Standing Room Only Crowd Witnessed: Jezebel Defeated; 30,000+ Heart Parts Healed by Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night was spectacular. I thought we couldn’t fit anymore people in our meeting hall; I was wrong. We were able to fit even more people into the hall. It was completely full; in fact a standing room only crowd. We ran out of room for chairs so we had those who arrived late to sit on the floor. These past few nights here in Houston proved there is a tremendous need to expand our Houston Church of the Cross assembly; to move into a larger meeting hall to meet the needs of the larger crowds. I can easily envision many hundreds being a part of this local work here in Houston. As many of you know I oversee work in multiple cities; in multiple nations of the world –many thousands each week attend services at our various missions throughout the earth. I marvel at the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Throughout the night the miraculous took place. Souls were saved, freed, cured and refreshed by Jesus as the full gospel was proclaimed in power. Under the fullness of the Holy Spirit we demonstrated the power of God by conducting public exorcisms. However, before the exorcisms; I taught from the Scriptures; then led the people of God into Holy Communion. I then formally ordained into the gospel ministry two ministers –pastor Betty Walters and evangelist Sam Thigpen. 

In fact, I just received a email from pastor Betty Walters (I don’t think Betty will mind me sharing as it’s an encouraging email) concerning the ordination service:

“Brother Jay —

What a honor to be a part of the Church of the Cross team. I thank you for being so faithful to our Lord and bringing so much freedom, happiness and joy into others lives.  Last night was the fulfilling of my hearts desire. To be able to truly serve my Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. He has given me soooo much and now through Him I can give His love to others. I will always give Him the honor and glory and pray that I will always be his humble servant. It was very special to have you ordain me because we love you and have learned so much from you. The Lord put us with you to see His love, His love, His love in you and learn from you my brother. We are so thankful to be a part of the Kingdom Ministry to help others be free and healed. We both say thank you form the bottom of our hearts. God Bless you my brother.

In Christ,
Betty and Tony”

Isn’t that a beautiful email? This is a focus of mine –to display God’s love to hurting and broken people. Precious souls need love and I’m grateful for the wonderful opportunity that I have to proclaim this unfailing love to the world. 

What a tremendous honor it was to be able to participate in this holy sacrament; empowering and launching new ministers into the world to preach the gospel! Just this year alone we have released many evangelists, pastors, apostles, prophets and teachers into the gospel work. We would like to honor you too; if God has called you into the ministry. We will providing ordination opportunity when we conduct our next mission in Baltimore, Maryland in mid-October (more details below).

After the holy ordination service we began to pray for those afflicted with demon powers. Numerous souls manifested demons. In fact at one point; demons screamed at me during the meeting. 

“We are not leaving her!” the demons, within one woman, informed me, “She belongs to us. We rape her every night. We are staying in her.”

Not only were demons screaming out of people but many broken heart parts were surfacing throughout the night. I spoke to many of them and guided them to the Lord Jesus for healing. So much anguish and trauma surfaced. Many of these heart parts were healed by Jesus. 

I continued on with the ministry and a woman to the right of me (pictured above; with the post deliverance smile) began to surface powerful demons. The first group to fully manifest were the spirits of Jezebel. They paraded around me and were quite aggressive. They growled like a wild animal and battled me. I fought back in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

These vicious Jezebel spirits were quite vocal and growled like a wild animal. They spoke out of this woman with vengeance.

“We are NOT leaving; you can’t make us leave. We are here to torment her and keep her from God.”

Not only to torment her but to bring death into her and various kinds of afflictions. These wicked spirits were being weakened as I called upon the holy angels of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit! The angels restrained the demons from becoming violent and the fire of God consumed the invading spirits. Furthermore, I shared with those in the hall how utterly defeated Jezebel truly was. 

“See, everyone, how Jezebel has been defeated. Jezebel is a wicked witch.”

That comment. WOW! That comment caused a disturbance in the spiritual realm. The forces of Satan were furious and rose up against me with greater intensity. As I battled against these forces of evil; a woman in the middle of the meeting hall suddenly got up and screamed at me! Well, actually it was a demon spirit within her.

“Stop it, stop it! Do not call us a witch,” the demonic spirits yelled at me; as they swiftly approached me with hatred and rage. With great anger the demons yelled again. 

“You can’t have this woman either,” as another Jezebel demon surfaced from within another woman in the audience. Other Jezebels began to surface all over the meeting hall. 

Ah! They gave themselves away. They couldn’t keep quiet as the Jesus power was too great for them to withstand. As Jezebel surfaced so did the spirits of Baal. 

“We have been here hundreds of years because of the sins of idolatry,” the demons revealed to us, “They worshipped in the past and we entered their lives.”

As Baal and Jezebel surfaced so did something else –a very strange and foul smell. Throughout the meeting hall; the spirits brought forth this strong defecation-like smell. It was a smell of filth. It was Jezebel’s and Baal’s smell. As the night went on we were able to battle and remove these horrible foul odors in Jesus name!

These demonic spirits also held in captivity more than 30,000+ parts of her broken heart. Think about that for a moment, my friends. This is severe dissociation. For someone to have this kind of fragmentation speaks of the high level of trauma and hurt this woman had to endure through. I spoke to some of these heart parts and gathered them together; releasing them from demonic bondage. Jesus met these little parts and encountered His love. It was amazing to watch, as Jesus held the little ones so close to Him. He hugged them and loved them. We were honored with the opportunity to lead all 30,000+ heart parts to her heart –her heart was unified and whole!

Not only were there were ten thousands of dissociative heart parts but also tens of thousands of ancestral dissociative identities. These were all removed in Jesus name! Moreover, numerous sicknesses and afflictions removed in Jesus name!

But that’s not all. There was Baal. There was Jezebel. There was also powerful Illuminati spirits lingering around tormenting this lady. These powerful Freemasonry spirits surfaced and boasted how they had been in the ancestral bloodline for generations. These Freemasonry spirits were also expelled in Jesus name. Actually, they SCREAMED out of her as the people of God assisted me in commanding these demons to enter the pit! 

It was stunning to watch and beautiful to behold as God healed this woman from thousands of years of curses; healed her broken heart, removed ancestral dissociative identities, untold number of demons and cured her from various ailments. Can it get any better?

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