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Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus!

There are so many powerful stories taking place right now in deliverance sessions, yet the outside world gets to hear so little about them! That is what prompted me to put together this web site. It is run by a team of deliverance ministers who want to share their stories with you. The whole idea is to get ministers from all over the world joining us to pump the site with a fresh supply of new testimonies and stories of deliverance. I believe it will be a major blessing to people as they read of real-life stories of healing and deliverance that take place in the mighty name of Jesus!

Please know that we do not allow stories on this blog that contain any personal identification, and we strongly encourage our ministers to do all they can to conceal and protect the identity of those to whom the story is about. We do use tactics such as changing names, minor details, and so forth to protect the person’s identity.

Are you in the deliverance ministry? Then please consider supporting our efforts by joining us and begin publishing stories of dynamic healing and deliverance that you have witnessed God do before your eyes! We would be thrilled to have you join us! Please click here for more information.

May God bless and keep you!

Robert L.

Brief Word from Jay of DeliveranceBlog.org

It is with great joy in the Holy Spirit to serve this ministry and to assist you in getting your story out for the world to read to the nations of the world. We are delighted to have you partner with us!

Jay Bartlett

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