Jesus Power: Miracle After Miracle Here in Victoria!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have been receiving powerful testimonies from so many these few days here in Victoria, Australia. Multitudes of miracles have taken place. It’s been difficult to keep up with documenting them all. To the right of me, even now, I have a stack of notes from those assisting me in documentation, that reveal the many miracles that have taken place to the glory of God! Allow me to share one with you from a precious young lady who whose family been experiencing incredible liberation from the forces of darkness. We need more testimonies as each and every testimony demonstrates that the power of Jesus is greater than the powers of hell! Amen!

“Jay Sir I would like to thank you so very very much and testify to you to encourage you that that thing that death demon and Jezebel in my mum that is now GONE has been tormenting us for too long but PRAISE God we are all set free!!!!!….. I have my mum back!!!!!! I know there is a lot of demons in me that are Gone in Jesus’s appointed time that I can feel that hate me testifying right now haha im so happy thank you for comming to Australia this lost nation and Sir I would really really love to help out I dont know how im waiting for God to tell me what to do but Id love to help you and many others I can see your heart is GOOD and your boys wow your boys are going to be mighty praise God haha but I wont go on just want to thank you and bless you and I was ….well I wasn’t but the demons in me and my little sis were very angry about comming here at you as you could tell in my previous emails we did not want to go I can tell you that haha but God is bigger and we went thank you im sorry for being angry toward this ministry and God and bless you forever If you need anything at all Sir I will do anything at the drop of a hat praise God. God bless you abundantly.”

Here’s another beautiful testimony:

“Dear Pr. Jay, I just wanted to say thanks for the role you played in freeing my husband and my subsequent deliverance as well! It’s been 2 years of seeing him go from glory to glory. Free from addictions to pornography and computer gaming. He is now a powerhouse for God. The spiritual head of the house and able to pull down the glory of God down. Bless you.”

So many amazing testimonies are being shared at the meetings, in notes, and emails. It’s been a blessing to receive them! I am here to serve you in Jesus name!

For the past 9 days I have been traveling and visiting numerous cities throughout Southern California and Victoria, Australia where we have been seeing the mighty work of the Holy Spirit freeing souls from satanic bondage. I have held nearly 20 meetings these past 9 days reaching many hundreds with the gospel. Many dozens have already been delivered from evil spirits, healed from a broken heart and healed of various torments, and infirmities. We are also excited about seeing so many equipped to carry on this work of the Kingdom. This mission in Australia is reaching many generations of the Aussies with the fullness of the gospel. 

These past few days have been phenomenal. Our meetings have been marked with the power of God! So many demons are being expelled. We are demonstrating for all to SEE that Jesus is more powerful than sickness, pains, demons and death! Many thousands spirits of Jezebel, death, curses, sickness, pains are exiting bodies and souls. So many people are also coming to Jesus as Lord! This entire week we are seeing precious souls turning to Jesus for salvation. Even tonight I asked who wanted to receive Christ and hands were raised indicating their desire to follow Jesus. 

Last night, in a small community public hall, we were ministering deep into the night, teaching, praying for the sick, casting out demons and healing hearts. Powerful spirits of Freemasonry, Satanism, Spiritism, and the Occult surfaced desiring to undermine and battle me. At on the onset it was quite difficult to minister as there were multiple spiritual walls in place hindering me as I ministered. I pressed onward and broke through. One precious woman was freed from numerous spirits of death and Jezebel and experienced deep emotional healing. Many broken heart parts were healed by Jesus. We also ministered to a young man who had been tormented for a long time and he was healed by Jesus. One man in his 50’s was dramatically healed as he forgave his mother whom he hated and wanted to kill. As he forgave, I battled the demons of murder and they were driven out in Jesus name! So many heart parts were healed by Jesus!

On that night many demons confessed: “We have been here for hundreds of years and no one has ever battled us until now!”

Many spirits were holding onto ancestral curses from 320 to 400 years ago! These were broken and demons were cast out in Jesus name!

As I mentioned tonight’s service was exciting in that precious souls were brought into the Kingdom of God! Then after partaking of Holy Communion, we began to deal with demons. Within minutes evil spirits surfaced and with loud cries demons came out! I commanded demons to leave in Jesus name and some were experiencing amazing measure of freedom from evil. One lady we brought to the front manifested powerful spirits of Baal, Jezebel and death. With great violence the spirits confessed they had gone back many hundreds of years as result of human and animal blood sacrifices. I also led those attending the meeting to join me in breaking off these powerful curses in Jesus name. As she broke off the generational curses we battled the demons and commanded them out. With loud cries many spirits departed. Many heart parts were healed and joy was found in this meeting on this night! The faces of those delivered tell the real story–faces that shone the light, the pace, and the joy of Jesus! It was deeply encouraging to see Jesus free so many!

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