In Newark, New Jersey: Demons Threaten to Kill Me!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

After my last mission to Houston where we witnessed many miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance I traveled back home for a few days of rest. While at home I made a follow-up visit to the otolaryngologist who has been advising me recently in relation to the submucosal hemorrhaging I had experienced. God has truly healed me. This world-renown physician who has treated former US Presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton took some time, out of his extremely busy schedule, for an examination and consultation. Again, he re-affirmed the healing that has taken place (however been facing some other physical issues in relation to my sinuses that God is healing me of) and I am heading in the right direction; which encourages my heart however I’m still limiting my speaking in variety of ways however been receiving strength and grateful for all of your prayers. 

I’m now currently, in one of the most spiritually darkened regions of the United States–the Northeast. It is here in New Jersey the Holy Spirit opened the doors for us to travel to minister to the sick and demonized. Every year we make several trips into this part of the country that so desperately needs the power and love of Jesus! I was pleasantly surprised to see that our meeting hall was nearly filled up and some even traveled great distances to receive ministry of liberation. In fact, some of those in the Mennonite community who traveled from Pennsylvania to Houston last weekend to receive ministry followed me over to Newark for more ministry. It’s incredible. I might just need to travel into the Mennonite community to conduct some meetings as many of them, as I have discovered, are terribly vexed by evil spirits. 

One of the first souls I ministered to was a precious Mennonite lady who I brought to the front of the meeting hall whom confessed to having been involved in raw Satanism –including the participation in hideous blood rituals including the consumption of sacrificial blood. She spoke of having to endure very dark satanic ceremonies that included sadistic acts that allowed demons the means to enter this young lady. I led her in a prayer to renounce the witchcraft, the black magic, and the Satanism. While she prayed with me, demons were coming out and she received a significant spiritual release. I truly commend this young lady for being brave enough to break the satanic silence. This was just the beginning of the ministry that was to take place for many hours deep into the night.

It seems every mission here to New Jersey is filled with spiritual fireworks. In my last public mission to Newark I was viciously and violently assaulted causing me to shed blood while I battled demons. Tonight for nearly 6 hours I battled hundreds of thousands of evil spirits. I lost track of the many hundreds of thousands of Legions I warred against tonight. They were furious with me. They threatened to kill me if I continue to battle them. They threatened to attack me and many times motioned to me in an attempt to send demons my way to afflict me. Their powers were countered with the power of the fire of the Holy Spirit, the holy angels, the Sword of the Spirit, the atoning blood of Jesus, and Holy Communion.

The supernatural power of God was off the charts! I called forth the holy angels and they greatly assisted me in battling the demonic spirits. Dozens of times, they restrained the demons, they assisted me in striking the demons thereby weakening them greatly. My sacred cross was mightily used of the Lord to weaken hundreds of thousands of evil spirits –so many of them were fleeing at the sight of the holy cross. 

All of them were cast to the pit in Jesus name! It was extraordinary on multiple levels. The screams were NON-STOP!  During our ministry sessions the demons while confronted produced some truly intense blood-curdling screams. It was very loud. This public meeting was being conducted in a rather large Hilton Hotel and yet the screams could be heard down the corridors and a number of times hotel guests inquired if everything was okay as it sounded like war!

Well, it was a WAR! A spiritual war with very powerful demonic spirits that fought me fiercely. It’s astounding my vocals held up. Jesus help me!

There were some powerful witchcraft demons that were surfacing within many. Spirits of death, destruction, Jezebel, Baal, black magic, blindness, hate, poverty, lack, Leviathan, Dragon, Anti-Christ, Blasphemy and a host of animalistic demons including a crocodile spirit. There were many infirmities and afflictions such as cancer, dizziness, old age, and leukemia also driven out in the name of Jesus. Furthermore, many ancestral dissociative parts were located and sent to Jesus for healing. Also, I dealt with a number of human interjects that were hell-bent on destroying their victims through satanic curses. 

Many of the demons boasted how they had been in these individuals for many thousands of years and how nobody ever confronted them through the generations. Again this is a spiritual crime. The church of the Jesus Christ should rise up and lead in curse-breaking and casting out demons. However, this isn’t largely happening in most churches around the globe thus demons are working largely unhindered. 

However, I’m encouraged with the a number of pastors, evangelists and prophets that were present in our meeting that testified of learning so much from these public demonstrations. In fact, one church planter, who was present in the meeting testified of his desire to take this kind of ministry into every church that he plants from here on out. This is wonderful news to my ears.

Also, I was shocked to see so many Hindu spirits surfaced during our meeting. Very strong spirits of Kali, Shiva, Ganesha, and many other Hindu spirits. I led my precious friends of Hindu backgrounds to break the oaths, the rituals, the sacrifices, the offerings, and the ancestral Hindu curses of black magic. Many Hindu spirits were shaking their victims violently. Some of their shaking and twisting of body limbs were very strange and eerie. They were grotesquely contorting their victims and attempting to cause great pain. In each case, Jesus provided victory and these many Hindu spirits were expelled and sent to the pit as they cried out wildly out of bodies. 

As usual nearly everyone stayed the entire night as we taught from the Word, administered Holy Communion and prayed for those sick and demon afflicted. I was really encouraged to see that many were refreshed and strengthened as I taught on the Hidden Life in Christ. Many were not familiar with this foundational biblical teaching that empowers the disciple to carry out the works of the Kingdom. Also, during our ministry sessions, many mass numbers of broken heart parts were released and sent to Jesus for healing. As you can see God was working powerfully in our midst. To be honest with you, I could easily spend a few more hours sharing the various miracles. However, I need to get some rest as I leave for London, UK in literally in a few hours. I thank you for praying for me. 

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