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In Perth, Australia: Buddhists Saved by Jesus & More Miracles!

Monday, May 8th, 2017

“I could feel them rise up against you to battle you,” the young man revealed to me, “They wanted to shout out at you and fight you!”

This young man was honest with me as he shared how the demons were stirring as I preached from God’s Word. I could feel the demonic violence rising up too but Jesus prevailed and millions of demons within his bloodline were commanded into the pit! The spiritual conflict was amazing to behold as Jesus came out triumphant. More on his amazing deliverance and healing in my next update.

As you can see it was another extremely powerful service here in Western Australia last night! There were spiritual fireworks as legions of demons were expelled including some and numerous dissociative identities were supernaturally healed and able to SEE King Jesus!

Please pray for me as I am having some difficulty with my sleeping patterns due to all of the traveling in recent days. I’m up now but feeling fatigued. Will be going back to bed soon however I must share with everyone the amazing miracles taking place here in Perth, Western Australia.

Last night at the Concordia Lutheran Church I was able to teach from the WORD, lead in Holy Communion and pray for those terribly afflicted with demonic powers. God was extremely gracious and provided all of us victory in the name of Jesus!

Moreover, we are seeing a continuation of the amazing miracles we are seeing all over the world –people seeing Jesus and holy angels, powerful angelic miracles, hearts healed, soul invaders removed, demons expelled and so much more….

Again, I was honored to lead souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! A family attended our services who were Buddhists and during the meeting, last night, I had the honor to lead them in a salvation prayer to declare Jesus is Lord! This Australia mission has started off well with salvation miracles!

After praying for this family they were able to witness many miraculous wonders of Jesus, including the deliverance of a young lady (pictured with me above on the right) whom I’ll refer to as Jessica. As I began to pray over her, demonic spirits surfaced and battled me. We battled back and the demons bowed to King Jesus!

Little heart parts surfaced from within her as a result of some deep hurt. They were swiftly guided to Jesus for deep healing and comfort. Suddenly, a soul invader surfaced –her father. He was removed from her life in the name of Jesus!

Then many of the demons who had been afflicting her surfaced including spirits of murder that had been in the bloodline for 800+ years as a result of ancestral murder and witchcraft. The demons spoke out of her:

“We are not leaving!,” the demons warned me, “We are staying here! We really hate you!”

I called forth the holy angels and they quickly arrived with spears and swords. The demons could SEE the holy angels and these angelic beings brought out their swords and spears and the demons were terrified. They tried to back up as they stared down the angelic weapons. I asked the holy angels to strike the demons and they did with force, weakening the demons. They submitted to the will of God and were commanded out of her body and mind. Jessica encountered an incredible deliverance and healing. She was smiling and so happy afterwards.