Driving Out Demons & Healing Hearts in the Middle East

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have safely arrived home, by God’s grace, from the Middle East where I traveled and ministered in Dubai and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. One of the cases I encountered, while conducting some home church meetings, was a very complex one. Yes, while navigating through the complexities of the demonization and dissociation I discovered the grace and mercy of God  at work and witnessed King Jesus setting a precious saint free from horrific demonic bondage. I captured portions of the exorcism on video and will share with you some of the incredible footage  we were able to obtain as we ministered. However, before sharing the video clips I would like to share, in part, an email that this precious saint sent to me earlier today that I believe will bless you.

“Dear Pastor Jay, I have no words to thank you!…and I have no idea how to repay your kindness that you have showed us in Jesus’ name. One thing I promise you, that as long as Father God lends me breath I will consume it for His glory!  There are many man of God, but a few of them are true to the truth! You are one of them Pastor. I was hopeless and helpless and had given up on everything in life… mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was your humility and compassion that has encouraged my soul to see life again and to serve the Lord! Yes, true man of God like you still exists, Praise the Lord and God bless you so much! Pastor, I’ve started writing my testimony and will send it to you soon, I want to glorify the Lord, I want all to know what I was going through so that those who are like me know that there is a way…..! Right now there is so much to say but  All that I can say is I can breathe freely after 40 years of my life! Yesterday night we had bread and wine and praised & worshipped the Lord. Today I am feeling good! Today Pastor I am feeling like a breeze, I’m feeling so light like a feather, no panic attacks, no mind control, no body shaking and a peaceful sleep like a baby – I know I am free!”

What a powerful testimony that glorifies Jesus the Deliverer! This is why I traveled to more than 20 nations this year alone, on 5 continents, in more than 100 cities, spending more than 6 months away from my family ministering to the captives conducting more than 250 ministry events. I do this all because I want precious people to feel FREE! To get a better glimpse of how far this woman has come in her personal journey to freedom and wholeness please view these video clips (clips she agreed for me to share with the world). 

In these video clips you will encounter a a little ancestral baby part, a ancestral male part that is 80 years of age that was suffocated, a part little girl that was both in 1850 that was sacrificed and some encounters with holy angels assisting me in ministry. As you can imagine these ministry sessions went for many hours however I was able to capture a handful of video clips I would like to share with you. Jesus set this woman free and now desires to serve as one of our contacts for the Middle East (along with some other saints there in various emirates within UAE). 

Since I shared from my recent experiences there in the Middle East there has been a great interest in the work we are conducting there. One email came in from the Pacific Northwest from a dear lady who has been inspired by our work. She writes, in part–

“Hi Pastor Jay—When we met in Seattle at your deliverance ministry last summer, I’d mentioned to you that, following my ten-year headlong swan-dive into the New Age cesspool, I took up a five-year, total immersion study of deliverance ministry.  Tracking down every book in the country I could get my hands on [thank God for the public library’s nationwide Inter-Library Loan Program!] Anyway, so many of God’s servants over the past 100 years+ did really extraordinary work in Jesus’ name, all over this planet! However, I am learning SO MANY things from your email updates that NONE of these ministries/ministers encountered—or even mentioned!  I don’t know if this is a function of Satan—”…knowing his time is short…”—hitting ministers like you today with everything he’s got, or what! But words fail me in trying to articulate what an invaluable resource your updates, book downloads—your work in general—have been for me!  I no longer feel like I’m drowning in fetid black water—blindfolded, with my hands tied behind my back!  I know longer feel like I’m going down for the third time! On some level, I am troubled that I had to get to this age/stage in life to get some sense of what’s wrong with me—and my entire family.  On every “branch” of the family tree!  But better late than never, I guess!  Just know that your work is helping SO MANY of this world’s hopeless, hapless, floundering souls.  Like me. My friend [with Nazi ancestry] and I are so looking forward to your next Pacific Northwest visit!”

This precious woman is so right in that God has been pleased to bestow upon this mission extraordinary power in the area of unusual miracles that you rarely see reported or documented. This is one reason why the secular media has been interested in our work as it is unique and extraordinary. We are in a position to reach millions of souls for Jesus! It’s one thing to have religious media reach out but to have the secular media extend communication is something I take honor in. The watching world sees our Jesus is alive and performing great miracles. What an opportunity to bring the light and hope of Jesus to the earth.

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