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Powerful Jesus Miracle Encounters!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m in awe. I truly am. I am so humbled to serve King Jesus! I’m on this spiritual train and it’s moving FAST! The Holy Spirit is touching so many hearts and healing so many lives. I am barely able to keep up; reporting all of the wonders of the Spirit of God. There are so many dozens of miracles in the past week I’m having difficulty sharing the many testimonies. There’s that many!

People are encountering the risen Jesus (ACTUALLY SEEING HIM), heart parts are being supernaturally restored, diseases are being removed, bodies being repaired, evil spirits cast out, soul invaders being removed and ancestral heart parts healed by Jesus! The extraordinary power encounters that are taking place are simply STAGGERING!

I’m running out of words, adjectives to describe the power of God being displayed in our midst. It’s amazing and stunning. I’m running with it. Today, our meeting and seminar was JAMMED PACKED as souls assembled to learn and to find freedom. Our Atlanta seminars are usually well attended and today was no exception. Individuals and families traveled great distances, some more then 4-5 hours to attend our meetings.

Earlier tonight, this brother and sister, pictured above, experienced some beautiful healing. However, I want to focus on the sister for a moment. I’ll refer to her as Lisa. She came to our meeting tonight via a invitation from her brother. Lisa had never attended a deliverance service before so didn’t know what to expect. So, she came to learn….and to experience God’s love.

The love of God was manifested during our service and the demons within Lisa erupted violently at first. They twisted her body and limbs. They cried out and viciously attacked. We battled back in Jesus name!

I called for the holy angels of God and they quickly came and assisted us in ministering to this young lady. The angels drew out their swords and struck the demons aggressively. The demons groaned and moaned in defeat. The angels, also, helped me out in restraining the potential violence from these vicious beings who, no doubt, wanted to afflict pain on others. I called upon the fire of God and the fire descended, in tremendous intensity thus greatly burning the demons. The demons weakened greatly and submitted.

In the midst of the warfare we encountered many heart parts, ancestral heart parts (including one birthed in the 19th century), and several human interjects (soul invaders). The invaders were forced out in Jesus name and the demons attached to them. We also guided the heart parts to Jesus!

The first group of demons that surfaced was named

Lazarus. He spoke out of Lisa and revealed much:

“We are here to KILL her! We are here to destroy her life. We bring so many sicknesses and pains. We almost killed her recently,” the spirits of Lazarus revealed to us, “We have been in the bloodline a very long time. We are here because of ancestral idol-worship!”

We bound up Lazarus and his death curses in the name of Jesus! Incidentally, Lazarus, is a Biblical character; he was a beloved friend and follower of Jesus. His story is found in John 11. He prematurely died thus when Jesus heard the news of his death, He traveled to where Lazarus was and raised him back from the dead! Lazarus was raised to LIVE! In deliverance ministry, we do the same, we commanded death to GO and LIFE to COME FORTH!

Lisa also had this ancestral curse of pre-mature death upon her life. The demons already had a plan to taker her out early. However, by God’s grace we were able to intervene and STOP it in Jesus name! She WILL saith the Lord! She was in a state of demonic death, but JESUS….raised her back to NEW LIFE to FREEDOM!

Many more demonic spirits were present including Jezebel and some very strange idoltarus spirits that were rooted through the generations. All of these demons were commanded into the pit and this woman was set FREE! Moreover, she was miraculously healed. She reported feeling no more pain and sicknesses in her body. This coming from a woman who LIVED with pain most of her life. She was beautifully healed by Jesus!

Her SMILE said it all! My friends, so many other demons were cast out of so many others. So many people were SET FREE in some manner. It’s beautiful. Thank you Jesus!