sex with animals– more then 200 years ago.”

This would explain why Julie at times was compelled to watch pornography that included sex with animals –there were powerful generational curses that had passed through the bloodline that had never been renounced by any previous generations because they were told that generational curses were basically nonexistent and that believers in Christ could not been be affected by evil spirits. This lie allowed the demons to work unhindered through 5+ generations. 

“We also hold captive three parts of her broken heart,” the demons shared with me. 

The demons were commanded to release the parts of her heart and was able to lead a 10 year old part and a few other younger ones to Jesus for healing. It was beautiful to see these little ones find peace with God. 

As the spiritual battle continued on I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to be present on my hand and immediately I felt heat. I simply motioned my fire filled hand in the direction of the demons and they groaned in agony as the fire consumed them and defeated them. The fire was literally burning them and they cried out in pain. 

As I battled Fear and the other generational spirits I demanded all of them to take the eye afflictions and the varying degrees of blindness that they had placed on her eyes. It was not easy to get them to cooperate however they eventually did and all of the vile spirits were cast out of her in the name of Jesus! The generational curses were broken by the blood of Jesus! I took off her glasses and when Julie came out of the demonized trance state I walked over the other side of the meeting room and asked her how many fingers I had raised and immediately she answered correctly. It was amazing because even prior to the exorcism I asked Julie to tell me how many fingers I raised up and she could not answer as her eyesight was that blurry and distorted (and I was much closer to her that time). God healed this precious lady from a varying degree of blindness! These past few years I have seen so many souls healed in this area. I am grateful to our living God!

Moreover, Julie’s heart experienced a incredible healing as those three parts that surfaced earlier affirmed their desire to become one with her, which they did. The smile, the joyful laughter was encouraging to hear and witness. She was utterly shocked by all of these incredible miracles that were taking place in her life. “Jay, I feel so much lighter and peaceful. When you placed the holy oil on my forehead I could feel the intense spiritual heat. My heart is so happy now.” Julie walked in wearing glasses and she walked not needing to wear them! Jesus!

This is why I do what I do –to hear those beautiful words– to be part of miracle encounters throughout the earth. Speaking of miracle encounters, we have many public meetings planned through North America, in the UK and in Haiti in the next few weeks that we encourage you to be a part of. Appreciate all of your prayers and love in the name of holy Jesus!

Encountering & Expelling “The Beast” in Houston

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently here in Houston, Texas, holding our monthly Church of the Cross meeting, where we witnessed souls saved, hearts healed, bodies repaired and demons driven out in Jesus name! Our meeting hall was jammed packed with souls desperate for deliverance and healing. In fact, there were quite a few people who had traveled great distances to be present in our meeting. It was amazing to see a Mennonite group of 16 show up to receive deliverance. This makes our public meetings very unique and special in that various Christians of various persuasions –from Catholics to the Messianic Jews to Baptists to Anglicans to Lutherans to Charismatics all feel welcomed and thus attend. People feel love and compassion. 

For nearly 7 hours I was joined with my co-laborers in the Kingdom –pastors Sharon Brand, James Beason, Tony and his wife Betty– taught from God’s Word, administered Holy Communion, ministered to the demonized and those broken in heart. 

It was truly beautiful to see at the very beginning of the meeting, prior to the Holy Communion, two young people confessing they had never surrendered to the Lord Jesus; so I had them come up to the front and had their father lead them to salvation in the Lord Jesus. It was beautiful to see!

God was also faithful to deliver so many and heal many hearts. On two occasions one lady who testified of not being able to walk due to a crippling affliction, that confined her to a wheelchair, was able to walk. In the first instance, pastor Tony Walters ministered to her and she was able to get off the wheelchair and walk. Some minutes went by and she ended up reopening some doorways that placed her back in the wheelchair. At one point she called upon for more prayer so I told her to get up and walk to the front (this woman, mind you, was confined to a wheelchair) and she told me as a matter-of-fact, “I can’t walk.” 

I told her to walk in Jesus name and she tried her hardest but failed. I walked back to her and took her by the hand and in Jesus name she walked! However, I’m very concerned that there is massive amount of unrepentant occultism and sorcery in her background that will allow these demons to cripple her. She needs our prayers. However, God was moving in the hearts of many especially among the Mennonite group that traveled many hours to be present in our public meeting. One lady in her 30’s I ministered to was afflicted with powerful witchcraft spirits. They screamed out of her as I approached her. A few times they made her fall to the ground. I commanded them to get off the ground and they obeyed. One demon that surfaced and spoke to me was named, “The Beast.” He was angry with me and spoke to me, “We hate you!” These Beast spirits are generally rooted within the deeper elements of the occult. It turned out this woman had been victimized by sorcerers and was needing deep inner healing along with the deliverance. The demon called Beast battled however he lost and was expelled in the name of Jesus. Other demons were cast out also. Moreover, many broken heart parts surfaced and were sent to the Lord Jesus for healing. 

Another precious Mennonite disciple who revealed she had been abused by Satanists surfaced a number of screaming demons of death, coma, destruction and murder. They also battled me with deep hate but they were defeated by the power of the blood of Jesus. Not only did we encounter many demonic spirits within this woman but we also encountered many little broken heart parts that were in need of healing. Many of these hearts parts were released and sent to Jesus. Many of the demons were expelled too! 

Yet another Mennonite disciple, a man in his 40’s, also manifested strong demons that spoke out of him including 50 generational demons named Lucifer. 

“We are not only in him, but also attack his little baby,” Lucifer boasted. 

By faith I placed the blood of Jesus on little baby and they reported of having to let go of little baby and then these spirits of Lucifer were cast out too in Jesus name!

I also encountered many other kinds of demons such as Self-Destruction and Fear. They too were driven out and sent to the pit. We also met many broken hearts parts whom were sent to Jesus. They saw our risen Savior and was healed by Him. On this night there were quite a few parts who testified of seeing the Lord Jesus which brought joy to my heart and as I love seeing hurting hearts experience His healing love.

After his mighty deliverance and healing, this disciple testified with a massive smile on his face and joy in his disposition, “Jay, I feel like I have lost 200 pounds! I feel great!”

Also, in our meeting, was a minister of the gospel, who conducts missions into Asia, who experienced a powerful deliverance from demons of Freemasonry including freedom from a Masonic noose that had been choking him for all of these years. He often wondered where this choking has rooted in and couldn’t locate the roots to it. Within minutes he was freed from this awful curse by the power of the blood of Jesus! He was extremely happy about this new freedom he had experienced. 

Many others received a measure of freedom and healing however in nearly 7 hours of ministry there was so much more to be accomplished but I was getting tired and my vocal cords were needing the rest. So, I concluded the meeting. It’s nearly 3am and will be resting my vocal cords until our next meeting which is later this evening. Thank you for your prayers as God continues to strengthen my body. 

Jesus is Lord!

Signs & Wonders in Thailand!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

I am still rejoicing in the healing that has taken place in my life! God is gracious. I look forward to returning to the work of the mission soon; after some rest. We are still receiving amazing miracle reports that are simply stunning! I would like to highlight one testimony we have received from some friends of ours in Australia who recently embarked on a mission to Thailand. As some of you might know Thailand is a nation gripped by the powers of Buddhism. I have visited Thailand and have conducted evangelistic work in this nation. In fact, a dear friend of ours lives in Bangkok and pastors a vibrant church in Bangkok. 

Please enjoy the testimony below. We are humbled that we have been able to be a part of this work of the gospel. I really feel these friends of our have been specifically called into the five fold ministry and have recently emailed them my thoughts on this. Please pray for them as they seek direction in the ministry of the gospel.

Jesus is King!

“Jay–This is a highlights report of what I got up to on my recent mission trip to Thailand.

It is still very clear to John and I that this is all very much part of the fruit of your obedience and sacrifice and calling, so I wanted you to hear how far reaching and ongoing the Lord’s fruit through you extends. We are forever grateful for you, your family and your ministry partners!! 

Open air meeting: Our team travelled to a predominantly Buddhist rural area, with only a hand full of Christians. The Christians had gained favour from the leader of that province for helping the community when it was severely flooded late last year. The Buddhist leader invited all people in his small community to come and support the Christians. The local Buddhist temple supplied the chairs!! lol. Approximately 90 people were in attendance, approximately 70 were Buddhist locals.

  • Before the people arrived, the team received ‘words of knowledge’ about what infirmities/conditions Holy Spirit was highlighting for healing at the beginning of the meeting. When the meeting began, 20+ people stepped forward and we witnessed 100% healing!! One young Cambodian man was in such pain before the meeting that he was pacing back and forth frantically rubbing his leg, his face writhing in pain. He stepped forward when ‘severe leg pain’ was read out, and was miraculously instantly healed!! Then, Paul gave a very brief gospel presentation which was translated from English into Thai, then Thai into Cambodian because there were so many Cambodians in the meeting who did not know Thai. Holy Spirit told Paul to “get to it” because He had already done the An alter call was made and EVERY chair was empty as people rushed to the front!! Holy Spirit presence was so strong as the people gave their hearts to Jesus, and most were so impacted that they fell down under His power and received much peace and joy broke out. Where there was pain and brokenness, Holy Spirit brought freedom, peace and healing. The Cambodian man healed of leg pain stepped forward again to receive Jesus as Lord and looked very puzzled as he kept checking his leg to make sure the pain had really gone, his huge smile at the end said it all!! lolMany many Divine Love Hugs

  • I remember one little old Cambodian lady came for a hug at the open air meeting (she had just given her life to Jesus and received much physical healing). As we embraced I felt physically in my body and through word of knowledge, her deep pain and torment in her heart and was blessed to be able to cry deeply for her as her pain was so traumatic and deep-seated that she was literally unable, and facilitate emotional response for her. After a while, she stepped back looking bewildered that I was crying so heavily for her, but tears were welling up in her eyes as she looked at me and she was visibly impacted by what had taken place and was able to smile as her own tears began to drip down her face!! One of our team took a photo during our embrace, and the face of the old lady looks just like a young girl!! Her spirit was shining through as Holy Spirit did His thing.Another lady came into one of the meetings, visibly hardened and spiritual coldness was evident in her eyes. We were permitted to pray for her, and she felt peace in her chest area. I then looked into her eyes and felt overwhelming love for her, I felt like I could see Jesus in her eyes. I just grabbed her and held her for a long while, initially she did not respond but eventually sunk into Jesus hugging her using my arms. It was amazing to witness this same lady, raise her hand later that night to give her heart and receive Jesus. She returned the next night with a huge smile on her face and reported that she had had her first nightmare free night ever. Such joy and peace filled her eyes.

    Note: When I embrace people, I usually feel Jesus physically wrap his arms around on top of my arms and around my body, and He ‘locks’ my arms in place around the person until it lifts. He really is holding both of us in that very moment. There are times also when I physically feel a Holy Spirit heat rush through both of us, and it is at this point that I know something BIG is happening and usually there are much tears. He is amazing!

There was more….

Physical healing: deaf ears and blind eyes opened, crippled limbs strengthened, crippling pain gone, breathing difficulties gone, stomach/digestive disorders healed. Just to mention a few!!!

Inner healing: broken hearts healed, peace and joy ignited and experienced

– many spontaneous and not-so-spontaneous deliverances

– prophecies, visions, declarations

– encounters with Jesus, Holy Spirit and the angelic realm

– gifts identified and activated

– many revelations of joy and love and passion for Jesus ignited… 

What an amazing blessing to be apart of bringing the Kingdom of God into such dark places and seeing Him turn up and change people for ever!!

Oh, and here is another testimony that I forgot to include previously:

Supernatural evangelism:

    On the way to a gathering in Bangkok, Manny, Kelley, our interpreter and myself caught a taxi. Manny got a word of knowledge about a physical ailment of the taxi driver (which was wrong…lol, but the driver said that he had a heart condition and was experiencing severe pain in his chest… NOT what you want to hear as a passenger). lol. I laid hands on the back of his chair, interceding and breaking the hold of whatever dropped into my mind, and releasing healing and the power of God into him. The driver permitted us to pray for healing, although he said that he is Buddhist and therefore doesn’t believe in Jesus as God. Despite this, he felt Holy Spirit enter him and all pain go!! After that, Manny got a really specific word of knowledge about his life circumstances and how God loved him so much that he wants this man to know peace in his life. It was spot on!! So, he let us pray peace over him and he quickly encountered the presence of God in the taxi. Mind you, we were still ducking and weaving through busy Bangkok traffic!!! So, once he encountered THE peace of God, he wanted Jesus. So, we walked him through the salvation prayer, prayed breakthrough into his life, further healing took place in his body as a bonus, lined up a Thai Bible for him to read – and all within the 15 minute taxi drive to our destination. He was soooo overjoyed, and the look in his face was priceless. He was so touched, and we all left in a state of shock and joy. Just awesome!! lol.”

Unusual Miracles Reported from Africa!

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The Scriptures are filled with very unusual miracles. Here’s a good example of one as recorded in Acts 5:14-16:

Nevertheless, more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number. As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed.

Peter’s shadow was used of the Holy Spirit to bring forth healing and deliverance. In Acts 19:11 it is recorded that the apostle Paul used objects to heal and deliver souls from demons. 

Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.”

In nearly three decades of serving Jesus I have seen these kinds of miracles all over the world. In fact, in southern Africa, it’s being reported by various disciples of Jesus, that they are experiencing healing as they touch a ministry advertisement, that contains a promotional picture of me, that I sent a month or so ago, to promote our African evangelistic and deliverance meetings. In the past 48 hours I have received three miracle reports (from a bishop), two involving ladies with heart pains receiving immediate healing from their pains and torments as they touched the promotional ad. Amazing! All praise to King Jesus! For HE is the HEALER!

As many of you have witnessed in our public meetings –my holy cross is another powerful weapon used of God to deliver and to heal! If God can use an apron used by the apostle Paul then obviously He can use a cross (that symbolizes our victory in Him) that I use in our meetings. Click here to view a recent testimony of a disciple of Jesus who testifies of the power of the cross while receiving ministry in Perth, Australia. Our God is a living God! Amen!

 For the love of Jesus to the world!