God once again was pleased to display His power…

God once again was pleased to display His power over the enemy by driving him out!

Thomas nervously walked in the room with his brother, Tim, and his mother, desperate for deliverance from the evil spirits that had been binding him for years! He was also eager to partake of the Holy Communion which I offer in nearly every private and public meeting I conduct around the globe. There was a problem though! A major problem!

Thomas was wearing a pentagram necklace around his neck. For those who do know the pentagram is considered a universal satanic symbol which is utilized in a variety of ways to invoke the powers of darkness. It is a symbol of the kingdom of darkness.

Obviously, Thomas was very keen on partaking of the body and blood of Jesus but I was quite hesitant to offering him the Communion Cup due to the fact he was wearing this pentagram necklace. I asked him if he would be willing to take the satanic symbol off in honor of Jesus.

“No, I’m ok,” was his response.

Now wait a moment….I’m not going to offer you the body and blood of the Lord, though you confess Jesus as your Savior, wearing something that absolutely is in direct opposition to Him!

There was a major inner spiritual war being fought –the powers of Satan that were drawing power from the fact he was wearing it and the power of God which was placing him under conviction.

“I can’t take it off,” Thomas explained to me.

I began to rebuke the lie in Jesus name!

No doubt the demons were telling him this and had probably promised him power if he would continue wearing it. The demonic spirits knew his act of rebellion allowed them the right to stay within

Clearly the Holy Spirit was at work within his heart and he eventually agreed to have his mother assist him in taking it off –reluctantly though– however he did agree to take it off.

I then led this family in Holy Communion and I could really tell it was touching their hearts. They shared it had been years since they had taken the body and blood of our Lord!

We then started to confront the evil spirits that were within his life –Anti-Christ, Satan and Devil spirits– among many others. ALL of them were driven out in Jesus name! He clearly was feeling much better! I’ll be honest it was one of those deliverances where I did not feel particularly in the Spirit. I was tired. It was late in the evening. But, as the apostle Paul taught young Timothy you preach “in season and out of season.” You follow Jesus in every season of life irregardless how you necessarily feel. God honored my obedience and those demons were quickly driven out and sent to the pit!

“We’re here to torment him and to control his mind,” the demons revealed to me as they spoke out of him. All of them were generational in nature as his grandfather participated in “evil sex,” among other things.

Thomas though was submitting to Jesus and these spiritual enemies were cast out in Jesus name!

Now the beautiful aspect of this deliverance, the fruit of this deliverance was afterwards when Thomas readily agreed to destroy that pentagram necklace that he did not want to separate with earlier. I destroyed that necklace!

We also ministered to his brother and he also experienced liberation from the demonic forces that had been tormenting him for years! Both brothers were healed also! There’s so more work to be done in their lives but significant deliverance has occurred and I praise God for His great love that was displayed!

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