Freedom Fighter in the Middle East Driving Out Demons & Healing Dissociation!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As some of you know I have conducted multiple missions in the Middle East over the years. For a number of years I was visiting this troubled region several times a year. However, in the past few years, I have curtailed these missions due to the lack of support. Which is sad. I should be making multiple trips into this region for the sake of furthering the Kingdom of God. (If you are interested in investing in our Middle Eat outreach please click here.)


These missions as you can imagine involve investing substantial funds in order to carry out these ministry trips. We have seen many souls impacted with the gospel, over the years, in this region of the world —many Muslims have surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior as a result of our evangelistic efforts. We have conducted some very intense exorcisms in this part of the world and look forward to returning as God provides.


These mission efforts could be the reason why I received some death threats recently. In my last email update, to our friends, I reported of a murderous threat my family received that include the referencing to “Jihadi John,” (that was an aspect of the email I didn’t share previously) the infamous Islamic extremist, who was behind some of the recent barbaric beheadings that occurred in Syria.


Our Middle Eastern outreach includes training and equipping the Body of Christ to carry on the works of Jesus in this region of the world. One of our most recent graduates of the Freedom Fighter International Training Center is located in one of the largest Islamic nations in the region and has been ministering to those enslaved to demons. His report will inspire you:


“Taught and ministered to the brother and battled evil spirits for eight and a half hours. We were in the tenth floor of the hotel building as I placed my hand with Holy Oil on his forehead two things happened, firstly many doves began to make themselves known at the windows (they were nowhere to be seen until that very moment) and secondly a fierce, violent demon surfaced contorted his face, his body began to shake uncontrollably, his chin was shuddering, he could not stand it when I placed the sword of the spirit on him. 


This demon gave this brother a false sense of power and control over me, it spoke in a different deeper voice and said that “it will control and destroy me”. Further on, the demon said “do you think your faith is enough to cast me out?” The Holy Angels were battling these evil spirits alongside me. For the first two hours it seemed that we were not weakening them, so I cut off all sources of power that gave these evil spirits strength, destroyed and stripped the evil spirits of all armor, jewelry, crowns, weapons, devices, portals, silver cords, cut-off all communication amongst them etc. this made them significantly weaker. 


We then discovered curses of ancestral masonry, divination, occult rituals and astral projection. We dealt with each individually. Then a four year old dissociative identity surfaced for a few seconds and disappeared, we had to break down castle walls and open dungeons to release the little boy, he then said “a black ghost like figure jumped on him and entered him, and kept him in fear all this time”, he was guided to Jesus and the brother testified of an incredibly warm healing that came over his heart. 


I attempted again to gain access to the name and legal right of the strongman that surfaced and spoke in the beginning, but it literally locked up the tongue and jaw of the brother, he could not speak for some time and the Holy Angels assisted greatly in warring against this. I must be absolutely honest it was really frustrating and taxing as this evil spirit boasted of its power but would not release information to me, we had to be persistent and not give up! 


Around the seventh hour we discovered a secret legal right from soul ties, again the brother repented and renounced it. We were constantly using all the sacred Holy weapons to weaken the evil spirits, it seemed that there were many as we delved deeper into the inner world. Needless to say the strong man was not cooperating until the eighth hour when the brother said suddenly out of his own will “I do not want the false power from this evil spirit anymore!” This literally broke the back of the strongman, and the legal right was exposed. 

The brother was in fact using and relying on the false power that the strongman was giving him in his life, and only late into the exorcism was this relationship between the strongman and the brother made clear. That is what the strongman’s legal right was and what he did not want exposed. The brother then began burping out the evil spirits. And like the sun breaks through the morning horizon so to the love and comfort was restored to this man, a new day was given to him, his liberation was seen in the physical, his face, eyes, body language, voice, and smile was beaming with light.

I am absolutely grateful and honored that Jesus gave us the strength to endure and prevailed over the evil spirits in this brother. What was even more astonishing is post deliverance how excited this brother was to serve Jesus! It was just out of this world how pumped up he was to have an intimate relationship with Christ our King, and how he was going to teach his children about deliverance – absolute glory to Jesus.”

Note what I underscored –this man’s deliverance will impact his family. This is about transforming family trees –one by one! This is what we are about –reaching one soul, one family, at a time. This is significant. 

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