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Broken Girl, Triumphant Warrior (MUST READ)

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The testimonies continue to flow into our direction of changed lives. Not only changed lives, but lives that are now changing others. This is the lasting fruit of the deliverance ministry to not only deliver souls but for these precious souls to then minister healing and liberation to others. This is multiplication at work. This is a unique aspect of this mission. We not only do we drive out demons but we also teach others how to minister deliverance to others. Thus many generations to come this mission will impact families. Just minutes ago I received this POWERFUL testimony that you must read:

“Hello Pastor Jay;  I’m sure you will remember my husband and I. We went to New Bethel International Ministries in Scarborough, Ontario. in January. We were there for the better part of 2 days, learning more about deliverance and having deliverance take place in my life.  You even had us give a testimony and then I did a deliverance on one of the congregants. Gerry and I just want to thank you for all you did.  Life has been amazing.  The devil and his henchmen have tried to worm their way back in but I know the voice of my Father so victory is mine.  Complete deliverance has not come easy as it needs to be walked out every day.  The point is, I am walking it out.  I work with Holy Spirit every day and when something feels “off”, it gets dealt with right away.  The Lord has continued to bring healing and wholeness.  I’ve had a couple of totally amazing “God” encounters which brought much healing to the wounded parts of me.  I would love to share those experiences with you at some point.  I am going to be starting a ministry in the near future called “broken girl, triumphant warrior.”  This is something, a vision for my life, that God has deposited in me.  We are at peace and our home is peaceful now. Soaking music filters in every single day, even as we sleep. The Bible is in bed with us at night and our prayer life and deeper understanding of God’s Word has increased. Thank you, man of God, for all you did for Gerry and I.  We need more people like you who are not afraid of deliverance ministry.  You have impacted our lives in a huge way and there could never be enough words to tell you how grateful we are.  If you are in the area again, please let us know. It would be so great to see you face to face.  Perhaps we could even Skype some time.  We pray for you and your family every day and we speak blessing over you and ask God to protect you always.  Thank you again for your obedience to the Lord.  Because of you, many are being set free.  That is a priceless gift….a real treasure.  We look forward to hearing from you at some point in time and once again, we thank you for being instrumental in changing our lives and our marriage. May God richly bless you Jay!!!!!”

(You can watch her testimony her by clicking here)

Because of the love we extended to this family they are now starting a ministry themselves –“Broken Girl, Triumphant Warrior.” I vividly recall that night of this dear sister’s deliverance and deep healing. Right after she was set free herself from evil spirits I had her minister to another woman, publicly, before a packed church, thus driving out many demonic spirits from her! Isn’t that AWESOME! That is New Testament discipleship. Not going to a theological school (though there is nothing wrong with that, I even graduated from one), not attending a workshop (there is nothing with that either, I love workshops). New Testament discipleship is following Jesus and allowing Jesus to flow through your life to impact others after He has impacted yours! Her testimony speaks so many volumes.


  • She mentioned “deliverance has not come easy as it needs to be walked out each day.” WOW!!! There’s much to say about this. This is an important teaching point I emphasize in each meeting. We must be persistent, we must have perseverance in this war. We will fail more then we would like however just get right back up and serve Jesus! 
  • She mentioned in this testimony how she is utilizing weapons in this war –praise music soaks up her home, the Bible is ever present, this family is calling upon Jesus. Result? There is peace in their lives and home! This is another critical aspect I emphasize in our meetings. We have weapons and we better utilize them!
  • She also mentioned a key spiritual principle that is worthy repeating a millions times –obedience=blessings. When we faithfully serve Jesus, God will honor our work with so many spiritual blessings namely SOULS! That is my heart to see SOULS changed for all of eternity! Like she said, “that is a priceless gift –a real treasure.”

I’m so deeply humbled by these email testimonies from literally around the world –from Charismatic Catholics in Nigeria who are writing to me to tell me they are utilizing our Freedom Fighter materials, to precious former Muslims in the Middle East who use our videos to reach souls, to those in Latin America who also utilize our Freedom Fighter materials, to our many friends in Australia and New Zealand who have been so inspired by our work for the Kingdom that they are now starting ministries themselves to reach others. I am deeply humbled. I know I am ordinary man who has failed so many times however I have a soft heart for Jesus and He knows my heart’s desire. This same gracious God desires to use YOU my brother, my sister. 

Just a few hours ago I received this email:

“Jay, As always, I have enjoy reading how God continues to powerfully use you for His glory, what a mighty God we serve. Since your February visit to Perth, I have felt spiritual changes in myself – one change is more compassion for people under oppression of the enemy. I feel I am changing spiritual direction. I also know God is moving me more and more into teaching on spiritual warfare and setting people free, more than ever before. I am currently doing two days teaching and deliverance each week, but I feel to add another session, possibly one evening a week at another church I hope. I have people interested in learning and doing.”

Here’s another email testimony:

“Hi Jay, I pray everything has settled down for you and your family. It has been a huge week here, I have been praying and pressing in and I am feeling alot alot alot better. Firstly I want to say thank you for your commitment to the Lord and the ministry that you are in. Wow is the only word applicable to the difference I am feeling.  The teaching was awesome and I pray I am able to keep learning in the ministry of Deliverance. It is fabulous to be able to sleep and here the Lord clearly again.Incredible the influence there has been over my family for generations. For years I have spoken out that I am the generation to stop everything from the past and cut it off so my children are free to be everything that God created them to be and I am now seeing that actually happening in the spiritual not just the natural…Our city, Nelson, NZ, now has a feeling of more peace and stillness in the spiritual atmosphere which is awesome. I know God has opened up something here and wanting us to push forward as Warriors for Jesus…I feel there is a strong binding of the devil and we will be able to minister alot more effectively….Time to set the captives free!!!!!!!!!”

See the fruit of this mission? I could sit here for hours copying and pasting testimonies I get all the time. We are inspiring thus ministries are being birthed! Many thousands through the years impacted by this mission are impacting thousands themselves. 

This is a critical element to the public ministry! We must conduct deliverance ministry in public so the watching world can see the POWER of God in action! This WILL inspire so many for generations to come!

Mighty Wonders in Vancouver, Now in Auckland, New Zealand

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

The Book of Acts documents amazing miracles of the Holy Spirit –the dead being raised, evil spirits being driven out, the sick healed, and other extraordinary miracles. In Acts 8 we read of the evangelist Philip’s mighty ministry in Samaria.

“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there. When the crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed, they all paid close attention to what he said. For with shrieks, evil spirits came out of many, and many who were paralyzed or lame were healed. So there was great joy in that city.”

I have perhaps read that passage hundreds of times over the years and yet it still excites me. You’ll see 5 important elements of Philip’s ministry that I want to note that should be marks of our ministry unto the Lord:

  1. The message of Jesus was front and center. Evangelist Philip, “proclaimed the Messiah.”
  2. Signs and wonders followed the preaching of the WORD as the “crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed.”
  3. As a result of the proclamation of the gospel, demons surfaced and “with shrieks, evil spirits came out of many.”
  4. Along with the expulsion of demonic spirits, those whom were paralyzed and “crippled” (Amplified Version) were healed.
  5. Because Jesus was proclaimed and the because of the great amount of miracles taking place there was “great joy” in the city.

We witnessed all 5 elements being displayed on this most recent mission that had me in British Columbia and New Zealand. As I reported in my last email update not only were demons expelled there were other amazing miracles taking place including seeing a crippled man walk! In each city I ministered there was GREAT joy after the meetings. Why? Because people are desperate to SEE New Testament power encounters. Seeing the love of Jesus in action, seeing Him heal and deliver brings great joy to hearts. In all of the meetings I conducted, private and public, I was approached afterwards with a deep desire to see this mission hold even more services in their areas. Many dozens were supernaturally healed and exorcised from demons. 

In our first meeting in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, it was a small but rather enthusiastic crowd. After teaching many demons surfaced including many Hindu and Polynesian spirits. Several of those attending this public meeting were from India and the island-nation of Fiji. One young woman from Fiji manifested very violent spirits that invaded this woman due to her family’s participation in idol worship. There were many Hindu spirits including Ganesha. We also battled Baal, Jezebel and many others hell bent on destroying. Legions of demonic spirits were sent to the pit and many were liberated by the power of the cross.

One lady that attended our last evening service manifested very strong spirits that had entered her as a result of being taken as a little girl to a local witchcraft doctor where they poured lamb’s blood over her body. She participated in vile disgusting blood rituals. As you can imagine that allowed a number of strong voodoo and witchcraft demons to enter her body. God was merciful and these spirits were driven out in Jesus name. 

Not only were many liberated from demon powers but many broken hearts were healed. In each and every meeting precious broken pieces of hearts surfaced desiring to see Jesus. Many heart pieces testified of seeing the risen Jesus and being healed by Him. We are seeing this in nearly every meeting we conduct. There is a tremendous need to heal not only broken bodies but also broken hearts

From the Vancouver area I flew into the North Island of New Zealand from there I took yet another flight into the South Island to the small city of Nelson where we conducted numerous private and public meetings. The public meetings were held at a local community hall where precious families and individuals gathered to learn more about the deliverance ministry. It was astonishing to see some who had driven (or took flights) great distances to be present. One family heard about the meeting because their daughter was delivered from demons in one of our meetings in Perth, Australia. Because of the impact of the ministry on her life, she told her parents about the ministry which sparked an interest that led them to drive more then 5 hours to attend our services. In each meeting I taught from the Scriptures for a few hours, led everyone in Holy Communion, and then ministered to the sick, the demonized, and those broken in heart. Many thousands of evil demons were cast out in Jesus name. Many hearts were supernaturally healed and bodies were released of various pains and afflictions

What truly motivated me is seeing a great amount of saints desiring to be equipped to minister deliverance to the captives. Many were trained in the areas of healing and deliverance. Many approached me and remarked that the teaching on our “Hidden Life in Christ,” was transformational. I see this is a foundational teaching that is lacking in so many disciple’s lives. In order to effectively minister liberation to those in darkness we need to fully understand who we are in Christ.

In our last meeting, I felt incredible amount of opposition from Jezebel demons that inhabited so many in the meeting hall. One lady constantly interrupted while I was teaching (I could hear her snicker and complain to another lady beside her). I approached this woman during a break and rebuke the demons in Jesus. I told her I was glad she was present as we would have the wonderful opportunity to cast the demons out of her that controlled her. Immediately, she stormed out of the room yelling, “hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.” No doubt, religious spirits were control of this angry woman who was hell bent on debating me rather then submitting to the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. As soon as she departed the environment changed for the better and many were released from demons including one woman who had numerous violent serpent spirits attached to her. These were cast out in Jesus name but we scheduled a private meeting with her to drive out many others that remained in her life.

In this private deliverance meeting –more then a million– demons surfaced and battled me (there were hundreds of legions of spirits within her). It was very violent exorcism. Her body contorted in grotesque forms, her face disfigured, and animal sounds could be heard coming from her mouth. Spirits of death, Satan, fear, lust, hate, envy, anti-Christ, torment, sickness, injustice, Legion, insanity, jealously, cancer, and infirmity battled me for hours. Many of these demonic spirits entered as a result of her ancestors worshiping Baal. Many of them were holding captive 4 ancestral dissociative parts:

  1. 19 year part, of one of her ancestors, that was birthed in the 16th century that was beheaded.
  2. A little baby that was birthed in the 12th century, that was strangled by the death spirit, that surfaced during our deliverance meeting. This death spirit had been in her life since 1100 B.C.
  3. 40 year old part, that was birthed in 17th century that was killed by the death spirit by bringing forth a heart attack.
  4. A 70 year old ancestral part that was birthed in the 3rd century, that was also killed by the death spirit via a heart attack.

I spoke to these precious parts including little baby who went to be with Jesus and experienced healing. As you cam imagine little baby part was carrying incredible trauma as a result of being strangled some 900 years ago.

Not only were these many demons holding the ancestral parts, there were also also enslaving precious parts of her heart including a little baby from the womb, a 5 year old, some teenage parts. There were 1,000 dissociative identities that were supernaturally healed on this day along with the many evil spirits driven out in Jesus name! 

As you can imagine she felt amazing afterwards. Though some work still needs to take place, tremendous deliverance took place in her life that will allow her to move forward in her life serving Jesus. She hopes to join us in our Western Australian meetings in early August (by the way, in the coming days, I will be releasing our teaching schedule, for our Perth meetings, that will allow me to explore such subjects such as mind-control, tools of the exorcist, healing dissociation and ancestral dissociation, deactivating generational and word curses and so much more).

I do apologize as there were so many miracles and wonders that took place and I have had no opportunity to share them with you. Thank you precious partners for praying for me and my family. I spoke to my wife recently and our little 7 year old boy, Ford, experienced a most viscous demonic attack that I will share more about in my next email update. As parents we need to be aware of the monsters that desire to attack little ones. It was a most unusual attack. Appreciate your prayers in Jesus name!

I send my love to all of you. It was wonderful to meet so many new and old friends on this mission. As I think back to all of the many meetings we conducted I marvel at the goodness of God. He deserves to be honored!

Jesus is King!

In British Columbia: Crippled Man Walks!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

I’m currently in British Columbia, in rainy Surrey, which is just outside of Vancouver, where I have been conducting public meetings at a small Pentecostal congregation that is quite open to the ministry of deliverance. The church invited me to come to teach on the subject of deliverance and healing. Each and every meeting was well attended and the miracles have been numerous. Many souls saw Jesus, there were visions of the Lord Jesus, of holy angels, there were miraculous healings, powerful exorcisms, and a great amount of supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit.

I’m sitting here STUNNED typing this email report to you! Individuals and families drove in many hours from all over Canada to participate in these public services. There were a small group of Russians that even traveled in from America to attend the meetings. You might recall that I ministered in the Russian communities of Washington State a few weeks back and WORD has spread like wildfire in these communities of all of the mighty miracles that have taken place and so many precious Russians are so hungry for the ministry of deliverance that they are willing to drive great distances to be a part. God did not disappoint –the demonstration of His holy power was awesome. Extremely intense!

Just for starters, tonight, in our last public meeting a 60 year old man cripple, who arrived in his old worn out wheelchair, was gloriously healed! This cripple lost usage of his legs because he was literally run over by a car in a accident. Thus he was confined to a wheel chair. He could no longer walk! I recall at one point during the meeting this cripple was attempting to use the men’s room and had to be assisted by two men as he could not walk. He was in great pain and torment.

What was significant about his arrival to this meeting was this –he was giving God literally one more opportunity to intervene as he was planning on committing suicide on this very night! He shared that he was going to blow his head off! He was that despaired of life. He was depressed. Sad. A truly tortured soul. Who wouldn’t be as he lived a life of misery –confined to a wheelchair with no hopes of ever walking!

I’m so grateful to our Savior as He is always present at our darkest of hours. He is there to intervene. Jesus intervened in this man’s life by displaying His holy power to him!

He sat and watch so many people being set free from evil spirits. While breaking generational curses many demons were manifesting –some VERY VIOLENT. The violence was extraordinary. One young 29 year old woman that had been a prostitute and heavily involved in witchcraft surfaced some aggressive spirits hell bent on battling me.

“She’s a ugly whore! God doesn’t love her. She’s a whore. She’s a WHORE! That’s all she’ll ever be,” the demons shouted at me as they violently twisted her body and threw her to the ground in a fit of rage.

“God can’t possibly use her. She’s a whore,” the demonic spirits stated.

As we battled these vile and vicious beings they began to claw her face. Moreover, they began to foam at the mouth and with deep guttural animal-like noises manifested with great power. They violently threw her to the ground on many occasions. They attempted to injure her and kill her. They literally threw punches in her head. Pulling her hair. Clawing her body. Vomiting out blood.

The supernatural strength of the spirits was something to behold. It took incredible amount of spiritual energy to withstand these demonic attacks upon me.

Be mindful that earlier in the day for more then 4 hours I ministered in a morning/afternoon training seminar where I taught the Body of Christ on the subject of spiritual warfare. Even during the teaching I was ministering deliverance and healing as during the teaching demonic spirits named “Torment” surfaced within a 60 year old woman that were hell bent on destroying this disciple of the Lord. So, not only was I teaching I was also ministering deliverance. Then after a few hour break we continued on with this ministry for another 5 hours. As you can imagine this is the front lines of spiritual warfare and God bestowed upon me unusual holy power and strength to minister to the captives.

Though I was exerting an amazing amount of spiritual energy fighting all of these demons God however granted victory. This precious woman who had been abused, deeply hurt, involved in all forms of perversion, witchcraft, the occult and paganism was being released from the powers of darkness.

She renounced these sins, the generational curses and the demonic bondages and God granted tremendous spiritual release to this woman. The spirits cried out, screamed, and flew out of her mouth. All of them entered into that pit as ordered. It was phenomenal to witness the power of God over the enemy.

So, as this young woman was being set free from these dark powers of Satan, in this public meeting, this crippled man sat watching intently. This power of Jesus was softening his heart. After this woman experienced this most powerful deliverance I turned my focus on this man who quickly manifested spirits of rage and hate. The spirits cursed. blasphemed, and screamed. At one point they attempted to deter me.

They told me that I had no power. That they didn’t know I was. That they were never going to leave him. The usual attempts to discourage the exorcist from carrying out his holy task in the setting the captives free. Their pitiful tactics failed and they were overcame by the power of the blood of Jesus.

As the generational spirits of rage and hate was being expelled I felt this unusual holy power descended upon me by the Holy Spirit and I took the crippled man by his hand and gradually lifted him off his wheelchair that had bound him for so long! As he stood up I laid my hands that were were blazing with fire from heaven on his spine. I commanded the spine to be healed in Jesus name and this 60 year old man was being supernaturally touched by Jesus!

I then gradually led him to WALK. Mind you this was a crippled man who could not walk. At one point as God was restoring his body I literally let go of his hand and he walked unassisted up to the front of the small sanctuary of this church. The crippling paralysis was dissolving in Jesus name. The faith and the power in this church was amazing. This allows the Holy Spirit to move in our midst to heal.

He was no longer needing the wheelchair and was astonished by the miracle working power of God upon his life. He testified of experiencing this amazing healing. As he finished sharing his testimony and giving God glory. I asked a brother in the Lord to assist him to his chair. This former cripple turned to me and said, “No, I will walk back to my chair by myself.” He not only walked by himself back he also did so with determination to serve Jesus!

What a POWERFUL miracle for all to witness. The spiritual energy in this church was at a all time high as so many precious saints were seeing God’s power to heal right before their eyes as this New Testament power encounter was taking place. As a result so many others were opened up to the power of Jesus and were miraculously healed and liberated from demon powers.

It’s nearly 3am and needing some rest. So, I close this email report for now. I just felt a immediate need to share the miracles of our great God with you. The past week I have been under attack. I have been tested. I have been facing some physical problems but continued on with serving Jesus. Jesus is so wonderful as He has sustained me and given me healing.

God was pleased to display His holy power in these meetings and give Jesus all the praise for the battle belongs to the Lord!

In just a few hours I’ll be departing for New Zealand and will need your prayers and intercession. May Jesus continue to perform great miracles in our midst!

There is so much more to share from this time in British Columbia so I hope to write another email update soon. The needs are immense but Jesus is prevailing in so many lives!

Jesus is indeed Lord over all!

Powerful Exorcisms in Perth!

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Our organizer in Perth Australia wrote the following report from our last visit to Australia:

Jay’s visit to Perth, Western Australia – 27th Feb – 3rd March inclusive.

 What an awesome time we have all experienced as Jay unceasingly ministered to sooooo many of God’s people. It’s been a full-on week with virtually a packed house at each meeting.  We held three evening sessions, one all-day seminar finishing with ministry sessions in the evening into the night. Then Sunday morning service at the same Lutheran Church, with an evening meeting at another Church until 11.30pm when Jay had to get to the airport for midnight, he would have just made it!!

 Soooo many people were touched, healed, and set free, to God be all the glory.  I hardly know where to start with this report. First, I would like to thank Ps Milo and his church for making their church and all facilities available to us totally free of charge, what a blessing. Also thanks to all those who helped with note taking when I was otherwise engaged, also everyone else who helped make it happen for each meeting, in whatever way no matter how minute – it all adds up to making things run smoothly, my thanks and appreciation go to you all from the bottom of my heart.

 Thank you Kobus for being such a big part of this ministry in Perth. Also, It was a joy and blessing to meet the Melbourne Team, Mark, Barb and Belinda, it was wonderful working with you all and developing new friendships. Belinda – thanks for the Holy Ghost neck massage! My stiff and sore neck was loosened and healed, praise God.

 So much ministry was done, yet not every person received ministry for various reasons too numerous to try to explain. A couple of relative reasons is that there is such an enormous need with insufficient time in each day, plus the fact that human energy has its limits. Jay was flat out trying to get time to rest, and be refreshed in spirit and body. People are so hungry for help and knowledge, and with it comes demand which cannot always be fulfilled. Nevertheless, many were helped, and gloriously set free by our loving Lord Jesus.

 Last year, when Jay visited Perth in early December for two days, which were equally full-on sessions. Seeing the need especially for women, I went to the Lord for answers, and He told me to have a ladies’ meeting, so we did, we started with a ladies only evening meeting on the Wednesday. To my amazement eighty ladies of filled the auditorium. What an awesome night. Manifestations of various abuses abounded, broken and fragmented hearts healed and restored by Jesus. It was over- whelming to see the very big need amongst our Christian sisters.

 Unfortunately, because the meetings were so hectic I was not able to journal every detail, but with the help of others we did get quite a few noted.  Interestingly at every meeting not only were there more women than men attending, but it was mostly the women who manifested, and got set free. Women appear to be more open and ready to admit they have a need and want help. Bless you all who received help from our loving Saviour. Please keep your freedom, and build on it for His glory.

 Jezebel spirit – was rampant. Many, many women at each meeting were gloriously set free from this evil witch of a spirit – too many to list in detail. Jezebel always did its best to resist, but eventually had to go to the pit. It came out of most screaming and threatening, but it came out. All glory to God. Each person testified to the tremendous relief they felt, their whole countenance changed after deliverance. And virtually every one of them made statements such as – “thank you so much, I feel so much better” or “I feel so much lighter” or “why has no-one has been able to help me before now” or “I’ve been wanting help for years”.  The Church needs to wake up.

 One dear sister had a very stubborn jezebel spirit, spirit of satan, deep fear, spite, anger, a vicious and vindictive spirit of rage which she had inherited from her father. Her heart was broken into four pieces, as she was growing up at  – ages 4 yrs, 7 yrs, 9 yrs, and 11yrs, culminating in suicidal thoughts that started at age 18 years. She was so desperate for help. As Jay ministered to her it was revealed that she also had 24,000 (twenty-four thousand) demons tormenting her, this figure was actually reveled to Jay by the demons themselves. They had all been tormenting her, all her life. They remained there because no one had told them to go – guess what? They soon got told and were sent to the pit. Jesus prevailed, and gloriously healed her fragmented heart setting her totally free. She was over-joyed, and a totally different woman.  Oh! the love and mercy of God is indescribable.

As Jay taught and ministered at each meeting on the generational curses from both father and mother’s sides, countless demons manifested around the room. They were all set free, the demons got sent to the pit. Also many others got set free while  just sitting under the anointing  – too many to individually list.

One woman had suffered rejection from when she was in her mother’s womb. This rejection stayed with her all her life. Her health was severely affected. Her inflictions included very poor self-worth. But our loving Jesus reaffirmed His love for her and her worth in His eyes, and totally restored and healed her dissociated heart.

Another lady also had the spirit of jezebel, and suffered severe rejection and abuse from age 6 years. She inherited a spirit of guilt from her mother’s side. As well as having a spirit of isolation that caused severe depression. But Jesus healed her heart and set her totally free. Yet, another lady had suffered terrible torment for 14 years by a spirit of isolation was also set free. She was astounded at her new found freedom. Praise God for His love and mercy.

One very young woman was so entrenched in jezebel, who showered her with gifts. Jezebel decked her out with jewelry galore – she removed rings from every finger, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, crowns and even gowns. All were removed. This dear lady suffered from psychosis, asthma, and anxiety. While Jay was ministering to her Jezebel was trying to get her to run away from the meeting, but God had other plans, He literally kept her there stamping her feet in the same spot as if running on the spot until her deliverance was complete, she was totally and gloriously set free, glory to our God.

Numerous people were set free from generational curses from father and mother lineage. Spirits of occult, idolatry, jezebel, witchcraft, blaspheming spirits, mocking spirits, spirits of death, to name a few, all manifested and came out.

A lady was freed after many years from the spirit of incest. As a young woman she had inappropriately kissed her brother. It opened the door for the spirit of incest to enter her. She was so over-joyed at being set free.

Freemasonry, Eastern Star, Single Eye – When Jay began dealing with freemasonry in each meeting many were set free at every meeting. At one meeting one lady in particular had this cult on both sides of her family line i.e. father and mother. As well as other demons manifesting very strongly. She struggled to take off the noose and hood, at first. But was soon gloriously set free from every oppression.

Illuminati (mind controlling demons) – As Jay mentioned these the same lady began manifesting the many demons that were oppressing her. Her face contorted. She was screaming very loudly, her hands and fingers stiffened and were claw-like. I thought she was going to scratch one of us. It took a lot of persistence to get rid of those demons. But they were all finally sent to the pit.  Praise the Lord.

On one occasion as Jay was ministering to one lady, the demons had her body twisted over, her fingers were spread out and stiff, she could not bend them. Jay anointed her hands and commanded the demons to let them go, eventually they did let go. At that point the Lord told me it was a spirit of masturbation. This is a demon that usually comes out of the hands, it is a very stubborn demon, often the hands have to be shaken repeatedly before the demon goes out.

One married couple expecting their second child were gloriously set free. The man while sitting and listening to Jay heard the demons in himself stirring him up to hit Jay, he was struggling not to obey them. As he was quietly manifesting in his seat, Jay went over and cast them out. His wife who is heavily pregnant with their second child was also set free, baby in her womb was prayed for, and their first child a son who was suffering with autism was also set free. Then Jay had the husband anoint his wife, pray over her and their unborn child. Oh! how glorious is our God.

As Jay ministered numerous times he called for the help of angels who came and obeyed Jay’s request. Jay also used the sword ‘Bible’ as a warfare tool that had the demons screaming. He also used the Blood and the anointing oil – these and other spiritual tools are provided by the Lord for us – Believers – as weapons of warfare for against the enemy. Praise God for His provision.

The majority of women ministered to during this five day period were in some way of another abused and assaulted as little children. They suffered pain, rejection, fear, isolation and so much more resulting in fragmented and dissociated hearts, but our loving Saviour true to the Word of God healed every broken heart, revealed Himself to each of them and made them whole again. To God be all the glory.

The highlight of these five days for me was when a marriage was restored – involving a family of five. Briefly – two months ago there was a separation between husband and wife. I was personally involved in interceding for restoration of the marriage. After two months it did not look promising in the natural, in fact it looked like becoming another addition to the Christian divorce statistics, but God had other plans. Jay ministered to them and the marriage was radically restored with the couple reaffirming their love for each other and renewing their marriage vows. Their three children were delighted to know all was back to ‘normal’ for them.

 Oh! What a mighty God we serve, Amen.

Phenomenal Jesus Power Electrifies the Church in Perth

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I have safely arrived back home after a very grueling few weeks of preaching, teaching and ministering. This last mission literally had me circling the globe and touching down:

~on 4 different continents

~visiting 8 different nations

~visiting more then 12 different cities

~conducting more then 20 public and private meetings

Have you read our most recent reports from the Middle East & Asia and from Australia.

I spent close to two days just sitting in planes alone. Through it all, God bestowed upon me unusual grace and strength. There were a few times I felt like I was about to come down sick and God simply removed the infirmity and I pressed on with the mission. I actually recall being in Manila after one night service feeling quite bad physically –my throat was raw, in pain from many days of ministering and back at the hotel room I sat slumped over discouraged as I was not feeling particularly well. I cried out to Jesus for relief. Jesus heard my cry and IMMEDIATELY the pain left. God truly healed me on that night. 

In my last ministry stop in Perth, Australia, I was invited to minister in a few churches and on the very last night I ministered for many hours at the Perth Christian Community Church. There was great enthusiasm within the crowd. You could feel it. It was electrifying. On this night God bestowed upon me unusual spiritual power. The power that was displayed by our great God was phenomenal. The presence of the Holy Spirit was quite strong in the sanctuary and as we praised our living King I was being filled by the Spirit of the Living God. The tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit rested upon me. I taught for a few hours from the Scriptures and then ministered late into the evening. In fact, towards the end of the service I had to literally run out of the church to the car so I could get to the international airport as i tried to stay as late as possible to minister to the many that had gathered.

Throughout the service precious people manifested very strong demonic spirits. Spirits of death, Baal, of Satan, Freemasonry, Illuminati, and other powerful spirits surfaced and battled me. The first lady we ministered to was a dear Asian woman inhabited by a very powerful spirit of rage and murder. I called forth holy angels and they assisted her to towards the front in fact one powerful angel of the Lord literally placed a spear into the back of the demon causing it to move forward. Few moments later the demon threw the woman violently on the ground, growled and cried out loudly. The demons truly resisted and fought me and the holy angels. Finally the woman was brought to the front of the sanctuary along with her husband and expelled these demons from her in Jesus name! It was a powerful demonstration of God’s power over the enemy.

Throughout the sanctuary evil spirits surfaced within so many. There were loud cries, bloodcurdling screams, violent twisting of bodies, and desperate cries for spiritual intervention. While leading everyone in renouncing generational curses many souls were being free –perhaps close to 100 individuals from what I can tell– were experiencing some measure of liberation as we cut off the generational curses that allowed so many demons to access ancestral bloodlines. Demons were quickly departing in Jesus name!

While dealing with the sins of Freemasonry some very violent and aggressive spirits surfaced within one woman that caused her to manifest quite dramatically. A powerful spirit named, Baal, surfaced, along with spirits of Osiris, Ra and other Masonic ancient demons. They fought furiously but were commanded out in the name of Jesus.

Moreover, we dealt with some young people who had demons and they were quickly liberated from the powers of darkness. 

Not only were evil spirits surfacing but so many broken parts of fragmented hearts. It was stunning to see the need for inner healing. There is a GREAT need to equip the Body to minister in this realm of ministry. Sadly, very few are equipped to minister in this area of ministry. Upon my return to Perth I hope to train many hundreds in the areas of healing and deliverance. 

Legions and legions of demonic spirits were defeated as precious people called upon God to set them free! Many were testifying of various kinds of supernatural healings also. It was amazing to see the power of God in action. 

The pastor of this growing congregation has invited me back and we are discussing various dates to hold a series of meetings and training seminars with the hopes of training many hundreds in the gospel ministry. 

Upon my return back to Dallas I have been enjoying my family and leading my family in Holy Communion. My kids absolutely enjoy partaking of the body and blood of our Lord. Continue to pray that God would grant me and my family strength. Moreover, I have been receiving amazing email reports from many. So many were encouraged by our most recent meetings. Through our work precious souls are also being delivered via our global radio broadcasts. Read this incredible report:

“Hi Jay, After your deliverance sessions at the Lutheran

church last week, which I praise God for allowing you to

come to West Australia. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I was not
feeling well at all, not sleeping properly, I felt like a
tight band was around the top of my head etc. I went to
bible study at the Light Pavilion as I was going out the
door to go home, Pastor’s wife said to me
have a blessed sleep, So when I got home I decided to go
straight to bed and try to go to sleep, I listened to your
broadcast (powerful exorcism) and was just drifting off to
sleep, when a demon surfaced and I told it to go, I then
went off to sleep and had a good night rest and I am feeling
much better this morning. God bless you Jay.”

We receive emails all the time from those who listen to our global radio presentations and obtaining various kinds of liberation. What’s stunning is that I haven’t been able to produce more programs and yet our archive broadcasts are still reaching many thousands with the message of deliverance. I hope to have some NEW radio programs out soon. Because of my recent extensive travel schedule I have been limited but feel the need to produce more broadcasts to reach more souls! Also there were precious souls that testified, while ministering in the Lutheran Church, of being blessed by reading our many books including our 577 page volume on miracles. 

We were honored to serve the Body in Australia and believe the Holy Spirit has raised this mission at this time to impact multiple generations of Australians with the message of freedom found in Jesus! Many thanks to my Western Australian organizer Joan and to one of my ministry partners, Kobus, who assisted me greatly by transporting me throughout all of Perth holding private and public meetings. 

I love the Australian people and look forward to returning. Please pass these reports on to your friends and family!

Jesus is very much alive in the Great South-land of the Holy Spirit.

Signs, Wonders, Sacraments in the Middle East & Asia

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus who is King,

Souls saved, water baptizing a disciple in the Arabian Sea, driving out demons from a little boy from an Muslim family, marrying a South African couple in Oman, to conducting public deliverance meetings in Manila, holding a house church meeting in the Middle East, surviving a very violent exorcism where I was threatened with death and seeing many dozens healed and delivered from demons has made this mission an extraordinary one!

It has been a supernaturally charged mission journey thus far as I have visited France, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman and now currently in Manila, Philippines where we are seeing the power of God in every visit as we see the signs of the Holy Spirit and power of the sacraments in our ministry events. I have not slept much but God has been gracious and I’m seeing souls experience salvation, amazing healing and miraculous liberation from the powers of the kingdom of darkness. 

When I arrived into Oman which neighbors Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen I was once again reminded of the need for the gospel to go forth in power in this region of the globe. With virtually no Christian churches in this Islamic nation there is an absolute need of the power of God for the people of these Arab nations. My time in Oman was completely filled with ministering to those afflicted by demon powers. While meeting in a home church with local believers I was told that their work for the gospel comes at a great risk since Oman is an Islamic state with strict media controls in place. Often their meetings are held in secrecy. It was in this environment I taught for many hours the Holy Scriptures. The local disciples were quite receptive to the teachings. I think I began teaching around Noon and I did not stop ministering until the following morning at 5am. PONDER this for a moment. This could only be accomplished by the grace of God. Even then there were still precious souls still in need of ministry. Nearly everyone in the meeting were either healed or delivered from demonic spirits. One couple that came to the meeting experienced such a powerful deliverance that they decided to get married. So, after sleeping for perhaps a few hours the entire home church and the families of the couple descended on the Arabian Coastline where I held a marriage ceremony. It was such a beautiful day to conduct the sacrament of holy matrimony as family and friends surrounded the couple and were united in marriage. The tears, the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, and power of their vows to one another made my time in this Islamic state complete in so many ways. 

Not only were there signs and wonders in our ministry events in Oman but the sacraments were administered and this combination is so desperately needed in the Body. There is such a great power of the Holy Spirit unleashed when both the signs and the sacraments of the church is present and participated in. This is an unique aspect of the Church of the Cross which God called me to serve. Not only did I see the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit but I also witnessed the sacraments –signs of the sacred that point souls to the spiritual realities of Christ– touch precious souls as I administered a marriage ceremony and even a baptism as I water baptized a South African disciple in the waters of the Arabian Sea.  This precious disciple and her husband (who incidentally heard about me through my global radio broadcasthoused me during my time in Oman and many local believers were touched with the power of Jesus. I have been invited to come back to hold more ministry events and look forward to launching from this base to other areas of the Arab world for the gospel.

Traveling onto Southeast Asia I landed in Manila, the Philippines, where I have been conducting public meetings at the Kingdom of God Church and the United Family of God Church overseen by my dear brother Orlando Sacman. Interestingly enough pastor Orlando heard about my work from my many radio shows. This radio outreach extends globally as I have met souls worldwide who have blessed by these radio presentations. For many hours we drove out so many demons –they screamed, they convulsed, they were violent, they threatened, and they CAME OUT in Jesus name! The extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit rested upon me and Orlando as we continually ministered to those suffering from demonic problems.

At the Kingdom of God church a very violent demon of murder and rage manifested from a large Filipino man. These demon were hell bent on destroying me. The SCREAMED very loudly at me.

“Do you understand me? I’m going to KILL you tonight! We will KILL you. We will KILL you,” as the demons lunged at me with great fury. 

You are going to the pit in Jesus name!

“NOOOOO!!!!! We are staying with him. We will NEVER leave him. We will kill you first! We will KILLLLLLL YOUUUUU,” the violent spirits informed me.

You know how it goes my friends, don’t you? They threaten and they ended flying into that PIT!

With claw like hands they attempted to murder me. It took perhaps 5 or 6 believers to hold this man back from murdering me. It was quite intense. It was all captured on video and I hope to share the raw video footage soon! In fact many of the exorcisms were taped. We will have many hours of exorcism footage to share with you!

The demons were very strong within this large man. I poured the blood of Jesus in a baptismal manner over these evil spirits and they were defeated. They were sent to the pit and with loud cries many demon departed.

The SMILE, the JOY, and the PEACE said it all. This large man gave me a huge bear hug and thanked me as tears flowed from his face. He was delivered and he KNEW it. It felt so good to be clean and free!

On this night the demonic manifestations were powerful, were very dramatic and thus the power of the Holy Spirit was even greater as so many souls were freed from demons in Jesus name!

One 11 year old boy named Mohammad (who came from a Muslim family) came to the front for prayer and shared that he was being terribly afflicted by demon powers in his chest as if something was within his lungs. For a long time I battled these stubborn spirits and they would not budge. I continued on and eventually wore out these spirits and they left him in Jesus name! Not only did they leave but also the pain!

It was amazing that while we ministered mass deliverance I would estimate that more then 20 souls were healed miraculously. As I asked how many were sick and more then 20 souls raised their hands to indicate they were sick in some fashion. Towards the end of the meeting I inquired if anyone was needing prayer for healing and only a few came up as during our mass deliverance prayers everyone else was healed in Jesus name! Thus why we do public meetings to reach the masses with the healing power of Jesus! Many were testifying of being healed from pains, sicknesses of various sorts and diseases. Many Jezebel spirits interestingly enough surfaced in this meeting among the ladies of the church. These were driven out in Jesus name in a dramatic fashion as the Jezebel spirits convulsed, violently surfacing within these precious ladies. With loud cries many were set free!

At the Kingdom of God Church many more were delivered from demons including one young lady who rushed towards the stage to receive prayer. She was not only freed from demons of death and suicide but she also prayed with me to receive Jesus Christ as Lord after her deliverance. She witnessed firsthand of the power of God as these demons were removed thus her openness to receive Jesus as Savior. She leaped for joy, danced and was so excited about her NEW walk with Jesus. I LOVED seeing it! Others prayed to call upon Jesus too!

This is a greet need in the world –displaying to the lost the power of God through signs and wonders– which opens hearts to the love of Jesus as they see how much Jesus loves them by performing such a great healing in their lives.

When I took the time to pray for those suffering from witchcraft I would estimate more then 90% of the church rushed towards the stage for deliverance from generational witchcraft. Everyone of them were set free! Read that sentence again and ponder how great our God is!

There are so many miracle stories I’m not sharing as I have run out of time. I am at the Manila International Airport heading to Malaysia. Then tomorrow I’m heading onward to Australia to hold a series of public deliverance meetings. Hope to see all of you then!

We are also very excited about our coming trip to British Columbia and New Zealand where they are planning on holding a stadium meeting in 2013 where I will minister to many souls. 

Our many volumes, radio presentations, YouTube videos and mission work globally is impacting countless souls. We are inspiring a younger generations to enter into the global gospel ministry. We are inspiring souls to carry out the works of the Kingdom. Will you dare to serve Jesus? Say YES to Jesus!

Jesus WINS!

Holy Spirit Fueled Miracles in Australia

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

The sheer amount of miracles we are experiencing here in Australia is stunning! I cannot even keep up with recording them or even remembering them all. Hopefully, my sister Joan, will graciously provide a proper report in the coming days as so many deliverances, healings and miracles occurred! There are so many being healed and delivered. Many dozens are being supernaturally repaired by our loving Savior. In every meeting –public and private– souls are experiencing the power of God. We preach Christ but we demonstrate His power in performing miraculous signs and wonders.

Just earlier this morning, here in beautiful Perth, I preached at the local Lutheran Church where I drove out demons in Jesus name! As soon as I concluded my message there was a line of people waiting to receive a miracle in their life including one man who for 60 years waited to be healed. 60 YEARS! Amazing! Where is the Body of Christ to intervene? Why did this man have to wait 60 YEARS for healing? Hosea 4:6 gives us insight. “My people perish,” God says, because they lack knowledge. The church didn’t provide this dear man the information on how to be free and healed. They didn’t intervene so he suffered endlessly. Within minutes this man was deeply healed because we dared to intervene and perform an exorcism.

This 60 year old man was very desperate and serious and God met his deep spiritual needs. Here’s his story.

At the tender age of 4 he was taken to the hospital due to some medical concerns. He just knew he wasn’t suppose to be there so he fought to get out. He revealed that it took 5 men to hold him down on the hospital bed. He kicked. He fought them. He just knew he needed to quickly get out. But when the sixth man (note the number? Six is quite significant in the spiritual realm. We see this quite often) entered the room they overwhelmed him and restrained him. They sodomized him. They violently abused him. These men were evil. These men conspired to torture this boy resulting in his heart fracturing into many parts. The deep pain, the trauma, the hurt was too much for this little boy to carry and his heart suffered as a result. Moreover, these evil men inserted powerful demons within his body that have been tormenting him for more then 60 YEARS!

In Jesus name I confronted the demon of sodomy and commanded him to release this man’s heart. Parts of his heart surfaced including that 4 year old little boy who held all of the pain from the sodomy and they were immediately taken to the Lord Jesus. These precious parts SAW the Lord Jesus and was healed by Him. I have ministered to many dozens on this trip with fragmented hearts and in nearly every case all of the parts SAW Jesus and was healed supernaturally by Him. Generally, these encounters were quite dramatic and quick. Jesus came quickly to these parts and healed them. It was stunning to so many in these meetings to see the swift action by our Lord Jesus to meet these hurting parts and to appear them in His great awesome love!

As the parts were being healed and held by Jesus I began to drive numerous evil spirits from this man. They were quickly expelled and immediately the man exclaimed, “I feel so good, I have been waiting for this for 60 years.”

While writing this report to you, my heart just simply hurts to hear of this! The Body of Christ MUST wake up. Billions suffer from a broken heart and so few are capable to minister to the broken heart. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted!

Prior to praying for this man. We ministered to a middle aged woman who had been experiencing incredible demonic terror. Her body shook violently. Her body contorted. Her body was driven by demons. They screamed out of her. They vomited out of her.

There were numerous demons of human sacrifice, witchcraft, devil worship, the occult, spiritualism, operating with her life. These were ancient spirits going back many generations. There was Baal demons involved. Very powerful spirits and as I was ministering to this precious woman guess what occurred?

One of the ministers (not the pastor as he was quite gracious and supportive of our meetings) rushed over to where we were and yelled at us.

“What are you doing? What are you doing? This is the House of God. Stop it!”

I simply ignored him as I knew exactly who was involved —demons within this Lutheran minister wanted to shut down this public exorcism– he was completely controlled by Satan. The enemy was furious that we would dare to drive out demons in a very conservative church during the morning service.

My organizer for our Western Australian meetings, my dear sister Joan, turned around and then rebuked the minister: “In Jesus name I rebuke you Satan!”

The “minister” left. Moments later the man came back and yelled again at us to “STOP! Why are you doing this?”

Think about this for a moment. Why would a minister stop a public deliverance? Why would a minister attempt to hinder a dear woman from being set free from demon powers?

Answer: This minister was surfacing his demons and his demons didn’t want me to continue to send all of these demons, within this woman, to the pit! We see this kind of internal attacks within many religious institutions. Satan has his demons (who attach themselves to ministers who are open to them) in these institutions to hinder the work of the Holy Spirit. I see it all the time! Today was no different.

As this demonized minister tried to hinder the ministry and I just kept on! So many demons were driven out. So many curses broken. With loud cries –while ministering in the main sanctuary– devils were defeated by Jesus! The lady was so happy afterwards. The healing, the deliverance, the spiritual release was intense for her and so much peace could be seen on her face!

Others were delivered from evil spirits during this time of ministry within this Lutheran congregation. In fact, while I commanded demons to departs during the morning service so many people were experiencing freedom and healing! It was beautiful to behold. But the anger! The extreme fury on some of the members was intense. Some of the people were despising me and the demons within them hoped that would just simply shut up!

I didn’t and demons were cast out in Jesus name!

The past week, we held nightly meetings and the meetings were well attended. Every public meeting involved dramatic confrontations with the powers of Satan. In one meeting a demon spoke to a young man and urged him to come up the front to physically assault me. Those demons were cast out in Jesus name! In another intense meeting, Jezebel surfaced and battled me. One dear lady surfaced more then 24,000 Jezebel spirits and they furiously fought me. These were driven out! Every meeting involved those with various kinds of torments, pains, afflictions, broken hearts, and generational curses finding true freedom and miraculous healing.

Souls were saved by Jesus! Marriages were restored! Saints were trained. Demons cast out. Hearts healed. Bodies repaired. It was an amazing time here in Perth and the ministry isn’t over yet! Tonight another public meeting in a different church and we are expecting powerful manifestations of God’s power to be present. Thank you for praying and appreciate all of the emails. I hope to get to the emails in the coming days.

I’m getting amazing reports from our time in the Philippines! The raw exorcism footage will be stunning to watch and hope to send it off to everyone in the coming days!

Hundreds were deeply appreciative of this ministry, here in Perth and said so publicly. The testimonies and the reports of miracles have been numerous. This morning, for example, nearly everyone stood up and dedicated their lives to serving Jesus! We are training thousands around the globe and so many are being deeply impacted. The world needs to hear! Jesus SAVES!

The Lamb of God who has ascended and who is LORD!

Jay Bartlett