Powerful Jesus Miracle Encounters!

May 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m in awe. I truly am. I am so humbled to serve King Jesus! I’m on this spiritual train and it’s moving FAST! The Holy Spirit is touching so many hearts and healing so many lives. I am barely able to keep up; reporting all of the wonders of the Spirit of God. There are so many dozens of miracles in the past week I’m having difficulty sharing the many testimonies. There’s that many!

People are encountering the risen Jesus (ACTUALLY SEEING HIM), heart parts are being supernaturally restored, diseases are being removed, bodies being repaired, evil spirits cast out, soul invaders being removed and ancestral heart parts healed by Jesus! The extraordinary power encounters that are taking place are simply STAGGERING!

I’m running out of words, adjectives to describe the power of God being displayed in our midst. It’s amazing and stunning. I’m running with it. Today, our meeting and seminar was JAMMED PACKED as souls assembled to learn and to find freedom. Our Atlanta seminars are usually well attended and today was no exception. Individuals and families traveled great distances, some more then 4-5 hours to attend our meetings.

Earlier tonight, this brother and sister, pictured above, experienced some beautiful healing. However, I want to focus on the sister for a moment. I’ll refer to her as Lisa. She came to our meeting tonight via a invitation from her brother. Lisa had never attended a deliverance service before so didn’t know what to expect. So, she came to learn….and to experience God’s love.

The love of God was manifested during our service and the demons within Lisa erupted violently at first. They twisted her body and limbs. They cried out and viciously attacked. We battled back in Jesus name!

I called for the holy angels of God and they quickly came and assisted us in ministering to this young lady. The angels drew out their swords and struck the demons aggressively. The demons groaned and moaned in defeat. The angels, also, helped me out in restraining the potential violence from these vicious beings who, no doubt, wanted to afflict pain on others. I called upon the fire of God and the fire descended, in tremendous intensity thus greatly burning the demons. The demons weakened greatly and submitted.

In the midst of the warfare we encountered many heart parts, ancestral heart parts (including one birthed in the 19th century), and several human interjects (soul invaders). The invaders were forced out in Jesus name and the demons attached to them. We also guided the heart parts to Jesus!

The first group of demons that surfaced was named

Lazarus. He spoke out of Lisa and revealed much:

“We are here to KILL her! We are here to destroy her life. We bring so many sicknesses and pains. We almost killed her recently,” the spirits of Lazarus revealed to us, “We have been in the bloodline a very long time. We are here because of ancestral idol-worship!”

We bound up Lazarus and his death curses in the name of Jesus! Incidentally, Lazarus, is a Biblical character; he was a beloved friend and follower of Jesus. His story is found in John 11. He prematurely died thus when Jesus heard the news of his death, He traveled to where Lazarus was and raised him back from the dead! Lazarus was raised to LIVE! In deliverance ministry, we do the same, we commanded death to GO and LIFE to COME FORTH!

Lisa also had this ancestral curse of pre-mature death upon her life. The demons already had a plan to taker her out early. However, by God’s grace we were able to intervene and STOP it in Jesus name! She WILL saith the Lord! She was in a state of demonic death, but JESUS….raised her back to NEW LIFE to FREEDOM!

Many more demonic spirits were present including Jezebel and some very strange idoltarus spirits that were rooted through the generations. All of these demons were commanded into the pit and this woman was set FREE! Moreover, she was miraculously healed. She reported feeling no more pain and sicknesses in her body. This coming from a woman who LIVED with pain most of her life. She was beautifully healed by Jesus!

Her SMILE said it all! My friends, so many other demons were cast out of so many others. So many people were SET FREE in some manner. It’s beautiful. Thank you Jesus!

Extreme Exorcisms with Violent Evil Spirits in Atlanta, Georgia!

April 30th, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This Jesus mission continues on with power! We are currently in Atlanta, Georgia where we are scheduled to conduct public deliverance  services  and seminars! Earlier this evening, we had a meeting hall filled with individuals and families desperate for deliverance and healing. One family drove more then 4.5 hours to attend our services. The daughter, pictured with me above, was one of the first ones I ministered to.

After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to pray for those afflicted with demons. Laura began to violently manifest demons. They surfaced and SCREAMED out of her! They violently threw her back into her chair and with viciousness cried out.

“We are NOT leaving! We are staying with her!” a group of demons rooted in ancestral idolatry revealed to me, “We have been here for a very long time because her ancestors participated in idol-worship.”

I bound up all of the evil spirits within this woman and commanded them to release all of her broken heart. This caused a violent explosion from the invading demons! They were aggressive and screamed out of her. They didn’t want to let go of Laura’s broken heart. Eventually the spiritual pressure was too great for them and they released her hurting heart.

So many little heart parts were supernaturally healed. I then proceeded to confront the wicked spirits. The violent demons were cast out of her in the name of Jesus Christ! They flew out of her and she was beautifully set free (take a look at her picture, above, to see her smile). Laura will need some more ministry, however, tonight was a beautiful victory for her in Christ!

That was only the beginning of the ministry that took place on this night. Many others were set from demons. Even a number of people testified of feeling demons departing from their bodies and minds by simply being present in the meeting hall. In fact, several people testified of feeling released from demonic forces by observing others getting free from demons. Incredible!

After seeing Laura delivered, a young man, in the back of the meeting hall named Money started convulsing violently. Within him were many VIOLENT demons. Thankfully, I had about 5 or 6 strong men of God present who assisted me in restraining the violence and evil surfacing from within him.

Bloodshed, murder, rage, anger and hate all surfaced and they were very strong demons that could have torn up our meeting hall if it wasn’t for God’s people assisting me. Money was delivered from these demons and released from deep bondages. Moreover, he encountered some deep inner helping and many little heart parts were healed by JESUS!

It should have been noted that Money also had a soul invader –his grandfather. He surfaced during the meeting and I spoke to him. I guided him to Jesus!

Many others were ministered too including a few ladies who were victims of satanic ritual abuse. They, too, had soul invaders! This is becoming amazing the amount of people all across the world I’m encountering with these soul invaders!

One lady, we ministered to much later in the evening, had soul invaders. She was 64 years of age and had no idea to the extent of her demonization and abuse. We discovered that at the age of 2 she was abused by Satanists and at that time they invaded her consciousness. We also encountered a 5 year old dissociative identity who held on the horrific memories of people being sacrificed and ritually abused. These parts were sent to Jesus and many demons were driven out of her. We hope to be able to do more ministry with her later today at our training seminar.

Another lady we ministered to was abused by her grandfather who was a KKK wizard who participated in human and animal sacrifices. He actually surfaced and I commanded him out in Jesus name. This woman experienced some beautiful healing and deliverance and was relieved after her deliverance.

Jesus Signs & Wonders in Missouri! Eyes Healed!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,

What a beautiful night in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Blue Hills Church of the Nazarene where Jesus miraculously healed so many people! Again, we had a great turnout as souls assembled desiring to encounter the power and love of Jesus! Soul invaders were removed, sicknesses driven out, evil spirits cast out, ancestral dissociative parts guided to Jesus and broken heart parts healed by Jesus! Amazing night of signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit.

Where do I begin? There were so many miracles that took place on multiple levels. I do want to thank Dr. Troy & Ann Rockers, who serve as our one of mission coordinators, for their love and support. They are located here in the Kansas City area and it was a joy to serve alongside them for the Kingdom of God!

For more then 6 hours we ministered the gospel and many were impacted powerfully including this mother and daughter, pictured with me above. Both of them encountered the power of Jesus! Camille the young daughter was wonderfully set free from numerous demons including demons of Jezebel, witchcraft, rejection and so many others.

While confronting the evil spirits I discovered some of them were holding onto a soul invader, a human interject. His name was Isaiah. He actually surfaced and talked to me.

“I don’t want to leave her!,” her ex-boyfriend told me, “I’m staying with her, to control her!”

Obviously, I didn’t allow him to stay and I forced him out in the name of Jesus. He swiftly departed. This is astounding to come across so many soul invaders in NEARLY EVERY PUBLIC MEETING we are conducting throughout the world. It’s staggering. Even tonight, I encountered many more soul invaders. I’m actually surprised to see so many surface in our meetings. I’m glad we are seeing them GO –these soul invaders are just that –INVADERS! They must be driven to Jesus!

I also encountered numerous heart parts within this young lady. There was a 7, 13, and 17 year old parts that surfaced and spoke to me. The little 7 year old didn’t want to become one with Camille’s heart –because she needed to deliver me a message that deeply touched me:

“Jay, Jesus told me to tell you that He LOVES YOU!”

WOW!!! What more can be said! Jesus loves me! Always love hearing it. Strengthening and encouraging. The two teenagers had merged supernaturally with the heart and now it was the little 7 year old’s turn. She also become one with her heart! This woman was powerfully healed of dissociation.

I then directed my attention to the demonic spirits that had been bringing so much torment and pain into this woman’s life. I focused on Jezebel. I discovered Jezebel had been rooted, generationally, through the mother’s bloodline. So, we led the mother in deliverance and she was powerfully set free!

In the name of Jesus, we confronted the demons named Jezebel and utilized the holy angels of God to battle these demons. The demons groaned and moaned in defeat as the holy angels struck the invading demons with their swords. I placed the fire of God upon these demons and again they moaned and groaned in defeat. Moreover, I punished the demons with my cross of deliverance and they could barely touch it.

“The cross burns us! You know we can’t touch it. It’s too hot!” the demonic forces revealed to us.

After crushing Jezebel with our spiritual weapons, we found out from these demons that they had been bringing blindness to her and causing her not to be able to see clearly (thus her glasses). However, on this night, after Jezebel (along with many other demons) was commanded into the pit, Camille opened her EYES and was SURPRISED that she could actually SEE without the aid of glasses (I took her glasses off during the deliverance). Another miraculous healing of the EYES! I have seen so many dozens in recent years. It’s staggering!

Camille just laughed and laughed with joy and utter peace afterwards. Camille had been set FREE by Jesus and was miraculously healed by HIM! What a wonderful God we serve. I look forward to sharing so many other miracles in the days to come that we witnessed in Kansas City.

Soul Invaders Surface in Nazarene Church Service in Kansas City!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been awhile since I last visited Kansas City, Missouri for a public meeting. I have traveled here for some personal ministry sessions but haven’t returned to the city, for a service, since my last public mission more then 2 years ago. Why?


Well, in my last public mission to Kansas City, though we had a jammed packed hall and tremendous interest, it was very difficult to minister because of unbelief. Though a few people were healed and delivered it was a challenging night in many aspects.


Not so last night. We had a great turnout at the Blue Hills Nazarene Church here in Kansas City. Many thanks to the pastor and his precious wife who are open to this ministry and desire to see souls healed and freed from demons.


In fact, I can’t think of many pastors in this country that would open up their church to conduct public deliverance services and free those with soul invaders! HA! Not many churches at all.


For a Wednesday night service, we had, perhaps, 70-80 souls who arrived needing help and intervention, including numerous young people. Many dozens were being afflicted by demons and needed deliverance! Many were freed and healed as the night progressed.


One of the many we ministered to last night was this young lady pictured above. I’ll refer to her as Sheila. As I began to minister to those bound by demonic spirits, she began convulsing horribly. The demons were surfacing and eventually spoke out of her. Along with the demons, several human interjects surfaced including her mother, father and sister!


“I’m here because I’m jealous of her!,” her sister confidently told me, “I lit witchcraft candles and took some of her hair to use in witchcraft rituals to destroy her!”


So, essentially, what took place was this: Sheila’s sister was jealous. She resorted to witchcraft to attack her. That wasn’t enough. She made the decision to invade her sister’s consciousness to attack her even further. The demons that were within the sister also traveled to Sheila. They spoke to me along with many other demons:


“We are here to bring fatigue, heartache, rejection, loneliness, heartache, fear, asthma, depression and so many other problems,” the spirits revealed to me, “We are here to destroy her!”


Fortunately, we were able to intervene and rescue Sheila. We commanded her sister and the demons of witchcraft to leave. As soon as that was accomplished more soul invaders surfaced including her mother and father. Sheila knew her mother had been in her for some time but didn’t know who to tell. She though, perhaps, she experiencing some mental illness because of this weird phenomena she was encountering –soul parts of her family living within her.


However, Sheila was not aware of her father being within her. He, too, surfaced, because of the soul tie, and he spoke to me too. I think because he rejected her early on and abandoned her, he felt horrible and wanted to be within her, so he decided to stay within her in this manner. I forced this soul invader out too.


I then turned my focus on the mother. She also invaded Sheila. She spoke to me and revealed she was jealous of her and wanted to control her. I forced her out in Jesus name! Not only did these soul invaders, these human interjects depart but so did many demons. Sheila was so happy afterwards.


Sheila will need some more ministry however what transpired in her life was transformative. Her quality of life will dramatically improve immediately. Not having demons and all of these soul invaders will allow her to live freer in Jesus!

Set Free from One Million Evil Spirits! Once of Victim, Now a Victor in Jesus!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was a wonderful night of freedom here in Houston, Texas! I felt at liberty to minister unlike the previous night and God bestowed His holy power upon us. Souls were set free and beautifully healed. It was an honor to serve the people of God!


For nearly 6 plus hours we ministered to those who assembled and a multitude of evil spirits were commanded out of bodies and minds in Jesus name! In fact, one young mother we ministered to, pictured with me above, was delivered of more then 1 million demons!


As I approached her, to pray for her, another human interject (a soul invader) surfaced swiftly. It’s astounding, once again, to think of the many soul invaders that we have been encountering in recent weeks. In nearly every meeting, these human invaders are surfacing and battling me.


The human interject that surfaced from within her, was a family member, who confessed to having cursed her with the powers of witchcraft. I spoke to him.


“I hate her! I want to stay within to destroy her!” the angry invader informed me, “My powers are stronger then your powers! I have cursed her. I light candles and burn incense to send her demons! My powers are greater!”


This is a spiritual challenge which I took him up on. I told him to come up to the front and see if his powers could defeat the powers of Jesus within me. I called forth the holy angels and the power of the fire of Holy Spirit to be with me. The powers of the age to come were present within me.


So…the war commenced….the witchcraft demons within this human interject surfaced. They were furious with me. They moaned and groaned. Moreover, they wanted to war against me. I fought back fiercely.


I commanded the demons to raise their hands to touch my holy cross! They could barely glance at it. Forget even touching it. Finally, I was able to get the holy angels to pick up the arm of the demons and they grabbed my sacred cross. The pain they suffered was immense. They cried out in defeat and agony!


“Jesus is Lord, His power is GREATER!” the demons confessed before everyone in the meeting hall!


The demons were, in fact, defeated, on this night! They submitted to the superior power of Jesus! This caused this human interject great concern for he saw the overpowering power of Jesus; he also confessed that his power was inferior to the powers at work within me. I commanded the human interject out in Jesus name! He left.


We then proceeded to confront more then one million demons named Argon within this mother. Argon was a spirit of witchcraft that came from this family member who injected himself into her consciousness. This family member was a devout warlock who practiced black magic and sorcery. He was preparing to conduct a horrendous blood sacrifice in the near future however he was defeated. He was sent out along with the million evil spirits that were attached to him. They screamed out with loud cries. The demons were vanished! Furthermore, there were more then 100,000 demons named witchcraft within her that were rooted generationally.


“We are here because her family practiced and participated in witchcraft!” the demons informed me, “We control her mind!”


All of these 1.1 millions demons were driven out in the authority of Jesus Christ and they entered the pit! This young mother was so happy to be set free and miraculously healed. She testified before all how peaceful and lighter she felt. Jesus deserves the praise for this!


Yes, there was a intense spiritual battle as many demonic spirits surfaced! They spoke in various kinds of strange tongues. They contorted her body and screamed out of her. The SCREAMS were violent and the demons raged. But JESUS….


There’s always a BUT JESUS…..Jesus rescued this young mother who recently gave birth to a beautiful child. Jesus healed her and has comforted her! No longer a victim of witchcraft but a victor over witchcraft!

Jesus Rescued Souls in Houston!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night’s service was challenging in many regards. Some spiritual opposition and hindrances however we pressed forward in the power of Jesus! As a result, souls were saved (including the young lady pictured with me above), miraculously healed (one young lady’s eyesight was healed, she was able to see without any black spots) and set free from demonic spirits.


One lady we spent considerable time ministering to was a young woman named Sarah. She found out about our ministry online and was determined to obtained freedom. While praying for her numerous demons surfaced including:

  • Death & suicide that went back 5 generations ago
  • Leviathan that brought mental torment and sicknesses
  • Lies that went back more then 6 generations as a result of her ancestors believing in falsehoods
  • Sabotage that were rooted on her father’s side
  • Violence & bloodshed that were rooted, generationally, more then 300 years ago
  • Abortion was present because her father tried to kill her by jumping up and down on the mother’s stomach
  • Witchcraft that held claim to her blood because of her ancestors participation in the occult
  • Pride was present because her ancestors indulged in blood sacrifices
  • Homosexuality was there because of the soul ties with her boyfriend

As you can see there were many demons within this woman. They SCREAMED out of her! The battled me! The SCREAMED how much they hated me and wanted to destroy this woman. This precious woman had been afflicted with so many infirmities and torments. It was sad to see. We intervened in Jesus name and commanded a multitude of demons out of her. They SCREAMED out of her into the pit!
We also encountered a human interject –her boyfriend. I forced him out in Jesus name! Again, last night, we encountered a number of human interjects (including one that was within the young lady that got saved; pictured with me above). We also encountered many dissociative identities too.
We communicated to so many! Many little girls. Many hurting soul parts that desperately needed Jesus! I gladly reached out to them and guided them to Jesus for healing. They were happy.
One demon that surfaced was named Murder! He was furious with me.
“YES, it was US that tried to kill her long ago!,” the spirits of murder revealed to me, “We are the ones that pushed her off some stairs while she was a little girl. We made her trip!”
Vile, disgusting demons! These destructive demons of murder were defeated and cast out in Jesus name! This young woman will need much more ministry however incredible work has started within her life and it was a joy to serve her!

Beware of Warlocks, Witches & Sorcerers!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As I pour over my voluminous notes from our recent ministry sessions over the past few months I am astounded. I glance at the various cases and my heart is grieved. So many hurting hearts, so many many families in need and so many souls needing Jesus! Obviously, we see many souls won to Jesus Messiah, evil spirits driven out, bodies miraculously healed (including my own recently, HA!) however one aspect that deeply touches my heart is the supernaturally healing of broken hearts that we see on a near daily basis and the overwhelming need to confront and force out witchcraft elements out of lives!


The lady, pictured with me above, not only encountered the mighty deliverance power of Jesus over the forces of witchcraft but also the deep inner healing of Jesus. Her heart had been fragmented and yet Jesus came and put it back together. To give you an idea how common this is –the brokenness of hearts and the activity of witchcraft in lives, allow me to give you a sampling of some of the cases we recently encountered. We have ministered to many little parts including:


-A little 4 year old that was “hurt by mommy because she went away.”


-A 8 year old Jewish ancestral dissociative hear part that lived in a concentration camp in Europe.


-A young 3 year old ancestral hurting soul part that had been sacrificed to Satan in a horrific ceremony.


-A little part, only 5 years of age, that had been locked in a phone booth and couldn’t escape.


-A girl part, only 6 years of age: “I fell out of a car that was going fast.”


-A very little child part that was terrorized because she witnessed animal sacrifices that including the killing of wolves, dogs, and cows.


-A pre-teen part that was overwhelmed with rejection because: “My father left me.”


-A 11 year old that was covered with shame and extraordinary emotional pain.


-A little 9 year old part that was raped by demons.


-A little girl only 5 years old that had been been tricked by a demon named Jezebel.


-A very little heart part only 2 years of age that felt abandoned by her mother.


-A teenager ancestral heart part that had survived Nazism in Eastern Europe.


-A angry and abandoned 7 year old.


-A broken 5 year old that experienced deep pain because her parents divorced.


-A teenager that endured an abortion.


-A 9 year old who had their bike stolen.


-A precious 3 year old that was picked on at school.


-Numerous little babies that experienced rejection, fear and torment.


Writing these down for you made my heart sad. So much pain there. Then, moving on to the various human interjects –the warlocks and witches (and others that meant harm)– we encountered was staggering. We have encountered many dozens of cases, in recent weeks, of individuals with these soul invaders.


There were numerous witches, warlocks, and sorcerers that I discovered within the souls of many. I spoke with them, called upon Jesus to deal with them and forced them out (along with the demons attached to them) in the name of Jesus! Many of these witches boasted how they were able to get a personal belonging from their victims which allowed them greater access to their lives.


Remember, the enemy is looking for points of contacts to have the ability to attack you. So, beware, be on guard. We heard many of these warlocks and witchcraft practitioners admit they took a toothbrush, a piece of their hair, a clothing article, fed them food, etc, in an attempt to gain access, into their victims. Often times, these human interjects, these soul invaders, once they gained entry, proceed to attack the broken heart parts. Often times, demonizing them even further.


I’m so happy to report, however, by God’s grace alone, we are doing our small part is rescuing souls! So many tens of thousands set free from demons over the years. So many supernaturally healed and released from human interjects and ancestral dissociation. Then we are training many throughout the world on how to minister in these areas.


Where are the churches and ministries on this? There are evangelistic missions and healing missions however what about missions of healing broken-hearts and releasing people from human interjects –the witches, warlocks and sorcery that hold people in captivity. The enemy would love to stop us and to hurt those who pray and support us. For there are so few missions that work in this area and equip people in this area. We need your holy prayers for God’s protection and empowerment to continue on this vital mission to rescue souls. We also need your financial support.

Crippling Demons Cast Out of Teenager in Tasmania, Freedom Fighters Extraordinary Global Work!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been an extraordinary 2016 filled with the wonders of the Holy Spirit. Yes, there have been challenges and testings however we are experiencing the mighty power of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives! We have already conducted nearly 40 different ministry events throughout North America and Australia. We are about to embark on an extensive mission that will take us in multiple cities across America and Canada. We are believing for even GREATER miracles in the days to come.


I’ll share more on this below. However, the ministry reports I’m receiving from those disciples enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center is staggering. One precious believer, located in a restricted area in the Middle East, is reaching out throughout Asia and the Middle East the gospel. I just received his report recently and I was stunned. This mission has trained 10,000’s of disciples and we are believing more will be equipped in the years to come….


While in Tasmania, I was deeply touched by a young teenager that came to our meetings and seminars with a heart to receive from God. He is pictured above with me and his grandmother (along with Pastor Joan Smale). In our first service, he came under such great demonic attack that it brought forth a crippling affliction. It was very difficult for him to even walk. It was horrible. Here is a young healthy young man being twisted like a pretzel and being contorted by wicked spirits that had invaded him. It was terrible seeing him in this condition.


Being a father of three young children myself, I have great empathy for young people and my heart is grieved when I witness evil spirits twist young bodies in such a manner. It hurts my heart. Demons are wicked, they are destroyers! Never forget this. We are in a WAR and when they roam without confrontation they will go about tearing lives up!


This young man was terribly vexed by demon powers as I preached the WORD at the Baptist church. I brought him to the front however I really didn’t minister to him much. However, he was desperate so he came back to our next public meeting at the Launceston War Memorial Hall and again the demons manifested and twisted his young body in grotesque manner. Once again they brought forth a crippling affliction into him.


This time, I felt at liberty to minister and I confronted the demons in the name of Jesus! Quickly the demons submitted and I commanded all forms of sickness and crippling afflictions to depart in Jesus name! They came out of him with moans and groans and he was set FREE. This young man was so happy!


Not only was he dramatically set free from these demons, his broken heart was miraculously healed! He gave me a huge hug afterwards! Also, a friend of his had demons too! I directly confronted them and commanded them out of him, they swiftly departed and he was also set free from many demons in Jesus name! It was beautiful to behold!


So many souls in our seminars and meetings in Tasmania were set free from demons. I was able to directly minister to hurting souls and they were delivered but I was also able to minister from afar and many demons were driven out from a distance as I commanded demons to depart their victims. Many heart parts were healed and bodies repaired in Jesus name!

Violent Confrontation with Soul Invader & Evil Spirits in Australia!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Finally back with the family after this long journey to Tasmania and a mission to Honolulu, Hawaii. It was an extraordinary mission where souls were saved, miraculously healed, and supernaturally set free from evil spirits. I’m grateful for the opportunity to reach out to many hurting souls for King Jesus!


One lady we extended the ministry of Jesus to was this young woman, named Joanna, pictured with me above, at the Launceston War Memorial Hall, several days ago, in Tasmania. She came to our training seminar with a heart to learn more about deliverance. When I transitioned my teaching from the mechanics of deliverance to the deeper elements of the deliverance ministry such as ancestral dissociation and human interjects Joanna started to feel some strange things happening within her body.


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures, I spiritually probed and discovered an old boy-friend within her. His name was Kiran. He quickly surfaced and became violent with me. He raised his fists up towards me in a fighting position.


“Leave me alone, leave me alone,” Kiran demanded, “How did you find me? How were you able to do it?”


He was SHOCKED!!! Most soul invaders (human interjects), I have observed over the years, are surprised to be discovered as most humans are unaware of this spiritual phenomena.


“Joanna had no idea! She didn’t know I used witchcraft to get her to be my boyfriend,” Kiran boasted to me, “I lit candles, burned incense, sent witchcraft spells to her, to seduce her.”


The witchcraft spells, curses and ritualism worked! That’s why many people turn to sorcery because it does work! However, it will cost your soul! You will get demonized and will be participating in a grave sin. In theocratic Israel it was so serious that the death penalty could be called for; for those guilty of participating in witchcraft and the occult. But many unsuspecting souls are willing to turn to witchcraft to obtain power, revenge, and pleasure despite God’s warnings.


Kiran was furious with me. He grabbed my shirt violently and attacked me. This human interject was in a rage. He didn’t think he would be exposed however God exposed him and we were able to drive him out. He was sent to Jesus!


Joanna now began to understand why she had such a hard time breaking free from this romantic relationship from twenty years ago! It was because Kiran was present within her. He was there wanting to control her and seduce her. Thankfully, we were able to intervene and commanded him out.


The demons of witchcraft surfaced and they were violent too. They threatened me and were in furious too.


“Kiran is no longer here!” the demons informed me, “He’s gone! But we will stay! We are causing depression, bringing cancer into her, isolation and rebellion.”


There were a multitude of demons within Joanna. There were many spirits of Jezebel, Baal, murder, witchcraft and many others operating within her. They were slowly but surely trying to destroy her.


“Her ancestors participated in killing!” the spirits of murder told me as they surfaced in extreme fury, “They KILLED pigs and worshipped us.”


I commanded the many violent demons out of her and she was SET FREE by JESUS! It was beautiful to behold. Moreover, little dissociative identities surfaced and they were rescued. They were healed too by the Savior!


So, what are these soul invaders (and the reality of ancestral dissociation)? Should we be concerned about this phenomena? I believe the Body of Christ should be concerned about this reality for billions, perhaps, in our world, due to witchcraft and unholy soul ties have, within their lives, these human interjects, these soul invaders. I have started a BRAND NEW video teaching on this subject that I hope will enlighten and bring general awareness. I’m believing many thousands in the years to come will be rescued from this as we continue on throughout the world.

Honolulu: Jezebel Brought Decades of Arthritic Pain, Now it’s GONE!

March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I still haven’t gone to bed yet! I traveled from Launceston, Tasmania to Melbourne, Victoria, onward to Honolulu, Hawaii. Arriving into Honolulu early this morning, I couldn’t rest. I was wired because of the memorable miracles that transpired in our last mission to Australia. I was recounting them and it furthered my excitement. So, I went swimming out in the ocean instead.


The day just flew by. Our seminar was held right near the famous Waikiki Beach and it was wonderful to see some new and old friends. I taught from the Holy Scriptures and then led everyone in some ministry. It was refreshing to be with some strong disciples of the Lord Jesus!


One lady whom the Holy Spirit directed me to had demons and dissociation. The first group of demons that manifested that numbered in the thousands were the spirits of Jezebel. Since this woman was a strong believer, it barely hung on except that it held onto her ancestral evil.


“There’s a Legion of us here!” the demonic spirits boasted, “We entered her ancestors because they sought to control people. We bring her arthritic pain!”


I discovered that this precious woman had been suffering for more then three decades with horrible physical pain! THREE DECADES OF PHYSICAL PAIN! This was later confirmed by her husband (pictured with me, above, with his wife that was set free).


I am so grateful we were able to intervene and drive out these demons of pain. They departed her body and she was miraculously healed of arthritis pain. No more pain! Amazing Jesus!


Moreover, when ministering deliverance to this woman we discovered she had dissociation. We reached out to a little 8 year old and guided the little girl to Jesus for healing. She was supernaturally healed and testified of feeling so much lighter! Her husband even shared that he had been waiting for her healing for a very long time. Decades of pain vanished within minutes! Think about the quality of issues that this woman will see transformed overnight! She has bene healed by God and will be able to serve Him without hindrance.


What a beautiful day on the Hawaiian Islands. Jesus to be praised!