More Souls Won to Jesus! Amazing Miracles of Deliverance & Healing!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Still here in Melbourne, Australia continuing the work of the gospel as in nearly every meeting souls are being won to Jesus, heart parts are seeing the risen Savior, healed from various kinds of torments, delivered from demons, and hearts being repaired by Jesus. These past few days have been busy as we have held a intensive training seminar at the Australian Basic in Life Headquarters where we had a good turnout of hungry souls desiring to learn about the ministry of healing and deliverance. For many hours I taught from the Scriptures and many saints were equipped to carry on the work of the gospel. Then that evening we conducted a powerful public deliverance service where many were prayed for.

Some very violent Freemasonry spirits surfaced within a precious 60 year old French Canadian living now here in the Melbourne area who has been very determined to receive liberation from the dark forces of Satan that have bound her for so many years. These Freemasonry spirits fought me furiously however they were cast into the pit in Jesus name! As these spirits were expelled many broken heart parts surfaced and were healed by Jesus. This precious saint was clearly feeling much better and testified of such. 

Many Islamic and Hindu spirits surfaced from within a Indian man that was attending the meeting with his wife. As I prayed for him, he fell to the ground and rolled around as many Islamic spirits surfaced and spoke to me.

“We are here because he came to us, as he entered a Mosque as a young child,” the spirits informed me.

We discovered that this man, who appeared to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s had been taken by his parents, as a child, to an Islamic Mosque and was prayed over by a Islamic priest. Since he submitted to the laying upon of hands an evil spirit transferred into him as a result. The demonic spirits then proceeded to take control vast areas of his mind bringing much torment. A number of Hindu spirits surfaced also whom boasted about placing satanic garments over his body. These were removed as was the torment. These spirits were all commanded to leave in the name of Jesus. As they departed a little heart part surfaced, crying. 

I inquired why he was so sad.

“I’m scared because a priest laid hands upon me in the Mosque.”

Apparently this was so deeply traumatizing for him as a child, as a result of being forced to visit a Mosque and then having received prayer from the Islamic priest. The part was truly frightened. I had the little one go to Jesus and the little one was dramatically healed by Jesus. The deliverance and healing in this man was dramatic and powerfully demonstrated.

Another person we ministered to had a snake demonic spirit that held onto a soul part of the animal thus tormenting this precious disciple. We forced the animal soul part out of person along with the many snake spirits that had invaded. So many heart parts were being healed by Jesus! So many souls experiencing deliverance from demonic spirits. There were a number of people testifying of supernatural physical healing also. 

Then earlier this evening we held a public exorcism meeting at a Pentecostal church that was nearly jammed packed with souls hungering for deliverance and healing. I preached the gospel and more souls were won to Jesus on this night. Moreover, many demons surfaced within those in the meeting. Many violent demons screaming out of their victims. Some were going through horrific convulsions. Again many heart parts were also surfacing during the duration of the meeting that needed healing. Many hearts were healed on this night. 

It was beautiful to see many souls experience deliverance as I simply led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. Many spirits were flying out of bodies and souls on this night. I even had a remarkable encounter with a precious woman, who had not been born-again, while leaving for the night, after concluding the meeting, who had mentioned to me that she had horrible back problems and pains. I asked her if she would be willing to surrender to Jesus if He healed her back and she said she would. So, I commanded her back to be healed in Jesus name. Instantly, she testified of feeling no more pain in her back. She was then ready and open to receive Jesus as Lord. It was awesome to see another soul surrender to Jesus on this night of miracles. 

My friends, in each meeting we are seeing the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit and we look forward to more meetings in a few hours. Appreciate all your prayers. Jesus is Lord!

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