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Train, planes, automobiles, and demons…

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

It was a wonderful journey–train, planes, automobiles, and demons. Took a flight, was driven to the meeting, and then had a wonderfully long, nearly 7 hour, train ride (in a sleeper car) back. It was interesting to note that while driving down to the location pastor James Beason of the International Church of the Holy Cross had asked something along the lines of the son (whom I will refer to as Cory) being involved in Satanism. I told James that I didn’t think there was any occult involvement in his background, but we soon found out there was indeed! God was merciful and allowed us the opportunity to reach this precious family.

We arrived to their home and we had a wonderful holy time to participate in Holy Communion, refreshing out spirit, soul, and body!

For over 14 hours we dealt with many thousands of evil spirits, there were over a half a million evil spirits attached to a family ring alone (more on cursed objects on a upcoming radio presentation with pastor Gene Smith of Faith Family Fellowship so do please stand tuned). I instructed Cory how to drive the demons out and he did! In the course of the ministry session we discovered much:

Cory had been abducted and sodomized by a sadistic satanic sect known as the “Sons of Satan,” who had been watching him, while living in an apartment while attending Graduate School.

(Note: in our day and age we ought to be prudent and be watchful as there are enemies seeking to destroy the believer. Jesus tells us to be on “guard.” We need to be aware of our surroundings and be in constant prayer. We need to watch especially our children for their are targets.)

The leader of the Sons of Satan participated with Cory in a blood pact that allowed a number of evil spirits to invade his life.

He had participated in over 700 animal and other blood sacrifices (spiritually & physically) over a span of many years.

As a result of the severe sexual torture, abuse, spiritual attacks, participation in the various blood rituals & blood pacts and the mental torment he had experienced, his heart broke due to all of the immense pain resulting in deep dissociation. We discovered there were over 3000 identities present within him.

There were even dissociative identities present pre-Natal as a result of a family member cursing him while in the womb.

There were various forms of cult programming that we were able to break in Jesus name. This programming allowed various cult members and other individuals to have access to his life and those dissociative identities within him.

Cory endured years of spiritual attacks via astral projecting soul parts (commonly known as human interjects). I confronted these invading soul parts and spoke with them and their demons, driving them out in Jesus name.

Cory’s home was filled with various cursed objects (in fact he had a spirit named Cursed Objects within him) allowing many hundreds of thousands of evil spirits to haunt his home.

There were numerous satanic spirits within him as a result of various generational curses that needed to be broken, some going back as far as 39 generations as a result of ancestral participation in abortion, sexuality immorality (namely masturbation), blood pacts, and secret society involvement (namely the Woodsmen of the World groups).

For many hours we broke these curses, Cory broke off sin in his own life, prayed physical healing over his life and he immediately was relieved of various physical pains, we brought healing to the 3000 soul parts, we also drove out those souls from the Sons of Satan who were astral projecting with the hopes of keeping him in their grip hence they were defeated by the power of GOD, and drove out many evil spirits, all in the most holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen! Moreover, we instructed Cory in self deliverance and equipped him in the various spiritual weapons at our disposal.

(By the way, be sure to check out our many radio broadcasts that presented the various holy weapons at the believer’s disposal. Click here to go back and listen to our archive programming: )

After driving out the many demonic spirits from Cory we ministered to his mother and she was freed from demons also! Pastor James and I then proceeded to their home and dedicated their home to the Lord Jesus.

God delivered and we praise HIM!