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Man set free to serve Christ Jesus!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Yesterday, a man was set free from sexual, pornographic, and lustful spirits that he said had plagued him for 6 months. He asked for release from all of this, and the Lord was faithful (of course)!

 During the 2 and 1/2 hour session, Anger, Bitterness, Lust, Fantasy Lust, Sexual spirits, and many more were cast into the pit! The man had trouble with his neck, he reported. But as I placed the scriptures on his neck, the spirits came shuffling out like kids running outside for recess!

Praise God!

Posted by: Joey Guess   

The captives are being set free in Texas!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

WOW! What a mighty God we serve! The captives are being set free in Texas! Yesterday, I was in a session where I began to go back and reiterate some things that had been done in a previous session, soul ties, breaking down strong holds, etc. This person merely re-forgave two people that had been forgiven before……When I confronted the demons, they just began to POUR out one after the other. Not even stopping to talk to me! When I did find one that would stop and talk to me on his way out, he said:

Demon: “I was in charge of ________.”

Note that word “was” in charge….

Me: “Who took over for you?”

Demon: “Nobody took over for me. You broke my ability to stay. You made this person forgive the sister. Now I have to go!”

This is what they ALL said when I managed to talk to a few of them. Folks, this is SO powerful! This person broke the soul ties in the air, forgave everyone, and BAM! It was as if this person just walked RIGHT up to the enemy, grabbed their guns, and threw them on the ground, COMPLETELY disarming them! They were running for the hills!

Death, Envy, Jealousy, Suicide, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Valve Trouble and many more were cast out in Jesus’ Mighty Name! They all just ran for 3 hours straight!

Forgiveness: One HUGE key to victory!

 Posted by: Joey Guess

Praising the Lord for My Freedom!

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

A dear saint recently shared this victory report:

“Well it seems the Lord is really Good !!!!

In the past week I have finally been successful in attaining deliverance (though not me but obviously – the Lord). He has answered my (and others’) prayers.

Last Wednesday afternoon the christian couple who has been laboring with me all these months, and I, sat down sure that the Lord wanted to deliver me – that I was ready to relieve myself of some demonic bondage woot !

What happened when we started praying was amazing (when previously nothing had happened). We were led by the Holy Spirit to start praying against the power of Jezebel. Spirits started manifesting and coming out. Dozens of lesser sexual type spirits came out over the course of a few hours (which I will list later in the post).

Before we could get far with getting these spirits out the Spirit led us to cast out and sever a binding with a spirit of ‘escape from reality’ which had my heart seriously bound up. It had gotten in because of my history of escaping reality into computer games. We couldn’t get anything else out until this binding was dealt with as I suppose I couldn’t 100% repent until this binding was renounced and severed.

Toward the end one of the couple leading me in deliverance got the word ‘ghoulish’ and the other got a word at the same time ‘macarbe’. I myself got the picture of, and word, ‘zombie’. This was really odd to me as I had no clue you could have a ‘zombie spirit’. But we named it and it manifested with a terrible feeling of agony and oppression in my soul which made me groan and cry out to Jesus (who quickly showed up in power). It was shown me by the Spirit that this zombie spirit had come into me through playing a play-station game called “Resident Evil”. I was shown the exact moment it came in !

When it manifested the Holy Spirit was so powerful upon me I couldn’t feel my hands, I could only feel the searing flames of the Holy Spirit where my hands should be. The Spirit was like electricity on my lips. The zombie spirit however didn’t want to come out and it manifested and left me in a sort of stupor (like a mindless zombie). The Holy Spirit was actually purging and cleansing my hands from all the evil that had come into me through the use of a keyboard and game pads associated with computer games and console games – go figure !

Dozens of evil spirits came out through my hands and at one point my hands went rigid into a claw like position similar to that of hands using a keyboard !!!!! Anyway it became clear to us that the Spirit showed us the zombie/macarbe spirits for our future reference as to what he wanted to do in the next session so we wouldn’t get sidetracked from our next goal.

So the next session (which we had last night) we were led by the Spirit to go for ‘Death & Hell’. After doing repentance/renunciation work we started casting out. The Death & Hell power wasn’t keen to loose his grip so we bound him up and began casting out dozens of lesser demons. There were a couple of strongmen in there under the Death & Hell power including one the Spirit named ‘warlord’. Another particularly rebellious spirit who shouted in spite of being ordered not to speak was called ‘hunter’ (a very nasty one he was). I have no clue who these spirits were or where they came from but once they were out Death & Hell finally got his own butt whooped. The Holy Spirit came on me with amazing power and drove Death & Hell out. He came out with a lot of somewhat suppressed roaring of frustration (we did a good job of making sure they got ‘none of the glory’ by screaming or shouting haha – in fact only one spirit actually got to say a word).

Following Death & Hells departure some lesser spirits of death came out. As far as I recall the zombie/ghoulish spirits came out too along with that whole family. It was revealed during the deliverance that there was a strong satanic binding over my heart – which was broken. As I recall (my memory is hazy) it was this ‘warlord’ that was behind the satanic binding over my heart. All manner of spirits came out including but not limited to:

‘Death & Hell’ power; the strongman ‘warlord’ (with the satanic heart binding);
Hunter (whoever he was was a key player), rebellious spirits, zombie spirits, vampiric spirits of death and supernatural seduction, Ghoulish/macarbe spirits, spirits of the pits of hell, horror, terror, fear, mercilessness, hate, rage, anger, demonic lust, murder, torture, torment, cruelty, sick and twisted spirits, witchcraft spirits, spirits of blasphemy (many) against God, and God mocking spirits which kept manifesting throughout the deliverance and laughing, some lesser spirits of death and suicide, and many more ! (I think the other spirits of death and suicide still have bindings to rejection so should come out next session).

Earlier on in the week …
Jezebel power (I don’t think she actually came out herself until last night as she had to be named again after Death & Hell came out as they were bound together strongly) apparently prostitution spirits came out too which must have been generational and had Death & Hell and Jezebel linked powerfully (as the prostitutes house is a house of death it says in the O.T); spirits of masturbation, fornication, adultery, lust, filthy language, lust of the eyes, porn spirits, spirits of perversion (I will spare naming the worst ones), spirits of witchcraft and false prophecy, and more.

Needless to say I feel a lot lighter today !

As far as I know possibly up to or maybe over 100 spirits have come out though I couldn’t say with certainty until I read the recordings that were taken.

Next session we are going for a stronghold of rejection which I think is the root of a lot of my troubles. Rejection actually tried to sidetrack us from taking out Death & Hell early on in the deliverance but praise the Lord that the Spirit witnessed to the others that it was a ploy. I am hoping to shed the spirits of addiction and some spirits of infirmity too while we are at it though we will see how the next session goes.

There’s are a number of others to go for yet but these victories have been amazing and I am praising the Lord for my freedom!”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Nightmares Ceased!

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Recently many more have turned to Jesus when I preached the gospel at the Salvation Army evening chapel service, afterwards I was really encouraged as a Nigerian woman approached me and testified that when I was last there she was delivered of a demonic spirit (that had caused her horrible nightmares & attacked her sexually) that she felt leave her body while I prayed. She testified that the nightmares had ceased! God is doing a mighty work.

Submitted by Jay Bartlett