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Deliverance from panic, fear, and terror

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

This deliverance isn’t as exciting as some of the others here, but none the less, the Lord did a beautiful work in this person’s life. Last night we walked them through deliverance from fear, panic, and terror – the demons came up in the form of phlegm (a common manifestation), and departed. She felt the evil presence leave her body when they were being cast out! Afterwards, she felt different after the darkness had departed from her!

We prayed over water and a cross, and concentrated it to represent the Blood of Jesus and the work that He did on the cross for this woman, and I held the cross before her and told her that it represented what Christ has done for her. The demons reacted to the cross and the water being sprinkled on her. Let’s always remember though that it’s not the water or the wooden cross that the demons hate, it’s what those things represent! Demons abhor the Blood of Jesus and His work on the Cross!

Spirits of fear are so common nowadays; if you struggle with an ongoing bondage to deep fear and torment for no apparent reason, then it’s likely a demon that needs to be cast out!

2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

GLORY to God!!

Robert L.

Demon Possessed Set Free in the Name of Jesus!

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

I used to visit an elderly lady twice a week to pray for her and her husband as she was house-bound. She had one eye and an ear removed because of cancer and so half of her face was covered with a bandage and she would not receive visitors.
Whenever I went to visit, her husband would go out or if he saw me on the street he would cross the street, stand to attention and salute me. I never did get to speak to him for he would avoid that. I regularly visited his wife and prayed for her and for him (whether he was there or not) for over two years.
Then one evening he called to see my sister’s husband and I saw him struggling up the steps and I went and helped him. He said he was having problems with his heart. A little later just before we left to go for a meeting, I asked Robert to pray for him. At this time my cousin who was living with us joined us in prayer along with the servant lady. We closed our eyes while praying and left the house. We were told later that the servant lady and fallen down during the prayer.
The next morning the servant came to me for prayer saying she suffered all night with no sleep. Her stomach kept bloating and something kept forcing her out and trying to push her down the well. She kept struggling against these powers and was tormented. Once again Robert, my cousin and I began to pray for her and only my sister’s husband who was home, heard all that was going on. She covered her head with a towel and knelt down for prayer. As soon as the blood of Jesus was mentioned she flung the towel down and with her eyes closed and her finger pointing at me she said in good English “Margaret, you are the cause of all the trouble. I was happy living in the old man for 60 years and you would come and pray, pray, pray…….get out, get out, get out and now I have got your servant and I will not come out.” Normally she could not speak good English and she would address me as “Margaret missy” and not call me “Margaret.”
In the Name of Jesus Christ we insisted the demon had to go now, the demon started pleading to stay for one month, then one week and finally left with a scream and left the servant lying on the floor. In a little while she was up and she was set free!
PRAISE GOD for the power in the name of Jesus Christ to set captives free from demons!
Margaret Wright

Internet deliverance!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Just want to glorify God and testify that God can do anything!  I had a friend of mine who wanted me to pray over her, and I sent her the materials I have on Open Doors, and the proclamations and other materials that will assist her deliverance by closing the doors that the enemy has used to enter her life before our session.  A couple days later, I got an MSN message from her saying that she was ready to do the deliverance and had done all her homework – but she’s in St. Lucia, and I’m in Barbados!  But as I know that God has given me prophetic words for people in different countries before, I said that he’s where I am as well as where you are, so we used the computer, I called her up using Skype, and turned on my webcam so she could see me – and I commanded the spirits out of her one by one!  And they left – in the name of Jesus! 

God is just so AWESOME!  He’s using the internet as a vehicle of his power – I command the demons to go in Jesus’ name and even if I’m not there in the room physically, Jesus is!

Robert Gibson (Barbados, West Indies)

Major deliverance for a precious mother/wife!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I just saw this one come across the forum and had to share. Our dear brother Jay has just ran this precious saint through deliverance and she came out with flying colors!!

I wanted to let everyone know I am back from Texas. I have SO much to share, but am so exhausted and need to spend time with my kids I missed them so much.

I will write much more later but must share I am completely FREE and DELIVERED in Jesus’ name and By HIS POWER!!! Oh I cry as I write this…..I will write more when I can….I have no voice, I am completely hoarse…more later! I am so thankful – so thankful.

God bless you all!! NEVER give up NEVER Give in – God does have your deliverance and He knows how to do it……I am overflowing with such thankfulness and such praise for Jesus. SO MUCH to tell you all about God’s power and His works. He truly is the LORD OVER ALL!!

Jay and his family are so precious, so walking in God – He flows through them and it was so comforting. I was so blessed to have met Greg and Steve and Sean from this forum and so many others precious saints of God – such love, such love and care poured out onto you for no other reason than they were God’s children and allowed God to work through them. It was truly a most powerful move of God orchestrating an atmosphere where He could flow and manifest His power over the enemy. Not one demon in me was left – oh Glory to our precious Lord – now God will begin to teach me without interference the truth of Him and I will begin more healing and getting my flesh under. This is not the end – but a precious fresh beginning to walk with God without internal interference.

I learned so much about how they nest and how they work, but Praise God he was able to move – God led Jay and the team there and they had such discernment and was able to cut off every plan the enemy tried….I saw the whole thing as I sat in the spirit realm. I was there watching, but not able to speak…..Jay called up demons and parts and they came and I watched in amazement at the power of God. Oh so much to write and I will!! Every precious word of my testimony with the blood of Jesus will break so many bonds of Satan – Hallelujah no wonder they tried to keep me under. God has such plans oh For me, for us all…..suddenly one accord means so much more to me. Please precious people – never stop pushing for God, never stop – no mater what you feel, think of see just keep on asking keep on knocking and keep on seeking oh He is faithful – He will deliver you all…..
God Bless you all

Praise GOD for this woman’s MASSIVE breakthrough… she was at the end of her rope before her deliverance, but look at what Jesus has done for her!!

Robert L.

The House that no one wanted

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

One thing I have realized in this ministry is the power and the intent behind the words spoken by an individual. So many times words are spoken which bring upon a curse on a person or even an object. I am going to share with you one such example in which recently I was asked to pray and intercede on behalf of a family and their house. This family lived in a house that was approximately five years old in a desirable neighborhood in a new and developing area. Whenever a house in the neighborhood went up for sale it would sell within a week. This was not the case for this house as it had a for sale sign for the past two years.

It was imperative that the family would have to sell this house, as they could not keep up financially. They were a retired couple and were looking to down size into something smaller and within their budget. This retired couple had living with them at the time a parent that required constant care. The task of caring for this elderly woman was too much for the family to bear, as there were many health concerns for this elderly parent. They had decided it would be in the best interest of the parent to have her placed in a medically supervised nursing home. This grieved the elderly parent and she had interpreted this as an act of abandonment and betrayal. And so she had spoken a curse over the house, stating that as long as she lived that the house would never sell. The family did not think much of this and carried on with their lives.

Two years had passed by and the house still did not sell and things had gotten desperate for the family financially. They had about two months left before beginning the process of filling for bankruptcy. One of there daughters had contacted me and asked if I would help. As I began to pray the spoken curse was brought out in the open, and so that spoken vow and curse was broken and removed from that house. The spirits that entered as a result of that spoken curse left with a violent wind forcing the front door of the house to open leaving with a sound that can be described as young children screaming. We then blessed that house and declared it sold in Jesus name.

That house was then sold before the end of the month just as we had declared. I share this testimony in hopes to encourage those that are facing a similar situation. Our God is powerful and he has given us the authority in Christ. There are no spoken curses or words that cannot be removed and destroyed in Jesus Christ’s name.

In Christ