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Hungry Souls Seeking Deliverance from Demon Powers

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Last night we conducted a night service at one of the largest Salvation Army chapels in the world. On the lower floor it was jammed packed with hungry souls looking for spiritual truth and liberation from evil spirits. In fact, it was a standing room crowd that assembled as people were standing in the very back listening to the proclamation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that I brought forth from the pulpit. Over the past few years hundreds have surrendred their lives to Jesus in our chapel services and on this night many more placed their faith in Christ for the very first time, they had made their peace with God.

 After leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began to pray for the sick, the diseased (including a 11 year old boy with a very rare disease called TS), and the demon afflicted. For several hours we drove out many demons and people were released from demons. The first lady, in her mid-30’s, requested prayer to be healed of the demonic torment she had been experiencing for a long time. Immediately the Lord Jesus took her torment away and set her free. One African lady, who grew up in a Freemason cult, was immediately delivered when we prayed, she could feel the satanic spirits exit her body. She was so joyful in the Holy Spirit. A few others testified of experiencing the same kind of spiritual release from our loving God.

 A Persian family came to the meeting from out of town and requested pray for their 11 year old boy. In agreement with the mother we told the torment and the rare TS disease to leave the boy in Jesus name. After I prayed, the precious little boy exclaimed, “I feel better!” He was so happy too! So was his mother as she was shedding tears of joy. Later in the evening the boy said he was experiencing dizziness. I commanded the dizziness to go and it left immediately!

We also ministered to an Indian family that was heavily involved in sorcery and all forms of occultism for many generations. We led this dear family in a prayer to break the spritual bonds of occultism over her life and the Lord honored her prayers!

Then we began to minister to a family who had traveled a long distance for healing and deliverance. For a few hours we battled 10 different generational sex spirits that were battled us.

 “We want to kill the family,” the demons boasted, speaking to me from within the man.

“This man loves Jesus and you must go,” I quickly told the spirits in control of the husband.

We commanded the demonic spirits to leave the body and to go to the pit! They quickly departed and the man was released from the demonic bondage.

Many others testified feeling spiritually relieved upon taking Holy Communion~the body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

Praise be to God for great things He hath done!

Submitted by Jay

Tormented Woman Helped by the Grace of God

Friday, October 16th, 2009

This was recently shared with us from a dear minister who is setting the captives free.

“Her name isn’t important to know. The fact that she belonged to God and was being tormented by satanic forces was. I first heard about her from a former church member; it was his sister-in-law. He and his sister told me as much as they could remember: how she was abused by her own mother, and experienced molestation and rape by others; how she lost her beloved baby brother when he was just 11 months old; how she shut down for six whole months afterwards, and how the memory of his death still haunts her; how his bloodied “ghost” visited her in her dreams; how she would suddenly change and show another, darker, personality; how she tried to kill herself by hanging from a belt in a closet, but didn’t remember how she got there afterwards; how she began seeing evil eyes in her mirror and hearing voices; and how a demonic spirit manifested in her once before, threatening and evil.

I had heard enough. I agreed to meet with her that weekend with her caring family. They were all moving out of state, and this would be the only weekend she was in town. I really didn’t know what to expect, and since I didn’t have the luxury of going through a complete interview with her to learn about her background, I had to ask some direct questions and use sharp discernment.

When they arrived, the first thing that struck me was how beautiful she was, like a doll. She did not look like someone who had gone through such hell. For almost two hours, with her family watching and filling in the gaps, she told about her family, her spiritual history, and the horrors of her life such as she could remember. What struck me most was that she had experienced a Laotian ceremony that involved being covered in pig’s blood. I took many, many notes; impressions and thoughts crowded my mind. Sorcery. Low Self-Esteem. Fear of Abandonment. Witchcraft. Shamanism. Occult Spirit. I wrote them all down, not really sure what was from the Lord and what was from my own experience and logic.

Finally came the prayer part. She didn’t seem to fully comprehend what it was going on, nor did she seem to fully understand about the satanic kingdom of the spiritual realm. I began to wonder if she was truly saved or just a long time church goer. I explained it all as best I could, but it was time to pray now, time to go to work. I had already anointed and prayed through my home, my worship music was playing softly in the background, and I had given brief instructions to her family about how to flow with me and what to possibly expect.

First, I walked her through the process of forgiveness: forgiveness for her mom, her abusive ex-boyfriend, for those who molested her, for those who verbally abused her. We broke all soul ties with those she had slept with. Then we released her baby brother to the Lord, forgiving those she blamed for his death. Then we released all judgments and vows, asking the Lord to bless those who had wounded her. Then I led her to confess her known sins and renounce them by name, bringing the blood of Christ between her and any demonic spirits that had entered. I broke any inherited curses in her life. By now, she was kneeling on the floor, pouring out her heart to the Lord, tears running down her face. She had truly opened the door of her heart. Her husband and family silently listened and praised God, shedding tears of their own.

Then I led her through the sinner’s prayer of faith; she lovingly gave her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. I felt as if I was watching a baby being born.

Now came the time for confrontation. I never know what to expect when I start calling out names, but I was past being shy about it. Manifestation or not, I knew that something had to be occupying this daughter of God, and I was going to go after it until it showed. I had been here before.

I called on the angels of the Lord to be encamped around us, I bound up the principalities of the air and forbid them to interfere, I bound up the strongman, and then I commanded any demonic families within her to unlink themselves and sit alone in the dark until I called them out. While this went on, she respectfully sat on the couch, eyes closed, as did her family, expecting waiting.

I called out the first name, repeatedly, forcefully, commanding it to come out. After a minute or two, I moved on to the next name on my list. I think I was commanding the spirit of Shamanism to come forth when I saw her slide back on the couch, her eyes rolling white insider of her head. Something had been stirred. Her whole expression changed, and suddenly the former sweet girl I was ministering to was no longer there. Her husband grabbed her from behind and her family’s prayers kicked into high gear as she snarled and lunged for me. I stepped closer; the fight was on.

First I had to know what I was dealing with. Was it an occult spirit? A Spirit of Shamanism? I needed to know, so I commanded the spirit to tell me its name (something that I don’t like to do unless I have to, because it gives the spirit more control over the person’s body.) An evil grin spread across her face; she continued to wrestle with her husband and snarl at me. I asked its name again; it spoke in a hissing voice, “Y(…)r.” A proper name, no clue to what type of spirit it was. I asked it how it came into her. After a while it hissed, “I came in when she was weak.”

When she was weak… I was in the dark as to what that meant, so I simply commanded the spirit by name to leave her body and to leave the region, never to return. She kicked, squirmed, hissed and glared, eyes all white. Her husband could barely hold her down. Her family was praying fervently. I continued to bark commands: get out. Leave her system. You have lost your place. Up and out, in Jesus’ name! I anointed her with oil. I authorized the angels of God to torment the evil spirit at the point of the sword, to carry it out of the region. Its face contorted.

About 20 minutes later, she suddenly went extremely limp and quiet. Her husband held her close. I watched for signs that it was trying to hiding, for they were good at pretending that they were gone. I barked a few more commands. No response. It was gone.

There was the sound of silent prayer and praise in the room. I waited for her to move, to speak, to do anything. We called her name, and she moaned weakly.

“What happened?” she whispered. “What did you do to me?”

You were delivered, they told her. You were set free.

“I’m so weak,” she said in a child-like voice.

I held my tongue. I didn’t hardly believe that all of the demonic forces were gone, and I wanted to move on to the next one. I waited while they talked to her.

“What did you do to me?” she whispered again. “What happened?”

They all tried to explain, but she was like a person coming out from under anesthesia. I sensed that the session was over for tonight. I prayed for her strength, and then we came for together for a closing prayer.

Nothing happened during the session the following night; we just prayed, talked, and shared. Then they went home. By the next day’s afternoon, they were on their way out of state.

Since then, I’ve wondered how much I helped her. I wondered about what wasn’t confronted and cast out. It felt unfinished, incomplete, but victorious, and I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to fight on her behalf. Truly, truly, Jesus Christ is Lord of all.”

Removing Demons, Objects, Animal Skins, Human Interjects, and Devices in Jesus Name

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

We were recently in the Great Pacific Northwest conducting private exorcisms. God prevailed with His power & love. We were ministering to a lady who was terribly afflicted by demons, human interjects, cursed objects within her body, generational curses, and animal spirits. It was interesting to note that many of the evil demons we encountered possessed spiritual armor that allowed them to withstand spiritual weapons that believers had utilized over the years.

In Luke 11 we see some interesting truths from a spiritual warfare context.“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up the spoils.”We see that the “strongman” (demonic spirits) can utilize armor. I have seen this countless times and have seen how effective the armor is against some of our weapons that exorcists employ. I have shared with many deliverance ministers that demons will often take upon armor in an attempt to ward off the spiritual power ones uses against them, with the hopes that the exorcist will give up, when they realize that their weapons are being rendered ineffective, thus allowing the demons more time to inhabit their victim. When you are ministering to an individual and it seems like you are up against a wall, perhaps the demons you are battling with possess some form of armor. Check to determine if this is so. In our most recent deliverance session we came across many spirits that were wearing armor. One demon even boasted he was able to withstand 10 deliverance ministers that this woman had turned to as result of the “thick armor” he wore.

“A couple of the deliverance ministers came close to tearing off my armor,” the evil spirit, speaking out of the woman, revealed to me.

Often times deliverance ministers will not be aware of this and they stop the ministry as they have come up a spiritual wall. A key in this is being persistent and relentless. Wear the demons down and take off their armor that they trust in to ward off your weapons.

“In the name of King Jesus, I take off your armor, piece by piece, with the holy atoning blood of Jesus,” I told the demonic spirit that wore this thick armor.

The armor dissolved and we continued on with the ministry.

In the process we discovered there were many evil spirits wearing animal skins and forms such alligator, bats, and fish. Many of these demonic beings also possessed weapons. A few even held objects within the woman’s body to torment.
In the name of Jesus Christ:

*We drove out scores of demons
*We removed objects of the body including wires, a little motor device, and a cape
*We ripped off these animal skins from the demons that were wearing them
*We expelled high level spiritual beings that were sent to this lady from a territorial spirit that oversaw, for Satan, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.
*We drove out several human interjects that spoke to me through the woman
*We cast out demons that were holding onto the lady through external demonic attachments (these spirits were attached to her but not within her)

Some of the ancient spiritual creatures we confronted had been in her ancestral line for 15, 50, and 100 generations. One demon entered in the year of 1456, another 1607 as result of generational sins and curses that opened this family to demon powers.

We tortured the demonic spirits with Holy Spirit fire, holy water, sacred oil, and the breath of God! Several of the spirits I cut so deeply, with God’s Word, that they cooperated with little resistance and was able to obtain key information from these wounded spirits.

Over a course of a few days we drove out many demons and God relieved this dear saint of many torments. The sacrificial Lamb of God liberates and restores!