Many Souls Won to Christ in Pietermaritzburg

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Yesterday evening I stood on a stage, in a college auditorium, in Pietermaritzburg, preaching the good news of Jesus. A few hundred or more souls came to hear the gospel and to witness the power of God to deliver souls from demonic bondage. Prior to praying to cure those suffering from demonic torment I proclaimed the gospel and many hands were raised to indicate their desire to follow Jesus and to be saved. It was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit calling people to the Son for salvation.

Many demonic spirits were also cast out of those suffering. One man was delivered from insanity. Another man was delivered from 30 years of demonic voices that simply tormented him day and night. A family brought their two children and they too were liberated from the powers of evil. A lady came for healing from severe pain in her body. She was instantly healed. Others were set free from demonic afflictions as a result of participating in the public gathering prayers. One lady we ministered to up in the front of the large meeting hall was a disciple who had deep Hindu ancestral roots that included various kinds of pagan rituals and ceremonies. She also had generational witchcraft background thus many spirits of witchcraft. In Jesus name I confronted the evil spirits.

They twisted her body, they contorted her, they even took upon a position as to offer a baby as a sacrificial offering. My heart went out to this woman and her family. Many ancient Hindu spirits surfaced including Shiva, Kali, and others. They had been in her generational bloodline for a very long time as a result of her ancestors participation in Hinduism. These were broken and we commanded the demonic spirits to leave in the name of Jesus. They caused her to fall on the ground and many of these vile spirits came out! The smile, the joy, the inner peace could be seen on her face. It was beautiful. She came up to the stage and testified of her deliverance from these demons and everyone rejoiced with her. 

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