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Freedom Fighter: Doctor Driving Out Demons From Patients

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently with my beautiful family here in sunny Florida. It’s been refreshing to be with them here. Especially after encountering that winter storm in Dallas for several days. The kids and I loved playing in the snow however. See these pictures here and here. Hope you are having a blessed Christmas season with family and friends. (To my all my friends who have emailed, I hope to catch up with the emails soon). I love you all very much!

In the coming days I’ll be sharing some special mission moments we have experienced in 2013 —so many miracles, including extraordinary acts that point to the great power of Jesus. However, we are in holy awe of the amount of souls that were brought to JESUS for the very first time. Many tens of thousands were able to hear the gospel and many of those responded to the Savior and His unfailing love! More on this soon.

As many of you know we have close to 100 serious disciples who have registered to be part of the Freedom Fighter International Training Center (by the way…have you joined yet?) and the miracle reports I receive from those disciples are amazing. For example, just yesterday, a doctor, emailed me this report:

“Jay–I had a patient recently who came in and I smelled a foul spirit on him I prayed to the Lord and he led me to ask if he had any unforgiveness he then revealed to me that he was sexually abused by his father and other abuse he has never told anyone (except maybe his wife I think). So I loved on him and counseled him to forgive because it’s sets you free.  Prayed for healing upon his affliction which he received after some time.  

As I ministered to him he could see crosses in my eyes. I ministered to him another day and he had the same reaction of seeing crosses in my eyes he was so adamant about it he asked his wife and my wife who were present if they could see the crosses in my eyes and he was amazed they couldn’t see them. I don’t know why he could see them unless it was the enemy seeing them or just the broken part of him seeing Christ in me or if God was just letting me know he is in me and I am in him. 

Then I had a patient who had attempted suicide and was rescued by his stepfather. CPR had to be administered he was in the hospital for sometime where he thought he was other people.  So today the Lord was good as always and he got deliverance to make a long story short he had a generational human interject named George who was either 432 years old or was from that year.  He felt guilty from an accidental fire that start and burned many people to death including his wife and children, i told him Jesus loved him and he forgives him and he wants to take him to heaven he saw Jesus and went to him.  Then a second broken piece came up that was Kevin himself from two years ago from the suicide attempt.  This part didn’t feel he was worthy of freedom and healing as he had caused so much grief to his mother for what he had put her through.  I told this part Jesus loved him and forgives him and that he wants to help heal him and then I just hugged him and loved him he cried and squeezed me tight and he said I love you and I really feel he was saying that to Jesus not me if that makes sense. Then I put my right hand over his heart and left on his back and prayed to Jesus to take this part out or put his heart back together as new and whole it is your will lord and Jesus put him back together Kevin told me later it was an amazing feeling.  

Then we went after the enemy he said he had no legal right and he left after a while and then a demon named Carcacon pronounced Carsicon came up he said he had no legal right so Jesus removed him as soon as it was gone.  Prayed over him for the Holy Spirit to fill every part and cell of his body and prayed for our almighty father to release his gifts to be used for the kingdom!” 

This brings joy to my heart! This doctor also shared he’s been seeing some of his patients being healed as ministers deliverance. Praise God for this! I get these reports all the time where disciples, in their school, in their workplace, in their home, are doing extraordinary acts to bring miracles into people’s lives. This is authentic life! This is why I developed this training center to not only equip followers of Christ on the basics but also on some of the deeper elements of ministry such as healing broken hearts. We are seeing this come to pass.

We are also seeing many touched by our YouTube video clips and publications. God is using it all for His glory. His hand is upon them and we are seeing the amazing fruit. Even while people are going through the teachings from the Freedom Fighter school people are being touched. 

Moreover, here in several weeks, we have the incredible opportunity to potentially reach millions for Jesus through secular television as the History Channel has been following our work. I have met with the production team in Canada and had the wonderful opportunity to share Jesus with them as they listened to a gospel message I presented at a public meeting. They will be joining me on our South Texas (near the Mexican border) mission in January 2014. Please pray for these events. Then, our Western African mission has been rescheduled for February 2014. We are expecting more than 50,000 souls a night to attend these series of public outdoor meetings. We are starting a Freedom Fighter International Training Center that will equip many thousands for the gospel. 

As you can see we are about proclaiming Jesus and equipping saints. Every mission should be focused on this –proclaiming the good news of Jesus and developing disciples. We are, by God’s grace, doing our small part. Join us!

Again, I wanted to take this opportunity to speak blessings, prosperity, health, healing, deliverance, and the very life of Jesus upon you!

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!