Threatened by Demons in Pietermaritzburg, Many Souls Won to Jesus!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

I’m receiving so many testimonies of those having been inspired, equipped, saved, healed and delivered by the power of Jesus. I’ll be sharing them in a moment with you. I’m in awe of God’s holy power. Thankful for your prayers and love while on this mission –that has led me thus far to NYC, Swaziland, South Africa, Turkey and later on the United Arab Emirates. We have conducted many public and private meetings resulting in many disciples being equipped in the ministry of the gospel. We also witnessed many souls being saved, hearts healed, miraculous physical healing of dozens and performing many dozens of public exorcisms expelling untold numbers of evil spirits in Jesus name.

Last night here in Pietermaritzburg we held another public evangelistic and deliverance meeting at a local college where I also ordained into the ministry a dear brother Jacob Erradu. It appeared we had an ever bigger crowd this time around. I’m grateful for our newly ordained pastor Jacob Erradu who organized these events. He is running our mission office and operating a Church of the Cross House of Prayer meetings. He did an outstanding job in honoring our King Jesus as many souls were impacted by these meetings. I look forward to returning for a series of public meetings at this large auditorium. 

I preached on Jesus and He honored us with holy presence and power to set the captives free! Before leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers I shared the gospel and inquired how many would like to be born again! Many hands were raised throughout the building! It was a joy to lead many to salvation through Jesus Christ! Just in these past few days, in these public meetings, we saw many come to Christ. I believe it was a result of the signs and wonders that were clearly displayed which softened the hearts of those attending the meetings

The enemies of the cross were furious with me as so many were born into the Kingdom of Heaven. To my left as I descended the platform to lead everyone in prayers for healing, a man, perhaps in his 50’s, shouted at me with great anger and rage: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! 

Who do you think that was? Demons, of course. The preaching of the gospel, healing the sick, conducting exorcisms, was too much for this demon to handle so he couldn’t handle it any longer so he decided that he would try to intimidate me. I bound the demons within him, in Jesus name and approached the man. The man said he felt the demon and revealed that the demon told him he needed to go up to the stage and attack me. To throw me around. These demons really despised me (I have been threatened a number of times with death on this mission). In Jesus name I told them to leave his mind and instantly they left (I also prayed for him after the service and he received more deliverance).

Our meetings are quite exciting! You never know what might transpire! Jesus is ever working and His miracle working power is available for you and I!

After preaching the gospel and confronting these demons in this man, I began to pray for the sick and many were miraculously healed. As a result of praying for the sick many demons surfaced and were confronted. The first lady we ministered to had many generational pagan spirits as a result of her father’s ancestors participation in the Hindu religion. These were broken and the demons were commanded to leave in Jesus name. 

I also prayed for a Hindu devotee who had been experiencing horrific attacks. I battled the Hindu spirits and many of them surfaced and came out of him in Jesus name. We also prayed for many who had been involved in witchcraft and the occult. These many spirits were expelled in Jesus name. 

Some of the demonic manifestations were quite dramatic during this public service. There were severe disfiguring of the bodies and total possession of the bodies as many evil spirits spoke out in defiance. They were greatly weakened by the blood of Jesus and the power of the WORD. They repeated after me and were commanded out of the bodies –into the pit— in Jesus name! The smiles, the inner peace, the joy said it all —people were FREE and testified to this reality! It was beautiful to witness once again. 

Towards the end of the service, we ministered to a young lady who a little dissociative identity that held much pain and hurt. I spoke to this heart. This little broken piece of the heart was supernaturally healed and restored and the demons removed from this woman. After her deliverance she looked totally different –she was shining with relief and the love of Jesus on her face. It was encouraging to see. She exclaimed: I feel really good! I feel so light and peaceful!

This never gets old! We have seen so many on this tour of South Africa healed by the power of the blood of Jesus! I would also like to thank my southern African ministry coordinator who Kobus Strachan who has a done a honorable job in making this tour a success. I am blessed throughout the globe to have brothers and sisters who take the time and effort to assist this mission in so many ways.

Here are some testimonies:

“Thank you Apostle Jay, for a powerful weekend we had in South Africa, it was refreshing and eye opening to see all those Satanists delivered, generational curses broken, Jezebel spirit defeated in Jesus name and the power of the blood, broken and hurting hearts mended. It was amazing your teachings! It was revelational. Its my prayer that the Lord will release you soon to come back and serve us again. Stay blessed and keep the faith.”

“Good day Minister Jay, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the people you have delivered (including myself) and all the souls you have led to Jesus through your devotional work for Christ. You really are a gift from God. I don’t know where you get the energy to do what you do and still get time to write blogs, send emails, post videos on YouTube, be a husband and a devoted daddy too. I know God gives us strength but I think to His special WARRIOR’S like you He gives supernatural strength! You really gave me a new look on life and the way you preach is so phenomenal. You minister in a way like no other pastor has ever preached. You make it so easy for everybody to understand and we are truly grateful that God has sent you to us here is South Africa.”

“Good day Jay thank you so much for allowing God to use you. You have been such a blessing. After my deliverance this past weekend in South Africa I feel lighter and happier. The one thing that shocked me the most was how all along I had demons and had no idea. I sleep better and I finally got an employment letter that I had been waiting for!”


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