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In Australia: Witchcraft Rose Up then Jesus Said: “Release My Daughter!”

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Before sharing what has transpired here in Australia allow me to briefly share a praise report. Recall that Muslim that reached out to me for deliverance? Well, I was honored to minister to him deliverance. He was freed from many demons. As a result of this miracle his heart opened up the gospel and I led to Jesus. He is quite excited about serving Jesus now.

As many of you know we have a extensive evangelistic ministry whereby we allow miracles to occur among non-believers knowing that as these acts of love are being extended hearts will be opened thereby allowing us the opportunity to proclaim Jesus very effectively. Because this Muslim saw the power of God, he was wide open for Jesus. He is now with Jesus!

Also, in regards to this, I have just been invited to be the keynote speaker at a large crusade in Nigeria where the host churches are expecting more than 50,000+ souls to attend in a large football field. Many of the souls attending will have Islamic roots. I know Jesus will perform miracles. Pray for this mighty outreach as the churches have heard about our work in miracles and believe miracles will open Muslim hearts to Jesus! This mission will occur later this year.

I just completed a private meeting with a local pastor here in the Perth area that has invited me to conduct a large meeting at the University of Western Australia in late September. I look forward to seeing thousands touched with the fullness of the gospel. Here in a moment I’m going to go back and rest some until my next public meeting tonight however I wanted to take this opportunity to share and report what Jesus did last night in our public meeting as the power of God was manifested to deliver souls from demonic bondage.

As many of you know, I arrived here yesterday, to the beautiful city of Perth, here in Western Australia, where I am scheduled to conduct a few meetings. From Perth I’m onward to Sydney for more meetings then back to Perth again. In our service last night God was gracious as I had been up for more than 35 hours (I think I slept perhaps a few hours during that entire time) as I passed through multiple time zones and multiple continents. At the Perth Christian Community Church I taught from the Scriptures on the Prisons of Satan and shared how we might be released from these prisons through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I struggled through some spiritual walls that were built up and had to fight. However, I was able to breakthrough as precious souls were released from demonic spirits in Jesus name.

One of the first ladies I ministered to had been invaded by numerous demons. As I began to pray over her strong violent spirits surfaced shaking her body and snapping her head back and forth very violently. With the usage of the Word of God and sacred oil, we bound the spirits and forced them out in Jesus name. With loud screams and violent convulsions the evil spirits departed to the pit. We also ministered to her broken heart and parts of her heart were dramatically healed by the love of Jesus. Each of these hurting parts experienced the deep inner healing of Jesus.

Another lady we ministered to was originally from Southeast Asia who was wearing glasses (there is a significance to this which I will share in a moment) that also manifested powerful demonic spirits. For several hours we focused our attention on this young lady who had been invaded by spirits of anger, rage, spirit, sickness, blindness, pain, Jezebel and ancestral worship. In all of my dozens of meetings in Australia, throughout this great land, I do not think I witnessed a more powerful manifestation of the power of God through the use of His holy angels than I did on this night here in Perth. For hours the holy angels assisted me greatly with strong power. I spoke to the angels and they readily made themselves available for ministry by restraining, stopping, warring, and strengthening. It was something to behold!

As soon as the spirits violently manifested, as the demons glared at me with utter hatred and rage, I called forth the holy angels to assist me which they did. Allow me to list the many supernatural acts they performed on this night:

~Dozens of times they restrained the demons as the spirits attempted to use their arms to attack me

~Dozens of times they stopped the spirits from taking the woman out of the meeting hall

~Dozens of times they warred against the spirits, striking them with mighty swords

~Dozens of times they obeyed our command in Christ to lift her off the ground (as the demons caused her to fall) and hold her without human aid

~Dozens of times they caused the demons to look at the ascended Jesus thereby greatly weakening them

This precious woman was terribly vexed by various kinds of pains and physical problems. It was very strong on her. The demons boasted in that they had been afflicting her with great pains and sickness. The demons also boasted in that they had her eyes (recall she was wearing glasses).

Powerful spirits of blindness and ancestral worship rose up and battled me. For hours I battled back. Now, remember I had been up for more than 35 hours and here I was up for another 5 hours battling demons in a public meeting. This is called supernatural grace and power. Jesus appeared to these demons and these spirits were greatly weakened however they did fight.

In Jesus name I commanded the demons to depart from the back along with all of the pains, sicknesses and afflictions. They took them all and were forced out to the pit in Jesus name. They howled and screamed and vomited out of her with great force. Instantly she was miraculously healed and testified of feeling no more pain in her back or body. It was truly remarkable to witness!

Moreover, we battled for a long time all of the demons attached to her eyes. They did not want to lose her eyes so they furiously fought for them. I utilized a number of spiritual weapons to weaken these spirits including holy water, sacred oil, the blood of Christ, the Word and and holy angels. Furthermore, I allowed the Holy Spirit to descend upon my hand and could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit and burned many demons within this woman. They cried out in agony and terror. The wrath of the Living God was upon these vile spirits.

“We will only let go of 40% of her eyes,” the demons gleefully informed me.

“No, you must release 100% of her eyes,” I informed the demon powers.

Then the ascended Jesus appeared to the spirits (including a powerful serpentine spirit of witchcraft) and said, “Release my daughter.”

So many came out of her body and mind including some very powerful spirits called “Lies.” These lying spirits had told her a number of lies which she believed. She believe lies concerning who she was in Christ and the promises of healing for her life. I led in prayers to reject the lies of the enemy and I spiritually dissolved the mind controlling mechanisms. The demons really were angered when I broken off their control mechanisms and their lies from her mind. In fact they groaned and moaned in agony as this was key to their control in her life. Think about this: what you believe or don’t believe is the critical aspect of spiritual warfare. Knowing who you are in Jesus is the KEY!

I also confronted many ancestral demonic spirits as a result of her previous generations participation in the pagan practice of ancestral worship. These demons were commanded to the pit along with spirits of witchcraft and the serpent spirits. So many evil spirits cried and out and left –like Jezebel, serpent spirits, witchcraft, and so many others. As the demons were exiting many heart parts surfaced including some very young ones and in each case they witnessed the Lord Jesus and experienced His deep healing. Even after the deliverance she testified of experiencing a deep healing within her heart.

After all of these spirits were confronted and forced out I had this lady her take off her glasses. She could see much better. We even tested her healing as several people rose up their hands and asked her to count how many fingers that had lifted up. She correctly numbered them. We just need to pray that her eyes would continue to be strong and that the enemy would not try to take her healing away through a variety of ways.

What truly touched me was her coming up to me after the meeting (without her glasses) and said, “I’m going to leave my glasses off.” WOW, Jesus be glorified.

Jesus is God!

Jay Bartlett

South African Pastor Battling Warlock Human Interject!

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013


Dear Friends of Jesus ~

When I was in Johannesburg , South Africa, a few weeks ago, we ministered at a powerful church —Elohiym Christian Ministries– pastored by a fellow apostle Sean Tracey, who completely supports the apostolic ministry of casting out demons and healing the sick. He invited me to come and minister over a course of several days conducting public seminars and meetings where we saw many souls freed from evil spirits. Moreover, I was able to teach on the subject of deliverance and inner healing resulting in many saints being equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom. Even this precious pastor was encouraged and equipped with the necessary information to minister to others. I have been receiving some beautiful emails from him that encourages my heart that I would like to share with you.

“Hi Brother Jay.


“WOW”, is all I can say.


Since you left, I have been busy every day and evening. From planning our next outreach to full blown deliverance meetings, mostly private session. I had to pick up on those who did not have the time to sit with you. It’s been amazing, I draw blood lines, I separate the person from the spirits, and bang…there we go…WAR. Does not always happen like that, but generally. I was busy all day Saturday with deliverance and all day Sunday…had 4 hours sleep between Saturday and Sunday. Wanted to just touch base again, thanks again for releasing these gifts in me…now the work can begin.


I have brought back past cases, including the original one that caused me to seek your notes on DID, wow, fantastic…many heart pieces have been restored but there is so much, will be doing follow ups. There is a family I’m dealing with…mother, daughter and niece…there were affected by a satanic coven (the mom was married to the warlock) and while ministering with these 3 individuals, the warlock –the ex-husband, interjects through them. Had to deal with the same guy thrice…by the third time when he came up…I had to laugh…he called me by name and said…”not you again”…”

Because we took the time to teach on deep subjects such as human interjects we have been able to train disciples on how to minister in a deeper manner thus freeing and healing many. This pastor –Sean Tracey– is now equipped and is now dealing with dissociative identities (broken heart parts) and human interjects (fragmented soul parts that invade humans) all the time in ministry meetings. 

I can think of a handful of ministries in all of the world that are equipped to deal with human interjects for example. We are playing a unique role in the Body of Christ –training a spiritual special forces unit that are empowered by the Holy Spirit to wage war on these multiple fronts.  Perhaps you are desiring to be equipped to be able to effectively minister in these areas –well, we have created a International Training School that is dedicated with this task. You can sign up today! (There are payments plans available)

Not only did we train South Africans but pastors from other southern African nations –such as in Angola, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. In fact, a dear pastor in Namibia just reported to me that he’s been dealing with many cases of demonization in and outside of the church since his arrival back home. This ministry has truly multiplied itself on a global basis. This encourages my heart greatly. 

In a few weeks I’ll be in Australia continuing this mission. I need your holy prayers and support. The war is intensifying, trust me on this. We need to fight back in Jesus name! Our first meetings on this upcoming mission to Australia will be in the city of Perth at the Perth Christian Community Church (445 Charles Street, North Perth). The Holy Spirit spoke to me on what to teach on the Wednesday and Thursday nights I’ll be there (public meetings start at 7:30pm). On Wednesday night I will be speaking on the “Prisons of Satan,” and on Thursday night I will be speaking on “Witchcraft Curse Breaking & Ancient Affirmations.” From Perth we will be moving onward to Sydney (one of the largest cities on the continent) for a series of meetings then back to Perth for more meetings at a Lutheran Church. Then back home for a few days then back to Australia to hold meetings in Melbourne. More on all of these meetings soon. 

We are blessed by our King Jesus and we are here to serve you!

Jay Bartlett

PS~we have written nearly 50 publications (with another 10 publication to be released very soon) on a variety of subjects and we are now offering 10 of them in a package deal. Click here for more information:

“I was supposed to be the next satanic priestess {but then Jesus…}”

Friday, July 12th, 2013


Dear Friends of Jesus ~

The powers of Satan are increasing each and every day. Here in the States, in Texas, for example, a battle is raging on the issue of abortion in the Legislative branch of government. During one recent public protest rally, as the disciples of Jesus were singing “Amazing Grace,” the enemies of the cross began to chant loudly, “Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan.” This is becoming more common in recent years as I have observed in our open air meetings, for example, more and more people confessing, out loud, their allegiance to the devil. Who would have thought and then people wonder why so many problems in their lives!

In our most recent mission, in every South African city we toured, we came across many who had been victimized by satanic cults. Much more than I expected. In one city we ministered at we came across a number of believers who testified of escaping Luciferian sects and clandestine cults. During one evening service, a prayer minister, violently manifested demonic spirits during the public meeting. She was set free from numerous witchcraft demons. These demons had been deeply hidden in her life as a result of generational curses and because of her forced participation in satanic rituals as a little girl while attending a daycare (note: parents this is major concern of mine. I would highly recommend moving your children from daycare centers unless you absolutely feel peace from God about the child center as there are some strong Christian operated ones).

This woman was groomed to be a Luciferian priestess. Quite serious. However Jesus intervened and continues to intervene as we witnessed on that night. Enough of me sharing allow this precious saint, in her own words, speak to your heart. She was led to write out her testimony and I just received it:

“Dear Jay –I wrote about myself, but never told you how I came to be at your ministry evenings in South Africa, and what it meant to me. I am part of the prayer ministry team, as you must have gathered from my previous letter.  Our team leader asked us all to be there, so that we could follow up on the people you would minister to and maybe others who have a need for prayer and healing and deliverance.

I have always been a bit sceptic about the deliverance ministry. This time I was also curious and felt I had to go. I told myself it was because I am a committed facilitator and I was obedient to our leader’s request, and therefore attended as such!

Deep down however, I knew it was more than that and asked God to show me what I needed to know.

The first evening I learned that you were moving with the Holy Spirit and that God is showing you more than you said. I wanted to know more, see more, experience more and then you told us to write down the things on our parent’s sides that were, or seemed to be, generational curses and you want us to be delivered from it! I immediately knew that it would affect me and I was upset.  I am here for others, not for myself! But I reasoned with my Father and eventually gave in, agreeing that His will be done, not mine.

Up to then, no one else in town knew that I had DID and had been through SRA at age four, only the prayer ministry team and a few others. People do not want to hear about it, it is scary and traumatic and as long as it is far away, it is acceptable! I also had a good job and felt that it might cause the bosses to distrust me or something!  But I have been feeling that the time is coming closer for my coming into the open with what happened to me and the effect the abuse had on my life and my families’ lives.

So when we handled the curses on the father’s side and I felt anxiety, I knew I was in “trouble”!  I was relieved when you did not call me and watched with interest as you ministered to the others. Every time I looked at what I had written on my mother’s side, I became scared and angry.  I was so happy that we did not get to it that night!  You see, the previous year we found out the there were witches in our lineage, going back some generations.  They lived in the Scottish highlands.  We prayed and asked God to break the generational curse, we also asked Jesus to bind and send away the demons that were part of that. Now I wondered; were they gone?

The next day was difficult for me and I had to plan properly to be there as I had other commitments as well. Jesus knew that I had to go to the meeting, so He helped me to get there. This time I could not sing, I could not lift up my hands either.  I felt something constricting my chest, making it hard to breathe and to sing.  I was cold, anxious and afraid, very afraid.  I wanted to run away, but I could not. Something or someone was keeping me there, it was Jesus, He is so faithful! I found the teaching very interesting and wrote down as much as I could.  I was also conversing with Jesus, asking Him to help me and telling Him that if I have to be exposed tonight, then I submit to His authority, because “all things work for the good of those who love Him”.

You asked us to start reading the curses out loud and then we will renounce it. As we started to say the words out loud I managed the first three and then I could not say anything anymore, no word came out of my mouth!  I doubled over in pain, body trembling.  My chest hurt, my stomach hurt, I was nauseous and scared and hurting all over and I cried.  By the time you had finished and asked who experienced anything weird, I could not speak, I could only raise a shaky hand.

You called me forward and I almost did not make it there, I felt strange, my feet were heavy, my body wanted to faint or turn around and run, but I could not….You stretched out your hand to take mine and I did not want to, I was afraid! Suddenly everything changed and I was in control no more, the demons came out and screamed and threw me to the floor!

The part of me that knew what was going on, was so ashamed that she just wanted to lie there and never get up again! So as you spoke to the demon, I heard you too and was partly to blame that they did not obey your commands.  I did not want them to get up, but eventually they had to obey and I chose to hide in the little girl that was still not integrated into my “system”.  I did not cognitively know she was there, but experiential I did, she was twelve and scared, she also does not like me much.  When she came out, part of me was shocked and part of me was glad! I will deal with her later, find out why and where she had been hiding all this time! For now I had bigger problems, a very aggressive and punishing demon with his kin!  They came from many generations ago; they were part of the witches that were in my mother’s lineage, witches that have cursed their generations to come, so that they will also belong to Satan.

That is why I ended up in a daycare centre that was run by satanists, at age four. My family did not know this and as I attended every day for almost a year, I was initiated into the “blood cult” that ruled there.  I was supposed to be the next priestess. They went to a lot of trouble to let me dissociate and form alter personalities they could program and control and use. This also helped so that nobody found out about the abuse. When I went home in the afternoon, I was not aware of the abuse anymore, it was hidden deep inside of me…

So when I obeyed my superiors’ request to be present, I did not know that God had planned a meeting with me as well!

I experienced Jesus’s love, power and glory, during the deliverance and was so relieved when the demons eventually left and I was free!  I was free…really free….wow…WOW! You also explained DID a little to the people, so that they would understand what was happening when I said I was twelve. I was exposed now, my pain, my “hidden” traumatised life, was in the open now and it was okay. When we finished the renouncing prayer, I could feel more “stuff” leaving me and when we sang, I could sing again, lift up my hands and look at you and see the love and tenderness of Jesus, but also the authority and strength of Jesus, and I was happy.

The next day I still felt free, I am still free!!  I pray every day for the Holy Spirit to fill me more and more and to lead me further along the path that He has worked out for me, even if it means I have to testify in front of the congregation!  Oh, and my husband is very happy as well! There is a definite change for the better in our relationship too. Thank you for coming here and being obedient to God’s commands.”

What a powerful testimony to God’s grace, mercy, and power! She is still walking in victory and freedom and I praise God for this.

Book Ministry Leads Soul to Deliverance from Thousands of Demons

As I have shared in the past I have written many volumes on the subject of spiritual warfare and deliverance. Many thousands have obtained these volumes and have experienced deliverance. In fact, one volume I have written, a 570 page book, with Dr. Clare Fischer, titled, “Chronicle of Miracles,” is being translated in Korean so we might reach millions of Koreans with the message of deliverance. The project is nearly finished. I plan on conducting a nationwide Korean book and speaking tour when it’s completed –believing many will experience deliverance and healing as a result. Well, recently, a dear lady in Chicago, recently wrote to me to share that she found one of my books on Amazon and ordered it. After reading the book her eyes were opened and God used the book to her deliverance.

The small book she is referring to is my book on ancestral dissociation and human interjects where I discuss the reality of humans invading souls and bodies thus the term human interject. Moreover, there are demons taking upon the form of humans to make us believe they are within us when in all reality these are simply demons. These spiritual elements are occurring all the time –there are humans (with the aid of demons) traveling and invading within other humans and there are demons pretending to be humans to torment the one they have invaded.

This lady shared with me what transpired:

“I have passed on your booklet to them about the human interjects. I had demons talking to me that were posing as 4 people I know! All former psychic energy healer friends and the possessed ‘ex’. One of the creepiest things I’ve experienced as far as demons go. I had no idea how to explain it. I thought they were in my energy field watching me. Your booklet explained it. I had no idea demons can pose as someone we know. The voice sounded just like theirs. I bought the only 2 booklets of yours that are on amazon. I would like to buy others.”

She goes on to write:

“Jay –Thank you for your report! I respect any man of God who is willing to dedicate himself to the war between good and evil. You live in a minefield and hearing about the victories gives me hope and encouragement.

I was delivered from many many demons 2 weeks ago during my deliverance with Jeff, Lala and Dana. Their gift of discernment in being able to hear the demons talking from within me was quite astonishing. I had 45 levels and mind control was the Gatekeeper, with 1,000’s of Jezebels, Bahls, and incubus, amongst numerous others and 7 curses. I received a hug from Jesus and felt His healing love through the eyes and spirit of Jeff and the voices of him and Dana. Victory. I asked for it. I claimed it. I received it.”

Jeff, Lala, and Dana are dear partners of mine in the gospel ministry who serve as our contact in Michigan. As a result of my book she ended up meeting Jeff and receiving a mighty deliverance. What a loving God we serve to orchestrate these series of events which resulted in this woman’s much needed freedom from demons and deep healing.

“I was delivered from Jezebel & King of Fear!”

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

As I look back on 2013 thus far I must proclaim the extraordinary acts of our great God! 

  • I have been on the road nearly 3.5 months (out of 6 months)
  • Have traveled to 15 different nations on 5 continents (easily on path to 30 nations this year alone –this is astounding only by God’s grace)
  • Have conducted more than 152 public and private meetings (easily on path to more than 300 meetings –this is another amazing fact only by God’s grace)
  • Have survived more than a few dozen very violent exorcisms where I have been physically assaulted
  • Have preached the gospel to very large live gatherings such as the Mardi Gras Gospel Outreach —perhaps 30,000+ souls in one meeting alone
  • Witnessed many souls touched with the love of Jesus by responding in repentance and faith in Him –simply the greatest miracle of all
  • Have seen many hundreds exorcised from evil spirits and miraculously healed (bodies and hearts)
  • Witnessed incredible unusual miracles –such as utilizing Holy Spirit fire, ministering with legions of holy angels, using consecrated objects to heal and liberate
  • Hearing many souls testify of seeing the ascended Jesus
  • Administering the holy sacraments: ordaining precious men and woman of God into the ministry, water baptizing, marrying couples and leading souls in Holy Communion
  • Writing another 10 booklets (nearly 50 volumes –books/booklets have now been written)
  • Tens of thousands are listening to the “Deliverance with Jay Bartlett” global radio presentations
  • Thousands are freely downloading our materials
  • Thousands are freely downloading our videos
  • We are equipping thousands of disciples in the ministry of evangelism, healing and deliverance
  • Developed an International Training School –dozens have enrolled from 5 continents (classes begin October 1st)

Jesus has been faithful. I am deeply humbled by Him. I bow to Jesus.

Nearly every day I am receiving some powerful testimonies from our last mission to Africa. What excites me is disciples of Jesus that we have inspired and trained reaching so many others. Our work is multiplying. Read this testimony from a sister in the Lord in South Africa:

“Jay, we are getting a lot of people coming in for deliverance and I am so excited how fast God is moving in training us up. The Holy Spirit is moving so fast with me – I sense an urgency in the spirit to be equipped and ready…almost feels like we have to get trained / equipped so that we can train and equip our brothers and sisters. What a privilege! I was delivered from the Jezebel and the king of fear, but at the same time, God also delivered me from a few other things and restored some other issues in my life :

– eating excessively (especially sweets and sugar), almost as if God wants me to eat and drink like Daniel (a lot of fruit and water). I started losing weight without any dieting or effort – Praise God!

– I have patience and tolerance with my loved ones and strangers I never had before

– I hear the voice of the Lord so clearly and constantly. I am praying at midnight now – wow there is a change in the spirit!

– I battled to pray or minister in English, now it comes naturally, as if God just opens my mouth

– God also prompt me to do a Holy Communion fast last week on Friday.  Wow the Holy Spirit shared so much with me during that day


Once again I would like to thank God for you equipping His people to get free – our prayers remain with you man of God.”

Miracle Testimonies from South Africa: With Love, Yet with Authority

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus the Lord,

I have arrived safely home and I thank God for His grace. Presently I’m suffering a cold and feeling under the weather. Traveling on a mission that involved touching down on four continents will wear your body down. I am grateful for your prayers. It is my plan to rest for the next month until our Australian mission. Speaking of Australia I would encourage you to pray for this important mission as I will be traveling to Australia 3 different times over the next few months. That’s an extraordinary amount of traveling, that far, in such a short amount of time. Jesus will sustain.

I have been focusing on South Africa and Australia for a divine purpose as I have been getting WORDS from the Body of Christ how this mission will significantly impact both regions of the globe in a unique manner. We are seeing this play out before our very own eyes. For example, a dear brother, in Australia has taken upon himself to start a Freedom Fighter International School in Melbourne, Australia utilizing our materials (obviously we will ensure all of our materials are free to those interested however we do expect the Body of Christ to support the school financially as one is able). Another brother, has felt an urgency to start a church. We are seeing the move of the Holy Spirit.

However, we need to keep guarded as I fully expect the enemy to try to undermine and hinder our work in a variety of ways. Jesus is Lord though and He will carry us on to victory!

Since arriving back home from our mission to South Africa I have been receiving a steady flow of amazing stories of miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. One word I continually receive is that this mission pours out the love of Jesus mixed with great intensity of the authority of Jesus! Good balance.

Holy Spirit Wakes South African Woman Up in the Middle of the Night & Finds Me!

While in Pietermaritzburg we held public meetings at a local college where many came to be healed and delivered from evil spirits. One couple came as a result of finding out about the meetings via the web. The young lady suddenly wakes up, on night, goes online and immediately finds out about our work and that we would be in her area in weeks time. Amazing! Her and her husband attend the meetings and both experienced powerful deliverance from demonic spirits. Read more here:

“Good Evening to all of you from South Africa, wanted to thank all of the people that helped in my family deliverance this past week. Thank you Apostle Jay Bartlett for Thursday night and Friday nights deliverance. It was worth every minute of our time spent in PMB. I really think, Apostle Jay Bartlett that you are such a gifted man of God and I learned so much from you. I think God gives you supernatural power to fight those demons and you do so with so much love of our Lord Jesus Christ yet with so much authority. I see your passion. Makes me think of how much this ministry is needed throughout the world. Thank you for meeting with my family on a private meeting and listening to us, this was one of the best things that has happened to me because I have so much respect for your ministry. We will continue to pray for you and your family on a daily basis from now on.”

Newspaper Advertisement Prompts People to Attend Meetings, God Rewards by Healing Souls

Many of our public meetings throughout the globe are being advertised in various ways –newspapers, television, radio, fliers, and via the web. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses these avenues to reach souls with His love! Our mission office in South Africa, operated by Pastor Jacob Erradu, recently emailed me this beautiful praise report:

“My dearest Apostle Jay, son of El-Elyon most high God. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to you and your family for the great work that was accomplished in our country. I telephoned a gentleman who attended the two evenings in Pietermaritzburg.He told me that he is healed and that his nephew who had a serious problem with the abuse of alcohol did not touch any alcohol after you prayed for him. I asked him how he got to know about the services at  the hall and he told me that he read about it in the newspaper (The Public Eye) and made up his mind to attend. That is such a great testimony. I am hoping to record this testimony on video include it as a snippet in the report back.  We are awaiting more testimonies. Early on Saturday morning while I was going to pick up Pastor Reuben I received a call from Cape Town. Brother Roshan told me that he had read your update and that he wanted to be the first person that I pray for after being ordained by you.  It really meant a lot.  My dearest Apostle I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for what you did for me and my family. All I can say is thank you from  the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for entrusting me with such a great responsibility. I pray that God will enable me to  live worthy of it.  We are making plans and already inviting people to your return services in October.  The interest is great.  I have already provisionally booked the auditorium.” 

Signs & Wonders in Africa, Now in Middle East

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m peering out of my window of my hotel room and I see the towering Burja Khalifa, here in the ultra modern city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This tower is more than 160 stories tall (over 800 meters or 2,700 feet tall). It’s a stunning tower to observe. I arrived here from Durban, South Africa, earlier today. It’s wonderful to be back to the Middle East (I believe this is my third trip in the Middle East in 2013) to plant the gospel. I leave tomorrow and will head back home to be with my family. This has been a long journey that started off with my in New York City for some meetings, then onward to Turkey to plant the gospel, then onward to the African continent where I visited South Africa and the Kingdom of Swaziland. It’s been a fruitful trip as many disciples have been inspired and trained to cast out evil spirits in Jesus name so our work will continue long after we leave.

We have also been able to encourage the Body of Christ to sign up for our Freedom Fighter International Training School and many have. Thus we will be able to continue to impact many lives through our online presence. In fact, being here in Dubai has allowed me to dream. I dream of this school having a actual facility in southern Africa, as we have many contacts there, that will train thousands of students to carry out the fullness of the gospel. We needs to come to pass and it will. As many of you know we just developed this school recently and our classes do not begin until October 1st however many students here in Africa have signed up and will be trained. My concern is that we need a physical facility as so many in Africa do not have dependable Internet services. If the Holy Spirit is touching your heart in regards to this vision, in terms of investing in this International School in Africa, please contact me.

On my last day in Africa we had two private meetings. Both were powerful meetings. In our first meeting, we ministered to a family that had been terribly attacked by demon powers. Because of their participation in the occult, witchcraft, secret cults, and so forth allowed many strong evil spirits to enter their lives. When we ministered to the father many demons surfaced –including Jezebel (via his wife). We also ministered to his broken heart as little parts surfaced containing so much pain, hurt, and sadness. Because he experienced molestation at the age of 3 his heart broke and these parts of the heart held onto the pain and inner suffering. I spoke to the little boy. He was so sad. So broken. So hurt. We had the opportunity to reach out to this little boy and bring healing to him in Jesus name. It was beautiful to witness. The little boy even testified of seeing Jesus. We have ministered to many broken heart parts, on this Africa mission, who testified of seeing Jesus. There many other broken parts of the heart that ran to Jesus and were healed. 

The demons though fought us in this exorcism. We had to battle with everything we had. Mind you, I was exhausted. After ministering the night before in a public rally and driving out demons for many hours, I was needing to recuperate. However, God in His mercy and love extended strength to get through the war for this soul. So many evil spirits battled me but we were cast out in Jesus name. Instantly, I am speaking about within a few seconds, his total facial disposition transformed. His eyes lit up with freedom, peace, and joy. It was very evident. Even his wife remarked that it looked like he was a different man. He was! He was a liberated man! He will be a better father, husband, and man as a result of this deliverance. His quality of life has instantly changed. 

We also took the time to minister to his wife who was invaded by 18 Jezebel spirits were hell bent on staying within her as they have been traveling through her bloodline for many generations. Many demons were cast out, including many Jezebel spirits, however there was one that stood there in her pride knowing there were some sin issues that allowed her to stay (we counseled her in regards to this, hoping we can have complete this deliverance in the near future). What was interesting was this mother had ancestral dissociation –we spoke to part of her mother who was within her. Because of the ancient curse of molestation there was a little broken heart piece present of her ancestors. We were able to free the little part however the part could not stay thus we told her to leave (along with the demon that held onto the part). The woman testified of feeling much freer however more work needs to be done and I look forward to seeing her walking in victory!

Kobus (my southern African ministry coordinator) and I also spent some time in fellowship with a young couple that is on fire for Jesus. They shared their stories of being deeply impacted by these African meetings. They even traveled to the various locations I was speaking at to be involved. In fact, for years, they have sought someone to assist them in finding freedom from human interjects (which he had), dissociation (which he had), and evil spirits (which he had) and yet no one offered, within the church, to intervene. Well, we intervened, in Jesus name, and this couple has received significant deliverance and healing! Such, where he now feels a call to serve Jesus in full time ministry. His wife, the same. 

What was exciting was to hear how as a result of the teaching I offered in our training seminars they now have put into practiced and have been healing many dissociative identities as a couple and driving out many demons. They are now teaching others and others are experiencing Jesus! What was amazing is this has all occurred within a few days. This is how this mission has deeply impacted them. They are offering themselves to assist us in southern Africa and around the globe. I love it!

We are not only ministering but we are equipping many thousands around the globe. Even my ministry coordinator, Kobus, has been casting out demons from many on this trip and ministering to broken heart pieces –this as a result of taking the time back last December after my Perth, Australia meetings to stay with his family and instruct him on the basics of inner healing and deliverance. He has digested the teaching and has now is putting into practice the things he has learned and as many are testifying: IT WORKS!

Threatened by Demons in Pietermaritzburg, Many Souls Won to Jesus!

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

I’m receiving so many testimonies of those having been inspired, equipped, saved, healed and delivered by the power of Jesus. I’ll be sharing them in a moment with you. I’m in awe of God’s holy power. Thankful for your prayers and love while on this mission –that has led me thus far to NYC, Swaziland, South Africa, Turkey and later on the United Arab Emirates. We have conducted many public and private meetings resulting in many disciples being equipped in the ministry of the gospel. We also witnessed many souls being saved, hearts healed, miraculous physical healing of dozens and performing many dozens of public exorcisms expelling untold numbers of evil spirits in Jesus name.

Last night here in Pietermaritzburg we held another public evangelistic and deliverance meeting at a local college where I also ordained into the ministry a dear brother Jacob Erradu. It appeared we had an ever bigger crowd this time around. I’m grateful for our newly ordained pastor Jacob Erradu who organized these events. He is running our mission office and operating a Church of the Cross House of Prayer meetings. He did an outstanding job in honoring our King Jesus as many souls were impacted by these meetings. I look forward to returning for a series of public meetings at this large auditorium. 

I preached on Jesus and He honored us with holy presence and power to set the captives free! Before leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers I shared the gospel and inquired how many would like to be born again! Many hands were raised throughout the building! It was a joy to lead many to salvation through Jesus Christ! Just in these past few days, in these public meetings, we saw many come to Christ. I believe it was a result of the signs and wonders that were clearly displayed which softened the hearts of those attending the meetings

The enemies of the cross were furious with me as so many were born into the Kingdom of Heaven. To my left as I descended the platform to lead everyone in prayers for healing, a man, perhaps in his 50’s, shouted at me with great anger and rage: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! 

Who do you think that was? Demons, of course. The preaching of the gospel, healing the sick, conducting exorcisms, was too much for this demon to handle so he couldn’t handle it any longer so he decided that he would try to intimidate me. I bound the demons within him, in Jesus name and approached the man. The man said he felt the demon and revealed that the demon told him he needed to go up to the stage and attack me. To throw me around. These demons really despised me (I have been threatened a number of times with death on this mission). In Jesus name I told them to leave his mind and instantly they left (I also prayed for him after the service and he received more deliverance).

Our meetings are quite exciting! You never know what might transpire! Jesus is ever working and His miracle working power is available for you and I!

After preaching the gospel and confronting these demons in this man, I began to pray for the sick and many were miraculously healed. As a result of praying for the sick many demons surfaced and were confronted. The first lady we ministered to had many generational pagan spirits as a result of her father’s ancestors participation in the Hindu religion. These were broken and the demons were commanded to leave in Jesus name. 

I also prayed for a Hindu devotee who had been experiencing horrific attacks. I battled the Hindu spirits and many of them surfaced and came out of him in Jesus name. We also prayed for many who had been involved in witchcraft and the occult. These many spirits were expelled in Jesus name. 

Some of the demonic manifestations were quite dramatic during this public service. There were severe disfiguring of the bodies and total possession of the bodies as many evil spirits spoke out in defiance. They were greatly weakened by the blood of Jesus and the power of the WORD. They repeated after me and were commanded out of the bodies –into the pit— in Jesus name! The smiles, the inner peace, the joy said it all —people were FREE and testified to this reality! It was beautiful to witness once again. 

Towards the end of the service, we ministered to a young lady who a little dissociative identity that held much pain and hurt. I spoke to this heart. This little broken piece of the heart was supernaturally healed and restored and the demons removed from this woman. After her deliverance she looked totally different –she was shining with relief and the love of Jesus on her face. It was encouraging to see. She exclaimed: I feel really good! I feel so light and peaceful!

This never gets old! We have seen so many on this tour of South Africa healed by the power of the blood of Jesus! I would also like to thank my southern African ministry coordinator who Kobus Strachan who has a done a honorable job in making this tour a success. I am blessed throughout the globe to have brothers and sisters who take the time and effort to assist this mission in so many ways.

Here are some testimonies:

“Thank you Apostle Jay, for a powerful weekend we had in South Africa, it was refreshing and eye opening to see all those Satanists delivered, generational curses broken, Jezebel spirit defeated in Jesus name and the power of the blood, broken and hurting hearts mended. It was amazing your teachings! It was revelational. Its my prayer that the Lord will release you soon to come back and serve us again. Stay blessed and keep the faith.”

“Good day Minister Jay, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the people you have delivered (including myself) and all the souls you have led to Jesus through your devotional work for Christ. You really are a gift from God. I don’t know where you get the energy to do what you do and still get time to write blogs, send emails, post videos on YouTube, be a husband and a devoted daddy too. I know God gives us strength but I think to His special WARRIOR’S like you He gives supernatural strength! You really gave me a new look on life and the way you preach is so phenomenal. You minister in a way like no other pastor has ever preached. You make it so easy for everybody to understand and we are truly grateful that God has sent you to us here is South Africa.”

“Good day Jay thank you so much for allowing God to use you. You have been such a blessing. After my deliverance this past weekend in South Africa I feel lighter and happier. The one thing that shocked me the most was how all along I had demons and had no idea. I sleep better and I finally got an employment letter that I had been waiting for!”


Many Souls Won to Christ in Pietermaritzburg

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Yesterday evening I stood on a stage, in a college auditorium, in Pietermaritzburg, preaching the good news of Jesus. A few hundred or more souls came to hear the gospel and to witness the power of God to deliver souls from demonic bondage. Prior to praying to cure those suffering from demonic torment I proclaimed the gospel and many hands were raised to indicate their desire to follow Jesus and to be saved. It was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit calling people to the Son for salvation.

Many demonic spirits were also cast out of those suffering. One man was delivered from insanity. Another man was delivered from 30 years of demonic voices that simply tormented him day and night. A family brought their two children and they too were liberated from the powers of evil. A lady came for healing from severe pain in her body. She was instantly healed. Others were set free from demonic afflictions as a result of participating in the public gathering prayers. One lady we ministered to up in the front of the large meeting hall was a disciple who had deep Hindu ancestral roots that included various kinds of pagan rituals and ceremonies. She also had generational witchcraft background thus many spirits of witchcraft. In Jesus name I confronted the evil spirits.

They twisted her body, they contorted her, they even took upon a position as to offer a baby as a sacrificial offering. My heart went out to this woman and her family. Many ancient Hindu spirits surfaced including Shiva, Kali, and others. They had been in her generational bloodline for a very long time as a result of her ancestors participation in Hinduism. These were broken and we commanded the demonic spirits to leave in the name of Jesus. They caused her to fall on the ground and many of these vile spirits came out! The smile, the joy, the inner peace could be seen on her face. It was beautiful. She came up to the stage and testified of her deliverance from these demons and everyone rejoiced with her. 

Many Saved, Healed and Delivered in Africa

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

These past few days in Piet Reif we have been clashing with the powers of the kingdom of darkness and witnessed evil being overcome by good. In our last service at the Wellsprings Church, a charismatic group of believers, that invited me to speak and to minister to those enslaved to devils. Our last meeting was well attended as hundreds of people arrived with anticipation. God did not disappoint.

I preached on Mark 1 and Acts 8 on the need for the church to cast out demons in public. It was well received. After the message I began to minister deliverance –breaking generational curses– and immediately demons throughout the large sanctuary. One lady that was manifesting spirits was a survivor of satanic ceremonial trauma and a victim of cults. Within seconds of praying over her a unholy spirit rose up and battled me with anger and rage. 

“We are not leaving her.”

“Yes, you are in Jesus name,” I informed the spirits.

“No, we are not! We will fight you.”

As the demons fought me I called upon the holy angels of God to descend and to surround the demon infested woman. In fact I asked one holy angel to stand behind the woman. They did. The demons jumped forward as they felt the angels and their holy powers. I then proceeded to ask the holy servants of the Lord to draw swords.

“Stop it, stop it, noooooooooo,” the demons within the woman screamed as they could see the angels surround them and drawing out their holy swords. 

I then counted to three and commanded the angels to strike the demons.

“Ahhhhhhh! That hurts. Stop!” the demons cried out.

Again and again I commanded the angels to strike the spirits and they did with great spiritual force. Such where the woman literally flew onto the ground (the lady was not hurt, but the demons were). 

We then battled before the hundreds of people who had gathered to witness the power of God. A wicked spirit by the name of witchcraft surfaced and fiercely fought me. As I battled the unclean spirit, a 12 year old dissociative identity surfaced. 

“They are coming, they are coming, they are too powerful, they are too powerful,” the little girl told me referring to the many witchcraft demons that were within her. 

I assured this little one that Jesus would defeat this demon and we would be sent to the pit.

“No, that’s not possible, you must not, as the pit is within me,” the little girl said to me.

As a result of her participation in various South African sadistic cults she became a victim of mind control and programming where they literally made various parts of her broken heart to believe that she was indwell with the pit. What a satanically brilliant way to ensure a part believes deliverance isn’t possible. 

I spoke against the lie and removed the lie. I then led the little one in prayer where she called upon Jesus and then proceeded to deal with the demonic force within her.

Witchcraft rose up with utter hatred and convulsed her terribly. I commanded the spirits of the occult and witchcraft to depart and it came out with great force in Jesus name!

Immediately, this precious woman’s face shined with peace, love, joy, and inner freedom. The entire church applauded and was happy to see a soul liberated from the powers of the cult. 

It should be noted that while renouncing generational curses and commanding demons to depart from bodies many believers were being delivered instantly as demons flew out of the mouths while the people yawned, cried, burped, and coughed. It was amazing to witness. 

However, more remarkable than that was the many souls won to Jesus on this night of deliverance. Prior to leading everyone in mass prayers. I proclaimed the gospel and asked if anyone would like to surrender to Jesus. Many hands lifted up and I led everyone in a salvation prayer. On this night many were born into the Kingdom of God. 

I truly believe the signs and wonders of the previous night set the stage for the souls to be open to the good news of Christ. This mission believes that evangelism should include New Testament power encounters thus opening the hearts of those whom God supernaturally heals and delivers. On this day many were born again and no wonder the angels came so quickly to assist me in ministry as they were filled with unspeakable joy as salvation came to many.

Another lady I ministered to was afflicted with horrible pain. She was instantly healed. Others were powerfully healed from various kinds of torments, pains and afflictions. The power of God was touching so many hearts.

As I was praying there was a young man, perhaps in his 20’s, sitting in the back of the sanctuary that glared at me with hatred and fury. Throughout the night as I ministered I noticed the man and his demons that surfaced desiring to attack me violently. I went back to where the man was and brought him to the front of the congregation. In his hand was a piece of paper that he had written on. It the various sins he had participated in –murder, threesome sexual encounters, drugs and violence. 

I asked him if he was a Christian.


I asked if he was willing to give up his sins and tear into that piece of paper and throw to the ground symbolizing his desire to repent. He tore into the paper but kept half and placed that part in his back pocket. 

I explained to him Jesus wanted to display His love and this love will cause him to give up the rest of the paper. He was open to this so began to pray for the love of God to fall upon him. Powerfully, the unconditional love of the Savior fell upon his heart to where he was willing to pray with me out loud. On this special evening he called upon Jesus and he was saved!

Then he gave me the rest of the paper from his back pocket and we threw it to the ground and stomped on it. He was gloriously saved.

Suddenly, his spiritual enemy rose up.

“I was there when he was 9. I was there. God wasn’t but I was!” the demon of violence boastfully told me.

God was there however Satan had the opportunity to inflict pain and he did. All, I know is this: You have lost! He now belongs to Jesus! You will go to that pit.

“No, never, he’s been to all the churches. They are weak. They can’t help him.”

This statement does not surprise me. Allow me to explain. Most churches in our day are ill equipped to battle the forces of darkness. They are weak in this area. This is why I travel throughout the globe with the hopes of training disciples to be strong in Jesus in the ministry of liberation and evangelism.

There are billions of souls that need the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and we need to prepared to be able to minister to them. I am prepared and God graciously used me to reach this young man. 

Trust me on this –these violent spirits fought me, mocked me, mocked the blood of Christ, and blasphemed the Lord. There was a war being fought for this soul. It deeply troubled me that a handful of believers laughed when the demons within him mocked the blood of Christ. I wonder what kind of spirits were within these people? 

I poured the holy blood of Christ upon him and made the cross on his shaved head and weakened the demonic spirits within him. To the point where they began to tremble. They trembled and looked scared. 

So, I wrapped my hands around this young man and loved him. Immediately the power of good and the power of love overcame the powers of evil. He was then quickly delivered from the many demons within him. 

As he was being delivered the young man shook off the demonic trance he was under and simply freaked out. He couldn’t believe what happened to him. He was saved, free and restored! Precious disciples came forward and gave him powerful words– of his calling to be a warrior for Jesus! 

The church was quite excited as you can imagine and as you can imagine I was exhausted. These past few days have been trying. I battled many strong spirits hell bent of destroying me and this has taken a lot out of me. However, Jesus overcame and conquered the powers of evil –in public too!

My southern African ministry coordinator and I yesterday traveled into the Kingdom of Swaziland –a small nation nestled among some mountains– that is being ruled by a King and Queen. In this Kingdom, we drove into the mountains and explored. While traveling into the country I felt tremendous peace and contentment. It was quite strong. It was discovered that a previous King in the 19th century opened up this nation to Christian missionaries and openly received them and the Word of God. This allowed for the power of the Spirit to rest upon this land. 

We had a beautiful lunch and rested at the Royal Swazi and I prayed. The Holy Spirit urged me to conduct a mission here. Yes, there was peace in the spiritual environment however it has been reported that more than 80% of the people now practice some form of divination. That is a very high percentage. I’m concerned and look forward to coming back to this small Kingdom to preach the gospel and to drive out witchcraft demons in Jesus name. We made a contact in the city with a church and we expect to return in 2014. We also have been made aware that churches are willing to host some meetings in this tiny nation and will conduct large open air evangelistic missions.

I’m making a long journey to the Durban area today and am appreciative of all your prayers in the holy name of Jesus!

Violent Power Encounters

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

 I’m currently on a large farm in the Piet Retief area of South Africa. A precious Afrikaan family has housed me the past few days and have truly enjoyed my time here. I’m with our Southern Africa ministry coordinator Kobus Strachan who has graciously coordinated all of our ministry events the past few weeks here in these various cities throughout South Africa. The ministry has been very well received. I’m quite excited about the opportunities that lie before us in this nation. I have already been invited back to conduct more meetings in each church (and other churches are inviting us also to hold meetings). Moreover, churches throughout southern Africa are already coordinating open air meetings where many thousands will be saved by Jesus!

 The past few nights I have ministered in a large Charismatic church and many hundreds are attending the meetings including many pastors and missionaries from other churches and ministries. I have spent hours just in teaching alone. In each meeting people are coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, being freed from evil spirits and miraculously healed.

There has been so many miraculous power encounters over the past few days that it has been difficult to document the mass numbers of people being delivered from demons and supernaturally healed. There’s been that many. I have captured some amazing video testimony that I hope to share in the coming days. Suffice to say, the New Testament supernatural power encounters we are witnessing are life changing.

 Many of these public meetings include violent demon encounters where I am being assaulted and attacked. Evil spirits are threatening me with hate, murder and violence. Just earlier tonight, for example, I battled a very strong spirit of violence that wanted to destroy me. In the midst of the intense hatred God is moving ever so powerfully in our midst in liberating precious souls. The testimonies I’m hearing are staggering on so many levels. There is no doubt I’m exactly where I need to be on this earth at this very hour and that’s comforting to know. I just got off the phone with my wife and she was rejoicing with me in all the victories we are seeing here South Africa.

 Our first night here at Wellsprings Church was well attended as the sanctuary was filled with expectant hearts. I preached from the Word and called people to salvation and a number surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord! Beautifully, signs and wonders followed the preaching of the gospel as so many demons manifested and were called out of bodies and minds in Jesus name. We are seeing many in our meetings, enslaved souls, who are being supernaturally released from the dark powers of Satan, as we lead everyone in mass deliverance prayers.

 The first lady we dealt was a precious young lady who could not even pray as I led everyone in prayer. This led me to bring her up the front where we confronted the spirits of depression. We immediately cast those out and the biggest smile you can imagine was all over her face! She testified of feeling amazing peace and joy. She was FREE!

 We also encountered some very strange naming spirits that were rooted from the John the Baptist days as we encountered spirits named Salome (which is the Hebrew word for the “Daughter of Herodias”). She can be found in the Gospel of Mark 6 as she played a part in the execution of John the Baptist. She is a Jezebel-like kind of demonic spirit that seeks to fight the divine order of things and the men of God. A vicious spirit she sought to battle me but was eventually expelled in Jesus name and immediately another spirit named Ignes surfaced and fought me. This spirit confessed to having been behind of the many physical problems she had been suffering under. She was infested with horrific pain throughout her entire body. As the demons were commanded to leave, she could feel the pain depart also and was able to walk and bend where previously she was unable to!

 We also ministered to her son who had a varying degree of blindness. We commanded the demons to depart from his body and immediately testified of being able to see better. God was pleased to display His healing power and he was able to see unlike before. Many other attendees were healed from various torments, afflictions and infirmities.

 At the conclusion of the first meeting in Piet Retief the Holy Spirit directed me a young orphan in the back of the large sanctuary. While praying over her some very violent spirits surfaced from within –they threw her to the ground, twisted her body in a gruesome manner, and spoke out of her.

 “We are never leaving, we have been here a very long time, you will be able to get me out,” the demons boasted.

 These demons attacked me and grabbed me hoping to injure me. The violence was EXTREME! It took everything I had spiritually to war against these murderous spirits. We discovered these were witchcraft spirits that were generational as a result of blood sacrifices. The power of Jesus was too great. For a long time we battled and battled and finally wore out the demonic spirit. The spirit was renounced and many of them left including a number of marine spirits. My African mission coordinator Kobus remarked that perhaps it was one of the most violent exorcisms he ever witnessed. The spirits were deeply rooted within witchcraft rituals and ceremonies. I also prayed for her little baby and commanded demonic spirits out of the little one also. This precious mother and child were set free. I was deeply impacted by this young lady’s testimony. Both of her parents are deceased and she is now responsible for taking care of not only her baby but also her sister who is only 6 years of age. This woman is only 20 years of age and yet very mature (had to be!). The incredibly beautiful smile after her deliverance from these vile marine spirits was something to behold.

 Not only were many set free and healed by God, many were also impacted by the many hours of teaching I offered and desire to serve Jesus in the gospel ministry. We are seeing so many disciples being trained in our teaching sessions and being sent out to reach others. This small community will never be the same I can assure you of that. In fact, this church had never conducted a public deliverance service before so you can imagine how these meetings have changed them in many ways.

 In a few hours I leave for the Kingdom of Swaziland for a mission stop and then onward to the Durban area. I look forward to sharing more upon my return back to South Africa after our mission to Swaziland.