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Miracle Report from Greece, 500 Jezebels Defeated!

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s well after 3am and I am rejoicing in the amazing miraculous works that were experienced by so many on this European mission. This entire Sunday was filled with amazing ministry here in the city of Athens where I conducted a morning and evening service at the Covenant Disciples Fellowship. In the morning service I had the wonderful honor to formally ordain 4 men into the gospel ministry. I always count it a sacred privilege to participate and lead the sacrament of Holy Orders which involve the laying upon of hands of those whom the Holy Spirit has called into the work of the Kingdom. This year around the globe I have been fortunate to see many men and women of God placed into the work of the gospel and seeing the grace of God being extended to these disciples. They are now, in return, reaching souls for Jesus. Not only did we ordain precious men into the ministry I also taught from the Scriptures and the people were greatly encouraged by the message of the WORD. 

In the evening service, I taught from the Scriptures, prayed for the sick and drove out demons in Jesus name. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers, specifically targeting generational curses, God liberated precious souls. The first lady I ministered to revealed to everyone that she had idol worship in her family background and she wanted freedom on this night. As I began to pray over her, she began to experience various kinds of demonic convulsions. After renouncing the curses these generational spirits had no opportunity in staying within her so they were swiftly commanded out of her body. Immediately the demonic shaking ceased and she testified of feeling the freedom of Jesus in her life. I also prayed for many others and was astonished to hear of so many reports of miracles as a result of attending these public training seminars and deliverance services. Many experienced deliverance from evil spirits, healing of their broken hearts, freed from various forms of demonic afflictions and were deeply encouraged to serve Jesus. 

One dear lady was so deeply impacted that she came up to the platform I was standing on and fell to my feet, her face covered with tears, she cried out saying how as a result of these meetings she is NOW free from the powers of Satan and now able to serve King Jesus with no more barriers in her life. Other men and women approached me with similar testimonies which, obviously, encouraged me greatly. Even the host pastor testified before his congregation that as a result of following this mission for years he has also been inspired and motivated to be more involved in the ministry of casting out demons. This is a critical aspect of what we do. We desire to not only free people from satanic bondage but we want to motivate the Body of Christ to carry on the works of the Kingdom wherever they might find themselves. I have seen the fruit of this aspect of the ministry on a global scale. So many pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and fellow apostles, have been lifted up with holy inspiration as a result of our work among their churches. They are dedicating more time to this integral part of the gospel –the driving out of demons. Result? Many countless souls finding freedom from evil spirits. 

After the evening service the spiritual warfare continued on as I met up with a Malaysian disciple whom I’ll refer to as John. For a number of years, John has been following this ministry and listened to our global radio presentations. He has been touched through these outreaches and made the decision to travel from the UK where he currently lives with his wife and to journey to Greece for liberation from the tormenting spirits operating his life. For years this man has been suffering. A victim of horrific childhood sexual abuse, violence, word curses from his own mother, emotional abuse, strange scratches on his body, mental torments, sexual dysfunctions to the point where he has not been able to enter into any martial relations with his wife for many years. This is horrible what John had been experiencing. 

John has been so desperate for deliverance and healing that he traveled all over the earth looking for assistance. He traveled to New Zealand to meet up with a deliverance minister. The minister simply identified the spirits but that’s all. He never exorcised the spirits from John. This is so puzzling to me but not entirely surprised. As many ministers of the gospel are simply ill equipped in the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. So John suffered year after year with no relief. He then traveled onward to the United States to attend a large healing crusade where again he was met with disappointment as no one offered to drive out the demons from his body and mind.

Since he was familiar with the our mission as a result of the radio presentations and our email updates he decided to make arrangements to travel to my next European mission. So he flew into Athens and attended every meeting I have conducted here. I was also determined to see him set free. God did not disappoint.

During the ministry session, with John, more than 500 spirits named Jezebel surfaced along with more than 10 Eunuch spirits (you might recall that a few eunuchs were present with Jezebel prior to her death). Jezebel operates closely with her henchmen –the spirit of the Eunuchs. As I confronted the Jezebel spirits it was revealed they had been within John all his life as they passed through his mother. 

His mother, sadly, simply strengthened the demons within her own son as she would often curse him: “You are so stupid, you are deaf and dumb,” sayings of this sort. No wonder John was mentally bound. Who wouldn’t be if one’s mother cursed in such a manner. He had been sexually abused by a nanny, a piano teacher and abused by others. This brought fragmentation within his soul that no previous minister discovered. One wonders what are ministers discovering in counseling sessions with those hurting if not a broken heart? Yes, demons but also broken heart parts that need healing from Jesus. 

“We are the ones afflicting him with the sexual dysfunctions, the scratches, the mental torments and the oppression,” Jezebel readily acknowledged. These vile spirits also revealed that there were 10 other spirits named, Eunuchs. They too were responsible for causing the sexual dysfunctions within his marriage. 

Not only was Jezebel afflicting John in this manner, they were also holding in captivity more than 20 parts of his broken heart. I commanded the spirits of Jezebel to release the 20 heart parts and quickly they were released. I spoke to a few of them and they possessed such grief, sadness and hurt. Some of them said that all the parts were scattered about so I had the angels assist in locating all the broken heart parts and to bring them together so I might speak to each of them. Within a minute the angels had gathered all 20. I sent them to Jesus and immediately Jesus appeared to them along with His holy angels and offered amazing words of comforting love, assurance, and peace. The parts were very ready to be unified and were swiftly sent to John’s heart and for the first time in more than 40 years he experienced a whole, healed, and restored heart! The peace was very evident on John’s face

I then proceeded to drive out all of the demonic spirits, all 510 of them and they quickly departed in Jesus name. Again more peace on his face. His face shone like an angel. He finally received peace in his heart and body and one could easily SEE it too! Jesus prevailed and Jezebel was once again put to flight. 

It’s been an astonishing mission in so many ways ending on a very positive note as another disciple was freed from the spirits of Jezebel. These past few nights, we saw explosive appearances of Jezebel. Some very violent manifestations. But the power of God was demonstrated for all to see –Jesus conquered Jezebel and placed her into that pit! 

I truly believe our work here in the Mediterranean has just only begun. They have already invited me back to hold more public deliverance meetings. I am grateful for God’s grace and mercy on this mission as it’s been difficult in some ways. I have not been 100% on this entire trip and look forward to getting some more rest as this kind of ministry along with the extensive travel I conduct can be grueling. More then people realize. It’s amazing I have been able to accomplish so much, in so many nations around the world, in 2013. God to be praised!

Prostitutes Freed, Holy Spirit Fire Descends in Athens

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus the Lord,

I’m grateful for your holy prayers as they have been sustaining me here in Athens, Greece, where I am conducting a series of public meetings. Today, at the training seminar, I taught the saints on the ministry of deliverance, from the Scriptures. Then after a short break we conducted an evening public deliverance service at the Covenant Disciples Fellowship where I preached and conducted public exorcisms. Jesus displayed His conquering power tonight and many souls were dramatically freed from evil spirits. There were loud screams, demon violence (one demon threw a woman into the pulpit and broke some glass, she was not injured), strange convulsions and contortions and supernatural strength. The demons cried out again and again. Many of them were begging me not to torture them as I was and many of them were pleading for mercy. Tonight mercy was displayed to precious souls but not to demons. They were sent to that pit!

The small church was jammed packed with precious souls who were desperate for liberation from the powers of Satan. There were a handful of young ladies, who have been enslaved to prostitution, attending the meeting and God displayed His love towards them by setting many of them free from powerful demons, namely, the spirit husbands which often attack young ladies with the hopes of either furthering prostitution or breaking up marriages. I dealt with countless demons of spirit husbands, marine spirits, Jezebel, and death on this night. 

One death demon within a lady who had been experiencing years of demonic sexual assaults begged me over and over again as I placed him in great spiritual pain. Allow me to explain. Some years ago, while serving within the Methodist Church, I discovered a powerful secret spiritual weapon that God had blessed me with. felt like the Holy Spirit on my right hand in a tangible sense, like holy fire was present on my palm and fingers. I began, by faith, placing this fire that I felt on my right hand on those tormented and vexed by evil spirits and I noticed that many demons screamed as a result of feeling the fire. I would often hear demons cry out: “Stop it, you are hurting us with that fire. We beg of you to cease from placing that fire on us.” In some occasions we actually could see some of the burn marks that the fire would leave (the victim would not feel any pain, just the invading demon spirit). I would gradually use this holy fire more and more and witnessed stunning spiritual results as demons cried out departing from their victims as the fire of the Holy Spirit would descend and brought great pain to the spirits resulting in them leaving. 

For the past several years I am more aware of this weapon I possess and use it as directed by the Holy Spirit. On this night, the Holy Spirit filled my right hand with sacred fire from above and I placed it on the right hand of a demonized woman who had been terribly afflicted by spirits. As I did the spirits were shocked and in awe! They tried to blow off the fire. They tried to use the other hand to scrape off the fire. They tried to shake it off. They tried to pinch it off. 

“What have you done? What kind of fire is this. You are hurting us. This is too great of a pain to bear. Stop it. We beg off you. Please stop as the fire is too great. How did you do this?’ the demons inquired. There was nothing they could do to extinguish the Holy Spirit fire that was so clearly present on this hand. I even placed more holy fire of the Spirit of God and the fire descended. 

One glance at the face of these demons reveal the complete picture. They were astonished. They were desperate to take off the fire but could not. They didn’t fully comprehend the fact that the Holy Spirit would actually place fire upon them, to burn them to this extent. This fire I placed upon them greatly weakened them and could resist them as strongly as they did before. 

“Before you cast us to the pit, can you please take a little of the fire off of us, we beg of you,” the spirits questioned. 

You know me, my friends, I hope by now, I show no mercy to demons, I punished them and drove them out in Jesus name. To the pit they were sent.

The freedom, the spiritual release people experienced on this night was encouraging. Great numbers of evil spirits battled me and some were quite demonstrative and violent however they were all sent to the abyss. Many demons of death surfaced attempting to choke and violently abuse their victims. These death demons were also sent to the pit in Jesus name. At one point when I called forth the women who have been experiencing night attacks, quickly many woman walked to the front of the sanctuary seeking deliverance. As I went down the line to pray and to the confront the demons, numerous spirits surfaced and sought to battle me. They were no match to Jesus. Nearly all of the woman surfaced Jezebel and like minded spirits. All of them were expelled in Jesus name! Amazing miracles took place at this small church and I rejoice in our loving Savior who provides life to each of us so we might further the work of the gospel in this part of the world. 

Obviously there’s much to report to you my friends however I’m exhausted from all night ministry. It’s nearly 3am and I am due up in a few hours. I need to end this report but thank you for praying for this mission and these meetings in Europe. We witnessed, once again, Jesus confirming to all, He is indeed Lord over all powers!

Testimonies Defeat Demons: Still FREE from the Demons You Chased Out!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Dear brothers and sister in Jesus,

I marvel at the love of our King who richly blesses us with His blessings –His adoption, His healing, His deliverance, His presence. In many of our public meetings, around the world, we hear of people being supernaturally healed and liberated, by simply being present in our services. Why is this? Well, because our meetings are filled with His love and His love heals so many hurts and pains. Moreover, belief in His authority and power is present so that alone brings an element of spiritual power that drives out demons, diseases, and death. This is why I conduct public deliverance meetings as souls are being touched by the freeing power of Christ by simply being present even though I might not be directly ministering to them at that very moment. Allow me to share a beautiful praise report from our dear sister and Australian partner in the gospel ministry, Joan, who has reported a measure of physical healing that started at one of our recent meetings in Australia:

“PRAISE REPORT – I have for years been asking the Lord to restore my sight, I so much wanted to not to have to wear glasses all the time. I have been dependent on glasses for the past 25 years for most things I do, certainly reading and driving. I could drive without my glasses during the day, but not at night, the red tail lights of cars approximately 6 cars ahead would be quite blurred.


However, one day while you were teaching and I was following the Scriptures in my Bible, they were not at all clear, rather blurry, I did the common sense thing and wiped the lens of my glasses!! But that did not help!  So I asked “Lord, what’s going on with my eyes”, to which I heard Him say “take off your glasses, you don’t need them”, so I put them away, and decided to wait and test my sight first, so I refrained from wearing them to read. Remember, you commented that I was not wearing my glasses any more. I kept them off for the rest of the time I was in Victoria. The proof had to be in night driving and reading.


When I got back to Perth very late on Wed night, I collected my car from my friend’s home and began the 30 minute drive home, I was half way home when I realised I was driving at midnight without my glasses, I had totally forgotten about them,  and I could see perfectly clear. Reading fine print especially in poor light still needs improving, but I am noticing a steady improvement each day as I tackle different tasks.  Even now I am typing this on my computer (font size 11) without glasses. I can do most things on my computer without reading glasses, and can also read my standard Bible without them. Praise the Lord. 


The times when you have prayed for others for their eyes, I have been claiming healing for myself, asking the Lord to restore my sight 100%. And I am believing that my eyes will be 100% restored. While I do know everything is in God’s timing, I do however, also believe, it helps to be under the anointing at every meeting, as the anointing builds with each meeting it can be beneficial, many do not recognise and realise the importance of this aspect of the meetings in relation to receiving from the Lord.  To say I am delighted is an understatement!!  All glory to God.”

There are many other miracle reports coming in from all over the globe such as this one from North America. This lady was not only miraclously healed and delivered she is now serving others and even wrote a book on her experiences of being victimized in a satanic ritual:

“Jay, I again offer my thanks for the freedom you brought me into through Christ.  I am no longer the person you met in backwoods Louisiana.  I am redeemed and free of any chain of bondage that once tried to restrain me from the love of Jesus Christ.   Since my book, Out of the Darkness, was released, I have been sought out to help others achieve freedom as well.  It is my prayer that my book will financially fund the beginning of a ministry of deliverance.  I am very much interested in your curriculum. As a voice of experience, not every method works. I am following my calling into the deliverance ministry despite being ridiculed and rejected by family.   I pray for The Lord to greatly increase your outreach in order to free as many captives as possible before our Lord and Savior returns as promised. Thank you again!”

Here’s another testimony coming in from Australia from a family that has experienced deep freedom as a result of our ministry there recently:

“We are just praising Jesus .After the Melbourne meetings as the Lord has changed every thing I now have my wife back after more than 10 years of pain full suffering for both of us. My wife was delivered of many demons including the one called Jezebel. This thing had tormented my wife and myself causing relationship problems. Deliverance came and now our lives are at peace. Thank you Jesus and thank you Jay for coming all the way from your home and family to minister to our family.God bless your family!”

Here’s, yet another testimony coming in from South Africa from a precious lady freed from many powerful demons during one of our public meetings in the Durban area:

 “Wanted to let you know that as I read your emails I cannot fathom out how you do what you do, the answer can only be from above and supernaturally. God has been good.

Everyday I look eagerly at my emails to see what God is doing with you, it is such an inspiration to me and all your people across the world. As I read through your events tears well up in my eyes to see what you do, the many hours of warfare and writings, for someone that has a family and does what you do, I salute you Apostle Jay Bartlett.

You don’t look at anyone differently but only with the love of Jesus. You never fail to see the spiritual needs of people, you are constantly giving that heavenly love and concern to all you meet.This is being written in your spiritual account in the archives of heaven, the only difference is that yours is surely overflowing. All you need to do is keep going because one day their is going to be a reward so great that our finite minds cannot understand how on that great day, God will greet us and say “well done, my good and faithful servant.” Image God saying Thank you to you ” Wow !

After you prayed for us in PMB South Africa we are feeling so much better, we can see changes in our lives and are so blessed. Although I feel I need more deliverance, I am hoping to be totally delivered from all my pains as I study your material. Cannot wait to get a copy of your latest book, and was so excited to see that you wrote so many more. 

All this makes so much sense after seeing you fight those demons.

My husband, daughter (9 years old and has so much respect for you after seeing you do warfare) and myself are praying daily for you ever since we met. We pray for strength through the services, for your health and safety, not forgetting your dear wife that sacrifices so much and your little kids. Just to mention that sometimes I am awaken in the middle of the night just to say a prayer for you and a reminder comes sometimes during the day. All I can say is keep safe and only believe.”

Another South African writing to report of their healing:

“Dear Jay, Thank you for sending me the stories of deliverance in Australia.  It is good to know that so many people are benefitting from your ministry. I myself am still free from the demons you chased out. What Jesus takes away, is gone indeed!”

Then one from a Asian pastor whom we visited which resulted in a personal revival:

“Dear Jay, I just want to share with you what Hof is doing last Sunday on our church service. The Holy Spirit move mightily after my preaching. I lead the people in asking forgiveness to God and lead from curse breaking and there will be a mass deliverance at that time. Some are baptize in Holy Spirit and some rolling on the floor in laughing in the Spirit. Wow, God is moving so powerfully in His own way. There will be an instant healing while we are worshiping The Lord. I always remember since the time that you came here God revive me and there will be also revival in the church. I’ve seen now the impact of the impartation of the Anointing from above.”

This is what I was born to do –to proclaim Jesus, to drive out demons, to heal the sick and those broken in heart and to equip others to do the same! This global mission is truly impacting souls on a global scale. Please continue to pray for us and invest into the work of this gospel mission. 

7 Hours of Exorcisms in Houston, Deliverance Minister FREED!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Sunday night before a jammed packed conference hall in Houston, Texas, we publicly battled the forces of Satan in the conquering name of Jesus! As often the case, in our public meetings, we had precious souls travel great distances from around the nation to attend this Church of the Cross public deliverance service for spiritual freedom. The meeting hall was filled with capacity and even with extra chairs brought in we had to add another additional meeting room to meet the spiritual needs of those who had arrived for help and prayer. 

For more than 7 hours I led the body of Christ in Holy Communion, taught from the WORD, prayed for the sick, those broken in heart, and drove out demons in Jesus name. Moreover, I was honored to formally ordain a dear brother named Stanley as a pastor. There was great participation among those who were attending. After teaching on spiritual warfare I shared the gospel and a precious 10 year old boy surrendered to the Lord Jesus before all those in the meeting hall! After his salvation experience he shared with me that he wanted to be used of God to cast out demons too! Love it!

I then proceeded to lead everyone in mass deliverance prayers and within seconds demons were manifesting within those in attendance. On this night, there were very strange demonic contortions, screams, foaming at the mouth, animalistic sounds, convulsions, and other demonic behavior on display. The Holy Spirit directed me to a young lady, perhaps in her mid-20’s– who was under great attack the entire night. As I began to pray over her a spirit surfaced named, “Hate.” 

“I’m here because she was molested by every man in her life. I’m not leaving. I’m here to stay. I make her hate everyone,” the demons of hate revealed, “I’m telling you right now, we are not leaving!”

You know, my friend, what happens next, don’t you? Yes, they aggressively and boastfully stated they were staying but Jesus is Lord and they must obey Him! They ended up in the PIT!

Not only was the spirits of hate present within her but also many vicious and aggressive spirits of witchcraft, human sacrifice, blood sacrifice, animal sacrifice, divination, Satanism, occultism, spiritualism, Santeria and so much more. They growled. They groaned. They moaned. They sought to battled me however the power of the cross was too great for them and they literally bowed to the ground in the presence of the power of the cross! As I led this young woman in prayer to renounce these generational and personal sins the demons had no hope of winning this battle. All of them were expelled out of this woman’s body. 

I had the demonic spirits release the ancestral parts and the dissociative parts of the heart and all of them were swiftly sent to Jesus. In this particular battle we had to fight so many kinds of spirits –trauma, abandonment, rejection, bitterness, anger, murder, Jezebel, death, suicide, rage, shame and so many others. They fought as hard they could to stay within this young lady for you must understand her ancestors had participated in sadistic satanic sacrifices involving animal and human blood. So many generational curses were renounced and broken in Jesus name and the demonic spirits screamed out of her!

“Jay, I feel so much lighter now,” as her face shone with deep peace, post deliverance!

Obviously, more work needs to be done but significant deliverance has taken place in her life and I rejoice in this! 

That powerful public exorcism was simply just the beginning. All night long, well past midnight (we started the service at 5pm) we drove out untold numbers of evil spirits, healed broken hearts and various kinds of physical afflictions were healed also in Jesus name! 

There were a handful of believers present who had been affected by witchcraft curses and spells by enemies of the cross. These precious believers were freed! One young lady, a teacher by profession, traveled with her family to the meeting and experienced a dramatic deliverance. As soon as I began to pray over her, very strange kinds of devils surfaced from within her including some strong voodoo spirits that twisted her body like a pretzel. Seriously, these spirits were hell bent to ensure her body was contorted. At one point I had the demons hold onto my holy cross and immediately they inverted the cross in mockery. I rebuked the demons and they obeyed the commands of Jesus. 

This precious lady had been invaded by numerous voodoo, African witchcraft, Jezebel, Baal, and idol worshipping demonic entities. They fought me aggressively but they were forced out in Jesus name, as all of these sins and curses were broken over her life. Moreover, it was interesting to note that many of the demons gained access to her life because of various individuals whom she works with had been sending voodoo curses to her with the hopes of destroying this woman. My friends, you just never know who might be trying to hinder, to afflict, to destroy you. This is why we must remain on guard and be pro-active in spiritual warfare! 

Another woman in the meeting was surfacing powerful Buddhist spirits hell bent on staying within this prison evangelist who was herself a deliverance minister. Throughout the night she received freedom as spirits were confronted and expelled in Jesus name. Only a few members of her family have trusted in Christ so the generational bloodline was dominated by ancestral worshipping, idol worshipping, and Buddhist spirits. Many of these demons were confronted and expelled in Jesus name!

Yet another woman in the audience manifested spirits —demons of rejection, cruelty, and trauma. Along with the demons were many various broken heart parts that were deeply hurt. Many of them were healed by Jesus and oneness occurred within her formerly shattered heart. The spirit cruelty, at one point, even threw this precious woman to the ground in an attempt to harm her. All of these vile demons were driven out in Jesus name!

Others in the meeting hall received deliverance from demons and healed from various afflictions. The warfare was intense however the grace and mercy of our God was very much present. Many were trained now to minister to those especially in the areas of inner healing where there is a real deep need to offer spiritual healing to those broken in heart. For the past several years we are seeing many broken heart parts healed very quickly by Jesus and many experiencing a whole heart for the first time in a very long time. Jesus has come to heal the brokenhearted this we know!

It was well after 3am before I was able to get back to bed to get some rest then back up to catch another flight. It’s been a hectic few days catching flights all over America. While in Indiana we were able to remove more than 7 bags full on cursed objects out of a elderly man’s home that had been experiencing night attacks. All day ministry there and then non-stop ministry in Houston. Please pray for me. I need supernatural grace and strength. Pray for my health. The pace I’m on is astounding. I’m really praying for the Holy Spirit to fill me with His fire that will sustain me.

Victim of voodoo inquires: “Pastor Jay do you use black or white magic in your exorcisms?”

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Here with the family enjoying Southern California. We have been spending a lot of time on Coronado Beach on Coronado Island the past several days enjoying the cool waters of the Pacific and the sun drenched sands. The kids are absolutely loving it! We also journeyed out by boat for some whale watching. We were told it’s been a hit and miss season with the whale sightings however on this trip we were able to see a handful of whales, dolphins and some sea lions too. It’s been a refreshing vacation and yet I still find myself casting out demons. Allow me to explain.

We have been visiting various coastal cities here on the West Coast and while driving the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me that I was needing to call back an elderly lady who lives in Queens, New York, who has desperately reached out for spiritual assistance. As some of you know, I normally do not conduct phone ministry as it can be so time consuming, as one call can easily last for hours. However the Holy Spirit told me to call this woman, so I obeyed! I’m sure I glad I did because I received a massive blessing!

This dear woman was so excited that I called and began to share her story. She started off by telling me she had recently visited a voodoo priest and undergone a ritual in the ocean. She then inquired, “Pastor Jay, do you use white or black magic in your exorcisms?”

I abruptly stopped her and shared with this woman that it is forbidden to utilize black or white magic in an exorcism and that the power I use derives from the Lord Jesus Christ. Obviously with the kind of inquiry she offered I immediately wondered to myself if she had ever encountered the Lord Jesus in an salvation experience. 

“Have you ever been born again by the power of the Holy Spirit?”

“Well, no, I have been water baptized, tho, but never by the Holy Spirit,” she replied.

There it was. No wonder this woman has suffered so much, for so many years. No Jesus, no peace. I briefly shared the love of Jesus with her and she began to weep. For a very long time she has suffered at the hands of witchdoctors, voodoo practitioners, sorcerers, spiritualists, and occultists. Many of them have lured her into participating in dark rituals and satanic ceremonies leading her into deep demonic bondage. The deep cries spoke of her intense spiritual pain. 

I led in a prayer to receive Jesus and this precious woman was born into God’s eternal Kingdom. She kept on crying and immediately a little girl surfaced within this woman and spoke to me with such sadness and despair. I led this little one (a dissociative identity who took upon the pain for all of these years) into the arms of Jesus for healing. I then began the warfare and with great screams, coughing and chocking many demons left this woman’s body in Jesus name. She was so relieved and peaceful after this powerful deliverance. I encouraged her to rest in the presence of God and she readily agreed. 

My friends, in season and out of season: preach Jesus! On holiday, on vacation, wherever you might be, God is always wanting to rescue souls. Be ever aware that the Holy Spirit desires to speak to His children! Here I was with enjoying my family on a beautiful vacation and yet experienced the joys of leading a soul to Jesus, seeing her healed and delivered from demons! Can it get any better than that? This is the LIFE Jesus desires for all of us to experience.

Miraculously Cured from Insanity, Now Desires the Mission Fields of Africa!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I arrived back home after a very long but fruitful mission to Southern California and to Australia. I was at home for an overnight stay and now back on the road, this time with my entire family, back in California. Been enjoying the beautiful beaches on Coronado Island with my kids earlier today. Being out near the ocean is a powerful means to recharge ones spiritual batteries as these long journeys to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia are at times simply mind numbing in that you are stuck in a very small cramped environment for hours on end with little relief. God is gracious and provided strength and protection.

For the past few weeks I have been conducting more than 20 meetings, private and public, in more than 8 different cities, across Southern California and Victoria and we are witnesses of the fact that Jesus is superior to any other spiritual force in our day. The amazing miracles point, demonstrate, reveal the victorious nature of King Jesus! Many experienced salvation too as they were captured by the love of Jesus. Some of the testimonies we are receiving are stunning! So many freed from various kinds of torments, demonic spirits, and afflictions of all sorts. Moreover, many equipped to carry on this work of the Kingdom. 

A few nights ago while teaching and ministering at the Revival Centre, in Victoria, I came across a man who have been deeply troubled by very strong spirits of madness and insanity. While in the midst of our mass deliverance prayers, demons within him surfaced (his father was in utter shock) and boasted how they had been tormenting him for a very long time and they were not finished yet with the work they had started so long ago. They were quite animated and vocal about their intent on destroying this young man. These spirits of insanity were glaring out of his eyes with such mental depravity. They wanted him to believe he was insane when in reality he wasn’t at all. He just needed an exorcism. We performed the exorcism and he was freed from these vicious spirits that sought to enslave him with the bondage of insanity. Not only was he freed from many demons but he also LOOKS different. In the following evening meeting which he attended I noticed how different he looked. His eyes spoke of clarity, purpose and peace! I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to conduct the exorcism. This is what we did and he was miraculously cured from madness and insanity. He recently emailed me and to share that since his deliverance, he now desires to serve Jesus on the mission fields in Africa.

“Hi Jay its John here, the one who was delivered of insanity, any way I have done a lot of praying and I feel as though going to Africa is a HUGE step in the right direction and I talked to my fiance and she also wants to come along as we both feel that this sort of thing is what God has planned for our lives. God bless you.”

This is very refreshing to hear! Here’s a man just recently liberated from the mental chains of insanity now desiring to enter the mission field to impact others with the message of freedom. I know God will use Him greatly for His kingdom purposes.

Demonstration of the Power of God in Australia

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

We are seeing the demonstration of the power of God over evil, disease, death and the devil in all of our many meetings here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia these past 8 days on non-stop ministry. This has been my 4th visit to Australia just in the past 8 months and in each and every visit I’m seeing the power of the Holy Spirit being unleashed upon in every public meeting. 

The apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 2:4, “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power…” This is my heart’s desire to demonstrate the power of the cross in public gatherings so souls might see the power of Jesus. Tonight’s meeting we witnessed the power of God that led hearts to be opened to the gospel. A handful of souls were won to Jesus as a result of them seeing that our God is indeed the Living God.

Within moments me praying demons manifested from a young man. Numerous death spirits convulsed him and violently came out of him. Immediately I felt the Holy Spirit touch many hearts and as the Spirit moved people began to open their lives to Jesus! I then proceeded to deal with some demons within a young lady whose parents were devout Hindus. As soon as I began to pray over Hindu spirits surfaced and boasted how they were tormenting her. I immediately held up my holy cross and the demons bowed quickly and confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord. This holy cross has been a powerful instrument these past few days here in Australia. I have seen many demons quickly flee. As I raised the cross over the demons they were greatly weakened and backed away. I then called for many angels to quickly enter the room and to hold the young lady as the demons attempted to get the woman to avoid me and the cross. The angels came and held her so I might destroy the works of darkness within her.

“I’m scared of looking at you, I see Jesus in you,” the demons told me, “We are holding her heart. We are coming through her brother and father.”

I broke off the spiritual connections from the brother and father and led the lady in prayer to renounce all Hindu practices and their many false gods and goddesses. I then led her to call upon Jesus. I then called up the demonic spirits and they quickly surfaced. 

I told them to look at the ascended Lord Jesus and as they did they confessed: He tells us to go to the pit!

I then commanded the spirits of torment and of Satan to leave the body and to go to the pit in Jesus name. They quickly departed and entered that pit. She was FREE! The smile, the peace, the joy said it all! She was truly FREE! I then allowed her to hold the holy cross and immediately she almost fell out as the rest of God came upon her. Her heart was being healed by the love of Jesus! It was beautiful to see!

All of these power encounters allowed me to demonstrate, in public, that our God was superior to all other gods. Amen!

I also ministered to a young lady tormented by a death spirit. As I began to pray for her it surfaced quickly and shook her body. It spoke to me and said it had no right to her so I proceeded to drive it out in Jesus name and as I did it quickly entered that pit! I also allowed this young lady to embrace the holy cross and she immediately felt the love and power of the cross of Jesus! It was so wonderful to see the love of God heal so many hearts! 

As Jesus set her free, she jumped up and down so excited about the new found freedom. She shouted: Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus for setting me FREE!

This is why I travel as much as I do all over the earth. I want to see people FREE. Also during this special meeting I allowed other ministers conduct public deliverance and many other souls were set free by the power of God! Moreover, I also formally ordained Joan Smale and Maurice Chapman into the gospel ministry and commissioned them to GO to preach the gospel to all of the world. 

On this night I also received some comforting prophetic words from the Lord God Almighty! Words of love and His desire to use me around the globe. I had failed to mention that even last night the Lord graciously appeared to me in a vision where I saw myself as a little boy sitting with Jesus and Jesus loving me with comforting words. It was so nice to be sitting with Jesus! 

Lucifer, Hindu, Buddhist, Jezebel Demons Defeated in Australian Mission

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What an honor it has been to serve my precious friends here in Melbourne, Australia. We are seeing the power of God increase in each and every night during this mission. Many are experiencing instant deliverance as curses are being broken and demons cast out during group prayers. Furthermore, we are experiencing many heart parts being quickly healed by Jesus. For the past several years I’m seeing thousands of people being healed of dissociation rather quickly. Broken hearts parts are ready to experience the healing of Jesus and thus joining back to the heart of the one who experienced deep brokenness. 

Tonight was full on as numerous violent spirits surfaced from among those in attendance on this Sunday night public deliverance service. After a brief teaching from God’s Word and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began praying for people. We battled very violent Buddhist, Hindu, Satanic, Insanity, and Jezebel demonic spirits during the service. The demons screamed, they moaned, they growled, they convulsed, they violently twisted bodies as I commanded the spirits to submit to King Jesus!

For many hours deep into the night at the Revival Centre we battled multitudes of demons within those in the crowd. One former Hindu devotee manifested very violent spirits.

“Whose your Jesus? He has no power over me!” they boasted to me.

So, I placed my holy consecrated cross (whom my brother Bob Larson personally anointed for me last year after speaking at his international conference) upon them and they reacted in agony as the power of the cross greatly weakened them. They screamed wildly. 

“She belongs to us. We will never leave. We are too powerful,” the spirits angrily informed me.

It was revealed there were 37 Lucifer spirits and 37 Snake spirits that had brought into her body numerous physical and mental afflictions such as cancer, asthma, and much more which brought great suffering upon this woman’s life. Many of these spirits entered through generational curses as a result of her ancestors participating in idol worship, devil worship, sorcery, spiritism, Hindu ceremonial participation and the act of worshipping snakes in strange snake temples. 

As we battled the demons in Jesus name, they in return began to twisted her horribly. I responded by placing the holy cross upon them and they greatly weakened and confessed their defeat by Jesus! Moreover, I led this former Hindu in prayers affirming her faith in Jesus and her commitment to the one true God and as she did the spirits of Lucifer and Snake spirits were then commanded out of the body resulting in her new found freedom! Her smile spoke volumes of the peace she was finally experiencing after so many years of torment.

We also came across a number of Buddhist spirits that had blinded his mind and many Buddhist mind controlling spirits that were hell bent on destroying this man. As I poured holy water upon his head the spirits reacted with screams and violence. They threw him to the ground and he withered horribly. It required us fighting in the name of Jesus. I also discovered that this man had turned his back on his once Christian faith and started following Buddhism which brought deep demonization. I led him to commit his life to Jesus Christ then repented of his involvement in Buddhism and idol worship. Once he did this the spirits reacted aggressively. Again they were extremely violent however they were defeated as this young man had now placed his faith in Jesus for salvation. The many Buddhist spirits were driven out and immediately the man confessed to feeling freedom!

As we broke generational curses many more demons screamed out in agony as I walked around the large sanctuary with my holy cross. One man that was terribly vexed with evil powers was a young man, perhaps in his mid-20’s. As I walked around I noticed the demons were surfacing with rage and violence. As I approached him, these violent demons quickly surfaced wanting to fight. They twisted the man’s body and spirits spoke out of him. I immediately commanded many holy angels to come down from heaven to assist me in this warfare. They did come and assist me. They picked up the body of the demonized man and brought them to the front of the sanctuary where we continued on with the ministry. 

Powerful spirits of madness and insanity surfaced and gleefully boasted of causing mind afflictions. “We make him crazy!” the spirits boasted.

The demons contorted this young man’s body is grotesque forms and fought me. They laughed in an insane manner and gleefully boasted how they wanted to destroy him through insanity and madness. This young man cried and begged for us to intervene. 

They were forced by Jesus to release his mind and body! The spirits of insanity and madness were determined to fight but they lost on this night as the people of God fought with me in defeating devils in Jesus name! The spirits came out and quickly this man experienced a right mind that for many years was so terribly vexed! Jesus healed this young man’s head and liberated him from numerous evil spirits. His heart experienced deep inner healing too. Which leads me to this: in every meeting multitudes of heart parts have been supernaturally healed. This is a supernatural mark of this mission –the driving out of demons and healing broken heart parts in Jesus name!

This young man’s father also manifested spirits and they were driven out also. Both of them truly experienced a dramatic deliverance and healing. It was intensely powerful to witness! He was so happy! Here was a young man terribly afflicted with madness now experiencing joy. His father testified to all of us that his son had been suffering for many years from these tormenting demons. On this night, Jesus proved Himself to be Lord and defeated these vile beings!

Several women manifested powerful Jezebel demons that screamed at me and mocked. The violently screamed and fell to the ground withering. In many of these cases, on this night, it took a handful of men to assist me in restraining these demonized individuals. As Jezebel was renounced the demons were driven out in the name of Jesus. It was amazing to watch the power of God on display before all to witness! 

I truly sense the empowerment of the Holy Spirit fire on my hand and used that to burn many demons. I called forth holy angels and they assisted me greatly including one powerful leading angel that held people in place so that I might minister to them effectively. The love of Jesus was quite strong with all of us and the power of the Spirit was present. I was also thankful to my many ministry partners –Maurice, Joan, Elliott, Lisa, Mark and Narelle who assisted me in ministering to so many others on this night of victory over the powers of demons! 

At the conclusion of the meeting, many offered water, oils and other objects to be blessed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I also ministered to one young man whom I laid my hands on and the Holy Spirit came upon him so strongly that he fell out under the glory of Jesus. Earlier in the meeting, an African women was quickly delivered and she also fell out under the power of the Holy Spirit. The inner and physical healing these souls experienced was powerful! 

Though the violence was extreme in some cases, Jesus prevailed and conquered the powers of the devil. The people were encouraged and many souls strengthened by the Holy Spirit! More meetings tomorrow! Your prayers are having a dramatic affect on these meetings. Continue to intercede in Jesus name!

Jesus is KING!

Jesus Power: Miracle After Miracle Here in Victoria!

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have been receiving powerful testimonies from so many these few days here in Victoria, Australia. Multitudes of miracles have taken place. It’s been difficult to keep up with documenting them all. To the right of me, even now, I have a stack of notes from those assisting me in documentation, that reveal the many miracles that have taken place to the glory of God! Allow me to share one with you from a precious young lady who whose family been experiencing incredible liberation from the forces of darkness. We need more testimonies as each and every testimony demonstrates that the power of Jesus is greater than the powers of hell! Amen!

“Jay Sir I would like to thank you so very very much and testify to you to encourage you that that thing that death demon and Jezebel in my mum that is now GONE has been tormenting us for too long but PRAISE God we are all set free!!!!!….. I have my mum back!!!!!! I know there is a lot of demons in me that are Gone in Jesus’s appointed time that I can feel that hate me testifying right now haha im so happy thank you for comming to Australia this lost nation and Sir I would really really love to help out I dont know how im waiting for God to tell me what to do but Id love to help you and many others I can see your heart is GOOD and your boys wow your boys are going to be mighty praise God haha but I wont go on just want to thank you and bless you and I was ….well I wasn’t but the demons in me and my little sis were very angry about comming here at you as you could tell in my previous emails we did not want to go I can tell you that haha but God is bigger and we went thank you im sorry for being angry toward this ministry and God and bless you forever If you need anything at all Sir I will do anything at the drop of a hat praise God. God bless you abundantly.”

Here’s another beautiful testimony:

“Dear Pr. Jay, I just wanted to say thanks for the role you played in freeing my husband and my subsequent deliverance as well! It’s been 2 years of seeing him go from glory to glory. Free from addictions to pornography and computer gaming. He is now a powerhouse for God. The spiritual head of the house and able to pull down the glory of God down. Bless you.”

So many amazing testimonies are being shared at the meetings, in notes, and emails. It’s been a blessing to receive them! I am here to serve you in Jesus name!

For the past 9 days I have been traveling and visiting numerous cities throughout Southern California and Victoria, Australia where we have been seeing the mighty work of the Holy Spirit freeing souls from satanic bondage. I have held nearly 20 meetings these past 9 days reaching many hundreds with the gospel. Many dozens have already been delivered from evil spirits, healed from a broken heart and healed of various torments, and infirmities. We are also excited about seeing so many equipped to carry on this work of the Kingdom. This mission in Australia is reaching many generations of the Aussies with the fullness of the gospel. 

These past few days have been phenomenal. Our meetings have been marked with the power of God! So many demons are being expelled. We are demonstrating for all to SEE that Jesus is more powerful than sickness, pains, demons and death! Many thousands spirits of Jezebel, death, curses, sickness, pains are exiting bodies and souls. So many people are also coming to Jesus as Lord! This entire week we are seeing precious souls turning to Jesus for salvation. Even tonight I asked who wanted to receive Christ and hands were raised indicating their desire to follow Jesus. 

Last night, in a small community public hall, we were ministering deep into the night, teaching, praying for the sick, casting out demons and healing hearts. Powerful spirits of Freemasonry, Satanism, Spiritism, and the Occult surfaced desiring to undermine and battle me. At on the onset it was quite difficult to minister as there were multiple spiritual walls in place hindering me as I ministered. I pressed onward and broke through. One precious woman was freed from numerous spirits of death and Jezebel and experienced deep emotional healing. Many broken heart parts were healed by Jesus. We also ministered to a young man who had been tormented for a long time and he was healed by Jesus. One man in his 50’s was dramatically healed as he forgave his mother whom he hated and wanted to kill. As he forgave, I battled the demons of murder and they were driven out in Jesus name! So many heart parts were healed by Jesus!

On that night many demons confessed: “We have been here for hundreds of years and no one has ever battled us until now!”

Many spirits were holding onto ancestral curses from 320 to 400 years ago! These were broken and demons were cast out in Jesus name!

As I mentioned tonight’s service was exciting in that precious souls were brought into the Kingdom of God! Then after partaking of Holy Communion, we began to deal with demons. Within minutes evil spirits surfaced and with loud cries demons came out! I commanded demons to leave in Jesus name and some were experiencing amazing measure of freedom from evil. One lady we brought to the front manifested powerful spirits of Baal, Jezebel and death. With great violence the spirits confessed they had gone back many hundreds of years as result of human and animal blood sacrifices. I also led those attending the meeting to join me in breaking off these powerful curses in Jesus name. As she broke off the generational curses we battled the demons and commanded them out. With loud cries many spirits departed. Many heart parts were healed and joy was found in this meeting on this night! The faces of those delivered tell the real story–faces that shone the light, the pace, and the joy of Jesus! It was deeply encouraging to see Jesus free so many!