Threats of Physical Violence in Seattle

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For the past few days I have been here ministering in Seattle, Washington to those tormented by evil spirits. One family we have been ministering to have been terribly attacked by evil spirits. The 43 year old mother of one, named Alice, has been experiencing horrific spiritual attacks from those involved in Shamanism. This ancient satanic practice of communing with evil spirits as a result of purposely entering into various kinds of altered states of consciousness is becoming more and more common in many Western societies. Especially here in the west coast of the United States and Canada these kinds of occult practices are embedded within the culture and many are seeking these alternative spiritual movements hoping to solve their deepest problems. The problems aren’t solved however doorways are opened and demonic spirits are taking advantage of those entering into these trace like states resulting in occult enslavement. 

Alice has been dabbling with Shamanism and various forms of the occult for years thus becoming demonized through the process. In fact, as a result of submitting to some rituals she opened the doors of her life not only to demons but also to human interjects (soul part transference). As a result of one ritual she participated in the Shaman took the opportunity to invade her body and soul with the aid of evil spirits. I actually spoke to the Shaman within Alice and commanded him and his demons out of her body. We also encountered numerous ancestral dissociative identities including one that experienced a deadly car accident many years earlier. All of these ancestral parts were sent out of the body and to Jesus. All of them cooperated. However, one soul part, a human interject, a old boyfriend, was present (the soul tie that had been created between the two had never been renounced) and he fought me when it came to being forced out. He wanted to stay however Alice’s husband made it very clear to the old boyfriend that he wasn’t welcomed and he eventually conceded thus departing.

We also encountered and reached out to with compassion a number of her broken parts of her heart ranging from 7 years of age to 42 years of age. All of them were sent to the Lord Jesus and incredible inner healing took place in the life of Alice. What was really amazing was for a very long time Alice had been turning to sleeping medications to be able to sleep. Last night, she didn’t turn to the meds as God healed her in this area and slept soundly for the very first time in years! Many of the parts, we discovered, had been programmed and were being held captive by internal demonic forces. These powers were commanded to release the parts and they did. We also began the process of deprogramming the parts in order to help Alice. 

For more than 12 hours I encountered human interjects, dissociative identities, ancestral dissociative identities and mind controlling mechanism. Gradually all of the evil was being extracted resulting in satisfying inner healing, peace, and hope for once. Surprisingly, Alice never surrendered to Jesus as King and I had the wonderful opportunity to lead her in this most important decision. She even spoke, passionately, about her decision to follow Jesus with those who witnessed the mission tonight. All of this led to the demons wanting to attack. 

The unholy spirits within Alice were furious that her husband had planned this intervention and now Alice was wanting to serve Jesus. God truly met our needs and Alice experienced inner healing like she had never experienced before. Many heart parts were miraculously healed. Thus leading the chief of the demons within her to surface. With murderous rage he surfaced. He cursed me. I commanded him to tell me his name.

“I’m AM the [expletive] Christ. I will beat the [expletive] out of you. Do you understand me? I so want to hit you right now. I hate. I hate you. I hate you,” the spirits yelled at me. 

They continued with more threats of physical violence. They so desired to to harm me. In Jesus name I was not injured. I know the holy angels surround me where ever I go. Moreover, the precious blood of Christ covers me also. 

These anti-Christ, mocking, blasphemous spirits were commanded to hold my holy cross and immediately the cross drained them of their energy and almost instantaneously the spirits came out of her. More work needs to be done and issues addressed however we are impressed with Alice’s inner fight to walk in freedom. I love it! I only desire for others to have the deep desire. It’s not easy at times however the walk into freedom is so worth it! 

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