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Enslaved Souls Rescued by the Love of Jesus; Now Testify!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


From late May to early October I think I have slept in my own bed 4 nights. Amazing when you think about it. For the past 4 months (I am thankful that my family traveled, for the most part, with me during this time period). I have been constantly traveling to dozens of cities across North America and Australia; impacting thousands with the ministry of salvation, healing and deliverance. God is pouring our His favor and His love upon this mission. It makes me want to pour out His love to others. I am a servant of the Lord Jesus and He is with me in power and grace despite the many satanic attacks we receive daily. Yes, the enemies of the cross are furious with me and desire to murder me but Jesus is ever present in His wonderful calming love. Jesus is with you too my friends in His unfailing love.


One means by which we can defeat the enemy is to continue to share our victorious testimonies of our life changing encounters with Jesus with others. We need to spread God’s love to all.


 I was deeply touched by a short email from a young man whom we ministered to in our Seattle meeting that had been terribly vexed by demons of insanity. He was brought to the meeting by his father who was desperate to see his son set free. As I ministered to his son; numerous demons surfaced including hate, anger and torment. They were driven out in Jesus along with the spirits of insanity. His deliverance has been life transforming to this young man. He recently emailed me:


“Jay, thank you so much for coming. God has blessed me with my freedom. I hope to tell others about God’s grace!”


I have no doubt this young man will do just that! When you are delivered; you want to tell others so that they might receive freedom also!


Allow me to share some more spiritual thrillers; some powerful testimonies, from Australia and North America, that will inspire you in your journey with Jesus.

We saw the power of God and demonstration like we have never seen before!


“Dear Brother Jay, we didn’t get a chance to tell you….from the deepest part of our hearts; a big hug and thank you! For all that you have done; words cannot express it all.

You and your ministry have truly touched our hearts and our lives will never be the same. God has opened up more to us these past few months; with all of your teachings, praying to break generational and ancestral curses, healing parts of the hearts, the soul and spirit, in giving us such understanding in so many many things, the prayers and applying the armor that I hadn’t really seen until now…

When Vance and I, went for the very first time in April of this year, to the Los Angeles Temple of Salvation, we honestly did not know what to expect.  I had looked you up on the internet and just knew to go.  I didn’t know what my dear husband would think of all this, going to a place where they held exorcisms and deliverances, something we had never seen before, only heard about, located in the heart of LA/Hollywood.  I even told Vance before we got there, ‘Honey, if we don’t like it, we can leave, o.k?”  We came and were a little nervous but we just knew the first time we ever met you; you were a humble man of God with integrity, love and honor.  You took time getting to know the people who had such needs, oh my!

I, for one, was so delivered from many so spirits.  I know from the very beginning it started with being delivered from Jezebel and many ancestral and generation spirits. I can now say, I am free of so many things; the relief that comes and the healing. I can ride on eagles wings and will rise. It is with a greater walk and a new found freedom and greater path I have in God.  Vance found healing in his heart when Sister Sharon prayed for him after the Lord revealed to her what was there and ministered to him.  All I can say is that we give God the glory for you and your ministry. God truly led us to you! It was the Lord’s timing when we needed you!

After that first night of not only receiving deliverance, God has done something in my heart, as well.  I became very compassionate in my heart for those who are held in bondage in the grips of Satan. 


happened as well, for my husband.  We then were, able to bring friends who brought others and I was so thankful for what God did for them through you.

We saw the power of God and demonstration like we have never seen before.  How the angels assist you and the weapons you used in warfare.  It was all so very powerful!  We saw it in action and how the enemy is in subjection to the power of God,  Jay we can’t even describe everything!  How you are so used by God!! We came to know the strength of God you portray along with your heart that is so huge!  You taught us what it means to minister in faith by the Spirit when casting and warfaring against the devil, by taking time to teach the people and having the care to have communion and concern over those to pray in repentance.  You have absolute consideration and care over the services, and they are very orderly (even though the devil is not very orderly)  And when you minister, you are always beaming with the countenance of the Lord upon your face and seeing the joy of the Lord on you as you know that many will be set free on that night!  And then being so bold as a Lion taking vengeance on the enemy and all of his evil works.  

We saw you completely drive out millions of spirits to the pit; working in the trenches and laboring all the while you were operating in faith and love.  As is how ‘faith worketh by love’.  Your true commitment and your love of God for the people, is so evident to serve them in any capacity.  The devil isn’t afraid of an average church goer but he is afraid of the ones who are rising up and taking dominion over the powers of darkness and raising havoc in the kingdom of darkness, through God. Taking the souls back from the devil and no wonder the devil doesn’t like you because you truly walk with God and God walks and works with you, hand in hand.

Jay, there are not very many people who will do what you do.  They are not sold out and have become a servant of Jesus Christ.  They do not have souls on their mind and on their hearts, going to places that many would not even want to travel to.  The sacrifices that you have made are many; that the Lord has seen.  You have been very faithful, even through the many times of weariness and tiredness, your life is always on the line and battling things that no one would even understand; always having yourfamily on your heart and mind but knowing God is taking care of them.  You ask God about the finances and the places but He continually opens them up to you.  There are only a handful of people, I know that are completely sold out and Jay, you are one of them, a true servant of the Lord.  You hold a very high rank and special place – if one day I can attain to the fullness, you will have had no small part.

Jay, your ministry, your mentorship, all the teaching and training, and the time in fellowship and friendship has meant so much and has touched our hearts.  It is truly an honor to be co-laborers in Christ Jesus with you.  Please don’t ever forget us, we will never forget you. We love you Brother Jay!”

I wish I could follow you everywhere you go!


 “Jay–I wanted to tell you about a few strange things that have happened to me since our last meeting. Last Weds I told you I had some itching sensation during your meeting and you said to me, pull it out in faith. Well, just about every morning when I’m in the shower I have had this shooting pain in the sole of my right foot.  It’s been there for years when I don’t wear shoes.  I always wondered what it was, it felt like I had a needle stuck in my foot.

I thought to myself after your meeting, why don’t I try to pull it out in faith?  Maybe the enemy has put some firey darts and spiritual weapons in my body?

So I did just that, a few times and I started to get relief.  I kept doing it (I remembered just how many arrows and strange spiritual weapons one woman removed in your deliverance service last weds).  After a few minutes the pain was completely gone!

The next morning it was back in a dull form.  I think the enemy was trying to trick me that this doesn’t work by putting more firey darts in my foot.  So I removed them again in faith, and I was completely pain free. This morning, I had no pain at all and again am completely pain free. It’s pretty amazing and has me wondering how many of our physical ailments are due to these spiritual darts and weapons placed in the spiritual realm.

Another strange thing, I was woken up the other nigh about 12:30 with a chime/harp like sound, like a rig.  I popped up immediately, and felt something moving up my leg.  I said, “Be bound in Jesus name!”.  It stopped immediately!

I have been waking up with these weird almost bite like marks and hive type things when I wake up in the morning.

Last night I think the Holy spirit or angel or something of God woke me up just past 3:00 am, and I again felt something moving up my leg.  Again I said, be bound in Jesus name!  It stopped.

I went to the bathroom and I had these bumps on my chest and back.  It started to itch and burn.  Instead of scratching I put my hand over it and said I cover you with the blood of Jesus, and weapon that has been put into my body. In a few minutes it almost completely went away.

Your teachings have been awesome Jay, I wish I could follow you everywhere you go.”

More visions of Jesus blessing me!

“Jay, I saw you clothed in a very ornate gown that went from your shoulders to the floor – just like a long coat  covering your entire body. The gown was in very bright shimmering colours of gold, red, blue, and purple. The gold was very very bright, it stood out and glittered. It first looked like a kind of oriental brocade fabric to me.  As I pondered on this, I asked the Lord what it meant, He instantly said “the King’s Robe” – at that very moment I saw a bright gold scepter appear in your right hand and a crown pop onto your head. You were standing there holding out the scepter in front of you, just the way the kings of the O/T did. My mind flashed back to Esther when she appeared before the king, and he held out the scepter to her. I can feel the anointing as I type this Word – praise the Lord!”

Obviously, these great testimonies are encouraging to my heart and trust they have inspired you! May we open our hearts to Jesus and allow Him to use use to rescue souls today!

Charismatic Catholic Supernaturally Healed; More Testimonies!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently back in Seattle, Washington, after spending yesterday, in a small town southwest of Seattle; conducting a private meeting with a family horribly afflicted by evil spirits. My heart went out to this family as they have been terribly vexed by the powers of hell for years. They had been finding it difficult to locate anyone who could spiritually intervene in their lives. Both come from generational Freemasonry backgrounds; the precious wife was sadistically abused by those involved in the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes –a UK rooted-satanic secret society. However this occult sect has branched out throughout the world carrying out their work; including here in North America. Melody was one of their victims. She is now a overcoming survivor in Jesus name.

As we began to minister to this precious 59 year old woman, named Melody, demons jerked her body and violently shook her head. After a long period of battling the demons with various spiritual weapons, I was able to locate a little 4 year old dissociative identity that was whimpering. This little 4 year old was nearly dead. I breathed life into this little dissociative identity and the little broken heart part gradually came back to life and spoke to me.

“The man with the Buffalo hat hurt us bad. He was a bad man. Grandpa held our hand but man with Buffalo hat placed us on a table and hurt us,” as the little one sorrowfully explained to us.  

This little dissociative identity had witnessed horrific violence; resulting in their near-death. The demons from the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes had held this little one captive for more than 50+ years! Think about the implications to this. It was unfortunate that no-one came along to offer spiritual assistance to this precious lady. God led this woman to one of our meetings in Denver, Colorado, last year and she deeply impacted by the miracles that took place; witnessing with your own very eyes a young girl being delivered and healed of a varying degree of blindness. She could easily tell we were authentic. She wanted to meet us so we traveled to her town and we did what we could to minister to her broken heart.

The little one was guided to Jesus and was visited by the holy angels of God and the Lord Himself. The little one was so happy as you can imagine. All the pain vanished and the demons attached to this heart part was banished in Jesus name.

We also encountered numerous death spirits and demons of witchcraft within Melody. Many hundreds of them were expelled in Jesus name and set to the pit. Even after more than 8 hours ministering to Melody and her husband; more work remains. Thank you for praying. 

I’m very concerned with the amount of people afflicted, that we are encountering in our public and private meetings; as a result of their ancestor’s participation with these nefarious sects such as the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. As many of you know, I was powerfully delivered from the curse of Freemasonry nearly 30 years ago (my father was at one time a Most Worshipful Master within the Lodge) by the shed blood of Jesus! We will continue to do our work in freeing those held in bondage to these occult groups.

Before I close this email report; allow me to share a phenomenal praise report from a dear Catholic sister who attended our most recent San Diego, California mission this past weekend. Our meeting in San Diego was filled with stunning power from Jesus! I’m still getting thrilling reports of miracles occurring in those who attended. Allow me to share this victory testimony:

“Jay–I just want to thank you for coming to San Diego. All I can say is that every Christian should see a deliverance, because then they would actually see the “Power and Might” of the Jesus they serve. How many times did I say, “Jesus is Savior” but until you witness a deliverance and see his saving power in action, delivering someone from the power of the devil and his evil spirits. Wow, that is a Savior. Like I told my sister,…it was the difference between looking at a picture of the Grand Canyon, and then actually seeing it. There is no comparison. I also thank you for taking the time to pray for the healing of my legs. They are healed, I actually went shopping with my sister at Target the next day and didn’t need a shopping cart to hang on to while we shopped. I am keeping my healing. I will be able to fly to NY and visit my daughter for Thanksgiving and walk everywhere!!! Praise God, Thank You Jesus!!!After I saw how Jesus blasted out all those demons at your service, 

I am so relieved to know that those demons of infirmity; 

attacking my legs, were driven–blasted out completely as well. Wow!!!  Again, thank you for coming to San Diego it made such a profound impact on my faith. It was indeed, a divine appointment.”

I just loved reading this; my heart is truly humbled. It’s refreshing to see my Franciscan sisters feel welcomed to our meeting. I invite all of my Catholic friends and partners to attend one of our upcoming missions. We welcome all. We have always been blessed to have a wide range of Christian groups represented in our missions including many Catholics. Many Catholic and Greek and Russian Orthodox groups enjoy our work as we embrace the sacramental life of the church along with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

I am not one to focus on secondary doctrinal issues that divide the Body but rather I focus on the historic essentials we all agree one. This international mission is reaching so many people, with the miracle-working power of Jesus and I rejoice in our great God! I hope you’ll make plans on attending one of our public missions soon. I would love to meet you!

Battling Animalistic Demons in San Francisco; Wonders in Seattle

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Before I shared the amazing miracles that took place here in Seattle, Washington, I must reveal the mighty works of the Holy Spirit that took place in San Francisco last night. With very little sleep from my public meeting in San Diego, I got back into the car to drive back into Los Angeles for a private meeting then caught a flight into San Francisco for a public deliverance service. While in San Francisco, which by the way, is a hot-bed of demonic supernaturalism, we encountered stunning wonders despite the little sleep I was operating with. God was extremely gracious and provided incredible strength. Allow me to explain.

During the meeting I spent a few hours instructing on the authority we have as disciples of Jesus over the demonic. The response was encouraging. The believers were refreshed and inspired. After teaching for a few hours I was immediately led by the Holy Spirit to minister to a young lady, whom I’ll refer to as Susan. Though, initially I thought this woman (along with her husband) would be assisting me; it turned out she was needing a deliverance from evil spirits. Mind you, this young lady was a deliverance minister herself. As I often share with the people of God; you never know who might have demons. In this case, it was this precious woman.

For hours, demons manifested from within her that were aggressive and were wanting to attack me with violence. For hours it was a epic spiritual battle against good and evil. The powers of Jesus prevailed; nevertheless, it was a battle. I encountered:

  • 3 Voodoo spirits within Susan that entered her a result of attending a Pentecostal church, where a visiting group of “believers,” were invited to minister. Turned out this so-called Christian group weren’t followers of Christ but devotees of voodoo. They were permitted to lay hands upon the believers and no doubt many were directly demonized as a result; namely Susan. 
  • More than 5,000+ spirits of Jezebel. They had sex with her, held her spiritual gifts, confused her on her identity in Jesus Christ, brought forth cold sores, panic attacks, and arthritis. Jezebel revealed she had placed upon Susan numerous anklets, earrings, toe rings, eye shadow, necklaces, and rings on her finger. 
  • Baal demons; that had been in the generational bloodline for more than 2,000 years.
  • Numerous ancestral heart parts including some that were from the First Century. Some of the ancestral dissociative identities were wounded by chariots in ancient times. 
  • Numerous fiery darts of the enemy that were deeply entrenched within this woman. 
  • Numerous physical afflictions.
  • Numerous dissociative identities including a little pre-natal parts.
  • Numerous witchcraft spells and curses that had been sent by her own mother; including a curse that “she would not be loved.”
  • Ancient Aztec demons that bound her with the addiction of marijuana; the demons confessed: “We bind her to smoking pot; we have more than 10 chains around her.”
  • Numerous times Jezebel attempted to throw fire in my direction; they failed.
  • Numerous times Jezebel attempted to harm with spiritual knives, swords and spears; they failed.
  • Numerous times Jezebel attempted to seduce me with sensual looks and overly sexualized body language. Frustrated; the demons groaned: “We can’t control you. We hate you for this.”
  • Dozens and dozens of angelic interventions; where the holy angels assisted me in warring against the demons.
  • Dozens and dozens of unusual miracles such as using the Holy Spirit fire to burn and weaken the invading Jezebel demons.
  • Numerous demonic acts such as twisting their body in unusual positions, facial changes, convulsions and other strange evil acts.
  • Serpentine spirits that were lodged within her spine resulting in horrible pain and afflictions. 
  • Ancient Aztec demons that were rooted in ancient pagan ceremonies. The demons told me: “Her ancestors liked to dance with the fire.” This was said as they mimicked the pagan dancing rituals. 

This was some of things that were present during this demonstrative deliverance that displayed the realities of spiritual warfare to those who assembled in this conference hall in a local San Francisco hotel. At one point the demons caused Susan to fall violently to the ground and suddenly animal spirits surfaced from within. It was a cat spirit. It purred like a cat, it clawed the ground like a cat; it mimicked all of the features and movements of a cat. Strange and evil. A human being degraded in this manner is the act of Satan. 

At first, the cat spirit couldn’t communicate with me as it was an animal spirit; I commanded it to speak English; it did.

“We came into her ancestors more than 400 years ago because they worshipped cats in Europe. They committed idolatry; so we entered. The ancestors allowed their cats to lick them. We bring animalistic lust into her family.”

My friends, much can be said about this; especially, in our pet-obsessed culture. I know of many families that allow their dogs and cats to sleep with them on their beds. A beast on their marriage beds. I don’t think this necessarily healthy. Animals are prone to demonic invasion. As these animals lie on your beds; many of their spirits are then entering your beds and homes (I’m not against pets; but I think our culture has gone overboard on blurring the line on human-animal interaction; bordering on perversion). 

These demonic entities were truly battling me and I was fighting back in Jesus name. Eventually, the powers of good overcame. Jesus prevailed and all of these demons were sent to the pit along with all of their infirmities and afflictions. As this lady was being freed; her heart was also experiencing deep healing as many heart parts were being comforted by Jesus! Susan was beside herself after her deliverance. She was utterly shocked by what transpired; from what we shared (as Susan was mostly in a demonic trance the entire time we conducted this exorcism). 

Imagine how effective this, sister in the Lord, will be now in the deliverance ministry; after experiencing deep healing and liberation from the powers of darkness. I commend her husband for taking such a strong stand for Jesus and assisting her husband in finding freedom. Jesus is so wonderful.

Trust me; I only scratched the surface in attempting to reveal the numerous miracles that took place in San Francisco. The many signs and wonders were stunning to witness. Even the believers present; said they had never anything like this before.

From Northern California I traveled onward to Seattle, Washington, where I am presently. Earlier today, I taught from the Word; God was pleased to display His power in our meeting. A handful of souls experienced instantaneous physical healing (including a former Muslim from Afghanistan and his Russian girlfriend). When I prayed for my sister; the vexing physical pains and afflictions that she had been experiencing for some time quickly vanished. She was SHOCKED and immediately testified of feeling ZERO pain! Amazing. She was glowing after her healing (see picture above and see for yourself). Same with my brother. God supernaturally healed him within seconds. Both were utterly shocked and pleased. 

I also ministered to a young man who was brought to the meeting by his father. As I prayed over him, numerous spirits of death, torment, mental illness, anger and insanity surfaced. They quickly admitted to causing all of the mental and emotional afflictions. I commanded the demons to release him and they did; upon leaving this demonized state, Rob, was SHOCKED and besides himself. He couldn’t believe what transpired but was extremely happy about being freed and healed. He had to step outside for a moment to gather his composure as he had never experienced anything like this before. 

Others were freed from demons including a man from powerful Freemasonry spirits that were vomited out of him over the course of the entire meeting. This man testified of feeling great relief and release. Others experienced deliverance from demons and physical healing –reporting feeling zero pain!

The last 10 days I have been traveling throughout North America ministering to many dozens; the acts of the supernatural of healing and deliverance. The results: incredible, spectacular signs and wonders that would stun the average person walking down the street. God has been pleased to display His awesome power. I’m looking forward to sharing more testimonies in the next few days.

San Diego: Teenagers Witness & Encounter the Miraculous

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus, 

God really blessed me tonight in so many ways. First, it was a beautiful calm evening, with a cool gentle ocean breeze, here in San Diego, California –one of my favorite cities in the world. The spiritual atmosphere is so much cleaner, here, then it is in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Then as I arrived to the meeting hall; the precious saints were excited about being present. We had to bring in some extra chairs into our small conference hall as more souls arrived from all over the country seeking training and deliverance. I was thrilled to be present in San Diego. 

I also felt great liberty to teach and preach; it was wonderful to experience. I taught for a few hours on our authority in Jesus Christ and led everyone in Holy Communion, however, prior to partaking of the Holy Communion, I was honored to lead a young, about to turn 13 year old boy, who was present with his mother, to salvation in Jesus Christ (later on in the evening he was healed of dissociation and freed)! The saints were thrilled to see this soul saved; as I was too! I then proceeded to pray over those afflicted with demons. Within a few minutes a 58 year old mother sitting towards the back of the meeting hall manifested demons. There were hundreds of thousands of evil spirits within her named “Torment,” along with a group of spirits named Satan. They spoke to me aggressively.

“We have been here for 10 generations, because her ancestors practiced witchcraft and abused others,” the demonic spirits boasted to me, “We block her blessings, cause sleepless nights and we hold onto the three year old little girl.”

Ah! A three year old little girl was there, being locked up by these demon powers. The three year old little girl was released along with some others and quickly guided to Jesus for healing. It was amazing to see the healing that took place as those little ones witnessed the appearance of Jesus. The Lord Jesus quickly healed them and unified the broken heart. I then proceeded to confront the powers of evil tormenting this woman; they confessed to being behind a crippling affliction that she had been suffering from for more than 20 years. The spirits of Satan admitted to causing her the crippling affliction.

“Twenty years ago, we caused an accident, where a refrigerator, fell upon her, we wanted to kill her!” the demons revealed to me.

Ever since that accident this dear woman has suffered from torment and pain. Mind you, she came into the meeting; walking in with some kind of medical aid (sort of like a walker type of device); she left our meeting without using it. As the many demons were cast out of her —hundreds of thousands of them– she immediately testified of feeling ZERO pain, she walked around briskly without the aid of the walker device. Again she testified of ZERO pain. God truly healed this woman and was clearly surprised by this incredible healing miracle (see her picture as you scroll below). 

“Jay, I have been tormented for more than 50 years; now it’s gone. I’m FREE and so happy!” this mother revealed. 

As she walked around the meeting hall; she looked kinda shocked to notice no more pain and greater flexibility. It was was wonderful to see and witness. 

After this woman’s powerful deliverance; another exorcism took place that was out of this world! It was a young 13 year old who I brought to the front to pray for. Immediately a little 10 year old part surfaced, with great grief and anguish.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, why did you leave me, why,” the little heart part wondered; completely crushed. 

I asked the parents about this and they mentioned that when their son was 10 years of age; he was left alone for only an hour one time; leaving their son isolated, feeling abandoned and extremely fearful. The parents, are Godly parents, who had no idea that this would bring about dissociation; but that is exactly what happened. The 10 year old became fearful; his hear broke and then was taken advantage by the demons and invaded.

Knowing the little one was needing immediate relief; I sent the little part to Jesus for deep healing. He was able to see Jesus and was healed by Him. The calming peace that came upon this 10 year old part was stunning to see (and other parts of his heart were supernaturally healed by Jesus). I then began to pray over this young man and immediately the spirits surfaced; convulsing him greatly. The demons were furious with me and wanted to battle me. I quickly utilized the holy oil –the fire of the Holy Spirit– which was placed upon my hands and sent to the demons. They cried out in agony. Several times the fire of God was so great that it literally sent the demons crashing into the wall and collapsing onto the ground. I swiftly called the holy angels to assist me and they picked him up off the ground and again I battled the invading demons within this young teenager. 

The manifestations of the demons were violent and aggressive however the power of the Holy Spirit was so much greater. I felt the miracle working power of Jesus flowing through me in great capacity. I would simply motion with my hand in the direction of the demons and they would collapse to the ground. I would get the demons to embrace my sacred cross; again causing the demons to crash into the wall; convulsing greatly. I was feeling great, in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 

“We have been here for thousands of years through the bloodline. We do not want him to prosper. We came into the bloodline because his ancestors practiced witchcraft. We bring fear, torment into him. We make him not sleep, we block his spiritual gifts and abilities,” the demons boasted to me, “We hinder his relationship with this father. We must not allow him to have this relationship. We also have all his friends.”

Interesting, indeed. As the spirits surfaced from within this young man. I had his sister, his mother and father come up to assist me in the deliverance. The spirits shrieked upon seeing the father. 

“He’s filled with the fire of God,” the demons screamed, “Get him away from us. He won’t stop praying. He prays all the time and we hate it!”

So, I filled the father with the holy oil and had him throw some towards the demons. As the father directed some of the oil towards the demons –they groaned in agony and fell to the ground in utter defeat. I had his sister even use my cross against the invading demons and that made them collapse to the ground quickly. These demons were utterly defeated by Jesus our King! It was a powerful demonstration of God for everyone to witness. It was amazing to behold. The acts of the holy angels, the utilization of my sacred cross, the holy oil, my Bible, and even a consecrated towel were all used mightily by God to deliver this young man from thousands of years of demonic bondage. 

There was even a spirit called “Destiny Killer,” that boasted of hindering his prosperity and his God-given abilities. I’m sure this is operating in many of you reading this email update. Forcefully command this demonic spirit to release your destiny in Jesus. You are destined for greatness my brother and sister in Jesus! Amen!

All of these demons were commanded to go to the pit in Jesus name and they screamed out him with great violence; as they foamed and growled. In Jesus name this young teenager was FREED! He was so happy. Look at that above picture and tell me if you see the peace of Jesus now! His entire family was radically transformed by this exorcism. 

WOW! Amazing Jesus! I feel great now; refreshed. I’m heading to Los Angeles in a a few hours. Please pray for me as I have a private meeting in the morning then a flight into San Francisco for a evening meeting. Jesus, grant me strength! 

Family Receives Deliverance from Demons; More Families Need Immediate Intervention!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This past weekend, we held two powerful services, at the Church of the Cross, in Houston (America’s 4th largest city). While in the midst of conducting an exorcism with a woman; while battling strong Jezebel demons –many more evil spirits began to surface within some of the ladies present in the meeting hall. One lady who manifested spirits was this precious woman pictured above. She came with her mother and father; who knew she was suffering from demonic afflictions. 

They had been faithfully praying for their precious daughter and God answered their prayers by delivering their daughter from the powers of darkness. However, it was a intense spiritual battle for her soul. She too had Jezebel. 

Jezebel mocked me. Got into my face. She challenged me in public. It all started when I shared with the audience about the reality of Jezebel being a witch; as I was ministering to another woman that had Jezebel. That brought upon provocation from Jezebel. She was annoyed with the fact that I referred to her as a witch.

“Stop calling me a witch, stop it!” as Jezebel swiftly approached me in the middle of the service. She got right into my face angrily. Her full wrath was upon me for daring to battle. 

See, you must understand, demons hate being displayed in public exorcisms; as a public spectacle. Jesus did it; I follow His example. I battle demons in public and force them to declare that Jesus is LORD! 

While Jezebel warred against me; it looked over to the corner and glared. I wondered who it was looking at; so I inquired.

“Who do you think it is? It’s Jesus over there,” Jezebel, with an attitude, revealed to me, “I want to stay in this girl. She’s mine. I want to destroy her. I came into her, through her husband. I have been in his family bloodline a very long time.”

Because of her oneness with her husband; she in a sense inherited his demonic ancestral bondages. Some of these Jezebels that were in his family bloodline transferred into her due to the martial union. 

But, Jesus…and her believing parents who were praying on her behalf. Jezebel had no chance. I called forth the armies of the angels and they greatly assisted me in battling Jezebel’s armies. I had the angels strike the demons. They were greatly weakened. I called forth the holy fire of God. This even weakened the armies of Jezebel even more. I used my sacred cross. They pitifully admitted their defeat. 

I commanded all of the demons of Jezebel to release this woman and her broken heart (as several little broken heart parts surfaced while ministering to her). The littles ones were guided to Jesus for deep healing. Amazing Jesus. 

As the demons left this woman; great pace fell upon her and she began to dance unto the Lord. She literally got up and starting running around the meeting hall…she was so happy in Jesus. Take a glance at that post deliverance and smile and you’ll see for yourself! She testified of feeling FREE and peace!

Not only was she delivered but also her step father and mother. Both received significant deliverance and healing too. The entire family is now very happy in the Holy Spirit. We need to reach more families for Jesus; we need to intervene as demons are destroying marriages and families. We need to stop these forces of evil by the blood of Jesus! 

Standing Room Only Crowd Witnessed: Jezebel Defeated; 30,000+ Heart Parts Healed by Jesus!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night was spectacular. I thought we couldn’t fit anymore people in our meeting hall; I was wrong. We were able to fit even more people into the hall. It was completely full; in fact a standing room only crowd. We ran out of room for chairs so we had those who arrived late to sit on the floor. These past few nights here in Houston proved there is a tremendous need to expand our Houston Church of the Cross assembly; to move into a larger meeting hall to meet the needs of the larger crowds. I can easily envision many hundreds being a part of this local work here in Houston. As many of you know I oversee work in multiple cities; in multiple nations of the world –many thousands each week attend services at our various missions throughout the earth. I marvel at the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Throughout the night the miraculous took place. Souls were saved, freed, cured and refreshed by Jesus as the full gospel was proclaimed in power. Under the fullness of the Holy Spirit we demonstrated the power of God by conducting public exorcisms. However, before the exorcisms; I taught from the Scriptures; then led the people of God into Holy Communion. I then formally ordained into the gospel ministry two ministers –pastor Betty Walters and evangelist Sam Thigpen. 

In fact, I just received a email from pastor Betty Walters (I don’t think Betty will mind me sharing as it’s an encouraging email) concerning the ordination service:

“Brother Jay —

What a honor to be a part of the Church of the Cross team. I thank you for being so faithful to our Lord and bringing so much freedom, happiness and joy into others lives.  Last night was the fulfilling of my hearts desire. To be able to truly serve my Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. He has given me soooo much and now through Him I can give His love to others. I will always give Him the honor and glory and pray that I will always be his humble servant. It was very special to have you ordain me because we love you and have learned so much from you. The Lord put us with you to see His love, His love, His love in you and learn from you my brother. We are so thankful to be a part of the Kingdom Ministry to help others be free and healed. We both say thank you form the bottom of our hearts. God Bless you my brother.

In Christ,
Betty and Tony”

Isn’t that a beautiful email? This is a focus of mine –to display God’s love to hurting and broken people. Precious souls need love and I’m grateful for the wonderful opportunity that I have to proclaim this unfailing love to the world. 

What a tremendous honor it was to be able to participate in this holy sacrament; empowering and launching new ministers into the world to preach the gospel! Just this year alone we have released many evangelists, pastors, apostles, prophets and teachers into the gospel work. We would like to honor you too; if God has called you into the ministry. We will providing ordination opportunity when we conduct our next mission in Baltimore, Maryland in mid-October (more details below).

After the holy ordination service we began to pray for those afflicted with demon powers. Numerous souls manifested demons. In fact at one point; demons screamed at me during the meeting. 

“We are not leaving her!” the demons, within one woman, informed me, “She belongs to us. We rape her every night. We are staying in her.”

Not only were demons screaming out of people but many broken heart parts were surfacing throughout the night. I spoke to many of them and guided them to the Lord Jesus for healing. So much anguish and trauma surfaced. Many of these heart parts were healed by Jesus. 

I continued on with the ministry and a woman to the right of me (pictured above; with the post deliverance smile) began to surface powerful demons. The first group to fully manifest were the spirits of Jezebel. They paraded around me and were quite aggressive. They growled like a wild animal and battled me. I fought back in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

These vicious Jezebel spirits were quite vocal and growled like a wild animal. They spoke out of this woman with vengeance.

“We are NOT leaving; you can’t make us leave. We are here to torment her and keep her from God.”

Not only to torment her but to bring death into her and various kinds of afflictions. These wicked spirits were being weakened as I called upon the holy angels of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit! The angels restrained the demons from becoming violent and the fire of God consumed the invading spirits. Furthermore, I shared with those in the hall how utterly defeated Jezebel truly was. 

“See, everyone, how Jezebel has been defeated. Jezebel is a wicked witch.”

That comment. WOW! That comment caused a disturbance in the spiritual realm. The forces of Satan were furious and rose up against me with greater intensity. As I battled against these forces of evil; a woman in the middle of the meeting hall suddenly got up and screamed at me! Well, actually it was a demon spirit within her.

“Stop it, stop it! Do not call us a witch,” the demonic spirits yelled at me; as they swiftly approached me with hatred and rage. With great anger the demons yelled again. 

“You can’t have this woman either,” as another Jezebel demon surfaced from within another woman in the audience. Other Jezebels began to surface all over the meeting hall. 

Ah! They gave themselves away. They couldn’t keep quiet as the Jesus power was too great for them to withstand. As Jezebel surfaced so did the spirits of Baal. 

“We have been here hundreds of years because of the sins of idolatry,” the demons revealed to us, “They worshipped in the past and we entered their lives.”

As Baal and Jezebel surfaced so did something else –a very strange and foul smell. Throughout the meeting hall; the spirits brought forth this strong defecation-like smell. It was a smell of filth. It was Jezebel’s and Baal’s smell. As the night went on we were able to battle and remove these horrible foul odors in Jesus name!

These demonic spirits also held in captivity more than 30,000+ parts of her broken heart. Think about that for a moment, my friends. This is severe dissociation. For someone to have this kind of fragmentation speaks of the high level of trauma and hurt this woman had to endure through. I spoke to some of these heart parts and gathered them together; releasing them from demonic bondage. Jesus met these little parts and encountered His love. It was amazing to watch, as Jesus held the little ones so close to Him. He hugged them and loved them. We were honored with the opportunity to lead all 30,000+ heart parts to her heart –her heart was unified and whole!

Not only were there were ten thousands of dissociative heart parts but also tens of thousands of ancestral dissociative identities. These were all removed in Jesus name! Moreover, numerous sicknesses and afflictions removed in Jesus name!

But that’s not all. There was Baal. There was Jezebel. There was also powerful Illuminati spirits lingering around tormenting this lady. These powerful Freemasonry spirits surfaced and boasted how they had been in the ancestral bloodline for generations. These Freemasonry spirits were also expelled in Jesus name. Actually, they SCREAMED out of her as the people of God assisted me in commanding these demons to enter the pit! 

It was stunning to watch and beautiful to behold as God healed this woman from thousands of years of curses; healed her broken heart, removed ancestral dissociative identities, untold number of demons and cured her from various ailments. Can it get any better?

Signs, Wonders & Power Encounters in Houston

Monday, October 6th, 2014

 Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night, at our monthly Church of the Cross gathering, the power of the Kingdom was present, as hearts were healed, sicknesses driven out, afflictions cured, and demonic spirits expelled. It was an extraordinary night in Houston, Texas, as we ministered to many dozens needing deliverance and healing. Even a young lady was brought to the Lord Jesus. All of this was possible because of the power of the cross of Jesus!

I was pleased to see the meeting hall jammed packed with hungry souls. I do not think we could have seated anymore people. We might need to move to a larger hall to accommodate the many souls seeking liberation. Along with me were four other ministers of the gospel (two of whom I ordained; one will be ordained tonight) who I invited to be present; who also taught from the Word of God. The Body of Christ was edified and strengthened. 

The disciples of the Lord were really encouraged to hear of a young man, who was recently set free from many evil spirits, in one of our meetings, testifying of his desire to serve in the Kingdom of God. Mind you, this young man, came to one of our meetings over the summer, more than 3.5 hours away. He was that serious about obtaining deliverance. When one is desperate for deliverance; they will travel wherever to obtain help. This young man, Sam, has grown so much since his dramatic exorcism. He testified of encountering peace and power in his life. Moreover, he is sensing a call of God upon his life (we will be ordaining this young man into the gospel ministry tonight). 

His testimony is quite dramatic. For years he had been dabbling into the occult and thriving off violence. I recall the night he came to one our meetings. He was filled with rage, anger and torment. Now, he is filled with power, life, and joy of the Holy Spirit. Incredible. Sam even shared with us that he wanted to physically attack me while I preached in that meeting. He wanted to attack other pastors. But, Jesus….Yes, Jesus FREED Sam. The murder, the violence, and hatred is gone. Now, he desires to serve Jesus. 

After leading everyone in Holy Communion we began to minister to those held captive by the enemy. But, I must stop for a moment and share about this sacred time of Holy Communion. While leading everyone in Communion –partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ many disciples were driven to deep repentance as tears flowed. Some even bowed with me onto the ground seeking God. The Holy Spirit truly moved in great power during the Communion. As a sacramental sign of the Kingdom was being administered; the powers of darkness greatly weakened. 

As I mentioned, after partaking of the Communion, I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers; many souls encountered freedom from demonic oppression. As I prayed, many demons surfaced. One lady to my immediate left began to manifest as the demons attempted to thrust her head into the side wall in attempt to injure her. As I approached her, many evil spirits forcefully surfaced including –that wicked witch Jezebel. 

“We are here because of sin; she’s addicted to love, power, and we entered her because she committed adultery,” the demons revealed, “We used the unholy soul tie to invade her. We bring stomach problems. Some of us are here because her lover cast a love spell on her.”

This is very interesting. Just because you are a disciple of the Lord Jesus that doesn’t somehow exempts you from satanic attack. If anything, you become a target. Granted the real you –your spirit nature is hidden in Christ but your soul and body is still susceptible to demonic assault –and often is. Thus the need for the ministry of deliverance among the Body of Christ. Jesus loves His church and desires His church to be free as He is FREE. So, we need to minister to those disciples whom are broken and demonized with the power of Jesus. 

Jezebel contorted her body; groaned and moaned. She sought to battle me; however the powers of the Kingdom was resting upon us and these Jezebel spirits were rather easily defeated by Jesus. She was rejoicing in her newfound freedom in Christ. 

More souls manifested demons including a woman whom was raped at a tender age of 9. I spoke to the little broken heart part and ministered healing to that little one. The little ones were guided to Jesus. Another young lady had also been deeply hurt. There were many heart parts that surfaced with great pain and torment. The little ones felt rejected by their father and had been experiencing great torment, anxiety, fear, panic attacks and depression. All of these emotional ills were commanded out and the littles ones experienced deep joy and peace. You should have seen her face! Shone like an angel. It was beautiful to behold. Jesus spoke words to the little ones: I love you; you are beautiful. Many of these little heart parts were quickly sent to Jesus for healing. 

As we continued to minister a young man, a prophet of the Lord, was sitting on the front row, who manifested strong spirits —spirits of sexual lust. They growled and cursed me. They were quite physical too. Chairs were moved and people scattered. These evil demons wanted a fight. They were aggressive. I called forth the holy angels of God. Many quickly came into the meeting hall and assisted us; in restraining the extreme violence of the demonic. Moreover, I utilized my sacred cross; the demons shrieked upon seeing it and convulsed. I placed the fire of the Holy Spirit upon the demons and they greatly weakened. That came in from the ancestral bloodline due to the fact that these ancestors committed serious sexual sins and perversions. 

“We control his mind; we hold his prophetic gifting,” the demons of sexual lust boasted.

I bound up all of these demonic spirits in Jesus name. Moreover, I commanded the strong man to surface and he did —a group of spirits named Lucifer. They too were quite violent and fought me. I called forth more holy angels and they came into the hall quickly and swiftly intervened. All of these powerful forces of hell were defeated and commanded out his body in Jesus name. This young man felt great afterwards and testified of feeling FREE and whole. God is so gracious. 

Another man I ministered to came up quickly to the front, however, while walking towards the front, the demons gripped him and froze him. I sprinkled some of the blood of Jesus upon him and the demons shrieked with great pain. Moreover, they quickly backed up in fear of what I held in my hand –a cup of Communion. Ah! The power of the Holy Communion –the blood of Christ. It should also be noted that as the demons approached me; they were not only fearful of the blood of Christ but also the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit that was resting on us —up in the front of the hall. It was quite strong thus the demons were quickly weakened by the anointing and presence of the cup of Communion. 

I began to pray over the man, the evil spirits spoke back.

“We cause sleep apnea, we strangle him. We are here to bring sexual immorality and sicknesses. We bring pains and guilt,” the invading spirits confessed, “We torment him.”

My heart went out to this brother in the Lord. He was under such heavy oppression and torment. God was faithful to bring healing and deliverance into his life. I continued to war against the demons that threw him around the hall and twisted his body terribly. There were so many evil spirits within this man from sins he participated in and the many generational curses he carried. 

“There is one million of us to battle you,” the evil spirits revealed to me. 

I discovered there were more than one million Freemasonry demonic entities within him (through the generations Freemasonry was practiced and participated in). Incredible. To think that in Biblical times; it is recorded one lady had 7 demons (see Luke 8:1-2) and that some had “a” evil spirit (see Acts 16:16-18); now in our modern times, souls have many thousands and even in some cases –millions of demons. Why so many? Because generational curses were never formally broken thus the demonic flowed from generation to generation unhindered. More spirits through the years enter obviously and thus you many with mass number of demons residing within their bodies and souls. 

Thankfully, there’s Jesus! He is able to rescue and deliver. In His power –I commanded all of these demons out of his body and they swiftly entered the pit along with all of the pains, maladies and afflictions. Moreover, the spirits of blindness departed and I took off his glasses and he was able to see clearly (without the aid of his glasses) after awakening from his demonized state. We are seeing so many miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness. God is granting favor and power in this. This man was so happy and felt so peaceful. Jesus truly liberated him. 

Open Your Eyes; Jesus has Ascended!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Within the past month or so, in Australia and America, I have been honored to witness the supernatural presence of Jesus in our midst. We know as disciples of the Lord Jesus that our Living God is ever with us; He is omnipresent. However, there are times, the Lord Jesus, appears in a more tangible form –where one might see Him, hear Him, and encounter His essence. I have had many personal  encounters with Jesus over the years. I have spoken to Him, I have heard from Him, I have seen Him and I have entered into Him, in His love, in the heavenly realms. We have also encountered our Savior in our many meetings around the world. One unique aspect of our mission is the numerous appearances of the Lord Jesus in our services. Not too long ago, while conducting meetings in India and Pakistan (in Lahore; Jesus appeared to me personally), many disciples testified of seeing the risen Savior while in our services. I never take these holy encounters for granted. I am deeply humbled of the supernatural move of Jesus. He is pleased to display His love and power in our midst. I bow before Jesus!

-In Perth, In Melbourne, Victoria, recently, after a powerful deliverance service, at a fellowship meal, a disciple, quickly saw a vision where Jesus took me onto His lap and loved on me.
-In Sydney, New South Wales, several weeks ago, before the service, a disciple saw the Lord Jesus place a “white robe” on me.
-In Ontario, California, few weeks ago, during a deliverance, Jesus appeared; He spoke and told me He was proud of me and that He loved me (and that I was in the perfect will of God).
-In Sherman Oaks, California, the following night, during a deliverance, Jesus made an appearance, in the corner of the hall and was visible to several of the disciples.

-In Los Angeles, California, this past Wednesday, a disciple could actually see the light of Jesus hovering over my head; in a halo like form.

While driving back home, from our flight from San Diego, last night, I was suffering from serious demonic oppression due to multiple reasons. I commanded all demons to depart from me. Perhaps some of it came from our Wednesday night meeting at the Temple of Salvation; which was intense and difficult –as some very strong spirits surfaced during the night (more on this in a moment).

Suffice to say, I was longing to hear from the Lord Jesus. To be strengthened by Him. Mind you, it was around Midnight. I was tired and wasn’t really looking forward to this next mission as I would be leaving my family behind (I have been traveling with my family for the past several months; what a blessing). 

When I got home I was checking my email messages and an Australian disciple emailed me and wrote this at 12:10am; right after experiencing those demonic assaults (the bold is mine for emphasis).

Jesus told me to tell you how much he loves you Jay he’s with you and not to forget the 100 fold blessing he’s got for you Mark 10:28-30. Then Peter began to say unto him, Lo, we have left all, and have followed thee. And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s, But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. See how he said 100 fold now not when we get to heaven all you have to do is stand on his promise and not let satan choke the Word or get you to reason with it.”

This was so comforting and much needed. I’m so happy Jesus is with me in His love and to know He’s with me. I receive these words of Jesus, in Mark 10, of receiving the hundredfold, as I leave, in a few hours, my wife and children, for His sake and the gospel. Jesus has been consistently telling me in these supernatural acts that He is present with me; I must press onward. Souls are at stake –Heaven or Hell! We must call people to the Lord Jesus quickly for He loves all.

As I mentioned earlier, this past Wednesday I was once again at the Temple of Salvation, in Los Angeles, leading a public deliverance. Didn’t know if we would have a good turnout or not being a weekday however I was pleasantly surprised to see more disciples show up then what I anticipated. After teaching for a few hours on the armor of God I began to lead everyone in some mass deliverance prayers. Almost immediately, some very powerful mermaid spirits surfaced within a woman from the Ivory Coast, West Africa. The evil spirits contorted her body and groaned. I commanded the demons to submit to Jesus. They obeyed. I brought her to the front and discovered much.

These mermaid demons, it was revealed, had married her and been having sexual relations with her. I commanded the demons to remove all rings. They did. I also commanded the demons to remove all fiery darts from the woman. They did. These Jezebel-like spirits had been in the ancestral bloodline for generations and had gained access through the sins of idolatry. Her family, generations ago, worshipped strange idols thus allowing numerous demons to enter the bloodline. I also encountered many other kinds of evil spirits including those that were bringing various kinds of torments and afflictions. All of these demons were removed from this woman in Jesus name! 

As the demons departed for the pit; this precious West African woman was so happy and was rejoicing in her newfound freedom in Christ! Having lived and ministered in this part of the world I am quite familiar with these kinds of West African demons –marine and water spirits; spirit husbands and spirit wives. May we continue to reach those terribly afflicted with these kinds of demons with the power of the Kingdom of God! 

We also ministered to a precious disciple; who is a member of a very large and prominent church in the Los Angeles area. She was referred to us by the pastor. She had been demonically assaulted for a long time by very strong ancient spirits that were determined to destroy this woman. I’m very thankful we were there to intervene in Jesus name! 

The first group of demons that surfaced were some death and destruction spirits that gained access to this woman through her husband. We discovered that the husband had separated from her and was now sending formal witchcraft spells against her –in an attempt to destroy her. Horrible; coming from her own husband. Furthermore, because of all the demonic spirits within him; they were able to access her due to their martial oneness. As I often remind everyone, in our public meetings, not only do you need deliverance from your own ancestral spirits but also your spouse’s ancestral curses that were likely transmitted to you via the martial union. Something to consider. 

Some of these ancient spirits were rooted in ancient idolatry from her husband. There also spirits of breast cancer within her. All of these demons were removed out of her body and many of these physical afflictions were forced out in Jesus name. It was a very unusual exorcism, in the sense, how these spirits, manifested. They were making very strange animal noises (many of these animal demons were expelled in Jesus name). They also kept on grabbing hold of her neck; in an attempt to strangle her. There were many snake spirits attached to her neck.

“We are here because her husband’s ancestors prayed to us,” these serpentine spirits confessed to me, “They prayed to us and we drew near and entered them.”

Disgusting. Idolatry, almost always, results in instant demonization from our observation. Think about it…somewhere in your bloodline, your ancestors, perhaps, opened the spiritual door by praying to idols, by offering blood sacrifices, or some other kind of idolatrous act that God abhors. Perhaps, you are reading this and something is being provoked from within. Now is a good time, to confront it in Jesus name! 

Prayer of Release from Ancestral Idolatry“In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we confess there is but one true God. We submit and worship Him alone. We formally break in Jesus name; all forms of ancestral idolatry from mother and father. We hereby break the generational curse through the shed blood of Jesus and command all spirits of demonism to depart from me now in Jesus name. Lift off spirits of heaviness in Jesus name. All oppression go in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit comfort and console me. Amen.”

(If you sense a spiritual release and freedom; please feel free to email me as I would love to hear from you)

This dear woman, whom had these many snake spirits, maladies, and curses was freed from numerous ancient spirits, in Jesus name, during the service. There’s more work that needs to be done but I rejoice in the goodness of God. Others in the meeting hall were ministered to also. 

In Sherman Oaks: Ministering in the Miraculous Power of Jesus; More Blindness Departs!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I must start off this report by sharing that more and more people are emailing me in the past several days; sharing how they had prayed that simple prayer of salvation I offered in one of my recent email reports. Precious souls are surrendering to Jesus Christ –in our public meetings, through our online ministry and through our radio presentations. I am rejoicing in the goodness of God.

Last night, I concluded our most recent mission in Sherman Oaks, California, where we held another nearly 7 hour public meeting. As the night progressed on; more and more souls arrived desirous of deliverance and healing. Individuals and families traveled in from all over the Los Angeles area to receive ministry. The testimonies I hear each and every meeting causes me to bow my heart to King Jesus! In Ontario, a Jewish disciple testified before everyone that 7 years earlier he was miraculously healed of a physical ailment in one of our meetings in a Methodist Church. Here in Sherman Oaks precious disciples testified of receiving supernatural healing and deliverance from demons as a result of attending our recent meetings. I always leave these meetings simply stunned at the mercy and grace of God.

Here in Sherman Oaks God bestowed upon us unusual amount of grace and power to set the captives free and to heal broken hearts. I felt unusual amount of liberty to teach and minister. Great spiritual power was unleashed in the meeting hall tonight by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many holy angels came into the meeting hall and ministered alongside me –striking invading demons and restraining violence. Even the demons confessed, at one point, of the reality of God’s angels being present in the hall. I utilized the power of the cross of Jesus (the demons shrieked as they glanced at it and were drained of their powers); I also utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit causing demons to fall down and scream in pain. Moreover, at one point, I even utilized blessed water, Holy Communion and a consecrated towel to weaken the demons that sought to battle me. All of them were defeated by Jesus on this night! 

The first lady I ministered to, whom I’ll refer to as Tammy, came in the middle of the service, with her two young boys. She heard (there’s a incredible story behind this) about this meeting from a friend of mine, Horace, who is an Christian animator, here in Los Angeles, who developed an award-winning Christian animated cartoon series where the main character, in one of the episodes, actually drives out a demon from someone (by the way, Horace will be offering a special presentation while we are in Baltimore, Maryland in October!) Within minutes of her arrival, God pointed her out to me and I began to pray over her. Immediately, demons surfaced from within her –legions of Jezebels. 

“We torment her, we bring Crohn’s disease into her, headaches, ulcers in her intestines and blindness. We are in her optical nerve,” the demonic spirits revealed and boasted to me, “We have been here for more than 10 generations and we are not leaving!”

Jezebel, in fact, even married Tammy, at one point. I removed all of her rings and battled her with the power of Jesus! Jezebel growled and contorted her body and was restrained by the holy angels of God. I even called forth the angels of God to draw near and to surround Jezebel. They did and struck the spirits. 

“There’s many of them (referring to the holy angels) here! I see love in your eyes; I see Jesus in your eyes,” the demons of Jezebel said to me. 

So, I continued to ask the holy angels of God to war against the invading demons. They continued to fight until Jezebel grew exceedingly weak and uttered she had in fact been defeated by Jesus. As I ministered to Tammy; her two young sons were also present and was open to helping me minister to their Mom. So, I brought them up to the front and they assisted me in fighting against Jezebel and the ancient spirit of Baal (who also surfaced during the exorcism). The Baal spirits were petrified of the kids! I had them hold my cross and used the cross against the invading demons and they bowed before Jesus; defeated by Him! I love seeing kids used by the Holy Spirit to drive out demons and perform exorcisms.

Legions of them were expelled out of her and sent to the pit. Moreover, all of the ailments they had brought into her body were also removed from her: intestine ulcers, headaches, Crohn’s disease and blindness. As Tammy came out of her demonized state; she was FREED. The peace seen on her face was incredibly beautiful to behold (click here to see the picture). Moreover, she testified of being able to SEE clearly without needing glasses anymore. God had healed her! No more glasses for her! This is amazing. So many miraculous signs and wonders; so many eyes now seeing.  Beautiful Jesus! 

This was just the beginning of the miracles. More were being delivered from evil spirits as the night went on. More broken hearts were being healed and repaired by Jesus. Even Tammy, this mother of two young boys, was also healed of dissociation (a broken-heart). She had two little heart parts that had been held captive by these terrible monsters and now they had been released. I spoke to these little ones –one was only 3 years of age (because of rejection from her father); another 6 years of age (because of abuse). They both experienced and encountered Jesus in a special manner –the comfort and the peace that we all witnessed these parts experience was deeply touching! 

We also ministered to a minister of the gospel, whom I’ll refer to as Linda. Powerful preacher of God’s Word, Linda, had been vexed, for some time, with confusion. As I began to pray over her; some evil spirits surfaced named witchcraft. Linda had not been involved in witchcraft but her employer was. Because she under her him in a sense –a employee and employer dynamic took place where the demons from him were transferred to her —thousands of them! Why? Because Linda was a threat, a spiritual threat to Ben (the employer) and took advantage of some weakness she possessed. They wanted to hinder her and stop her. 

“We want to stop her, we want to make her fight God, we want to bring rebellion into her,” the witchcraft spirits revealed to me. 

Many of you also have been affected by witchcraft from others! Right now; you can be freed from witchcraft spells and curses sent by others to you! Jesus, gently touch those reading this update. In Jesus name –you are FREE from witchcraft to serve the Lord!

Prayer to Break Witchcraft:

“Lord Jesus, I place myself in your loving hands, protected by your holy redemptive blood. I now hereby take upon my authority in you, Jesus. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of His shed blood on the cross and resurrection, I command every spirit of witchcraft and sorcery to depart from me. Come out of my body and mind in Jesus name. Right now! OUT! I reject every curse and spell in Jesus name. Fill me Holy Spirit with your love to bless those curse me. In Jesus name!”

(If you felt some release and freedom by simply praying this simple prayer; please let me know. I would love to hear!)

The witchcraft spirits within Linda were quite physical. Aggressive. Violent. We bound them up in Jesus name. They spun her around and convulsed her body. I had the holy angels assist me; they greatly assisted me and intervened powerfully. They wanted to fight me.

“We control her mind, we are here and many others. Her boss is wicked and we like it. We send her fiery darts to afflict her with pains,” the spirits boasted to me, “We also restrain her gift of preaching.”

Not only were there witchcraft demons within her but also many Mormon spirits because her employer, Ben, was a devotee Mormon who transferred many of these demons within her. All of these demons were expelled in Jesus name after removing all of the afflictions and fiery darts from her mind and body –I would estimate there were, perhaps, more than 100 fiery darts and spears and swords they had placed within her! All of them were removed in Jesus name; her spiritual gifts were released too! This woman had been set free. I then encouraged her and her husband to preach and minister some. She preached powerfully and this couple ministered to those held in captivity. 

Towards the end of the meeting, around midnight, another powerful miracle took place. A precious disciple whom I’ll refer to as Sandra, arrived to the meeting wanting deliverance. All night Sandra was suffering from extreme spiritual heaviness. As I began to pray over her –demons surfaced. Guess who? Jezebel; that’s right. 

“We are here because more than 240 years ago her ancestors offered blood sacrifices. We bring torment, heaviness and bring ovarian pain,” Jezebel confessed to me, “We are here with others and will fight you.”

Jezebel, in her right hand, held a sword. It wanted to strike me with it. I struck the hand of Jezebel with the fire of the Holy Spirit and the fire of God dissolved the spiritual weapons she was ready to launch against me with. Wicked spirits. I commanded all of these Jezebels and Baals out of Sandra in Jesus name! Immediately, she was set free from hordes of demonic forces. Sandra’s smile too spoke volumes –she truly had been set free! She was so happy! (Click here to see picture of post deliverance smile)

She was not alone; others were set free from demonic spirits and healed. Others experienced restoration and deep healing by simply being present in the meeting hall. One disciple literally fell over while I ministered to others and encountered the joy of the Lord; she began to laugh (not a crazy kind of laughter but a deep releasing laughter). The joy of the Lord was her strength. She even testified of feeling so much lighter after experiencing this joy!

Jesus Prevailed: 100,000’s of Demons Defeated, Blindness Departed, Human Interjects Removed!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For more than 6 hours last night, in Ontario, California, I taught from the Scriptures, prayed for the afflicted and drove out demons in Jesus name. Again, we had a jammed packed meeting hall. We had to bring in some extra chairs to accommodate all of those who came in to the meeting desperate for intervention. These past two Saturdays, here in Ontario, we have seen some tremendous interest and looking forward to returning at some point in the near future. 

Tonight’s meeting was a struggle for me. I had to fight my way into victory; as the enemy truly sought to hinder me. For hours I could feel the armies of Satan advancing against me and warring against my soul. It was a horrible experience; very reminiscent of the experience I had in Kansas City a few months ago; where I had great difficulty breaking through. Eventually, Jesus prevailed and I’m thankful to Him for sustaining me. In fact, quite a few disciples shared how they were simply stunned, amazed at the strength I had to continue in the midst of great warfare. Trust me, it’s all Holy Spirit. As no man could sustain this for a long period of time without the aid of the Spirit of God! 

As I mentioned, eventually, we were able to encounter a breakthrough however it took some time. As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers; several souls were swiftly delivered and healed of various maladies. I even had the wonderful opportunity to lead a young lady to Jesus Christ. In nearly every Southern Californian public meeting; we are witnessing Jesus saving souls! This brings me great joy. 

One of the first ladies we ministered to was an African woman, perhaps in her late 40’s, that sat to the right of me, off to the side of the meeting hall. Throughout the night I didn’t note anything unusual with her until I began to pray over her; then suddenly mass numbers of evil spirits surfaced. They groaned and moaned. They screamed at me. They growled and contorted her body.

These spirits wanted to battle but they lost –spirits of torment, spirit husband, incest and a spirit named devil. Obviously, it wasn’t Satan himself but rather it was a group of spirits that were able to take upon that name due to their loyal service within the kingdom of darkness. There were literally hundreds of thousands of these evil spirits working within her.

“We crawl on her scalp, we crawl within her all day and all night, we are here torment,” the demons informed me, “We even cause blindness where she has to use glasses.”

I commanded all of these demons –hundreds of thousands of them– to take upon the blindness and all of the afflictions they had brought into this woman. They took it upon themselves and they were all cast out in the mighty name of Jesus! When the demons were driven out; this dear woman immediately testified of being able to see clearly without the aid of her glasses. Another beautiful miracle of blindness departing in Jesus name. She also testified of feeling peace and so much lighter. She was thankful to what the Lord had done for her. Pray for this woman; that she would stand on her faith in her Healer.  As we continued on through the night, more souls were delivered in some measure. Not only did some experience deliverance but also deep emotional healing. Numerous broken heart parts surfaced through the night and were guided to Jesus for healing. Many of them even testifying of seeing the risen Jesus! Beautiful Jesus!

Another lady we ministered to was a 19 year old teenager who came along with her mother. This was an interesting case which I’ll explain in a moment. I’ll refer to this woman as Amber. This young lady mentioned to me that she wanted her mother to take her to the meeting tonight. I’m so happy she did. One glance at Amber and you could tell her she was hurting and in a lot of emotional pain. She needed deliverance!

As I began to pray over her –demons surfaced, they were deeply rooted. Some of the evil spirits were rooted, ancestrally, more than 1,600 years ago! There were so many evil spirits within this woman including rape spirits, fear, anger, revenge, night terrors, trauma, pain and Baal. These spirits wanted to battle me; I battled back utilizing holy weapons such as holy oil, the cross of Jesus, holy communion, and the sword of the Spirit. All of these weapons weakened these spirits. As I warred against the demons, many of them were revealing they had been holding captive broken heart parts. So I commanded the evil spirits to release the heart parts. They obeyed. 

Interestingly, the heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. Some of them were created as a result of riding some Disneyland amusement park rides. To think that riding an amusement park ride can bring about trauma and fear is something to consider. I’m always careful with my kids about this when we visit various themes parks. Little ones are so much more susceptible and we remain prudent. One little heart part shared, “Jay, I was so scared because I was on the ride that goes through the Haunted Mansion and the ride suddenly stopped. I was stuck. I was so scared.” 

I can absolutely see this being an opportunity for dissociation to take place and for demonization to occur. Here was this young girl riding a terrifying ride (in the sense that it has very dark themes; focusing on evil themes) and the ride malfunctions (was there a demon behind this malfunction; something to consider?). In the midst of this terror; she is stuck. Under the cover of darkness. Fear grips her; terror crawls in. As the demons invaded they brought with them panic attacks and night terrors. As a result Amber has suffered greatly with panic attacks, paralyzing fear and constant nightmares since. The demons even boasted to me, during the exorcism, that they had been sitting in the Haunted Mansion, waiting for the opportunity to invade unsuspecting souls. Think about that for a moment. They were not alone; many more demons were present. To think how many little children they have been able to access through the years is stunning. Think about how many demons have been able to access little ones throughout the Harry Potter section of Disney, for example, is even more staggering to consider; with it’s heavy emphasis on all things witchcraft and sorcery. This whole world is held captive by the devil. Can one go anywhere and not be affected? Sometimes, the worse places to go is in the so called church buildings that is filled with unbelief and false teachings. So, let’s not just focus on Disney. It’s everywhere. We just need to remain prudent and guided by Jesus. 

Obviously, there were a number of evil spirits attached to this little fearful part –demons of fear, trauma, and terror. Each of them boasted how they used the fearful events of Disneyland as opportunities to invade her body and soul. Another little part surfaced within Amber. This pre-teen part revealed when she was riding the Winnie the Pooh ride; she became very fearful and traumatized. Generally, Winnie the Pooh is okay –no occult themes to this character that I’m aware of however the Disneyland ride apparently opened her up to fearful spirits when the ride took it’s riders into a darkened section that brought fear into Amber. Again, fear gripped her; terrorizing spirits invaded. Horrible. All of these demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name and the little heart parts were guided to Jesus for healing and relief. 

In the midst of ministering to these little heart parts –and there were many. I encountered two human interjects (foreign soul parts that interject themselves within souls and bodies). One was named Josh; the other was named Brian. These men, were the ones who had taken advantage of Amber when she was much younger and raped her. With the aid of demon powers Josh and Brian were also able to access her soul through the unholy soul ties and remain in her with the hopes of controlling her. I spoke to both of these evil men. 

As I spoke to Josh; a group of demons named Mormonism surfaced and spoke to me. 

“Ah! We were the ones that gave him supernatural power to invade Amber. Nobody knows about us. We are have remained hidden. Our presence is a secret.”

Josh was a Mormon (he’s now an atheist) and as result of the spiritual powers at work within him, by virtue of his involvement within Mormonism, he was able to tap into those powers and access Amber with the hopes of being able to control her. Evil, indeed. Do not be naive, all cults, metaphysical sects and false religions have supernatural demon powers that can be tapped into; to carry out these kinds of evil activities –such interjecting parts of their souls into others. Many times, it’s done so they can control the individual; other times it’s to seek revenge; to instill fear. 

Both of these evil men were commanded to depart in Jesus name along with all of the afflictions they had brought into this lady. All of the demons, that allowed them access into Amber were also commanded to depart in Jesus name. All of them swiftly left. Imagine, how Amber is feeling now. This is a quality of life issue on multiple levels and I’m thankful that we were able to intervene in her life. 

Along with these human interjects and spirits of Mormonism (there were 100,000’s of them operating within her and with Josh); not to mention all of the other demons of trauma, fear and torment –they were even deeper level spirits. These dark forces were operating deep within her soul and body –spirits of Baal and Jezebel. For a long time, I battled Jezebel and weakened her in the name of Jesus! Eventually she wore down and was driven out along with Baal. As Amber awakened from her demonized state; I led her in a series of prayers and she testified of feeling relief. However, I could tell she is a weakened state and will need some on-going prayer and ministry. Thank you for praying for these precious souls that need our intercession. May Jesus comfort and protect each of them.