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Black Magick Spirits Defeated by the Messiah

Monday, April 20th, 2009

This past Saturday we held our holy services and an African man manifested demons that had entered him due to his family’s involvement in black magick. Two spirits of black magick surfaced while I prayed over him named, “Lethal and Letel.” These demonic beings had placed spiritual chains in his mind that held him into captive. Both were driven out and exited through his mouth. He could feel them leave and he was relieved.Minutes later, we dealt with some very strong satanic spirits that were quite violent and blasphemous. The demons spoke out of this woman in strange demonic languages, communicating to other spirits, and requesting for assistance. Our God was too powerful though!

“We will never leave her, there’s 7018 of us, we are too powerful for you,” boasted the spirits.

There were over 7000 evil spirits within a woman that had participated in numerous black magick ceremonies. Upon this woman’s confession of Jesus Christ over black magick, the demons were confronted with the holy command.

“You will repeat after me, evil spirits,” I informed the 7018 demons.

“We will not, we will go to your home,” the demons told me.

“In Jesus name, you will go to the pit,” I commanded the spirits.

Minutes later they repeated their doom and entered the abyss, screaming in utter agony!

The dear lady collapsed and was so happy that the demons had departed, all 7018!

Black magick is no match for the holy power of the Messiah!

Submitted by Jay

Delivered from Bipolar Afflictions

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

All Glory And Honor and Praise to The Almighty God My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Who In His Mercy and Blood Shed on the Cross has delivered me from Bipolar. He has washed me in His Blood and He can do the Same For You. Jesus Is The Greatest Healer that Has Ever Lived. So Trust Him.. God Before Him and Watch Him Heal you OF Every Disease.

 Submitted by Zandra

800 + Evil Demons Driven Out in Minutes

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

My wife and I along with our children battled a perverse spirit named, “socx,” just a few hours ago, who had entered the victim’s body as a result of sexual immorality & satanic sacrifical rights. The holy mighty angels of God entered our living room and restrained these violent spirits, as my boys looked on.

After obtaining the name of the spirits, this vile demon also revealed there were 827 more of his kind. After this precious believer confessed these spiritual rights by which this spirit was holding onto, we drove them out, as the holy angels restrained the body, in the name of Jesus. All 828 exited the body via loud shrieks and the body slumped.

The believer was so relieved and happy in Jesus!

All of this, within minutes. God is so gracious!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Holy Destruction of Destroyer

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

We were in Austin this past weekend ministering and faced incredibly vicious spiritual battles with the dark forces of Satan. A highlight was ministering to a lady who has thousands of evil demons within her (she also suffers from dissociation) and driving them out in the name of Jesus. Within minutes of praying for a young dissociative identity, that was bound by chains, an evil entity by the name of “Destroyer,” surfaced and confessed he had been binding her for YEARS! So, by the Sword of the Spirit (the Sacred Scriptures), we cut off the demonic chains and she was able to mover her body unhindered. I proceeded to place holy water upon the demons and they shrieked in agony as we were tormenting them with the living water of Jesus.

“What do you want with me,” the demon inquired of me.

“I want you to leave this woman and to go to the pit,” I replied.

“NOOOOOOOOO,” the demon angrily responded.

Knowing this spirit had no rights and needed to be cast out in the mighty name of Jesus, I proceeded to drive out the many thousands of these demons and the little broken part surfaced FREE and was as happy as she could be as she finally could see the complete light of Jesus surround her. I then asked the holy angels to give the part a piggy back ride on their shoulder’s to a safe place. The holy angels did just that and this part that we named, “Precious,” was incredibly peaceful and in awe. So much healing took place and we rejoice in the goodness of God.

Submitted by Jay Bartlett