Signs & Wonders in Africa, Now in Middle East

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m peering out of my window of my hotel room and I see the towering Burja Khalifa, here in the ultra modern city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This tower is more than 160 stories tall (over 800 meters or 2,700 feet tall). It’s a stunning tower to observe. I arrived here from Durban, South Africa, earlier today. It’s wonderful to be back to the Middle East (I believe this is my third trip in the Middle East in 2013) to plant the gospel. I leave tomorrow and will head back home to be with my family. This has been a long journey that started off with my in New York City for some meetings, then onward to Turkey to plant the gospel, then onward to the African continent where I visited South Africa and the Kingdom of Swaziland. It’s been a fruitful trip as many disciples have been inspired and trained to cast out evil spirits in Jesus name so our work will continue long after we leave.

We have also been able to encourage the Body of Christ to sign up for our Freedom Fighter International Training School and many have. Thus we will be able to continue to impact many lives through our online presence. In fact, being here in Dubai has allowed me to dream. I dream of this school having a actual facility in southern Africa, as we have many contacts there, that will train thousands of students to carry out the fullness of the gospel. We needs to come to pass and it will. As many of you know we just developed this school recently and our classes do not begin until October 1st however many students here in Africa have signed up and will be trained. My concern is that we need a physical facility as so many in Africa do not have dependable Internet services. If the Holy Spirit is touching your heart in regards to this vision, in terms of investing in this International School in Africa, please contact me.

On my last day in Africa we had two private meetings. Both were powerful meetings. In our first meeting, we ministered to a family that had been terribly attacked by demon powers. Because of their participation in the occult, witchcraft, secret cults, and so forth allowed many strong evil spirits to enter their lives. When we ministered to the father many demons surfaced –including Jezebel (via his wife). We also ministered to his broken heart as little parts surfaced containing so much pain, hurt, and sadness. Because he experienced molestation at the age of 3 his heart broke and these parts of the heart held onto the pain and inner suffering. I spoke to the little boy. He was so sad. So broken. So hurt. We had the opportunity to reach out to this little boy and bring healing to him in Jesus name. It was beautiful to witness. The little boy even testified of seeing Jesus. We have ministered to many broken heart parts, on this Africa mission, who testified of seeing Jesus. There many other broken parts of the heart that ran to Jesus and were healed. 

The demons though fought us in this exorcism. We had to battle with everything we had. Mind you, I was exhausted. After ministering the night before in a public rally and driving out demons for many hours, I was needing to recuperate. However, God in His mercy and love extended strength to get through the war for this soul. So many evil spirits battled me but we were cast out in Jesus name. Instantly, I am speaking about within a few seconds, his total facial disposition transformed. His eyes lit up with freedom, peace, and joy. It was very evident. Even his wife remarked that it looked like he was a different man. He was! He was a liberated man! He will be a better father, husband, and man as a result of this deliverance. His quality of life has instantly changed. 

We also took the time to minister to his wife who was invaded by 18 Jezebel spirits were hell bent on staying within her as they have been traveling through her bloodline for many generations. Many demons were cast out, including many Jezebel spirits, however there was one that stood there in her pride knowing there were some sin issues that allowed her to stay (we counseled her in regards to this, hoping we can have complete this deliverance in the near future). What was interesting was this mother had ancestral dissociation –we spoke to part of her mother who was within her. Because of the ancient curse of molestation there was a little broken heart piece present of her ancestors. We were able to free the little part however the part could not stay thus we told her to leave (along with the demon that held onto the part). The woman testified of feeling much freer however more work needs to be done and I look forward to seeing her walking in victory!

Kobus (my southern African ministry coordinator) and I also spent some time in fellowship with a young couple that is on fire for Jesus. They shared their stories of being deeply impacted by these African meetings. They even traveled to the various locations I was speaking at to be involved. In fact, for years, they have sought someone to assist them in finding freedom from human interjects (which he had), dissociation (which he had), and evil spirits (which he had) and yet no one offered, within the church, to intervene. Well, we intervened, in Jesus name, and this couple has received significant deliverance and healing! Such, where he now feels a call to serve Jesus in full time ministry. His wife, the same. 

What was exciting was to hear how as a result of the teaching I offered in our training seminars they now have put into practiced and have been healing many dissociative identities as a couple and driving out many demons. They are now teaching others and others are experiencing Jesus! What was amazing is this has all occurred within a few days. This is how this mission has deeply impacted them. They are offering themselves to assist us in southern Africa and around the globe. I love it!

We are not only ministering but we are equipping many thousands around the globe. Even my ministry coordinator, Kobus, has been casting out demons from many on this trip and ministering to broken heart pieces –this as a result of taking the time back last December after my Perth, Australia meetings to stay with his family and instruct him on the basics of inner healing and deliverance. He has digested the teaching and has now is putting into practice the things he has learned and as many are testifying: IT WORKS!

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