Demonstration of the Power of God in Southern California

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We are grateful to see Jesus work so powerfully in our public meetings in Los Angeles and San Diego these past few days. On Saturday, at the Temple of Salvation located in the heart of Hollywood we witnessed the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in setting many captives free. I encountered incredible spiritual liberty to teach and minister and we witnessed the fruit of it as many souls were delivered.


After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to sense the Holy Spirit move in the midst of the congregation. Just prior to leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers; many in the crowd began to cough at once. Many were testifying of experiencing immediate freedom from demonic torment and bondage. It was very encouraging to see however I knew many were needing deeper deliverance.


One of the first ladies I began to pray for was Ivet (pictured with me above; post deliverance). As I laid my hands upon her many evil spirits surfaced including legions of witchcraft demons. They groaned and moaned and contorted her body in a grotesque manner. They twisted her limbs and cried out in spiritual agony. I applied incredible spiritual pressure upon the demons.


I utilized Holy Communion (all night long the demons reacted violently to the blood of Christ), sacred oil, my cross of deliverance and the mighty holy angels. The angels quickly descended from the heavens and battled the invading demons within Ivet. I asked them to take out their swords and to attack the demons; which they did thereby greatly weakening them.


“We have been here for so long. We have been in her bloodline for many generations because they participated in idolatry and witchcraft,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “We will not leave. We have rights to this woman.”


Not for long however! Ivet renounced the curse of witchcraft and the curse of Jezebel. The demons were furious as a result.


They violently threw her body onto the floor of the sanctuary and thrashed her body about. The demons were horribly afflicting this woman. I called forth the holy angels and they quickly assisted me in picking Ivet off the ground (I never physically assisted her off the ground as the angels picked her up). The holy angels blessed our meeting with their presence and their work. Many who had assembled were stunned to see what transpired.


Not only were there demons within Ivet there were many broken heart parts present too. I spoke to them and guided them to Jesus. There was also a human interject within this woman –a witch. I sent the witchdoctor to Jesus. Moreover, many ancestral heart parts were present and they too were guided to Jesus. Amazing inner healing and restoration took place.


Eventually the demons cried out that they were giving up as the power of God was too strong. We demonstrated, once again, the superior power of Jesus, to those whom had assembled. We commanded the the many evil spirits to the pit and Ivet was liberated. She jumped for joy and yelled, “I’M FREE, JAY!” It was beautiful to behold!


Not only were demons cast out, hearts healed and bodies cured of various afflictions –SOULS WERE SAVED BY JESUS! It was very encouraging to witness several hurting individuals surrender to the salvation found only in the Lord Jesus Christ! In each Southern Californian meeting souls have been saved and for this we rejoice as the holy angels are rejoicing!

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