Battling Luciferian Spirits in our Seal Beach & San Francisco Miracle Meetings

My brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

~Miracles of the Holy Spirit: Souls Fell Down Experiencing the Love of Jesus!

~Supernatural Strength: Teaching for Hours in Meetings then Casting Out Demons!

~517 Luciferian Demons within a Syrian Believer Cast Out in Jesus Name!

~Many Little Dissociative Identities Healed by the Savior

~Blood Pacts, Astral Projecting Portals, Illuminati Mind Controlling Mechanisms Demolished by God

~Several Reported Seeing Jesus in Public Meeting

~Powers of Witchcraft Defeated by the Blood of Jesus

~Husband of Diplomat FREED from Spirits of Infirmity!

~Many Spirits of Anti-Christ, Lucifer, Squid, Blasphemy, Satan, Mind Control, Beelzebub and Pain Driven Out

~Saints Instantaneously Healed by Jesus

~San Francisco Public Meeting: 100% of Attendees Delivered by God

~Jesus HEALS: Kidney Pain, Back Pain, Migraine Headaches, and All Sorts of Demonic Affliction Vanished Quickly

~Generational Jezebel: Stubborn Jezebel Spirits that had been in Family for Thousands of Years Sent to the PIT

~Attendees Included those from Spain, Syria, Africa Seeking an Exorcism

We are currently in eclectic San Francisco, California, preaching the gospel, healing the sick and driving out demons. James and I have noticed that we have been operating with a greater amount of effectiveness to deliver souls in Jesus name. Thus far we have held multiple public and private meetings throughout California and in each meeting God has blessed our efforts with His holy power to set those captive free! Moreover, God has truly given me supernatural strength as in each meeting I teach on our authority in Christ for 2-3 hours then minister to those afflicted with demons for several more hours! For example last night I taught on the “Hidden Life in Christ,” and then spent several more hours driving out demons in Jesus name!

Though we have traveled a great distance –by car– from Southern California to Northern California, God has granted His peace and presence to us! A few days ago before arriving here to San Francisco we were in the small beach town of Seal Beach where he ministered to those enslaved to the powers of Satan.

In Seal Beach a precious brother in the Lord was set free from powerful Luciferian spirits that had been tormenting him for years. As these demonic spirits surfaced they would violently twist his body and cry out! Many of them were generational spirits and others were a result of a unholy soul tie that he had created in years past. There were many other evil spirits operating in his life: Poseidon, Jezebel, Satan spirits, Karen, Beelzebub, Jessica, Rob, Herod and a spirit named Squid that had been afflicting his legs with great pain. In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ all of these demonic powers were cast out and sent to the pit!

Last night in San Francisco (incidentally, the birth place of the Church of Satan and many other occult secret societies) we held a public deliverance meeting in a small hotel conference room. I was amazed that one of the attendees had traveled from all the way from North Carolina to California just for this meeting (traveling by car it would have taken her several days). However, this isn’t unusual as in many of our public gatherings precious families and individuals travel great distances to receive ministry. Every single person that attended our meeting was demonized and in need of great deliverance!

James and I witnessed powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit countering the works of Satan! Several people were so touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit that fell down under the power of God –embracing the love of Jesus! Several souls reported seeing Jesus! Many hearts were dramatically healed! Many hundreds of demons were expelled! Many miracles to the glory of God.

One 50 year old lady who attended the meeting –from Spain– had been tormented for years by the devil. She had been a successful model and businesswoman but lost nearly everything as a result of these terrible demonic attacks upon her life. In fact at age of 7 a devil like figure appeared to her and has stalked her all of these years. During our public meeting this demon surfaced and told me he’s been around her “a very long time,” even watching her while she was a baby in the crib because her parents did not utilize their authority in Christ to protect their little daughter. This is an ongoing lesson I seek to impart in every meeting: Parents persistently utilize your authority in Jesus Christ over your children. Yes, these demons will battle but we win!

There were many generational demonic spirits operating within this precious lady including Jezebel spirits that had been within her family bloodline for thousands of years!

“We have kept her from any meaningful relationships, because we married her,” Jezebel boasted.

Jezebel had literally placed a ring on her life that spiritually kept many Godly men from connecting with her.

In the name of Jesus I tore off this devilish ring from her finger and immediately she felt better! This was just the beginning!

Though Jezebel battled, us as she sought to stay within her body, she was finally expelled in the name of Jesus!

Another saint was instantly delivered from many physical infirmities –even she was astonished! Two brothers from the San Francisco area were were so overwhelmed by the tangible presence of God in the room that they fell out of their chairs unto the floor deeply experiencing the LOVE of JESUS! Another brother from Ivory Coast, West Africa, was instantly healed of many infirmities and many demonic spirits!

I’m truly honored to serve the King! I’m here to serve YOU!

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