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Chronicling the Battles in British Columbia Part II

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 It was refreshing to conduct our latest mission in British Columbia. In each city, we witnessed the power of God. We also equipped many saints for the ministry of healing and deliverance. One such saint is Connor, pictured with me above. He was assisting me in driving out many demons and has been used of God on the streets to heal the sick, cast out demons and win people to Jesus. I will be ordaining him into the gospel ministry in my next trip to Canada and will be marrying him and his soon to be wife too! Exciting times ahead….

 As promised in previous email updates I am going to share some of the bizarre and eerie demonic super feats that were displayed before our public meetings in Vancouver and in Surrey this past weekend. For nearly three decades I have battled demons and have witnessed, perhaps, more evil supernaturalism then 99.9% of the earth’s population (I have also witnessed the amazing grace, power and love of Jesus which trumps the demonic acts).

 I have actually seen with my own very eyes levitation, materialization, dematerialization, metamorphosis, translocation, among many other strange and curious supernatural acts. In the power of the Lord Jesus Christ I have seen the dead raised back to life on three different occasions. I have seen quite a few incredible spiritual acts that shock and awe.

 In our a recent meeting in the United States, we conducted a public exorcism on a middle-aged woman, perhaps, in her 50’s, that manifested very strong powers of Santeria. They literally started slicing at her body while EVERYONE could SEE. The scratches appeared on both arms and started to seep some blood. I placed some holy oil upon the marks and gradually the demonic marks disappeared. I have witnessed in numerous meetings the satanic stigmata. Strangely demonic and fierce.

I witnessed some of these unique manifestations this past weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia. Allow me to explain.

 In our first service two young teenagers, 14 & 16 years of age respectively, arrived with their mother with the hopes of obtaining freedom. They both received significant deliverance and healing (more needs to take place but nevertheless powerful freedom took place). It was a intense war however.

 For HOURS on both nights, the demons surfaced aggressively and placed these young ladies in very strange contortions.

Granted, I would have loved to film the exorcisms but since these were very young ladies I didn’t think it would have been prudent. Their parents were very involved in their deliverance and their input played a significant role in much of their freedom from many evil spirits.

 See the picture on the far left? Angela, the 16 year old, was in this kind of twisted position over a period of hours. In fact, her head touched the ground, a number of times. The hands were clawed like and at times made satanic symbols. Moreover, the quickness of these spirits were off the charts. During one late night exorcism, the demons crawled around like a serpent and were headed to the exit. I just had enough time to swiftly declare: the BLOOD of Jesus on the door. It caused Angela’s body to literally bounce off and land on the ground in a defeated position.

 My friends, the demons placed Angela, at times, in the very strange and grotesque spider-walk position (as seen above; center picture) so many times I lost count. The twisting of the limbs (as seen to the very far right) was common-place during these exorcisms. The numerous spirits that surfaced and spoke to me were aggressive and revealed much.


  • Many of the demons gained entry because of their participation in yoga and ballet (nothing wrong with ballet per se just that their instructors were witches).
  • Many of the evil spirits accessed the young girls by the unholy laying upon of hands; including the yoga and ballet instructors.
  • There were spirits of Jezebel, self harm, death, torment, yoga, Kundalini, witchcraft, Mammon, heaviness, and idol-worship. Many of them were generational as a result of ancestors that participated in blood sacrifices of all sorts.
  • Most of the unclean spirits were rooted, generationally, from thousands of years ago in the bloodline.
  • Many of the demonic spirits invaded because of the young ladies participating in a theatre presentation that involved playing a witch. Moreover, some of the ladies, delved into the devious video game called Warcraft and other occult themed games that allowed so many demons the ability to invade.
  • I spoke to several human interjects within these teenagers. They were the ballet instructors. I commanded them to depart. They did.
  • Countless ancestral parts were released from these girls and their mother.
  • Numerous broken heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. So very sad. They were guided to the Healer, Jesus.

My friends, these young girls were terribly demonized. For a demon(s) to have this kind of control and ability to contort and twist the body in the most unusual positions I have rarely seen leads me to believe these demons had deep significant control of their bodies and souls. Even their father, who was a former special forces military operator in South America, cried like a little baby, witnessing his precious daughters acting out in the most violent, perverse, and sexual positions known to man.

One of the powerful spirits that surfaced was the demons of witchcraft. When they surfaced they prowled around me, circled around me, waiting for the opportunity to jump on and pounce on me. They were furious with me. They were even, at one point, conjuring up their powers. I called upon the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our great God answered in awesome power to defeat these demons.

“We can see you are man of fire. We are unable to attack you. You have fire surrounding you,” the demons explained to me in utter dismay, “We see you have Him inside of you!”

HA! Yes, I have the fire of the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus within me. Moreover, I am in Him in the heavenly realms. I have VICTORY! I used this position to drive out all of these disgusting demons in Jesus name.

Moreover, many of our ministry team is undergoing very strange and unique satanic attacks. I’m not a liberty to share the details but the attacks are very similar in nature. Furthermore, my wife, while I was in conducting international gospel work, received from our Southern Californian offices a letter from a demon possessed man who is threatening me. My wife wouldn’t even allow me to see the letter –she destroyed it.


Chronicling the Battles in British Columbia Part I

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Seattle, Washington, (even last night at midnight performing a private exorcism; this work never ceases) writing this email update enjoying the much cooler weather (here it is June; nearly into Summer). It’s been a remarkable mission as we traveled into British Columbia and held a series of seminars and public meetings in Surrey, Vancouver, and Victoria. Been traveling by plane, ship and by car to various venues to minister to those suffering demonic enslavement. Some even traveled into Canada from various cities in the United States believing for a miracle; including my Russian brother, Yuri, who traveled in, desperately seeking deliverance from demons. More on his incredible story in a moment.


On the way back to Vancouver God blessed me with many smaller blessings. I was able to spend some time on the seashore in Sidney, Vancouver Island, and enjoyed the very best Halibut I have ever tasted. Then on the ship back to Vancouver God brought 5 Orca whales to the ship. They were beautiful. A few of the smaller ones even travelled alongside the ship for a few minutes too! Here’s me on the ship –loving the blast of cold Canadian sea wind! HA!


It was resting to my soul and body; enjoying the ride on the ship. While nearly everyone was down int the ship enjoying the various restaurants and shops I stayed outside to take in the magnificent surroundings.

As I briefly shared, Yuri, a young Russian man, attended our last Vancouver service with the hopes of finding freedom. Jesus provided just that! The demons were strong and with great potential of violence. God’s holy angels swiftly arrived and restrained the demons and damaged them as they struck the spirits with their holy swords –it was AWESOME to WITNESS!

The first demonic spirit that surfaced was named, Heresy.

“We have been here for hundreds of years because his ancestors participated in nature worship and spiritism,” the demons named Heresy revealed to me, “We bring deception. HA! The nature worship and the spiritism were even introduced into the church by his ancestors thus our ability to enter their blood.”

Doesn’t surprise me at all. Our churches are filled with sorcery of all forms, witchcraft and spiritism. Demons are hammering away at the church with very few people standing their ground against it. By God’s grace I WILL in Jesus name!

There were many other evil spirits within Yuri:

  • Demons of mind control
  • Spirits called Blood Sacrifice that were rooted in 400 years of human and animal sacrifices (they brought sleep apnea and other sleep disorders)
  • Spirits of Jezebel that were rooted within his generational bloodline because of the sin of abortion
  • Demon named Mammon because his ancestors sought power and wealth

Many of these demons battled me. I battled back and called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit which greatly burned the invading spirits. They groaned and moaned in defeat! Moreover, I used my CROSS of Deliverance and they couldn’t even bear it’s holy power. All of these weapons caused the demons to depart and they loudly cried out; entering into the pit in Jesus name.

After the dramatic exorcism, I placed some sacred oil upon his head and immediately Yuri began to speak in new tongues. The Holy Spirit had dramatically descended upon him and he bowed before King Jesus in love and worship. Yuri was powerfully delivered from years of demonic torment.

Not only was he freed he was also supernaturally healed of various sicknesses and afflictions. I also spoke to a little four year old dissociative identity and this little boy was healed by Jesus too.

Victoria, Vancouver Island: 3 Year Old Freed from Boogeyman

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m feeling pretty good. Last night there was a sweet feeling to our seminar. Though we were small in number the meeting hall was filled with the presence of God. I would much rather minister in this kind of environment as opposed to a large church auditorium that is void of the power of God. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Jesus and others in this mission. God brought souls to encounter His freedom! One lady who experienced the sweet freedom of Jesus was Amanda. More on her miraculous story in a moment.


I’m typing this email update while peering out my window —to the right of me the beautiful Parliament of Victoria and to the left the inner harbor. Here, is a picture of the inner harbor, the view I had last night.

I had traveled to Victoria by ship yesterday afternoon from Vancouver and it was refreshing to travel the sea alongside the numerous forested islands, the rocky coastlines, and the marine wildlife. I left the ship with a determination to see souls free in Jesus name!


When I arrived into the capital city of Victoria one can definitely sense a blanket of oppression hovering over the capital. In the seminar later in the evening I taught from the Holy Scriptures and proceeded to minister to those who had gathered. The first lady we ministered to was Amanda, a 30-something- lady who traveled to Victoria seeking training and deliverance.


Amanda shared with everyone that when she was only 3 years of age a cruel man named Joe placed her in a trunk of a car that deeply traumatized her. I can’t imagine enduring this.


As she shared, she was having a hard breathing and immediately a little three year old dissociative identity surfaced –the one that still held the memory of being trapped in a trunk of a car.


“I’m scared,” the little one whispered to me, “I’m in the trunk. A bad man named Joe put me here. I saw the boogeyman in the trunk.”


What was this little dissociative identity referring to? No doubt because her heart experienced tremendous fear; it fractured and allowed spirits of fear to invade –including this monster that appeared as a boogeyman.


I spoke to boogeyman. It was a demon that was determined to torment Amanda. It had every right to because of the trauma that she experienced at the age of three.


I was able to gently guided the little one to Jesus and immediately Jesus appeared and healed the girl from all fear and trauma (the trouble to breathe immediately disappeared). Then suddenly another demon surfaced named DEATH!


“There’s 35 of us. We came through her mother and father bloodline because they murdered,” the spirits revealed to me, “We hold many ancestral heart parts and cause mind control, affect her blood, and hold her spiritual gifts of healing and joy!”


I commanded the demons of Death to release the heart parts and immediately a number of them surfaced and spoke to me. Some were rooted in the 19th Century. Some were generational; some were parts of her own heart.

  • One little ancestral dissociative identity surfaced that was born in 1887. She was only 7 years of age. The little one spoke to me with great amount of sadness. “Big dog killed me. I opened the gate and dog killed me.” This little one was sent to Jesus.
  • Another ancestral part surfaced that was born in 1941. “I am hiding in my bed from bad guys. They gassed the room and I went to sleep.” This one was led to the Healer!
  • A teenage boy part (17 years of age) named “Defender,” surfaced and shared he liked playing soldier. He was born in 1932 and was murdered. I guided Defender to Jesus for supernatural healing.
  • A young teenager was present that was extremely lonely. Even loneliness can bring about soul fragmentation. I guided this one to Jesus too.

I then proceeded to drive out the spirits of death, fear and torment from this woman and she was dramatically set free by Jesus. She couldn’t recall all of the things that transpired during the exorcism however she could FEEL different. “Jay, I’m FREE!”

That says it all doesn’t it? She’s FREE! Free to love, to serve, to worship Jesus. After her deliverance from demons I led the small group in partaking of the Holy Communion and I was personally refreshed by drinking the blood of Jesus. It felt so good!

Vancouver: Jammed Packed Crowd Witnesses Millions of Demons Defeated

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, at the Empire Landing Hotel & Conference Centre we held two meetings. For 4 hours I taught from the Scriptures in our “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts Seminar,” then for another 6+ hours I ministered healing and deliverance to many souls who gathered to encounter the risen Jesus!


I have been very impressed with the overwhelming turnout in our last three meetings here in British Columbia. Actually, I have been shocked with the response and spiritual hunger of the people. I’m definitely, by God’s grace,

returning later in the year to hold even more meetings. Some of the exorcisms I have been conducting have been off the charts. Millions of evil spirits have been commanded into the pit in Jesus name. Dozens have been encountering the power of Jesus –in salvation, healing and deliverance.


It’s been beautiful to witness Jesus set the captives free. Even in our training seminar souls were experiencing freedom and healing. Then last night, during our public deliverance service, even more souls were powerfully delivered. One middle aged lady who was present, with her husband, who had been struggling with an addiction to smoking, experienced a instantaneous deliverance as I taught and ministered to others.


It was very strange. The demons exited her body and hovered in the meeting hall for some minutes –everyone could SMELL the strong odor of nicotine. Eventually it totally departed the service and the lady was so very relieved and joyful to know God had set her free. Others testified of encountering the supernatural healing presence of God in our services –pains, afflictions and maladies disappeared!


One lady, perhaps in her late 60’s, was dramatically healed and liberated by Jesus during our evening meeting. The first spirit that surfaced was the demon of infirmity. It spoke to me angrily:


“We have been here for 420 years!” the evil spirits boasted to me, “No one has ever confronted us until tonight! We hold her heart, we bring sickness and pains.”


Here’s another case where demons have resided in a bloodline for centuries without ever being confronted. I see this many hundreds of times through the year. We also discovered there were spirits of Molestation (more than 1000+ of them).


“We are here because she has violated!” the spirits informed me, “We tell her she’s not worthy of God’s love. We also hold her eyes and bring blindness.”


I took off this woman’s glasses and handed them over to her husband who was assisting me in her deliverance. I just knew God was going to heal her (and HE DID)!


Not only was the spirits of infirmity and molestation present but also spirits of Jezebel (this demon boasted how he had been in the ancestral bloodline for thousands of years). Turns out Jezebel had spiritually married her too.


“We not only married her; to torment her but also to bring obesity, tiredness, high blood pressure, spiritual heaviness, sleep apnea and deafness,” Jezebel forcefully explained to me.


As the exorcism continued on many more demons surfaced including the demon named Mammon (been seeing this spirit surfaced more than ever in more than 28 years of ministry). Mammon was there because of ancient blood rituals that were participated in by her ancestors. Mammon wasn’t alone however. There were thousands of demonic spirits named Lucifer too. These powerful demons were present because her ancestors thousands of years ago participated in idol-worship and human sacrifice –seeking wealth and power.


All of these wicked spirits were demolished in the name of Jesus! All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Instantly, this precious saint testified of being able to SEE clearly without the aid of her glasses! Moreover, the deafness disappeared too along with the all of the other afflictions. Many heart parts were healed too by the Savior! Jesus once again displayed His awesome might!


That was only one exorcism I conducted. We conducted many more –ALL NIGHT LONG! One lady was delivered of millions of Hindu spirits. A Russian man was powerfully freed from spirits of Jezebel and Mammon too! I could go on and on. It’s been staggering. Again on this night more super-human feats were taking place. I’m looking forward to sharing very soon what has been taking place in our meetings that will stun you!


Victory is MINE Saith the Lord!

Epic & Extraordinary in Surrey, British Columbia

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Within minutes of walking into the jammed packed meeting hall, at the Pacific Inn Resort and Conference Centre, evil spirits surfaced and cried out loudly. The presence of God was strong within me and the many demonic spirits within those in the hall were surfacing with great fury. The exorcisms we conducted last night was off the spiritual charts. They were amazing to behold. The Lord Jesus Christ displayed His mighty power over His enemies in a very dramatic fashion. All night long we drove out untold numbers of demons and healed the afflicted.


In fact, the lady, who powerfully manifested demons, was a Persian (originally from Iran), who had been tormented by her demonic tormentors. This was minutes into the meeting; the demons surfaced and contorted and twisted her body. They cried out in agony.


I quickly discovered she had not even been born again so I had the high honor to lead her to salvation in Jesus Christ! What a start to this public deliverance mission in the city of Surrey located here in the province of British Columbia in Western Canada. It’s been some years since I last ministered in this city and wasn’t sure there would be interest in the meeting but a few disciples of the Lord encouraged me to revisit and I’m glad I did!


As I mentioned –the hall was jammed packed and hurting families and individuals came in from all over the West Coast to attend the service. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to those whom were afflicted by demon powers.


Demons surfaced quickly and cried out loudly; including the demons within a family (pictured with me above). I first ministered to the mother. She was set free from the powers of Jezebel and Mammon.


“We have been here for thousands of years in her family bloodline,” the spirits of Mammon revealed to me, “We cause sickness, twisting of the bones, confusion, and all kinds of pains.”


Turns out Mammon was there with Jezebel because her ancestors made unholy oaths and vows in an attempt to obtain riches and wealth. There were various forms of idolatry present too.


As I battled these many demons; they at first resisted me. I battled back and with great power in Jesus defeated these demons. I utilized the holy angels of God which by the way, were working all night long on my behalf. Some of the demons that surfaced from within this mother and her two daughters were very aggressive and violent. To give some idea:

  • For hours the demons threw unto the ground, violently, the two young ladies.
  • For hours the demons twisted the bodies of those young ladies in the most grotesque manner I have rarely seen.
  • For hours the demons were able to perform super human feats that STUNNED MANY IN THE MEETING HALL!
  • For hours the demons aggressively battled me with the hopes of staying within their young victims.

My friends, words do not do justice to describe what we witnessed last night in Surrey. The spiritual war, the conflict we witnessed was staggering on multiple levels. It was that intense. After the deliverance I was exhausted. Thank God for His holy angels that were sent to minister alongside me and assist me in restraining the violence of the demonic spirits.
At one point the demons even attempted to lunged at me with great fury but couldn’t attack me. Why?
“We can’t attack you,” the many spirits revealed to me, “Because you are a man of fire.”
HA! A man of fire! Yes, I have the fire of the Holy Spirit burning deep within me and it caused the demons to back off in their attacks upon me. With this same fire of the Holy Spirit I drove untold numbers of demons and commanded them into the pit in Jesus name! They left all of these ladies! These young ladies were so happy afterwards!
The miracles of healing and deliverance were spectacular to witness. More needs to be shared about what transpired. I’m needing to go downstairs and minister again in a few minutes so I must close this ministry report but please know Jesus is with me and He is working so powerfully in lives here in beautiful British Columbia.

Houston: Spirits of Lucifer & Masonry Crushed by King Jesus

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


In the past few days we have witnessed the miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance here in the Houston area. Tonight, more miraculous wonders took place in the meeting hall that were awe-inspiring. Including the salvation of a Turkish man who came to the meeting with his believing wife. Witnessing the powerful exorcisms opened up his heart to the Lord Jesus and in the middle of the service, I had the honor to lead him to King Jesus!


I’m a firm believer in allowing the demonstration of the power of God to take place so that the Jesus encounters may touch non-believers; thus opening their hearts to the love of God. This was the case with this man from Istanbul. He was saved and immediately his troubled marriage was restored as him and his wife reconciled. It was beautiful to witness.


What touched his heart? A exorcism involving a mother (pictured above; named Laura) that had been afflicted by demon powers. She wasn’t even able to partake of the Holy Communion, earlier in the service, which deeply concerned me. The spirits within her hindered her from participating in the Holy Communion.


She was baffled. She mentioned how she was able to partake of the Holy Communion at a earlier church service but wasn’t able to now. Why was that? I believe the church service she attended earlier in the day didn’t believe in the miracle working power of Communion –WE DO! Thus the effect upon the demons. They weren’t threatened at that church because they didn’t believe. We do believe. The demons could smell the blood! Laura mentioned she was “revolted” by the cup of the Communion.


“Jay, I just knew it wasn’t juice. I was holding the blood of Christ; it revolted me,” Laura shared with everyone, “It was the strangest of experiences. I love the blood of Christ but something within me KNEW it was the blood of Christ thus my inability to drink of the cup.”


Fascinating. I wholeheartedly embrace the transformative power of Jesus to turn mere juice into His very own blood in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Upon consecration; the juice turned into the blood of Jesus and the demons reacted. We have witnessed many hundreds of such Holy Communion miracles; leading to deliverance and healing of multitudes.


Soon thereafter, they (the demons) surfaced. They shook her body. They twisted her limbs. They contorted her body. They spoke to me.


“We have been for thousands of years in her bloodline. No one has ever confronted us in all of these years!” the spirits informed me, “We bring destruction, pain, suffering, migraines, fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, back pain, neck pain, skin diseases and so much more.”


I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived. They assisted me in warring against these vicious demons that held this woman. In fact, a few times, they picked this woman, who was being thrown to the ground, up from the ground so I could properly minister to her.


“We have been here a very long time. Her ancestors participated in child sacrifice; all kinds of blood rituals.” the demons of Mammon, Masonry, Jezebel, Witchcraft and Lucifer informed me, “Her family participated in witchcraft and sent curses to her.”


It was also discovered that the demons held in captivity numerous ancestral heart parts and many heart parts of Laura. I even spoke to a little 4 year old part. All of them were released and guided to Jesus for healing.


After some warfare on Laura’s behalf we were able to expel the many demonic spirits within this woman and she was set FREE! She was so happy afterwards. She even testified of feeling zero pain. Here was a woman racked with serious physical pain now encountering a pain free life for the first time in a very long time. Jesus is able!

13 Year Old Assists in Driving Out Millions of Demons

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night we held our monthly Church of the Cross service in Houston and God powerfully liberated a number of souls from millions of evil spirits. Families and individuals traveled great distances, from other cities, to be present, to receive ministry of deliverance and healing. For more than 6 hours we drove out millions of demonic spirits; in fact at one point during the service I asked a young 13 year old son (pictured with his family above), with the permission of his father, to assist me in ministering to his mother. This 13 year old young man, who already feels the call to be a pastor, READILY came up to the front to help me!


While so many adults are petrified of demons; I’m seeing God raise up an army of young people –many whom are not even teens yet– wanting to cast out demons in Jesus name! In fact, in this meeting not only did this 13 year old want to cast out demons but also Pastor Lucinda’s (Lucinda and Rey are our worship leaders) 15 year old daughter who is very excited about helping out in the ministry of deliverance and healing. She shared with me that she is actively evangelizing at school and teaching her friends the gospel. She has eyes of determination for Jesus!


Same with this 13 year old young man. He was determined to see his Mom set free from these demons that were tormenting her. In the midst of the service numerous spirits surfaced including spirits of rage, molestation, witchcraft, defiance, and sorcery. There were more than 400 spirits of witchcraft that were rooted in the ancestral bloodline –thousands of years back– in the family line.


Also present –spirits of sorcery! Millions of them; all of them rooted in the ancestral bloodline!


“We bring pain in her bones, stomach, we give her emotional, mental and physical suffering,” the spirits revealed, “We also hold her gifts, destiny, and dreams.”


Most of the spirits within this mother were of a generational nature and were very determined to stay within her! They yelled at me, several times, with their desire of wanting to KILL her! They hated me and they were angry.


I battled back in the name of Jesus. I invoked the presence of God’s holy angels and they swiftly arrived. They struck the invading demons with their spears and swords; causing great harm to the demonic forces. It was a POWERFUL demonstration of the superior power of Jesus over evil! It was wonderful to see Jesus set free a soul.


Not only did I ask of the assistance of the holy angels but I also called forth the holy fire of the Holy Spirit –I placed the fire of the Holy Spirit upon the the demons and they groaned and shrieked with incredible pain. I even had them holy my CROSS of DELIVERANCE and they screamed in agony!


“It BURNS!!!!” they screamed as they greatly weakened, as they embraced my sacred cross.


Then I had the young 13 year old son assist me in casting the demons out of his own mother! God used him powerfully and all of these millions of demons quickly came out and entered the pit in Jesus name! As she was being delivered; she shared with everyone she no longer felt any pain! She was finally pain FREE! Amazing Jesus! She was so happy!Look at the above picture again and see for herself how REAL this is.


My friends, there were so many other miracles of physical healing, deliverance and inner healing. One lady was set free from tens of thousands of ancestral parts. Another lady was freed from millions of demons! Staggering Jesus miracles!

Aspiring Pastor Freed from Jezebel in New Jersey

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Our last public mission in Newark, New Jersey (and in Chicago where this couple above encountered healing and deliverance thus restoring their marriage) was filled with the supernatural power of God as souls were liberated from the spirits of darkness. Many were set free and miraculously healed by Jesus! Including these precious disciples in the pictures above.


God has called Ron and he is in the midst of some theological training preparing for the gospel ministry. He’s been following our work for more than 2 years and decided to attend our service this past Sunday. What we discovered within was shocking.


Ron had more than 400 spirits of Jezebel within his soul. This wicked witch spoke to me:


“We are here because his ancestors, nearly 200 years ago, participated in sexual immorality,” Jezebel revealed to me, “We also hold his broken heart. We also bring thyroid problems, Lyme disease, bipolar, despair, heaviness, confusion, pancreatitis and torment.”


We also discovered these ancestral curses went even deeper. Jezebel confessed to something horrific.


“We are here with the spirits of witchcraft. For more than 300 years his family participated in Santeria and witchcraft,” Jezebel confessed, “His ancestors shed the blood of lambs to use in rituals.”


It goes even deeper. Not only did Ron have demonic spirits operating in his life, he also had a handful of young woman in him whom he dated that were attempting to seduce him –I spoke to these young ladies, all in their early 20’s who admitted to trying to seduce him to commit sexual immorality. Wicked. They even confessed to serving Jezebel.


The demons were cast out into the pit in Jesus name! The human interjects, these young ladies, were commanded out and sent to Jesus! THE HEART PARTS WERE HEALED (INCLUDING A LITTLE 4 YEAR OLD). Ron was AMAZED AT WHAT TRANSPIRED! HE WAS UTTERLY SHOCKED AND HAPPY! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL TO BEHOLD!


His email testimony really touched my heart. I just received it:


“Hey Jay,


It’s Ron, the young man from last night in Newark. Thanks again for kicking those demons out I feel amazing and empowered and free. About 4am I heard my brother crying out in pain and I went into his room and God told me it was demonic activity and I took him through the same process you did with us last night. He started vomiting like crazy and saw perversion and fear manifest in his face. I kicked those suckers out with the name of Jesus and anointing oil. I believe he is totally free, Praise God!”

My friends, another powerful testimony. This is incredible. This mission is infused with the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit. We are seeing so many miracles. Moreover, those being healed or healing others! This is NEW TESTAMENT DISCIPLESHIP!


If these emails do not spurn good people to support this work; not sure what will. Give today. We are on the verge of some major decisions about the operations of this global mission.

You might want to recall I was recently in Grand Rapids, Michigan, conducting a training seminar and being challenged by some demons of Jezebel. It was a very difficult night and environment to teach and minister in. I pressed in and continued on with Jesus and His work. Apparently, even in the midst of these challenges God supernaturally touched those in attendance. Allow me to share a testimony I just received from a lady who attended our Michigan meeting:


“Hello, Jay. I came to the Grand Rapids meeting.. I drove two hours one way for deliverance, healing, and teaching. I completely give myself to Jesus, as I do every minute. I felt something leave me and wish I could have spent more time in that moment because something left. I feel lighter, more joy and peace. I’m doing my own personal deliverance with Jesus everyday now.”

Supernatural Nights in Chicago & Newark

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

These last several nights in Chicago and Newark have been supernatural nights of ministry unto the Lord Jesus. More on these nights in a moment…..


Truth to be told; I didn’t want to be here in Newark, New Jersey. Why you might ask? Well, I’m not going to lie to you. I wanted to rest. I wanted to take a day off. After that very difficult night in Grand Rapids, I was drained. Those Jezebel spirits in that meeting alone took incredible energy to fight off. In fact, after the service, one of the ladies who was consistently challenging me, approached me and another disciple, and inquired if I would be interested in some food. I said NO! There was no way I would eat that demon food and get immediately demonized.


Then, of course, after 3 straight intense meetings in Chicago where we literally drove out millions of demons and ministered to tens of thousands of broken heart parts; I was truly exhausted –physically, mentally and spiritually. I wanted to take one day off. I even waited until the last minute to organize my travel onward to New Jersey…I was looking for a way out. I even purposefully slept in; hoping perhaps I would miss the opportunity to catch the flight onward to my next mission.


That’s the truth. You want me to lie and tell you something else? I was really wanting to be on some seaside…relaxing. Though there is nothing wrong with that; God had other plans. I woke up late and was energized by the Holy Spirit to travel. EVERYTHING WENT SMOOTHLY; TRAVEL WISE! So no excuses. God safely brought me to Newark and now I’m very thankful to be here. I FEEL AWESOME –FULL OF ENERGY. It’s nearly 4am and feel like it’s 12Noon! God has truly blessed me and given me a fabulous life in HIM!


Casting out demons, curing the sick, teaching the Kingdom of God, seeing lives supernaturally restored. Can life get any better? Can it? This IS the LIFE! JESUS LIFE in the 21st century!


These past several missions in Chicago and in Newark have been astounding in so many ways. Maricela, pictured above, came to our last Chicago service with her pastor Jorge. This precious pastor has a heart for the ministry of deliverance and healing to be expanded in the Chicago area. He came earlier for the training seminar and was equipped. He explained to me he would be taking what he learned at the seminar to his church so that his church could find freedom from demons too.


During our evening service, Maricela, one of the members of the church, manifested powerful spirits. Millions of them actually. We are speaking of 2,000+ years of generational curses as a result of horrific acts. The demons spoke to me boastfully.


“Her ancestors raped children; that’s how we accessed her family bloodline,” the spirits revealed to me, “Some of her family had sex with animals too.”


We discovered there was a tremendous amount of perversion and violence in her family that resulted in allowing so many evil spirits within her blood. My heart ached to hear the trauma this young woman experienced. The demons also revealed they had been bringing into her incredible amount of pain and afflictions.


“We bring back pain, torment, and sicknesses,” the spirits confessed, “We tell her she is worthless and she believes it; so we stay.”


Evil spirits are ruthless and cruel beings. We must crush them in Jesus name! I did not back down. I used the holy angels and my cross of deliverance. These weapons greatly weakened the demons and caused the demons to give up. They were forced to release tens of thousands of broken heart parts that were being held captive by these many demons. The parts were sent to Jesus for healing and restoration.


While battling the demons; a human interject surfaced and revealed she was in her because of her soul tie with Maricela. Turns out this human interject named Sheila, was a former schoolmate of hers years ago. This human interject was dominated by a Jezebel spirit.


“I’m inside of her and she doesn’t even know it,” the human interject named Sheila revealed to me, “She has no idea what I did to her. I cast a spell on her; a destruction spell.”


Shelia was removed along with the Jezebel spirits in Jesus name! The interject was removed and so was the many millions of demons with this young lady. She was so happy afterwards. She also shared she was PAIN FREE! She testified of feeling freedom and peace. God set her FREE!


My friends, day after day, this mission continues on. I have been carrying on this work, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, for a very long time. You can trust this mission in Jesus name. By God’s grace alone, I have fought he good fight. I really need your financial help. Please give in Jesus name today.


Also in Chicago a lady was miraculously healed of blindness. The woman pictured with me, along with her husband, named Irene encountered the powerful work of Jesus in her life. She sat on the front row with her husband desperate for deliverance. For years she delved into spiritualism and occultism. She participated in the dark arts of Satan. God was faithful and rescued her.


Powerful spirits of fear first surfaced who held a little heart part –only two years of age– this part was hurting, filled with great pain. I sent this little one to Jesus. Then demons of Baal surfaced.


“We are here because her ancestors performed dedication rituals on the behalf of future generations,” the spirits revealed, “We are here and we are not leaving. We hold her eyes requiring her to wear glasses.”


Baal was confronted and greatly weakened. Along with Baal was a number of spirits named Jezebel, Mammon and many spirits of Lucifer. This woman was loaded with demonic spirits. Her heart shattered and seemed so hopeless but Jesus prevailed.


We drove out the demons and sent them to the pit. They cried out loudly and departed. Her heart was healed a nd when Irene opened her eyes –she testified that she could SEE clearly without her glasses (I had taken her glasses off prior to the deliverance). She left the meeting hall without needing them anymore. Jesus healed her!


We are seeing so many people miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness –it’s stunning actually. Jesus to be praised!


There’s much more to report, however, from Chicago I trekked over to Newark, New Jersey, to conduct more ministry. In our meeting earlier tonight, more souls were rescued from demonic torment including a man whose father was involved in Satanism in Haiti! He was set free from many demons including spirit wives, marine spirits, voodoo spirits and spirits of blood sacrifices. Several spent all night long vomiting out demons including one man originally from Nigeria who has a long ancestral history of sorcery. He encountered incredible deliverance.


Some of the spirits confessed to me: “We were sent to him; to destroy him! To keep him from the service of God!”


My friends, we have enemies, we must press onward in Jesus name. Know we win with Jesus!


One lady who was set free was a young woman, also called by God, who had a spirit named, “Blood.”


“I entered her at 5 years of age because she witnessed her mother cutting herself in a suicide attempt,” the spirits revealed to me, “Her shedding blood gave me the right to enter the family bloodline.”


Not only was there a demon named Blood but there was also a little heart part –who was only 5 years of age. She was healed by Jesus. In fact, as I guided the little one to Jesus –she could SEE JESUS! Amazing. Moreover, the demon named Blood her also held her spiritual gifts, dreams and destinies was also commanded into the pit in Jesus name! It flew out of her and she was released by Jesus the Lord! She was also very happy.

In Chicago: One Thousand Year Curse of Mammon Broken in Jesus Name

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night I held another public meeting where I taught from the Holy Scriptures and ministered to those held captive by the enemy. After leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those who had assembled. It was encouraging to see so many who had either attended (or knew someone who had attended) our meetings throughout the nation –Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Grand Rapids. In fact, one disciple shared how he attended one of my public services when I ministered in a Methodist Church in 2008!

One lady we spent considerable amount of time ministering to was Theresa, pictured with me above; post deliverance! While I prayed for her, demons manifested and shook her body and spoke to me.

“We have been in her family a long time because her ancestors made unholy vows,” the spirits revealed, “We hold all of her heart and we will destroy her!”

We commanded the demons to release her broken heart. Almost immediately, a little 8 year old girl surfaced.

“Daddy never told me he loved me,” the little one sadly reported to us.

That will break one’s heart. Fathers: be sure to tell your children, everyday, that you love them, you care for them and reassure to them they are special. That will go a long way to keeping them spiritually safe and secure.

Sadly, Theresa didn’t feels secure and her heart parts we taken in captivity by the enemy. I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me in punishing the demons to the point of releasing the little heart parts. The parts were then guided to Jesus for healing.

Demons of death came into her due to her soul tie with her mother who has been suffering from demonic attacks and sicknesses for a very long time. There were spirits of Jezebel that boasted how much armor it wore. Very prideful in her declaration. We removed the armor and the holy angels struck the invading demons with their swords —greatly weakening the demons.

Behind, Jezebel? MAMMON! For more than 1,000 years he had been in the bloodline and boasted to me:

“You are first to ever confront me! I have been here for a very long time because of her ancestors sins,” Mammon revealed to me, “Before you came along nobody tried to cast me out!

This is incredible but it doesn’t surprise me. Demons have remained in the ancestral bloodlines because nobody ever, with little exceptions, intervenes with the ministry of deliverance. Here’s another example of MAMMON being behind Jezebel orchestrating the attacks upon this mother. By God’s grace, we intervened and rescued our sister in the Lord by driving out the demons from her! Jesus healed her and set her free!