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Signs & Wonders Open Hearts to Jesus! More Heavenly Encounters!

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

We have already quickly conducted a series of public meetings here in Southern California with much fruit. I’m amazed and in awe of the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in our midst. Souls have been saved, miraculously healed and set free from evil spirits. Moreover, many are having heavenly encounters –seeing holy angels, the risen Jesus, supernatural light and so much more. I’m believing for GREATER miracles, signs and wonders this week here in Southern California.

Last night, during our weekly Jesus Church service, here in Pasadena, we spent hours confronting the demonic and evil soul invaders. Even before the ministry time I was led by the Holy Spirit to minister to a woman in her early 60’s who sat in the back of the hall. I inquired about her inner children and she looked at me shocked.

She was stunned that I could SEE the little girl within her. How could I know this?

“Yes, I do have a little girl. Nobody knew about her except me,” she explained to everyone, “She is 4 years old and her name is Anna.”

Anna quickly surfaced and was able to be guided to the presence of God. She cried and cried after being comforted by the love of Jesus. She entered into the heavens and encountered the supernatural healing presence of God. The Savior embraced her and she was beautifully healed. Many evil spirits were expelled and a soul invader removed from her life.

Furthermore, after the demons were removed. She testified that she could not longer feel the hip and knee pain that she had been suffering from for many years. The pain was GONE! Already this year we have seen many miraculously healed by God.

That’s how our evening started off –explosive. Many others were impacted by the deliverance and healing ministry. I was also informed by a handful of disciples that I have been in their dreams —casting out demons in Jesus name! Very unusual miracles are taking place my friends for God’s glory.

After the service concluded, I continued on ministering to those held captive by devils. One young lady, pictured with me above, stayed and spoke to me. She confessed that though she prayed some “prayers” she truly had not been born again so I had the high honor to lead her to salvation in Jesus Christ. She was so happy and peaceful afterwards.

“I was amazed at the miracles that were taking place and there was no deny thing these miracles were REAL! It really touched my heart!

Because we demonstrated the power of God in public, it touches the hearts of many. This young woman is one example. We are reaching into the up and coming generations with a superior power –the power of God! After she got saved, I began to minister to her and many demons were expelled. Moreover, heart parts were healed and a soul invader was driven out of her life. That’s a lot for a new believer to experience within minutes of being saved.