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Victim of Satanic Ritual Healed of Parkinsons & Sclerosis

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I have arrived safely back home and am resting with my family. I leave for a mission that will have me traveling into Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia in less then a week. Grateful for your prayers as I do need them!

This last mission was truly extraordinary on so many levels. The miraculous wonders we witnessed was awe-inspiring! Thousands touched with the gospel, many freed from evil spirits, and many healings.

In fact, received a very uplifting email testimony from a precious disciple who attended our Houston meeting. She wrote:


Just wanted to say thank you for being an obedient servant of God. To watch you minister and then be ministered to was amazing! God is good. I knew I was suppose to be at your meeting Saturday but had no idea of what He had in store! Praise God for His deliverance power and defeat of the devil and his schemes! You are right…we win!

I will be looking forward to you coming back to Houston on April 25th. When I saw my husband the next day, he noted I looked different! And the peace I feel is amazing. I don’t “go off” like I did before-anger is gone…plus all the rest! My eyesight is getting stronger each day as my faith was in Jesus revealing Himself in that word He spoke. I wish I could remember it. But to God be the Glory. Thank you again, Jay!
Your Sister in Christ,

Jesus delivered and healed! Moreover, God’s protection upon my life namely when I traveled into the French Quarter on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras to proclaim the good news of Jesus. I could have easily been seriously injured or killed. At one point I did feel like my life was in total danger from the crazed mob that surrounded me and from those throwing heavy objects from atop the balconies overlooking the street. God sustained me through it all. I think back at the horrific attacks over the past quarter of a century –being placed in prison, enduring beatings, shedding my blood for the gospel, surviving a prison riot, escaping a satanic bloodbath, and surviving numerous assassination attempts that included the usage of knives, a pistol, and other weapons. Only the precious blood of Jesus is able to sustain, this I know!

I witnessed the power of Jesus in the open air meetings, I also witnessed the power of Jesus in a private meeting with a few families that had been vexed by demon powers. As I mentioned in my last email this private meeting was located in a remote location in Southern Louisiana –a region well known for participation in voodoo and sorcery. The family that hosted the meeting had contacted me a few weeks back inquiring about submitting to an exorcism as the family has had it’s share of terrorizing hauntings. They lived in a haunted home. I saw the pictures that were taken of ghosts, of disfigured monster like creatures, of very bizarre orbs and other evil supernatural realities. My heart went out to the young children as they even testified of seeing these evil creatures. A little 4 year old girl revealed she had been attacked by these monsters all the time. 

Shelia, her husband John and her young children were desperate for some peace! 

While praying for 39 year old Sheila a strong spirit surfaced by the name of death. 

“Ha! I’m the one behind all of the hauntings and of all her infirmities. This is what I do. I like to torment her and her kids,” the demon of death boasted to me.

Doesn’t surprise me at all! I hear this all the time. This is what demons do! They torment families!

Not only did he attack the family with the strange supernatural occurrences in the home but he also brought Parkinson’s into her body. What a horrible disease this is. It produces, according to one medical journal, 4 common elements: “ tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, and postural instability.” All 4 were seen in Shelia. 

I recall walking into her home and seeing her right arm tremor constantly and possessing a terrible postural instability. I was very concerned for this mother of 3 kids who I knew wanted to see their mother well. Her husband John had a look of great concern. To give you an idea of the posture of this woman see this visual example to get a sense what I am referring to.

I was determined to see this woman free from this Parkinsons disease. She was also diagnosed with Sclerosis –a curved spine! She was bent like a pretzel. 

It was revealed to me by Shelia that in 1997 while on a medical mission trip, with the Southern Baptists, to Honduras (she is a Registered Nurse) she was taken up to a remote mountain village, by one of the mission team’s translators, one afternoon, under the guise of introducing her to a new area that was needing medical outreach, to a vacant home. In the vacant home she was introduced to devil worship. She was ritualistically abused in the most gruesome manner –was sodomized, was sliced, was raped. She was taken by force in the midst of candles that were burning around her, by a group of 6 men, who chanted to the devil, while they took turns abusing her in this satanic ritual. 

It was then she was indwelt with some very powerful satanic forces that included Abaddon. She also dissociated in a complex manner. Moreover, it was then that a number of spirits of infirmity and death including Sclerosis and Parkinsons invaded her body. Gradually her health has declined. 

Sadly, they contacted churches and pastors from various denominations and nobody was willing to intervene. If anything they simply discouraged her and her family by stating that all she truly needed was some psychological help. The only one that did intervene was a “tree man,” by the name of Peter. This dear brother Peter was present during this exorcism and assisted me greatly. 

“Brother Jay, I’m simply a tree-man, someone who cuts trees down for a living but I love Jesus and want to cast out demons,” Peter assured me.

Peter was a simple man. A man who loved Jesus and was open to being used by God. These are the kinds of people I like –simple people who love Jesus. Did not our Lord chose at first simple men? Like fishermen? 

Peter though not trained in deliverance ministry did what he could to help Sheila and her family over this past year when the evil attacks really increased and God answered many of his prayers with great miracles. I believe another reason God sent me to this remote rural location was to equip Peter for the ministry of deliverance (which he even acknowledged afterwards). 

As I battled these demons. They laughed, “We are the ones bringing the Parkinsons and the Sclerosis and we are not leaving. We will kill her first.”

The laughing stopped soon thereafter as I poured the blood of Christ over them in a baptismal manner.

I do not tolerate demons. They must GO to that PIT!

The demons were greatly weakened and these death spirits departed along with the Parkinsons and the Sclerosis. Immediately, the tremors STOPPED! She also began to stand upright for the first time in many years! It was awesome to behold! The Sclerosis vanished away –no more curved spine. This woman was healed by Jesus!

Sheila’s husband was in near tears and her kids were excited to see mom feeling so much better! 

During this deliverance we also encountered Jezebel that went back for many generations within the family bloodline. Furthermore, a very strong spirit named Abaddon was encountered that revealed he had been accessing the family for hundreds of years because of her ancestor’s participation in satanic worship and witchcraft. This would explain the demonic conspiracy that led her to that remote village in Honduras where she was forced to participate in a satanic blood ceremony. There were spirits within her prior to that day that were making plans to ensure the curse of devil worship would continue on.   

“We were within the translator and used him for our purposes. He was a infiltrator within the mission organization to get to her,” the demons revealed to us.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. I have seen this all over the globe. There is a satanic conspiracy hell bent on infiltrating churches, missions, and Christian organizations. That is why I caution ministers to keep an eye out on their children in daycare, in schools, in church camps, as you never know who is being used of the enemy –to infiltrate– to get to your precious little ones. We must remain on guard.

Here was a Southern Baptist missionary acting as a translator for this medical mission team and yet all along he was being deceptive and seeking to destroy. 

In some of our meetings throughout the world we have located a number of infiltrators that seek to undermine our work to set people free from demons. We remain vigilant in Jesus.

All of these evil demons from the satanic ritual were driven out in Jesus name. It was a battle that lasted for many hours into the early morning hours. They were so furious with me. 

Sheila was so peaceful to know she had been set free from these horrible entities that had tortured her for all of these years. She also experienced some amazing inner healing where many parts of her broken heart were supernaturally healed by Jesus!

Not only was Shelia touched by the miracle working power of Jesus but many others on this night were delivered from demons –little children and other adults. 

We are honored to serve you for the sake of the Lamb!

Into the dark, misty, eerie, rural back-roads of Voodooland….

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

Just in the past day we have seen dozens delivered from demons, hearts supernaturally healed, many seeing Jesus, a lady healed from Parkinson’s, a lady freed from Scoliosis, a lady healed from blindness and many other extraordinary miracles.

Earlier this morning I have arrived back to my hotel after a long eventful night into the dark, misty, eerie, rural back roads of Louisiana –Southern Louisiana that is a region of the country that is steeped into witchcraft and voodoo. I arrived into the city of New Orleans yesterday from Houston where we held a powerful public meeting on Saturday evening. More on that meeting in a moment. It is here in the New Orleans area, however, I have been sent by the Holy Spirit to release the captives and many have been released. In a few hours I will be conducting a number of open air gospel meetings however last night’s ministry was deeply encouraging to me as I witnessed, once again, numerous miraculous wonders as we ministered to those enslaved to devils. Before getting to that amazing experience I had earlier this morning, it is my hope to inspire you with the many wonders we witnessed last night in Houston, Texas, as we conducted a public mission with the hopes of seeing many freed from evil spirits.

For more then 10 hours I ministered, I taught, I led in Holy Communion, and exorcised demonic powers in Jesus name!

While in Houston we encountered something we are seeing practically everywhere as we travel throughout North America. Our public service was jammed packed with a few even standing as no more chairs could be brought into the conference hall to meet the needs. Souls came in from all over the nation for deliverance and healing. It excites me to see our meetings fueled by Holy Spirit fire. There was great anticipation and enthusiasm present and for nearly several hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Communion.

Nearly at the onset of the meeting demons were surfacing, within those in the meeting, desirous to battle me. The screams, the horrific body contortions, the violent twisting of the limbs, and other strange demonic activity was present within those manifesting spirits. The first lady we ministered to was suffering greatly from witchcraft curses and occultism. As soon as I placed holy oil upon her head the demons reared it’s ugly head and fought me as they threw this precious saint onto the ground violently. As her hands formed into like claws I battled these very aggressive spirits. They would often throw her into the wall in an attempt to injure her (they failed). While battling these occult demons I commanded the holy angels to assist me and many legions entered the conference room.

My friends, I do not take this for granted….we are being blessed with extraordinary supernatural power from God. We remain serious, self controlled, walking close to our Savior whom all of our strength comes from. In many of our meetings we are calling forth the angels of God and they are arriving swiftly to assist us in battling violent spirits. In dealing with this woman I needed help! The angels arrived and I spoke to the angels.

The angels helped me by restraining the demons, picking her up off the ground (mind you without human aid), and setting the woman in her chair so that I might further the ministry to her. This woman was set free from generational witchcraft and occultism. We are seeing these kinds of angelic miracles often. Tonight was no exception. In fact, later on in the meeting, another demonized woman surfaced violent spirits and in Jesus name we called forth the angels of God. It was AWESOME to see the power of God in ACTION! While the demons attempted to keep her in her chair to ensure she would not come forward to receive prayer I commanded the holy angels to pick her up off the chair and move her up to the front of the meeting hall! This is wasn’t done quickly however the angels did move her despite the demons resistance within her body….you could easily see the demons were doing everything with their power to hinder from walking. At one point while I felt tremendous resistance from the evil spirits I asked for the leading holy angel among these legions of God’s agents that came to this meeting to stand in the back of this demonized woman and to strike the residing spirits with a spear. I saw the spear and the demons reacted to the holy spear that the leading angel placed into them to weakened them. My friends, this was angelic warfare we were involved on this night.

Eventually the demons lost their powers of resistance and they were forced to the front of the hall by many angels. I even chained the demons and pulled the chain to quickly bring the woman to the front for more prayer. Again not one person assisted. We allowed the angels of God to intervene. The holy angels forced the demon-invaded woman to sit down and we began to cast out many evil spirits from her. Many loud cries, screams, vomiting, yawning, tears, choking –all leading to expulsions in Jesus name!

These two African women were beautifully set free by the power of Jesus. The smiles, the inner peace, the joy! My Lord Jesus did it all! He can rescue you and deliver you right now!

During the time we renounced Freemasonry, in the meeting, a lady near the front of the woman surfaced many spirits including one named Masonic. This vile spirit held her captive for many years and had tormented this woman. He along with many other spirits held onto her eyes that brought a form of blindness into her requiring her to have glasses to even read the Bible. As these spirits were cast out of her, the eyes were gradually being healed. At one point I tested her eyes to test her healing. She actually could read the Bible without the usage of the glasses though with some difficulty. But the fact is she READ the Bible! She wasn’t able to before this! God will continue to heal those eyes and strengthen those eyes!

Again in many of our meetings we are seeing those with vision problems and varying degrees of blindness healed in Jesus name! So many were delivered and released from demonic powers on this night of ministry! So many liberated now to serve Jesus! Many hearts were healed too –many young dissociative identities surfaced and spoke to me desiring to see Jesus and to be healed by Him. Many heart parts testified of seeing Jesus! This is truly a unique aspect of our work around the globe. Many broken heart parts are seeing Jesus!

Even well after the public meeting was completed we continued on deep into the night as we ministered in private meetings. In our private meeting numerous death demons were cast out of a minister. In fact this dear sister in Christ who has served many years in the ministry has been terribly vexed by demonic forces bringing her numerous spiritual and physical problems. In Jesus name these demons were forced to take the pains, the diseases and the afflictions and were forced out in Jesus name! Moreover, we dealt with that nasty witch Jezebel who bewitches so many women. Also, in Jesus name, she was expelled from this minister!

She was released and testified of feeling such peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit. What a beautiful Savior we serve who liberates!

I slept a few hours and then headed to the airport to come here to Voodooland. This part of the nation is drenched with voodoo powers. In a few hours I will be traveling into New Orleans to conduct open air meetings proclaiming Jesus as victorious over the powers of voodoo.

I arrived into Louisiana and then traveled deep into the dark, misty, eerie back roads of Voodooland. It was raining extremely hard. I could barely drive in these conditions. Very little light in these back roads as I felt the oppressive voodoo spirits surround as to tell me: Do not enter our land!

Truth be told I thought about turning around and going to Starbucks. HA! However the Holy Spirit pressed me onward. I eventually found the location where I was to lead a private meeting for a few families that were being attacked by demons. The only problem was I couldn’t see where I was going and ended off the road and finding myself stuck in deep mud! I could not get the car out of it irregardless how hard I tried. The family finally assisted me and I was able to extract myself. I entered the home and I performed an exorcism on a satanic ritual abuse survivor. The results STUNNING! 

Dangerous Preaching to Thousands in Voodoo Quarter

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Dear Friends,

Throughout church history we see that the preaching of the good news of Jesus brings forth hostile opposition. In our modern day nothing has changed in this regard. Wherever I preach the gospel there is usually great opposition. The apostle Paul also encountered hostility as seen in Acts 18:5-6:

When Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia, Paul devoted himself exclusively to preaching, testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah. But when they opposed Paul and became abusive, he shook out his clothes in protest and said to them, “Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent of it. From now on I will go to the Gentiles.”

The past few days I have been in New Orleans during the decadent and pagan Mardi Gras celebration to conduct open air gospel meetings. More then a million will descend into Southern Louisiana during this time of the year to participate in the numerous pagan parades that are put on throughout the city –where Thor, Morpheus, Orpheus, Zulu are placed on display. The masses gather in awe. It’s rather sickening to be honest with you. I personally can attest to the near worship of the masses to these pagan demon gods. While en route to one preaching point I stopped and looked at the many thousands gathering as these gods were placed on display. The masses were in a frenzy as the gods rolled past them. I have been down here before to minister but it seems the amount of blasphemy and profanity I heard, this time around, was much more frequent and intense.

Please don’t get me wrong. The French Quarter (or I should say the Voodoo Quarter) is a fascinating, vibrant, architecturally flavorful area however the spiritual atmosphere is drenched in voodoowitchcraft and raw paganism. I spent some time walking around the area and shared Jesus. One sorcerer I met listened to the gospel and I could tell the Holy Spirit was touching her heart. Pray for this dear woman. A voodoo practitioner at another location was not so open. He was furious that I would dare to take a picture of his voodoo gods from the public sidewalk. 

Throughout the French Quarter I preached Jesus and His love. The result? Great opposition and abuse. At first I preached in the midst of some of the great cathedrals of the city. Many hundreds were reached with the gospel. Many listened and many opposed  Within minutes of preaching the love of God I was threatened. It didn’t take long before the demons rose up to attack me. 

One man indwelt with murderous spirits came right in front of me and shouted: Remind me to come back and punch you in your face!

Others mocked, blasphemed, and verbally assaulted me for daring to preach Jesus! 

As I moved on, armed with my powerful audio equipment, to other preaching points, I encountered more dangerous threats to my life. While on Bourbon Street, in the heart of the Mardi Gras celebration, where over a million will descend tonight, I proclaimed the good news of the resurrection of Jesus. I was excited as many thousands were listening in. Many were shocked that I would dare to preach in the midst of this insanity. You should have seen the faces. I could see many were intently listening in as God’s love was proclaimed to the masses. I even invited precious souls to pray with me, many could be heard calling upon Jesus! 

The gospel was going forth in the city! However, the powers of the devil rose up against me. As I preached many started throwing hard objects towards my head. People were actually trying to seriously injure me or kill me. I was spat upon. I was mocked. God’s power protected me though as I was not even touched on this night by the enemy. Not one hand landed upon me. They attacked my equipment, they tried spitting on me but I was spared. The police didn’t interfere with me either. So, this was the favor of God.

As many of you know this mission has consistently preached the gospel in the most hostile environments on earth and God has spared us. We operate stealth gospel mission operations for the sake of souls coming to the Savior! On this night the masses were exposed to the love of Jesus!

Appreciate the holy prayers offered up to our loving God. I hope to share about that amazing exorcism(s) I performed in rural Louisiana in my next email update. God to be praised!

Jesus WINS!

POWERFUL Testimonies!

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Since my safe return back to Dallas after that very intense mission into Canada and into Colorado I have been receiving quite a few testimonies from those being healed, delivered and touched by the power of God. Our mighty Lord is alive and performing incredible miracles in our midst. Read some of the below miracles:

“Hi Jay Bartlett, I met you when you came to Denver.  I was the last one you helped.  I spent time with Jesus.  I wanted to tell you how much you helped me.  I have never trusted anyone including our Lord, and I am have let him in my life and I am now trusting Jesus, The time I spent with Him was life changing. I just wanted you to know, I now experiencing his peace now.”

 “Dear Jay, Thank you very much for delivering me on January 27th in Colorado. I am sorry that I had to leave before the meeting ended. Since that night I have felt lighter than ever before. I was in a place of personal destruction and death. I am aware that the battle is far from over and that I need to keep studying and meditating on the word of God so that those demons do not return and that more deliverance is needed.”

“Hi Jay, First of all wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love of our God through the ministry of deliverance you have so dutifully taken on. Of the 4 people I brought with me 3  were set free from horrible bondage!”

“God Bless You Brother Jay: I hope you had safe trip. What I have seen, what I went through, it was awesome experience for meI do not remember very vividly but I think I used the language to you and others. I am really sorry for all my languages, you know that I did not mean at all.”

“Dear Pastor Jay, I came across your Deliverance Ministry Blog today and I watched many of the You Tube deliverance videos also. I’m so thankful to God for a Pastor like you who does the work that the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to do by using His authority.”

“Dear Jay, As I mentioned I had never been to a deliverance meeting before and as well I had never before seen you but I was strongly compelled by the Lord to seek out your meeting . I had mentioned that I had wanted to go to Grand Rapids last year but was unable as my schedule restricted me . I was amazed at times as the various demons manifested as I had never seen this live. I was not afraid but rather felt a powerful rebuking within me as I spoke in tongues and rebuked the demons as they manifested in the one woman who you were talking to and then the demons seized her and she writhed in the seat . I poured out a powerful rebuke from within me that even amazed me, I cant explain it but without doubt it was the Holy Spirit spurring my inner spirit and pouring out . I loved the warfare as I am a warrior at heart wanting souls saved and released.

My heart was glad and my soul at peace at so many points even amidst the battle , I battled along with you Jay and I will continue to support you in Prayer and donations. I Love your ministry and feel that even though I had personal transformations happen as my sins were revealed and I received freedom, I walked away in peace and Joy and the hope of salvation for others as well. The transformations, deliverance from demons and the Praises to Our God, the one true and Holy God , the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob were pure blessing and Proof of the word of God Never returning Void. I will hold you Up in Prayer Jay!” 

I even received a powerful testimony from a disciple who attended our last Vancouver meeting:

“Jay – Keep up the great work – we are the couple that sat in front on your left in Vancouver B.C on Dec 01 2012 – you ministered to us and cast out demons and my wife’s back pain was permanently healed – praise Jesus”

IN Seattle: From Calling Upon Satan, to Calling Upon Jesus!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~I have arrived safely home from the Pacific Northwest where I have spent the last several days ministering the gospel. While at the Seattle International Airport this morning I ran into a dear brother, the world-renowned apologist Josh McDowell, who more then 50 years ago authored the book More then a Carpenter which 15 million of them have now been sold in more then 85 languages. It was great to see him continue serving Jesus and has been for more then 50 years in more then 115 nations of the world. We were able to share some fellowship and he looks quite strong. Pray for our dear brother!

In our last public meeting, I was pleased to see so many of my Russian friends attend the meeting. Word spread and many arrived with the hopes of finding freedom in Jesus. Some were sick, some diseased, and some demonized. Though we prayed for the infirm and the demonized it was equally an honor to lead a young man to Jesus during the meeting who have never been born again. 

This mission stays focused on the fullness of the gospel wherever we minister –proclaiming the gospel, praying for the sick, driving out demons, healing broken hearts and equipping the church to carry out the works of the Kingdom. On this last night in Seattle we witnessed every element of our mission being advanced powerfully by the Holy Spirit power. Demons were forced to bow at the name of Jesus. We removed Jezebel rings, devices, necklaces, crowns and bracelets. Moreover, we witnessed demons foaming quite aggressively as they surfaced within those we ministered to. They fought however they ended up defeated and expelled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The first lady I ministered to was named Marina. A young Russian woman who heard about the ministry from her friend’s mother who received ministry a few nights earlier. She came to the meeting as she was tired of being in deep bondage. Her case was unique in that, though, she was a Christian, she was compelled for the past several years to call upon the devil. She would literally call upon Satan. This act brought numerous evil spirits inside her life including a spirit named: devil. She repented of this and soon thereafter experienced a powerful release from the devil.

For a good portion of the night I battled numerous demons within her including spirits of sexual immorality, a devil spirit, fear, desire for attention, Jezebel, loneliness, not feeling loved, mind control, and many others. What was beautiful was when these demons were cast out to the pit Marina immediately surfaced with JOY like I have rarely seen after a deliverance. Her smile, her laughter, and inner peace was VERY evident. She agreed to testify briefly on video.

I should note that during the evening meeting I was feeling a very unusual presence of the Holy Spirit on my hand –that burned with a most holy fire. It was unique power of the Holy Spirit residing within me. This fire was used to burn the demon as I simply motioned my finger into the direction of the evil spirits within those tormented by the devil and the demons were berserk and were greatly weakened. Another precious Russian woman was delivered from many demons including: tormenting spirits, mind control, confusion, doubt, lies, alcohol, fear, violence, witchcraft, hate, Jezebel and many others. Yet another Russian lady was powerfully delivered too along with a Russian couple and others. Some of these testimonies can be seen at my YouTube channel. I’m still joyful in all of the powerful miracles that took place on this most recent mission. 

Holy Angels Guarding Me!

I received a very interesting email the other day I would like to share with you:

“The Angels are with you Jay.

In January you came to Atlanta

For a small but crowded meeting.

My name is Susie and I sat at the 

End of the tables to your left.

You prayed for me a couple of times

And took my bracelet. Remember now?

After the second break of the evening

You prayed over the entire room. While

You were praying I had a vision.( eyes

Closed). Angels appeared And lined the

 walls of the rectangle room. They were 

Perfectly spaced apart, standing strait

And still. They were about 7′ tall, med. 

build, solid. They had Very long wings

That rose about a foot over their shoulders

And almost touched the floor. Their wings 

Were for protection. They were holding a 

Sphere in their left hand.with a point on the end. 

As I looked At them I heard… Nothing can pass or enter.

Then they all at the same time stretched out

Their left arm to the side and touched it

To the right arm of the angel next to them.

This completely closed off  any space

Between them, not letting anything pass or enter.

Sorry I did not mention this that night.

I was overwhelmed and tired.”

As many of you know in our meetings many are seeing the risen Jesus (I personally saw with my very own eyes the ascended Lord Jesus in Pakistan a few years back) and many are seeing holy angels. Moreover, in many meetings the holy angels are assisting me in the deliverance of souls. Really remarkable events. 

This mission is truly being blessed by our loving God!

Russian Meetings Exploded with Power! God SAVED Me!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

As I mentioned in my last email report I held some meetings in Los Angeles where I was up until –I believe– was 4 or 5 am then I caught a flight to Seattle, Washington. From Seattle I drove some hours into the Bellingham area which is nestled among the North Cascades Mountains. From Bellingham I drove into a small Russian community in the Maple Falls area, as my hosts Victor and Valentina, organized all of these meetings believing many would be free. It was here in Maple Falls we experienced the incredible power of God to deliver souls from satanic bondage.

It was well after 7pm when I arrived and for 8-9 hours I preached, led everyone in Holy Communion, prayed for the sick and cast out evil spirits in Jesus name! For hours I taught from the Scriptures and this Russian home church was hungry for the deeper things of God. What was truly remarkable was this: for more then 8-9 hours no-one left the church meeting. THINK ABOUT that for a moment! These dear Russians were desperate for deliverance and healing. God did not disappoint at all!

The entire home was FILLED to capacity! There were people looking on with great interest in multiple rooms of this large home hoping to hear the Word being preached. Not only did I preach the Word I also allowed for the demonstration of the power of God to be manifested.

The first lady that manifested demonic spirits was a young woman perhaps in her early 20’s that shook violently. Her back arched in the most unusual position when I began to pray over her while she sat in her chair. While the demons arched her back in a twisted manner, simultaneously the demons moved her backwards while she sat on her chair, attempting to get as far from here as possible as I began to anoint her with sacred oil. The evil demons shook her body and battled me. However in Jesus name all of these spirits were expelled and immediately a HUGE smile could be seen on her face that literally lit up the room! She cried for joy as she KNEW she had just been released from these evil forces by the love of Jesus. She testified with her parents nearby and gave God the glory.

This young woman’s dramatic exorcism opened the door for many other Russians to experience the power of Jesus in their lives. Many were set free and healed.

Even well after the meeting was over many Russians pleaded me for prayer and deliverance. I was swarmed with requests for deliverance. Again where was the church? Why are all of these people demonized? Isn’t local churches casting out demons? You and I know the answer: a resounding NO! This is the problem I see all over the globe. Very few churches are conducting deliverance meetings to assist those suffering under the power of Satan thus you have great numbers not walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I think it was perhaps 4am or even later before I left the meeting. Even then there were dozens still needing prayer. This entire mission was filled with requests for healing and prayer. Hardly an hour went by when I didn’t receive a call or email from those seeking freedom from demons. I am learning to set some limitations as I’m only human. Even my good friend, evangelist Bill Thomas, recently inquired, how do I keep such an extensive schedule. Only by the grace of God and learning to say no at times. Which is extremely difficult for me to do, truth be told. I want to yes to everyone needing prayer but I know it’s not possible as I have my physical, spiritual, emotionally limitations.

After leaving the Russian home church I started down some of the mountains. It was extremely foggy and visibility was perhaps only a few feet. I was fatigued (I had perhaps a total of 2 hours of sleep in the prior few days) and driving under such conditions. Not good. At some point I fell asleep at the wheel and my car drifted off (I do not even recall the car drifting off the road). I was jolted by God, I looked up and saw I was only a foot, perhaps, from a guard rail. This is how people end up getting killed. God truly saved me on this night!

The next day I conducted more meetings. One at Victor and Valentina’s beautiful home and another meeting as the large Harvest International Church. Both meetings were well attended. In fact the Harvest International Church was so kind to open up their rather large auditorium for us to hold the public meeting to meet the needs of the people. Again in both meetings many were delivered from evil spirits and healed. One amazing Holy Spirit event was when a 27 year old woman who had not spoken in years (her mother testified of this while up front: “She has not talked in years.”) came to the meeting at the request of her mother. I recall how I asked the young woman questions and she would not respond (I didn’t know she was mute). Finally someone told me: Jay she doesn’t speak!

Well, I refused to believe this! I brought her up to the front and asked the mother why she believed she was like this.

“Well, years ago while attending school, a Satanist, who was one of her teachers, I believe, placed a curse upon her and since then she has had mental illness and not been able to talk.”

You could clearly see that this young lady was suffering from insanity. One look into her eyes spoke of this reality and her body was limp and unresponsive to touch too!

(By the way, I have seen an enormous amount of people here in Washington with mental challenges, spirits of madness and physical deformities which I believe is a result of this part of the nation opening MANY powerful doors to demons)

I took this young lady by her hands and looked right into her face and told her she was beautiful. Immediately a HUGE smile lit up her face! Her mother started crying as she revealed that she had not seen her daughter smile in YEARS! YEARS, my friends! I confront the satanic curse and expelled the mute demons from her along with the spirits of madness.

I think it’s time we become loving people…..we need to love one another…..speak loving words to each other, to your kids, to your husband and wife, to your mom and dad, to your friends. Love never fails!

In this case, love healed! I told her she was worthy of God’s love and spoke words of love to her! I asked her to pray with me and she did! She spoke. A lady who had not spoken in years was now speaking freely without any hindrance!

So many others were supernaturally healed and delivered!


Flames of Fire on My Hand, Mute Woman Speaks, Arabic-Speaking Islamic Spirits Defeated!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

 I’m currently in a holy state of awe here in the Seattle, Washington, as we concluded our last public meeting earlier this evening! The amount of miracles that are occurring in all of our meetings is simply stunning! THE NEEDS are IMMENSE! Hundreds are crying out for help! My friends, in this part of North America, there is an ABSOLUTE need to return to the apostolic ministry that involves the driving out of evil spirits in Jesus name.


More then 10 Public and Private Meetings in Maple Falls, Seattle, Mills Creek, Everett, and Los Angeles

POWERFUL HEALINGS: Mute Woman Speaks, Woman Healed of Lupus, Man Healed of MS!

Dozens and Dozens Liberated from Demons in More then 5 Different Cities

Violent Exorcisms: Encountering Numerous Spirits of Murder, Hate, Rage, and Witchcraft

Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim Delivered from Arabic-Speaking Islamic Spirits (Note: lady does not know how to speak Arabic)

Holy Spirit Fell Upon MeResulting in Flames of Fire Covering All Over My Hand to Wage War Against Demons: The Results STUNNING!

Souls Saved in our Public Meetings, Hundreds Impacted by the Power of God!

Russian Home Church Meeting Exploded with Supernatural Activity, Church Witnessed Signs and Wonders in their Midst!

Home Church Meeting in Mills Creek Resulted in Many Miracles

In Los Angeles: Encountered Numerous Ancestral Dissociative Identities and Human Interjects

In Seattle: Legions of Demons Numbering 20,000+ Battled Me, They were Defeated and Sent to the PIT!

Jammed Packed Meetings in Maple Falls & Mills Creek Resulting in Salvations, Healings and Deliverances!

Souls SAW the Lord Jesus in Public Meetings, Jesus So Wonderful

Numerous Disciples NOW Trained for Warfare, Many are Ready to Join Us in Battle

Asian Disciple Delivered from Generational Buddhist Demons


On this most recent mission into California and Washington State we witnessed many dozens supernaturally healed and delivered by the power of JesusDozens were physically healed, dozen experienced healing from a broken heart, and dozens were set free from evil spirits. Many hundreds were equipped to master the miraculous so that they might impact this dark world. I really enjoy traveling and meeting all of you my friends. What an honor it is to serve the Body of Christ. I met hundreds of new friends on this most mission and was privileged to minister healing and deliverance to many of you. I am deeply touched by your love and prayers.

When I arrived into California I first ended up in San Diego where I was able to take a very refreshing boat trip to Coronado Island then from there traveled Northward. Our first ministry event of this mission occurred in North America’s 2nd largest city –Los Angeles, California– where for many hours, deep into the night, we battled thousands of demonic spirits. I was pleasantly refreshed to see precious saints whom I have trained from afar join me expelling demons. One precious saint –an Ethiopian disciple named Saba has been following the ministry for years and has read most of books, listened to many of radio presentations and watched nearly all of my videos. This has equipped her for ministry and now desires to be our point of contact for all Southern California. It’s truly remarkable to see this woman of God rise up. I’m proud of her in Jesus! She invited many of her friends to this public meeting and many of them were powerfully delivered from demonic powers including one young man from the powers of homosexuality.

On this night our meeting hall was filled to near capacity. It was a joy to meet some new friends of the ministry. The exorcisms that were performed were quite dramatic. There were loud cries, violent shaking and twisting of bodies. We dealt with human interjects, ancestral dissociation, dissociation, demons, generational curses and so much more! One ancestral dissociative identity, within a Venezuelan woman, we encountered, was born in 1845 and desired to see Norma healed even though she was not part of her. However, she loved Jesus very much and wanted to assist me in seeing Norma free. For many hours we encountered numerous demonic spirits within her including some aggressive Islamic demons (along with some Islamic dissociative identities that spoke Arabic). They confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord and immediately were forced by the Holy Spirit to fall down to their knees in utter defeated confessing Jesus is GOD!

We also encountered some complex mind controlling Illuminati type programming and have begun to dismantle the mind programming. Furthermore, there was also present coded dissociative identities. There are perhaps a few hundred ministers in the world that understand the dynamics in relation to ancestral dissociation, dissociation, human interjects, demonic possession, and cultic programming. We are honored to be among this select group of ministers. I desire to see thousands trained thus enabling others to work with those with these spiritual elements. Moreover, we also discovered there were very young parts of her heart that recall horrific satanic ritual abuse starting at the age of 1.

This young lady discovered our ministry on the Web and had her husband drove her to the meeting to receive healing. Mind you, this woman just by attending our meeting was in grave danger as her family is still involved in the dark arts of Satan. Even the parts were concerned for her children as her family, who still heavily practices the occult, who seek to implement terrible plans for the children thus we need to intervene in prayer on the behalf of this woman whom God loves!

We are involved in a very serious spiritual war –against strong demonic forces hell bent on destroying you. Norma received incredible deep healing and liberation! The smile, the inner laughter, the complete joy spoke volumes to everyone in the room! Not only was Norma set free but many others in the meeting hall. Jesus is alive!

There’s so much to share: me surviving a certain death experience (I fell asleep at the wheel up in the mountains and drifted off the road nearly slamming into a road guard rail, God truly protected me), seeing a mute woman speak, seeing tens of thousands of evil spirits driven out, witnessing the great needs of the ministry of deliverance as hundreds are hoping to receive ministry of the Word! So much to share! So little time.

More miracles stories to be continued…..

For the Lamb of God who adores YOU!