Many Saved, Healed and Delivered in Africa

These past few days in Piet Reif we have been clashing with the powers of the kingdom of darkness and witnessed evil being overcome by good. In our last service at the Wellsprings Church, a charismatic group of believers, that invited me to speak and to minister to those enslaved to devils. Our last meeting was well attended as hundreds of people arrived with anticipation. God did not disappoint.

I preached on Mark 1 and Acts 8 on the need for the church to cast out demons in public. It was well received. After the message I began to minister deliverance –breaking generational curses– and immediately demons throughout the large sanctuary. One lady that was manifesting spirits was a survivor of satanic ceremonial trauma and a victim of cults. Within seconds of praying over her a unholy spirit rose up and battled me with anger and rage. 

“We are not leaving her.”

“Yes, you are in Jesus name,” I informed the spirits.

“No, we are not! We will fight you.”

As the demons fought me I called upon the holy angels of God to descend and to surround the demon infested woman. In fact I asked one holy angel to stand behind the woman. They did. The demons jumped forward as they felt the angels and their holy powers. I then proceeded to ask the holy servants of the Lord to draw swords.

“Stop it, stop it, noooooooooo,” the demons within the woman screamed as they could see the angels surround them and drawing out their holy swords. 

I then counted to three and commanded the angels to strike the demons.

“Ahhhhhhh! That hurts. Stop!” the demons cried out.

Again and again I commanded the angels to strike the spirits and they did with great spiritual force. Such where the woman literally flew onto the ground (the lady was not hurt, but the demons were). 

We then battled before the hundreds of people who had gathered to witness the power of God. A wicked spirit by the name of witchcraft surfaced and fiercely fought me. As I battled the unclean spirit, a 12 year old dissociative identity surfaced. 

“They are coming, they are coming, they are too powerful, they are too powerful,” the little girl told me referring to the many witchcraft demons that were within her. 

I assured this little one that Jesus would defeat this demon and we would be sent to the pit.

“No, that’s not possible, you must not, as the pit is within me,” the little girl said to me.

As a result of her participation in various South African sadistic cults she became a victim of mind control and programming where they literally made various parts of her broken heart to believe that she was indwell with the pit. What a satanically brilliant way to ensure a part believes deliverance isn’t possible. 

I spoke against the lie and removed the lie. I then led the little one in prayer where she called upon Jesus and then proceeded to deal with the demonic force within her.

Witchcraft rose up with utter hatred and convulsed her terribly. I commanded the spirits of the occult and witchcraft to depart and it came out with great force in Jesus name!

Immediately, this precious woman’s face shined with peace, love, joy, and inner freedom. The entire church applauded and was happy to see a soul liberated from the powers of the cult. 

It should be noted that while renouncing generational curses and commanding demons to depart from bodies many believers were being delivered instantly as demons flew out of the mouths while the people yawned, cried, burped, and coughed. It was amazing to witness. 

However, more remarkable than that was the many souls won to Jesus on this night of deliverance. Prior to leading everyone in mass prayers. I proclaimed the gospel and asked if anyone would like to surrender to Jesus. Many hands lifted up and I led everyone in a salvation prayer. On this night many were born into the Kingdom of God. 

I truly believe the signs and wonders of the previous night set the stage for the souls to be open to the good news of Christ. This mission believes that evangelism should include New Testament power encounters thus opening the hearts of those whom God supernaturally heals and delivers. On this day many were born again and no wonder the angels came so quickly to assist me in ministry as they were filled with unspeakable joy as salvation came to many.

Another lady I ministered to was afflicted with horrible pain. She was instantly healed. Others were powerfully healed from various kinds of torments, pains and afflictions. The power of God was touching so many hearts.

As I was praying there was a young man, perhaps in his 20’s, sitting in the back of the sanctuary that glared at me with hatred and fury. Throughout the night as I ministered I noticed the man and his demons that surfaced desiring to attack me violently. I went back to where the man was and brought him to the front of the congregation. In his hand was a piece of paper that he had written on. It the various sins he had participated in –murder, threesome sexual encounters, drugs and violence. 

I asked him if he was a Christian.


I asked if he was willing to give up his sins and tear into that piece of paper and throw to the ground symbolizing his desire to repent. He tore into the paper but kept half and placed that part in his back pocket. 

I explained to him Jesus wanted to display His love and this love will cause him to give up the rest of the paper. He was open to this so began to pray for the love of God to fall upon him. Powerfully, the unconditional love of the Savior fell upon his heart to where he was willing to pray with me out loud. On this special evening he called upon Jesus and he was saved!

Then he gave me the rest of the paper from his back pocket and we threw it to the ground and stomped on it. He was gloriously saved.

Suddenly, his spiritual enemy rose up.

“I was there when he was 9. I was there. God wasn’t but I was!” the demon of violence boastfully told me.

God was there however Satan had the opportunity to inflict pain and he did. All, I know is this: You have lost! He now belongs to Jesus! You will go to that pit.

“No, never, he’s been to all the churches. They are weak. They can’t help him.”

This statement does not surprise me. Allow me to explain. Most churches in our day are ill equipped to battle the forces of darkness. They are weak in this area. This is why I travel throughout the globe with the hopes of training disciples to be strong in Jesus in the ministry of liberation and evangelism.

There are billions of souls that need the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and we need to prepared to be able to minister to them. I am prepared and God graciously used me to reach this young man. 

Trust me on this –these violent spirits fought me, mocked me, mocked the blood of Christ, and blasphemed the Lord. There was a war being fought for this soul. It deeply troubled me that a handful of believers laughed when the demons within him mocked the blood of Christ. I wonder what kind of spirits were within these people? 

I poured the holy blood of Christ upon him and made the cross on his shaved head and weakened the demonic spirits within him. To the point where they began to tremble. They trembled and looked scared. 

So, I wrapped my hands around this young man and loved him. Immediately the power of good and the power of love overcame the powers of evil. He was then quickly delivered from the many demons within him. 

As he was being delivered the young man shook off the demonic trance he was under and simply freaked out. He couldn’t believe what happened to him. He was saved, free and restored! Precious disciples came forward and gave him powerful words– of his calling to be a warrior for Jesus! 

The church was quite excited as you can imagine and as you can imagine I was exhausted. These past few days have been trying. I battled many strong spirits hell bent of destroying me and this has taken a lot out of me. However, Jesus overcame and conquered the powers of evil –in public too!

My southern African ministry coordinator and I yesterday traveled into the Kingdom of Swaziland –a small nation nestled among some mountains– that is being ruled by a King and Queen. In this Kingdom, we drove into the mountains and explored. While traveling into the country I felt tremendous peace and contentment. It was quite strong. It was discovered that a previous King in the 19th century opened up this nation to Christian missionaries and openly received them and the Word of God. This allowed for the power of the Spirit to rest upon this land. 

We had a beautiful lunch and rested at the Royal Swazi and I prayed. The Holy Spirit urged me to conduct a mission here. Yes, there was peace in the spiritual environment however it has been reported that more than 80% of the people now practice some form of divination. That is a very high percentage. I’m concerned and look forward to coming back to this small Kingdom to preach the gospel and to drive out witchcraft demons in Jesus name. We made a contact in the city with a church and we expect to return in 2014. We also have been made aware that churches are willing to host some meetings in this tiny nation and will conduct large open air evangelistic missions.

I’m making a long journey to the Durban area today and am appreciative of all your prayers in the holy name of Jesus!

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