Teaching Results in Deliverance from Jezebel

September 4th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

We have safely arrived in Southern California and been enjoying some restful time with the family; recovering from jet lag. It’s really hit me harder than usual. I think all of the extensive traveling is perhaps a cause (nearly 180 days of traveling in 2014 alone; conducting more than 150 meetings). I think it even goes deeper. I have been warring, for my family, as powerful witchcraft curses have been sent to us; in an attempt to destroy us. This kind of spiritual warfare is not only tiresome spiritually but also physically. Appreciate all of your holy prayers in Jesus name. 

However, it brings me such deep joy (thus strength) to recall all of the incredible miracles that have taken place over the past month while ministering in Australia –souls saved, set free from demons, fractured hearts healed, bodies cured and extraordinary miracles taking place. Moreover, it is satisfying to see hundreds of disciples of Jesus now equipped to carry on this much needed work of deliverance and inner healing. 

While in the cities of Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, I met up with precious friends, who we have personally trained, now carrying on this important work to many more hundreds. Inspiring. Email testimonies are arriving daily. Recently, I received an encouraging email, from some friends, we recently ordained in Perth. Their ministry to those bound by demons is being lifted up to an new entire level. Allow me to share their email with you:

“Wanted to thank you for your teaching on deliverance ministry and heart parts. Judy and I ministered to a lady this week who comes to our home church and we were able to understand a lot better what was happening so that she could be set free in Jesus mighty name.

We dealt with spirits of depression and oppression, mind control (2), darkness, isolation (24), torment (13) and of course Jezebel who had married her and was forced by the blood of Jesus to take off all sorts of rings and regalia. We also came across 3 month old heart part, and a 3 year old heart part and a 6 year old heart part being held by oppression. We also encountered our first human interject a part called Dwight, who was a relative.

She was set free and we prayed for the Holy Spirit to come upon her and He did. She saw a vision of a waterfall she was standing next to it. She also saw the room filled with fire from the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord and thank you Jay for your teaching; without which we would not have been able to help this lady of God.

This is a beautiful report. Not only was a life rescued from the demonic realm but there was also deep inner healing taking place…even the removal of a human interject. This is why we spend some much time training the Body of Christ. I cannot possibly be present in every situation that requires advanced healing. Since this is the case, we are, by God’s grace, raising up a spiritual army, throughout the earth, that can be present to minister healing and deliverance; resulting in many thousands being reached with the life of Jesus! 

In Sydney: Jesus Visited Me; Liberates Former Hindu from Evil Spirits

September 4th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

It’s been refreshing to be here in New South Wales in the beautiful city of Sydney. It’s been a great honor of mine to visit some of the most beautiful and livable cities on the planet including Sydney. In fact, just a few days ago, The Economist, released a list of the Most Livable Cities in the world and placed 4 of the cities (Perth, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne), we have ministered in recently, as the most livable cities in the world. I would concur with the list. These are great cities. However, these cities also need the ministry of deliverance and healing. Hence, me being here in Sydney, Australia. 

For more than 12 hours, yesterday, at a local Assembly of God Church, I taught from the Scriptures, prayed for the sick, witnessed hearts healed and drove out demons in Jesus name. In fact, I didn’t get home until close to 3am. It was an extraordinary, powerful public meeting. Even at the start of the meeting, Jesus, personally visited me. Allow me to explain.

A precious Indonesian couple whom are dear pastor friends of mine came to the meetings in support (In fact, I had the privilege of formally ordaining them into the ministry as pastors last year in Sydney). They ministered along with me in great power. This precious husband and wife team have been ministering deliverance to the captives and is seeing precious souls freed from demons. 

Anyway, during the praise and worship time, my sister in the Lord, who often sees into the spiritual realm, witnessed Jesus drawing near to me and placing a white robe on me. What was interesting about this was that the Lord told me I would receive a word from this woman on this very day (I did not even mention that fact to her until after her sharing of this vision).

This is quite significant; as in Revelation 7:9 speaks of the great multitude, before the Lamb of God, wearing “white robes.” I’m eternally grateful to God for being counted as His servant; as one who is honored to wear His white robes. More than anything else I want to be pleasing to God. It’s my heart to honor Him and it greatly encourage me to hear Jesus placed a white robe on me before I ministered. I had tears in my eyes; when I heard this as it bore witness to my spirit.

For many hours we ministered to those tormented by evil spirits. In the afternoon I conducted a training seminar; then in the evening I ministered deliverance to the captives. For many hours, I battled thousands of evil spirits. The usual suspects –Jezebel, Death, Baal, Freemasonry, Witchcraft and Fear. We also encountered an spiritual army of Hindu spirits, within a few former Hindus, who are now followers of Jesus.

The story is quite fascinating. The lady who was responsible for cleaning the church, prior to the Sunday services, heard about our public training seminar and deliverance service and decided to attend. Mind you, she had no idea about these meetings. See, how God was orchestrating this. This precious lady, whom I’ll refer to as Mary, I discovered, is the only Christian in her family that comprise of Hindus. She had surrendered her life to Jesus and is serious about following the Lord. This kind of commitment laid down the foundation by which we built on as we ministered deliverance to Mary. 

During the training seminar and most of the deliverance service, Mary, sat quietly, hardly experiencing anything unusual. She was able to watch, though, many powerful demonstrations of the power of God. Throughout the evening service we battled strong and aggressive demons; some were outright violent. A few ladies were thrown violently to the ground by demons; convulsing horribly. A number of demons kicked and acted out in violence. Some of the demons sought to assault me (actually they did strike me; but hardly felt anything. 

One of the ladies we ministered to had been invaded by strong spirits of death, Satanism, and ritual sacrifice. Some of these dark generational curses went back nearly 1,000 years ago.

“Her ancestors drank blood,” the invading demons revealed to me, “But that’s not all. They practiced witchcraft and were involved in human sacrifice.”

It was also discovered that some of these evil spirits had held captive a number of ancestral parts. One ancestral part was a male. He spoke through this woman (remember she is in a demonized state). Interestingly, the voice was just like a male voice. 

“I’m 52 years of age; I died of a heart attack,” the ancestral dissociative identity revealed to me, “…and no; I do not want to give my life to Jesus.”

This foreign human heart part even revealed he was born in 1864. It was also discovered that this ancestor never trusted Jesus for salvation during his earthly lifetime and still opposed Jesus (yet this woman I was ministering to loved the Lord). No wonder this woman was experiencing so many spiritual problems; as she possessed ancestral human soul parts. All of these ancestral soul parts (there was another one we spoke to that was 72 years of age; though this woman was only in her late 30’s perhaps) were sent to Jesus. Moreover, all of the demons attached to these soul parts were expelled in Jesus name. 

During this remarkable exorcism we battled many powerful demons. I called forth the holy angels and they greatly assisted me in warfare. Some of the demons tried to escape from the church. The angels restrained. They attempted to run away from me. The angels were called upon and physically moved this woman in front of me so I might minister to her. 

By the way, through the night, in a number of these exorcisms, the holy angels were called upon and they came in great power to assist me. They restrained; they struck the invading demons with their swords; they moved the demonized, physically, so I could properly minister to the victims. As these angelic interventions were taking place; I could hear some of the disciples in the crowd sigh in awe of God’s mighty power. As I often share with my friends; this is an aspect of the mission that is quite remarkable. A vast majority of our meetings are marked by holy angels attending and ministering in an tangible manner that could be seen by those watching on. It’s one thing to know the that the angels are with us (we all understand this from the Scriptures) but it’s entirely different thing to see them in action in exorcisms.

This precious disciple experienced incredible deliverance and healing as numerous parts of her broken heart were guided to Jesus. After the meeting this disciple shared of her desire to serve the Lord in the deliverance ministry and has already enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center. I believe, as she is equipped, she will go forward to reach many for Jesus. 

As we ministered through the night, many heart parts surfaced among those in the crowd and many of them even testified of seeing the risen Jesus. Moreover, we encountered other ancestral soul parts, within others, they were sent to Jesus. Others experienced physical healing too; from various kinds of pains and maladies.

During the service it should be noted as I led everyone in mass deliverance renunciation prayers; precious disciples were experiencing a measure of freedom as demons exited out of bodies through coughing, yawning, burping and through loud cries. Even well after 1am as we broke off mother’s generational curses; a half-dozen or so ladies experienced instantaneous deliverance from demons; which they testified of afterwards. In fact, one precious believer, shared with me that while she prayed along with me; she could feel the demons lift off and was excited about being FREE for the very first time in her life! Really amazing testimony. She was so happy…one could see her face shining with peace and light of Jesus!

As I mentioned earlier, a former Hindu was present in our public meeting and she was very interested in receiving ministry; however, throughout the night I didn’t notice any demons surfacing from within her. She was quite open for ministry but couldn’t sense any demonic presence in her life either. 

Towards the end of the meeting, the Holy Spirit directed me to her, as she in the very back of the meeting hall. I prayed over her.


I was just about to move on to someone else; when suddenly Kali surfaced. Ah, they had been hiding. Demons like hiding as they do not want to be driven out; especially in a public setting. Remember they are prideful beings.

Some of you might be aware Kali is a Hindu goddess worshipped by millions of Hindus throughout the world. There are temples dedicated to worshipping her. I have visited numerous Hindu Temples in Asia, South America, and in the Caribbean in evangelistic outreaches  and have seen her likeness. She is a ugly representation, within Hinduism, of the ancient spirit of Jezebel. As soon as she surfaced, from within Mary, her eyes bulged out and looked at me seductively. The eyes said it all. I have encountered Kali idols. Her eyes speak volumes. That same look, I had seen in the temples, was now seen, in Mary. Kali fully manifested. I began warring against her in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

As Mary’s body laid slumped on her chair. I called forth the holy angels of God; to pick her body off the chair and to walk towards the front of the hall. At first there was tremendous resistance. I called for more angels; finally the angels picked her up without any human aid and placed her in the front of the hall as directed. I noticed that while the holy angels pushed her; the demons were dragging their feet, literally, in an attempt to hinder. They failed. 

Now Kali was in the front. She was displayed in front of us all –as a defeated demon. She not only surfaced but so did other Hindu demon gods and goddesses: Krishna, Shiva and others. 

Shiva surfaced too, he was enraged with me. He was ready to spiritually fight me. He boldly told me: We are very strong!

Since he boasted in this; I wanted him to see that Jesus was so much stronger. The first thing I did was ask the church to raise up their Bibles as a Sword and spiritually directed their swords to Shiva and Kali. As they did Shiva and Kali groaned and moaned in agony. They had been defeated. They even confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord! So much for their power. Jesus is Lord!

How I desire to see the nearly 1 Billion Hindus witness this spiritual reality –that these so-called gods and goddesses are rather demons; defeated demons. This is why the ministry of exorcism should be demonstrated in public; so the watching world can witness the superior power of Jesus. Shiva and Kali, in fact, crumbled to the ground as the people of God used their swords against them. It was a powerful night of the exaltation of the Lord Jesus!

At one point I had Kali, Shiva and Krishna embrace my sacred cross. Just touching it made them fall back several feet unto the ground. The immense power of this CROSS is something to behold! These kinds of miracles occur all the time within our mission! I also utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit. I sprinkled some holy oil upon my hand and sprinkled in the direction of invading demons resulting in them shrieking and begging for me to cease; as they often tell me it burns them. Some of these incredible miracles are stunning. 

What an exciting time to serve Jesus. We also discovered that there were many Jezebel spirits within Mary; including many Baal demons. They boasted how they had been trying to destroy her marriage, her kids, her health and so much more. All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name, along with all of their numerous physical and spiritual afflictions (I had her remove numerous spiritual spears and darts that they implanted within her) they had bringing into this woman’s body and soul. Jesus prevailed! 

Mary’s face spoke of peace; her smile said it all! She testified of feeling so much lighter and FREE! She will now be raised by the Lord to reach many Hindus for Jesus. God truly set this woman free and healed her broken heart. To think she was simply coming to clean the church when in reality she came to be set free by Jesus; is a amazing testimony of the sovereignty of God. 

Our time ministering to the saints was fruitful; many are now equipped. Many were refreshed. Many were freed. Many were healed from a broken heart. Several disciples came up to me during the day and were astonished at the grace of God being bestowed upon me; as I ministered for 12+ hours with hardly a break. They wondered how could I keep such a hectic mission schedule. One disciple was stunned.

“Jay, I do deliverance ministry a few times a month and it wipes me out physically and yet you do this days on end; throughout the year. Then all of your traveling on top of it! How do you do it? It’s amazing!”

I have been granted special grace; this is the truth. No man could keep this kind of schedule. More than 200-300 meetings a year; traveling more than 200+ days a year; visiting multiple continents. It’s truly Jesus within me that gives me the inner fortitude to press onward. Only if people knew the warfare I am involved in. This isn’t easy. It’s hard spiritual labor however in the midst of it I have calming peace and rest.

The powers of the enemy were put to flight here in Sydney; so many demons expelled and commanded to the abyss. Jesus was glorified above all else. Here it is the 1st of September and still in Australia carrying on the work of the mission. Today, was a beautiful day in Sydney –sunny and happy. I often stepped out in the balcony and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. Then we took the train into the city and enjoyed the evening by the harbor (click here to view picture)

Powerful Illuminati Demons Surface at Cheltenham Hall with Death Threats; Defeated by Jesus

September 4th, 2014

Where do I begin? It will be difficult to recount the miraculous events from the past few days as there were that many. The supernatural healing and liberation that took place in lives was stunning. Our public ministry schedule has concluded however we have been conducting some private small group ministry sessions where we are continuing the ministry to those tormented by evil spirits. It was almost as if these private meetings turned into a full on public-like deliverance meeting; with so many arriving for intervention. 

Many of my Aussie and my African friends (a considerable group of African disciples attended our meetings) are pleading with me to come back soon. This is my heart too. In fact, some of the Africans were deeply touched and want me to minister in their churches. Our African hosts even mentioned that our Australian mission is being monitored by the African community and they are rejoicing in the lives being transformed as a result of these public meetings and are seeing God is with us. They personally have invited me to minister in their churches in my next mission to Melbourne. What an honor to serve all of my brothers and sisters in Jesus.

The last few nights we conducted some extraordinary exorcisms at Cheltenham Hall here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. These were powerful encounters with the powers of Satan; whereby Jesus conquered the forces of evil. Allow me to share some highlights:

  • Many thousands of evil spirits were confronted and expelled in Jesus name
  • Powerful Freemasonry demonic spirits surfaced and were expelled; numbering in the thousands
  • Destroyed Illuminati/Masonic programming; including some pre-mature death sentences that were programmed for future generations
  • Demolished Masonic curses that were rooted from hundreds of years ago
  • Confronted Jezebel demons; some going back thousands of years
  • Numerous sicknesses, infirmities, afflictions and maladies were encountered and commanded out of bodies in Jesus name resulting in many experiencing a measure of healing
  • Numerous little dissociative identities surfaced; some were even programmed –were healed and comforted by Jesus
  • Numerous ancestral dissociative identities surfaced; including from the “days of Pharaoh,” and from the “days of Moses”
  • Human interjects were encountered and sent out in Jesus name
  • Deep healing took place among those affected by the curse sexual abuse, torture, rape and violations
  • Numerous Nephilim demons surfaced and were cast out
  • Hundreds of fiery darts, spears and arrows were removed systematically in Jesus name from those suffering; one lady alone had more than 100 fiery darts
  • Powerful display of God’s holy angels, of the holy communion blood, of the sacred cross, and the fire of the Holy Spirit resulting in souls being liberated

This above list only refers to a few of the amazing things that transpired during our ministry sessions. Victory was ours in Christ however we had to fight! For many hours, I fought the forces of darkness that sought to enslave souls and bodies. God empowered me and granted me unusual grace and strength. The first ones we ministered to were a young Christian couple that had been invaded by hordes of demonic forces. The wife suffered from dissociation and numerous afflictions; all stemming from demonic powers. The demons surfaced and screamed out of her. There were many within her body and mind. Some stemming form thousands of years ago due to human sacrifices and blood rituals of her ancestors. There were killings, murders of all sorts that allowed these powerful demons access to her ancestors. Through the bloodline they traveled, largely, unhindered. However on this day, they would be confronted and defeated by Jesus! 

These past several days, in our public and private meetings, some dramatic exorcisms have taken place. The strength of the holy angels assisting in these exorcisms have been staggering! They truly have visited and intervened. Dozens of encounters with the holy angels of God on this mission. Moreover, God has bestowed extraordinary powers in our usage of the fire of the Holy Spirit and the cross of Christ resulting in mass numbers of strong demons fleeing.

The holy angels came and assisted in me battling for the young lady who had been struggling to bear children. The demon of Jezebel boasted how she was behind this all along. Doesn’t surprise me at all. This is what she (spirit of Jezebel) does –hinder women with childbearing. She was expelled in Jesus name. Nephilim was also there working along-side Jezebel; having sex with her in dreams that allowed these demons to work within her; to torment her and afflict her with various pains. It’s terrible to hear of these demonic attacks. 

There were also spirits called, “falsehood,” that invaded her when she submitted to the unholy laying upon of hands from a pastor that had demons! This particular demonized pastor had been allowing demonic manifestations to occur in his meetings that included the making of animal noises, violent shaking, and the entering into altered states of consciousness. No wonder this pastor was demonized. Many churches are now allowing these kinds of demonic manifestations to take place and attributing it to the work of the Holy Spirit. Thus demons are gaining access into the church; in mass numbers, resulting in many blinded demonized believers. 

Also in the middle of the meeting, towards the back of the meeting hall, a young man (along with his wife whom experienced a measure of freedom from the Jezebel spirits in the meeting) surfaced strong and boastful Masonic spirits that immediately raised his arms outward, in a binding position, as to show me that they had control of him. It was a generational Masonic spirit that gained access through the bloodline as a result of binding oaths that previous generations of Masons participated in. Mind you, this was a disciple involved in ministry, at a local prominent church, who had spent considerable time renouncing Masonic oaths. Yet, here he was manifesting strong Freemasonry spirits. This proves, once again, the absolute need for deep deliverance within the Body of Christ! Interestingly, these mind controlling spirits made this man walk up to the front of the hall without requesting for him to do so; in a very mechanical manner. It was if the spirits were boasting to everyone of how much control he truly had over him. I took authority over the demonic operating deep within him and used the holy sword (the Scriptures) to war against the demons. I used the WORD to cut off the binding spiritual ropes that were around his arms (his wrists) that caused him to raise the arms in the first place. Immediately his arms were loosed. These strong Masonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name.

Another group of Masonic spirits surfaced from within others; some of these were expelled in Jesus name. At one point numerous souls were manifesting demons –some were vomiting out, screaming out, and coughing out. Many received a measure of freedom from evil spirits by simply participating in these mass deliverance commanding prayers. It was incredible to see the amount of strong Masonic spirits surfacing. One spirit surfaced and cried out:

“We hate you Jay, $#!@ you, Jay!” the demons violently reacted as they held a spiritual dagger, “We will kill you.”

Some of these demonic spirits, from within this man, surfaced earlier in the evening and boasted how they loved killing children and abortion. These were quite aggressive demons that desired to war against us –the people of God. Not only did these demons surface but also his father (a broken soul part; a human interject). He spoke to me.

“I hate my son. I want to kill him. I want to control him. I don’t want him to remember what we did to him. Jay, we sexually abused him. We tortured him. We did all of this in the (Masonic) lodges, Jay! We filmed it all,” the father revealed to me. 

This was a human interject surfacing (a dissociative heart part that injected itself into another individuals consciousness; in this case a father injecting himself from within his son). Why was he there? The father was there because he didn’t want the sexual abuse to be revealed. He wanted the “secret” to remain a “secret.” The key to the occult is secrecy. We must expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness as the Scripture teaches in Ephesians 5. As I spoke to the father, it was quite clear that he had been programmed and had experienced trauma himself. His father was also present (an ancestral dissociative identity) and he was vile, evil and perverse as he surfaced and spoke to me. I sent him quickly out in Jesus name. 

The father was prideful at first however he gradually felt the power of the Holy Spirit and broke down. He wept and revealed his own secrets of having endured sexual abuse and torture himself by his father. Many in the meeting hall began to weep. The raw pain and hurt poured out from these human interjects, dissociative identities and ancestral dissociative identities was difficult to hear. To think there are multiple millions of souls who have experienced sexual abuse, trauma and rape is hard to come to grips with. We have ministered to many thousands and know of the reality of the great evil in our midst.

“Jay, we are targeting all of the children. You can’t stop us. There’s too many of us. You can’t help all of the children, Jay,” the demons bluntly told me as they surfaced also, “There’s no way to &*%$#@& stop us, Jay.”

There’s so few rescuers in our modern day. There’s so few workers. This is why I feel the need to equip and train the Body of Christ in the areas of inner healing and deliverance. There is such a great need. In this case, this reality was again brought to the forefront. There are strong powers of the Illuminati at work –pornographic rings, human traffickers, prostitution rings, sadistic sects, metaphysical cults and satanic religious groups seeking to control large groups of people with mind controlling techniques and abuse thus causing dissociation and bringing about soul domination. We have the overcoming power of the blood of Christ to defeat this programming and mind control. 

Can it get any better? Jezebel demons defeated; blindness healed; visited by Jesus!

September 4th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Can it get any better? Of course. Every day is another day of fun (fun to me? is conducting exorcisms, seeing hearts healed, souls won to Jesus and curing people of maladies) with Jesus! I’m having such a great time here in Australia driving out demons and seeing souls captured by the love of Jesus (click here to see some pictures of some of the souls touched by deliverance). I really enjoying visiting Australia and conducting missions throughout this great continent. After our public service today; some Aussies even stated that the people here have really opened up their hearts to me. I believe God has granted me favor here on multiple levels. I really love the Aussies (and the other people groups located in this country) and desire to see them walking in freedom. 

There’s a special brother in Jesus whom God used to open the door for me to minister on this continent. Many thanks to him. Because of his love for the gospel mission and his desire to see his fellow Aussies find deliverance and healing, my brother Steve encouraged me, some years back to visit and I haven’t turned back since. This was some years ago. I had traveled to every other region of the world; except to Australia. So, as the door was opened, I walked right in, resulting in perhaps thousands of lives being transformed, in more than 100+ public and private meetings throughout this country. 

Today, was another example of the fruit of this ministry. We held another public deliverance meeting at a local community center and it was, again, packed with precious souls hungering for healing and deliverance. The Holy Spirit directed me, prior to leading everyone in deliverance, to ordain, formally, a disciple whom God had called as an apostle (he’s now starting some churches in the Fiji Islands). Matt, preached some and ministered resulting in people experiencing the power of God in their lives. It was beautiful to behold. After ordaining him; we began to minister to those in the meeting hall. At first I led everyone in Freemasonry curse-breaking resulting in some receiving a measure of freedom and healing; however, God strongly directed me to a lady, perhaps in her early 50’s, that was attending a deliverance meeting for the very first time. She had been invited by a friend and she came expecting a miracle. When I first glanced at her; she looked tormented. But, I saw beyond that torment. I saw hope.

As I began to pray for her, demons quickly surfaced. Strong aggressive demons. It straightened her back up and looked at me intensely. It was a demon of murder. 

“We are here because her ancestors murdered,” the spirits revealed to me, “We have been here for more than 10 generations.”

As I battled this demon; another group of demons surfaced intent on fighting me. It raised up off the chair and got in my face. 

“We will fight you, we will not back down!” the spirits informed me.

So, I battled back. With the commands of Jesus. With the blood of Jesus. With the holy angels at my side. With the fire of the Holy Spirit on my hands. With the holy water of Jesus. With my sacred cross (many thanks; again to my dear brother Bob Larson –for this most powerful weapon which he personally consecrated for me). The demons brought out their many spiritual weapons. They drew out daggers and swords in an attempt to strike me and cut me. I invoked the fire of the Holy Spirit and threw the fire upon the invading demons. They screamed in agony. At one point I even had them hold my sacred cross; they quickly (note: IMMEDIATELY) fell to the ground in defeat when they touched it! WOW! The cross was burning them, they told me. This cross has been unusually blessed by God! Millions of demons have been forced to the pit as they glared at this cross. 

It was a epic battle. A servant of the Lord -vs- a spiritual servant of Satan. I used weapons; so did these demons. As Jezebel and Baal surfaced they walked around me, paraded around, glorying in their spiritual powers. They were boastful and and with claw-like hands sought to battle me to defeat me. I threw the blood of the cross upon them; the holy water, and fire. Each time, they screamed in agony and fell down bowing before the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. It was amazing to witness. Everyone in the hall looked on intently; witnessing an epic spiritual battle, extreme spiritual warfare. I felt unusual amount of spiritual powers resting upon me; the miraculous powers were flowing very strong. I called forth the holy angels and had them assist me in battling these demons. They struck the demons with their swords and spears; resulting in the demons dropping to the ground. All of this went on for a while. One battle after another. It was murder, it was Jezebel, it was Baal. There were also some very strong spirits named, “Devil spirits.” These were very direct and forceful in battling me.

When Jezebel surfaced. She spoke proudly of how she had married her. The spiritual rings were removed in Jesus name. Her crown was dramatically removed. All of her jewelry was removed. She was also forced to remove pains, afflictions and the woman’s blindness (they had been holding onto her eyes; forcing her to wear glasses). The spiritual electricity was very evident in the meeting hall tonight! The people of God prayed and assisted me in the battles against the forces of evil. 

While battling the evil demons; I saw that they were holding onto little broken heart parts. The demons were commanded to release the heart parts. They did and I spoke to a little heart part; 5 years of age. I sent the little one to Jesus and the little girl SAW the risen Savior and was healed by Him. LOVE IT! This is so much fun! Not only was her heart healed and her body (all of the pains and afflictions left her) but her eyes were equally healed by Jesus (the spirits were forced to release her eyes). Before all of these demons were cast out and sent to the pit in Jesus name; some of the demons attempted one last effort to stop me. They reached behind her back for one spiritual weapon to use against me; to spiritually injure me. The power of the fire of the Holy Spirit fell upon this demon and made it drop the spiritual weapons. They had been defeated by Jesus and entered that pit!

When this precious woman was freed, she looked around and could see without her glasses. Jesus truly healed her eyes! For the rest of the night; no more glasses (click here to view her testimony). One disciple who witnessed this incredible spiritual battle sent this quick testimony: “We were there! This was an amazing fight; Jay ministered in power and demonstration as one trained for war - thank you Jesus.” 

Afterwards, at a fellowship meal with some brothers and a sister in Christ (Matt, Mark, Dan and his wife Emma) Emma shared some powerful visions with me as they prayed for me. She works powerfully in words of knowledge and discernment. She could see Jesus visiting me as a little boy; embracing me; holding me. She saw how Jesus was so happy; he was delighting in me. Isn’t this beautiful or what? Can it get any better? Jesus visiting me. I felt it. I must be on the right path for Jesus to delight in me, right? HA! Love it!

Emma also saw my wife in a vision. Elizabeth was wearing a Jesus crown. Now this is very interesting. Three other people over the years –one elderly man, one of our sons, and a lady have seen Elizabeth’s crown; it was beautiful. Emma also said; that Jesus kissed her forehead. I called Elizabeth later on and she was deeply touched. I am really blessed with a wife who is very authentic. Many religious people perhaps would say she’s not very religious. Elizabeth is simply a real; transparent precious soul –no fakery about her. This is what I love about her. She is simply authentic with a deep heart for Jesus. (Thanks Emma for your love for this mission and being used of God to touch so many). 

I am really blessed with some amazing partners and friends here in Australia. I’m also thankful for my precious sister pastor Joan Smale, who gave a powerful word before I ministered in the service. She along with our hosts (Jorge, Johenn, and Mark) have really worked hard to make these meetings a success. As we ended our public meetings; we now focus on our private small group meetings (they are turning into being a large meetings; ha!) for the next few days. Looking forward to seeing Jesus cure more souls. 

Midnight Miracle in Melbourne; Hundreds of Thousands of Demons Expelled!

September 4th, 2014

Dear Friends of King Jesus ~

After ten plus hours of training and ministry today, some of the most powerful and violent demonic spirits surfaced, at the very end of the meeting. It was a very intense spiritual battle. Hundreds of thousands of violent spirits surfaced from within a young man that sat in the very front row of the meeting hall. More on this midnight miracle in a moment.

What a night! In fact, what a day! POWERFUL! It started off with me leading everyone assembled in a training seminar. Again a great participation from those serious disciples wanting to learn more on how to minister deliverance and healing to the captives. Just before concluding the training I spent some time talking about the subject of dissociation and the means by which we can bring healing to those suffering from a broken heart. It was towards the end of the training seminar; a young lady towards the back of the meeting hall surfaced some heart parts –a 10 year old heart part surfaced. Moreover, a group of powerful death spirits surfaced. They were all expelled in Jesus name. It was a great actual demonstration on how to minister to a broken heart and how to expel demons in Jesus name. Actually, some disciples approached me afterwards and remarked how this was a wonderful means of equipping the Body of Christ. 

It was so encouraging to see so many disciples at the training seminar who were interested in obtaining information that will them to minister in power. I offered some spiritual keys that hopefully will allow them to be empowered to minister to those broken in heart and the demonized. After the training I rushed back to the hotel for a brief rest. I was able to rest some then back to the meeting hall for another public deliverance meeting. Again it was a jammed packed meeting hall; with those wanting freedom and healing. The praise and worship was deeply impactful and provided us the opportunity to have a foundation by which to build the night of ministry on. 

Almost immediately spirits of insanity, unworthiness, rejection, fear, torment, death, Jezebel, witchcraft and so many others surfaced. Throughout the night precious souls were surfacing evil spirits and heart parts. For many hours, there were so many battles to fight. A family from the Cook Islands (South Pacific Island-nation) came to the meeting terribly vexed by demonic powers. Each of them manifested very strong demons, as the night progressed, some of the demons caused a few of them to fall down to the ground, convulsing violently. Some of the spirits were quite aggressive and were holding captive numerous heart parts. They were forced to release the heart parts in Jesus name. One particular demon surfaced was quite strong. It’s name, “Witchery.” 

“I’m not leaving, I’m staying right here in this family. I have been here for more than 10 generations because of the ancestors participation in idolatry,” the spirits informed me, “We are also holding on to the formal pagan dedication rituals that were formed many generations ago.”

After having the lady renounce the generational curses; the demons were driven out in Jesus name and the hearts parts were healed and reunited. Many of them came out vomiting. Some shook their victims violently and cried out loudly. This kind of activity went on through the night. God is doing something quite special within this family from the Cook Islands –as the Holy Spirit is liberating many of them from demonic captivity. Moreover, so many heart parts surfaced and were healed and comforted by Jesus. At one point one of my sisters from the Cook Islands simply laid out on a chair soaking in the healing love of Jesus! Beautiful Jesus! Another sister was completely laid out on the ground experiencing Jesus and His comforting healing. It was beautiful to behold. Many pains, torments and afflictions were lifted off in Jesus name.

As it is often the case, many precious souls were experiencing a measure of freedom just being present in our meeting. Many demons were being cast out as prayers of renunciation were being offered –some yawning them out, some crying them out, some burping them out, some vomiting them out, some screaming them out. Demons were sent to the pit in Jesus name! Heart parts also were surfacing through the night; many of them were supernaturally healed by Jesus. 

One powerful set of demons surfaced by the name of, “War,” who boasted how he had been in the bloodline for many generations. He had gained access to the bloodlines of the family because of their participation in sorcery, occultism, and Illuminati involvement. Many blood pacts and rituals were involved that allowed the demons to gain strength over the years. I called forth the holy angels of God to come into the meeting hall to assist me in the ministry of deliverance, to strike the demons. They struck the demons and they groaned in pain. Throughout the night the holy angels assisted me in the ministry; to restrain those who would be violent. I also utilized the blood of Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit which greatly weakened the powers of the evil. The demons of War were defeated on this night and were directly sent to the pit in Jesus name! Hordes of them entered the pit prison. 

Another disciple we ministered to was a man who had some sexual bondage’s; visiting prostitutes. As I prayed for him; a human interject surfaced; a young girl –a prostitute he had been sexually involved with. She spoke out of him.

“I like him; he was so nice to me. He treated me nicely,” the young girl said to me. 

This part didn’t really want to leave him but obviously I couldn’t allow this foreign soul part to remain so it was guided to Jesus. She left. Attached with this young prostitute was a spirit of witchcraft. It was expelled and commanded to leave his body in Jesus name. 

We also ministered to a young woman who ancestral dissociation; four of them actually. One actually spoke to me and revealed they had been taken captive by evil spirits in the year of 1806. So, this ancestral heart, has been passed down through the ancestral bloodline with the aid of demons. The ancestral part revealed they were created as a result of horrible trauma that was witnessed back in the early part of the 19th century. These ancestral parts were sent to Jesus; many of the demons attached these heart parts were commanded out of her body and mind. 

Yet, another believer, we ministered to had been invaded by animal spirits and animal soul parts as a result of their participation in bestiality. These were renounced and the animal soul parts removed in Jesus name. Moreover, the animalistic spirits were removed in Jesus name! 

Towards the end of the meeting, nearly midnight (and ending well aftermidnight) there sat to the right of me a young man who had attended a previous meeting; last year. Received some deep healing and deliverance. However, he re-opened some doors, since that time, which allowed more demons to enter within his body and mind. He came to the meeting repentant and desirous of making peace with God. This full surrender provoked the demons to great anger. 

As I approached him; demons violently surfaced from within him. They made him fall to the ground, like a wild beast. Like a dog. He was on all fours. It growled and sought to bite someone. It growled and looked at me with desiring to devour and eat someone. Very aggressive and violent spirit. As it the demon was on the ground, it looked around glancing around seeing if it could approach someone, desiring to chew on human flesh. 

I immediately called upon the holy angels of God; they quickly came and restrained the violence. Furthermore, they struck the demons with their mighty swords. The demons fell backwards and hit a nearby wall. Growling like a terribly wounded animal; I then sprinkled the fire of the Holy Spirit which further weakened the demons. I also utilized my sacred cross –which they shrieked at as they glanced at it. They cried out; screaming. I commanded the holy angels to pick up the body and to have them stand upright so I might be able to effectively minister. 

It was discovered that this young man had indeed re-open some spiritual doors that allowed these demons access into his life. Moreover, it was revealed that his condition was much worse (this is a warning Jesus clearly mentioned in Matthew 12 in regards to the reentry of evil spirits). Many hundreds of thousands of demons (such as death, madness, insanity and others gained entry) had now invaded his life; living within him. Horrible. However, in God’s great grace and love –power was bestowed upon us to rescue our brother from this torment. After the many sins were confessed; he was rescued by our great God. 

All of these violent and strong evil spirits were commanded out and sent to the pit. They came out screaming; loud cries. Jesus delivered our brother and he was now so happy; freed from the torment. He was back in his right mind; what a beautifulmidnight hour miracle! As I often share with people; make sure you stay until the very end of the meeting as you never know what will take place  as we progress on in the power of God.

I could go on and on sharing miracle story after miracle story. Amazing Jesus! Thank you for praying for our meetings. We have more meetings planned for Melbourne and encourage to be a part in Jesus name! 

Packed Meeting Hall in Melbourne; Witnessed Jesus Deliver!

September 4th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For the past 14 days in Perth and Melbourne I have ministered either in a private or public meeting 13 of those days. As you can imagine these have have been full on ministry events. God has been sustaining me and given me strength. Tonight was not unusual in this regard –the Holy Spirit empowered me to minister to a jammed packed audience that consisted of precious souls desperate for deliverance and healing. It was indeed jammed packed. We literally ran out of chairs and some were forced to sit on the floor of the hall. I was amazed at the participation and enthusiasm of those who had assembled. 

For a few hours I taught from the Scriptures and led in Holy Communion. During the middle of the teaching I stopped and preached the gospel; a number of people raised their indicating their desire to experience the salvation of Jesus! Then after the teaching I began to pray for those tormented by evil spirits immediately spirits began surfacing from within those assembled; including a few that were thrown to the ground by strong demonic forces. The first lady I ministered to convulsed violently. The demons spoke out of her –spirits of death. I had the holy angels carry this demonized woman to the front of the hall and I began to minister to her.

When death battled me; I battled back with the power of the fire of God. It caused the demons to shriek and to fall back stunned by the great power of our God. I also had the holy angels strike the demons with their many holy swords. Again the demons cried out in defeat. These spirits had no chance as the Body of Christ stood in unity against these wicked forces. The demons pronounced their doom and were sent directly to the pit in Jesus name! The smile of this woman, post-deliverance, was beautiful to behold. She testified of feeling FREE. Furthermore, all of the pain in her spine that she had been suffering under was completely healed by God. 

This was the start of the meeting. As I led everyone in generational curse breaking; at least 10 or so people were being set free from various kinds of demonic torments and pains. Some coughed them out; others yawned them out and others simply felt demons leave their bodies quickly. Even well after the public meeting had concluded; disciples were sharing how they were experiencing a measure of freedom by simply being present and participating. This is a good reason why you should make plans on attending to one of our public meetings –get under the teaching and watch what God does in your life. 

Another lady we ministered to was seated in the back of the public hall. When I prayed over her, she fell off her chair and the demons screamed out. I had the angels pick her up off the ground and escorted her to the front where we continued the ministry with her. Many of these Jezebel and death spirits were forced out of her also. Yet, another lady, originally from the Cook Islands (one of the Pacific Island nations) manifested strong witchcraft demons that were rooted generationally in her bloodline. They surfaced and fought me.

We battled back with the blood of Jesus, holy oil, and the cross which they despised of. They were actually frightened of my holy cross and cried upon seeing it; begging me not to force them to touch it! Too bad; I forced them to touch it. They shrieked loudly in response. They battled back and used a number of spiritual weapons against me. I fought back in Jesus name; wearing the demons down. Finally they admitted they had been defeated and many of them were expelled in Jesus name. 

Obviously, many other miracles took place –demons being removed, heart parts being healed by Jesus, pains and torments being cured by Jesus. I’m encouraged and in a few hours will be back at the meeting hall to conduct a public training seminar and then a evening meeting. So, I need to shorten this email update and try to sleep some. 

Thank you for praying for me as I seek to serve the Body of Christ here in Melbourne, Australia. God’s blessings upon your heart and home today

Battling Violent Demons in Perth; Victory is Mine Saith the Lord!

August 13th, 2014


Dear Friends of Jesus,

Before embarking on this mission to Australia. The Lord God Almighty spoke to me. He made it clear to me: Victory is Mine Saith the Lord! I do not care what demon we face; VICTORY is Mine Saith the Lord! 


I feel like I am the most blessed man on the planet. I am in a beautiful nation–Australia. During winter; which I enjoy. Ah; cooler temperatures. I get to do what I love –preach the gospel and minister deliverance. I have a beautiful and healthy family. I have encouraging mission partners located throughout the earth that love me, pray for me and support me. You know me; if I could, I would give each of you a big hug to say thanks. Every day is a spiritual adventure. Today was no different as I was scheduled for another ministry meeting. This time with a large family (11 children total; though only a handful came with their parents today). Led in Holy Communion, drove out demons and healed some heart parts. Then back home with the family. Went to have a late delicious lunch; to the arcade with the kids; then journeyed to the local San Churros Chocolateria. Can it get any better? 


In the past 10 days, here in Perth, I have ministered on 9 of those days. Today’s ministry session was powerful as a young lady was dramatically set free from evil spirits in the name of Jesus. I would like to share the victory report with you. However, before doing so I want to take some time to share a testimony I received yesterday from a disciple in Melbourne who I was honored to minister to 3 years ago. I recall the meeting. I recall knowing in my heart that this would just be a beginning for this believer; knowing he would do mighty works for God after his deliverance. Allow me to share his testimony with everyone:

“Hi Jay, Today is August 10, 2014 and August 10, 2011 was when you came to my house and spent some time setting me free. I wanted to again thank you so much.  That was the point my whole life changed, from being a bitter, addicted, fearful nominal Christian to being a lover and follower of Jesus.

Ever since that day the cry of my heart has been for Jesus only - to know Him more and more and more and to bring Him in fullness to the world with power as He promised.  My marriage and family has been transformed as they have me back.  Anger, tension and distance used to reign in our family and now it doesn’t, thanks to God.

Since then I have prayed for and seen hundreds of people supernaturally healed and delivered and over 100 people have come to Christ.  I have seen blind eyes see, seen a leg grow in front of my eyes, pulled several people out of wheelchairs to have them walking, trained and released others in operating in the supernatural, brought supernatural healing and deliverance into schools, seen supernatural provision time and again, operated in word of knowledge and prophecy like I have never experienced before, even had a number of people healed while I was preaching or even in the same room, without prayer specifically for them. Thank you. This wouldn’t have been like this if it wasn’t for you spending a few hours with me 3 years ago.”

Our global mission launches out ministries and churches all the time! Just a few days ago, I was honored to ordain and empower 3 ministers of the gospel (2 pastors and an evangelist). This is an honor and privilege of mine that I take very seriously as an apostle of the Lord Jesus. Not only was this disciple freed, he now ministers deliverance and healing to many others –hundreds have already been healed! He also shared with me in the email that he is now embarking on starting some churches. Isn’t this amazing! Love it! To think we had some part in this, by God’s grace, is humbling. 

We are here to serve YOU! Just in a few days we will be back in Melbourne to meet YOU! Please invite friends, family, non-believers, anyone! I’m believing for mighty miracles in Jesus name! Moreover, we will be having an extensive training session; so that you might be equipped to carry on the works of Jesus. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this email update; we ministered to a family desperate for deliverance and healing. The first one we ministered to was a young lady of 20 years of age whom I’ll refer to as Julie. As soon as I began to pray over her, violent demons surfaced and shook her head and body violently. Her body convulsed. They threw her down to the ground and twisted her body. They spoke to me.

“We are not leaving. We are staying. We hold her gifts of prophesy and dance. We must not leave,” the demons of Jezebel, death and hopelessness defiantly told me. 

It was true. Julie had been hindered. She was not able to effectively serve the Lord because of these demons restraining her many spiritual gifts. Moreover, Jezebel had married her and placed rings upon her with the hopes of seducing her, long term, to keep her from getting married and having children. Filthy spirits. This is what Jezebel does my friends. I recount thousands of exorcisms like this. Jezebel, in many cases, is the one behind your difficulties with marriage, child-bearing, and relationships. You must fight Jezebel in Jesus name. Do not back down! Fight in Jesus name! 

These invading demonic spirits fought me fiercely. Not wanting to give her up. There were multitude of these demons within her; binding her. They had placed all kinds of bondages and spiritual chains around her. I had the spirits remove their bondages and chains; resulting in great release. 

It was wonderful to have the holy mighty angels with us on this day as we ministered to this lady. I called them forth and they came to assist us. They restrained the demons, they picked her up off the ground, they warred against the invading forces of evil and ministered to Julie. The spirits shrieked loudly when we applied the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit upon them. 

Guess who was assisting me during this intense exorcism? A group of young Godly men with great strength? Nope. A 74 year old widow; she was actually in the thick of the physical battle with me! I’m serious. 

A 74 year old widow, by the name of Pastor Joan Smale, who serves as our Australian Mission Coordinator, has been assisting me all week in many exorcisms. She pastors a small fellowship, associated with the Church of the Cross, that meets weekly at the local Lutheran Church. Joan has the strength of a 40 year old woman; I’m believing for another 20 strong years for this precious lady. It’s remarkable, actually. Holy Spirit power upon this widow.

We the Body of Christ have the responsibility to care for widows; would you consider supporting this precious saint? She DID NOT ask me to do this. She might not even like me asking, actually. But, we need to help this Godly woman who conducts exorcisms! How many 74 year old widowed ladies do you know; that drives out demons weekly? 

Joan and I (and with the family in prayer support) drove out all of these demonic spirits and sent them directly to the pit in Jesus name! Moreover, we were able reach a number of little broken heart parts that had been enslaved by demons all of these years (since she was a little girl). They were released and comforted by Jesus! They were rejoined to her heart by the love of Jesus! Julie was so happy, relieved and released. 

Deliverance is Mine Saith the Lord; Victory is Mine Saith the Lord! Amen!

Hundreds of Holy Angels Visited Us; Legions of the Nephilim Cast Out!

August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Words will fail in describing what we experienced this afternoon at Concordia Lutheran Church here in Western Australia. A very humble man, perhaps in his late 50’s, named Michael, who sat with his precious wife, in the very back of the sanctuary, was mightily used of the Lord, like I have rarely witnessed before in nearly 30 years of knowing Jesus! The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to bring Michael up to the front of the sanctuary and to lead us in worship. Almost immediately the Holy Spirit fell upon all of us and humbled everyone in the meeting hall. I was immediately driven to the floor and cried like a little baby in worship of King Jesus. I wasn’t alone. Many others were bowing before and worshipping Jesus in deep repentance. 

My friends, the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit was extremely powerful; like I have rarely experienced before. Without any aid of any musical instrument or any pre-planned canned song, he sang a Holy Spirit inspired song. The constant themes, of these heavenly songs (many of which were sung in the heavenly tongues), were the glorification of Jesus, the need for God’s people to be prepared by the WORD for warfare and the need to conduct spiritual warfare on the front lines. 

I recall a dear brother of mine, in China, whose wife was completely taken over and compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak on three, of the same, essentially, basic themes. God is very concerned about these three elements taking place:

~Glorification of His Son!

~Absolute necessity of being trained by His WORD

~The carrying out of the mandate of the Great Commission to preach the gospel, heal the sick, to cast out demons and to heal those broken in heart.

The apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12 spoke of being caught up into paradise and hearing “inexpressible words.” This is what we all experienced in this service, during our praise and worship. At some point in the middle of one of the songs, as we all laid before Jesus, one could hear perhaps hundreds of angelic beings singing along with us. HUNDREDS! In this advanced training seminar, for select disciples wanting to go deeper with the ministry, there were perhaps 50 of us. Where did the other hundred or so other voices come from? The perfect harmony of their singing was out of this world, literally. I have NEVER heard anything like this before –inexpressible! Stunning. Divinely epic! I was shaking to my core in AWE of our great GOD. I cannot even imagine what I will feel like when I am in His presence for all eternity –the absolute beauty of the praise was perfect! There was no pollution to it. It was pure, holy, and right. Just writing about this angelic experience makes my heart shiver with a Godly awe. I am shaken to the core speaking of this. 

To think God was pleased with us to visit us in this manner is something I have been thinking of. Most of our public meetings our visited by holy angels as they assist me, all the time, in ministering to those afflicted by evil spirits. They have been conducting some amazing deeds these past few nights in our public services. Stunning acts of the supernatural. I simply marvel. I am blessed with the angelic hosts always traveling with me in the meetings and carrying out miraculous works. However, to hear them sing was staggering. I cannot seem to grasp of the significance of tonight’s events. 

After worship; I led everyone in Holy Communion and I taught from the WORD for nearly 4 hours. Then we began to minister to those tormented by evil spirits. The first lady I ministered to was a 70 year old woman who felt like there was a 26 year old part of her broken heart being held captive by the enemy. Well, there was. Allow me to explain. At the age of 26 she was sodomized. The sickening sexual act opened her life to demons. Moreover, it brought upon dissociation. Her heart broke due to the sodomy. 

As I prayed over her, a evil spirit named, “Sodomy,” surfaced and spoke back to me. 

“We have been here for many, many years. Her ancestors sodomized,” the spirits revealed, “But there’s more. There’s a secret. I’m not leaving. I will fight you.”

So, since that is the case. I threw upon the demons the holy fire of the Spirit of God. The spirits shrieked in pain and jolted her body. The presence of the Holy Spirit was too powerful for these demons. They bowed and confessed Jesus is Lord! 

Now I turned my attention to this “secret,” they were referring to. The demons responded.

“We have been around a very, very long time; before the Flood!” the spirits revealed.

Ah. These were the ancient spiritual giants of thousands years of ago referred to in Genesis 6 as the Nephilim –”violent ones,” or the “giants.” These were the evil ones that seduced woman prior to the global Flood that brought God’s judgement. Their offspring were destroyed as a result of the Flood and many of these ancient brings were sent to gloomy dungeons that the Word speaks. Though, it appears, some were still free to roam in some manner and thus continued their work through the history of man. 


They admitted to being the Nephilim spirits. They had married this woman. I had them take off all of their spiritual rings and bondages they laid upon her. They obeyed in Jesus name. I also drove out all of these vile spirits –the sodomy and the Nephilim (there were legions of them); sending them to the pit. They swiftly departed and the part was healed by Jesus. Moreover, many ancestral dissociative identities were released and sent to Jesus. The woman testified of being delivered, Lighter. Peaceful. 

Even well after the meeting concluded; guess who walks in? One of my ministry coordinators for Southern Africa, Kobus Strachan, with two men who he just met at a train station –two Mormon missionaries. So, for a good 30 minutes or so, I challenged my Mormon friends, on the Scriptural evidence of the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. One wanted to debate; the other seemed to be under conviction. Just when the one was interested in praying with me; the other one pulled him away. Furthermore, just when I was trying to break the ties that allowed them to gain spiritual strength from each other. They quickly walked out of the room, without saying a word. The spiritual pressure was too much for them to bear. The truth was presented and trust God to speak to their hearts.

Wow! What a night of ministry we were honored to participate in! Glory to Jesus the King!

Hindu Demon-Goddess Kali Sent to the Pit; Norse Demon-God Odin Defeated

August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Tonight another powerful public deliverance meeting! We witnessed numerous souls finding supernatural physical and emotional healing. Numerous heart parts were healed by Jesus. Even one lady we ministered to was healed of a spirit of blindness that was causing her sight to be blurry. It was removed on this night and she could testify of being able to see clearly. Again, no need for glasses!

As I reported the other night, we witnessed a young lady dramatically healed of blindness. Well, she shows up tonight, SMILING and still NO GLASSES! She again testifies of God’s healing power with her eyesight; reporting it to be perfect! She even shared how she was even given an opportunity to share her miracle with a Hindu friend of hers. The miracle story clearly touched him and is open now to hearing more about this Jesus we preach! Amen! 

Though at first it was somewhat difficult to start off the service it gradually became another miracle meeting with souls being set free from demonic bondage and illnesses.


As I mentioned it was yet another victorious night for the Lord Jesus Christ here in Australia as we continue marching forward with the power of the Holy Spirit! These past few nights, we met for more public deliverance services at the beautiful Concordia Lutheran Church here in the city of Perth. TheThursday meeting started off with heavy spiritual oppression as the spirits of fatigue, slumber and heaviness was weighing the people of God down. Many were sleepy and tired. As we continued on, the spiritual heaviness lifted off and great victories took place. 

One of the first ladies I ministered to was a young lady who had been invaded by a spirit of witchcraft. Reason? She had participated in card-reading (a form of divination). It goes deeper. Her mother also participated in this same practice. All of this allowed these wicked spirits to invade the bloodline and this precious woman’s body. As this woman renounced the divination; the demons were defeated within her life and were expelled. With loud cries they departed.

Many others were manifesting demonic spirits. As we were leading everyone in deliverance prayers; some were experiencing freedom from the powers of darkness. This has been happening the past several nights of ministry where believers were obtaining liberation just being present and participating in the ministry. This is why we conduct public deliverance ministry as we fully understand that many souls can be impacted and the Lord Jesus is glorified above all else.

One lady manifested spirits was convulsing badly. In fact the spirits made her fall down a number of times to the ground withering as it was being defeated by the power of the cross. I called upon the holy angels of God and they arrived assisting me in the ministry. The demons within this woman spoke out of her and revealed much.

“Because she is wanting to impress her father, we came in. Her greed allowed us in. We are not alone. There’s many of us. We cause sickness and pains. There’s me (the spirit of death), Jezebel, Baal and witchcraft.”

AH! Again more spirits of witchcraft, death, Baal and Jezebel. These are becoming so common. 

“We are in her son too,” the evil spirits revealed. 

So, immediately I conducted a long distance deliverance prayer and command. The demons within this woman were utterly dismayed.

“The demons left him as soon as you commanded our kind to leave him.” 

Not only would this woman be set free from demons but also her 14 year old son. 

Numerous evil spirits were expelled on this night from this precious woman. It was exciting to see Jesus heal and deliver. Moreover, it was beautiful to see this woman truly set free from satanic bondage. The smile on her face and the peace spoke volumes.

We also ministered to her friend, whom was sitting right next to her. Within seconds, a powerful Hindu spirit named Kali surfaced. This well known demon goddess within Hinduism warred against me. I called forth fire from heaven and the fire descended and consumed these Kali spirits –they were screaming out as they faced the wrath of God! There were untold numbers. They boasted how they brought numerous pains and afflictions into her. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, all of them were cast out to the pit! 

It’s been difficult to recall the numerous miracles however we have seen the hand of God upon these meetings. Last night, was another amazing night. It started off with some disruptions. As I was teaching a man in the middle of the sanctuary wanted to argue with me about some petty items and was so furious with me that he abruptly got up from his seat and ran off in rage. We simply prayed for him and blessed him. Within a few minutes, he was back. Again he argued and left in a fury. As you can imagine, this brought up some internal disruption and concerned many as you could tell violence was wanting to surface from within him. Some of the ladies in the sanctuary quickly scattered to other seats. 

We continued to love him and presented him with spiritual truth. A minister friend of mine whom I had the honor ordaining a few nights ago, Pastor Richard and his wife, began to minister to him and drove out many demons from him. He was significantly freed and looked like a totally different man and was no longer arguing with me. He sat down in peace; reading his Bible. This was beautiful. 

Our meetings are like this…unique. Expect the unexpected. 

We also ministered to many other bound souls as the hours went by including a man perhaps in his 50’s that had been invaded by the ancient norse Germanic gods such as Odin. I spoke to Odin. There were many thousands of these demonic spirits within him. They were chocking him terribly; desirous of killing him. 

“We have been here for many years; we are not leaving him. His ancestors killed, participated in blood sacrifices.”

There were many other Norse gods within this man. I bound them up in Jesus name. At times they would cause him to fall out onto the ground. Some were vomiting out of him. There was also blood. With loud cries and screams, these Norse gods were defeated and were removed in Jesus name and sent directly to the pit! This man was freed and feeling much better. Relieved and released. Healed. Peace. Amen!

Also some were set free from powerful Masonic death curses. As I led everyone in Masonic curse breaking; numerous evil spirits surfaced and caused some to fall down onto the ground. Jesus delivered. Other souls through the night were liberated as we continued on with the ministry. Moreover, many heart parts were healed by Jesus.

I’m about to head out to another public seminar here in Perth, Australia and request your holy prayers. God is moving powerfully in our midst.

Extraordinary Power Encounters in Australia; Jesus Healed Blindness & Afflictions

August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Amazing night of night here in Perth, Australia. Actually quite remarkable on multiple levels; as Jesus rescued, healed, restored and freed souls bound by sins, bondages and demons. Thus far this Australian mission has been a spiritual success. Every day I have ministered in various kinds of meetings resulting in souls finding liberation from darkness –so many demons expelled and sent to the pit! Speaking of ministry meetings, I really sense the Holy Spirit moving on my heart to be open to extending the mission in Melbourne as I sense a great need in Victoria. If you are interested in private meetings, in the Melbourne area, please contact my Australian mission coordinator Pastor Joan Smale at +61415114385 or smale.joanbATgmail.com (note: for private encounters; a donation will be required to cover operational costs) and we will begin to pray about the need to extend the Melbourne mission. 

Last night, at the Concordia Lutheran Church, a woman’s only meeting, we experienced incredible ministry. One of the first ladies we ministered to, who was experiencing some convulsions, had been invaded by powerful spirits of death. These were commanded out of her in Jesus name. As we ministered to her, another few women up in the front of the sanctuary began to convulse. I inquired why she was shaking.

“Jay, as you were praying, I saw a vision of a Freemasonry symbol drenched with blood.”

Wow! Here we go again, another Masonic spirit. By the way, I believe in nearly every ministry session we have conducted here in Australia have included confrontations with the spirits of Freemasonry. It seems to me, from my global ministry perspective, that the Freemasonry spirits are strongest here in and in America. Freemasonry is rooted in the Illuminati and is some of the most destructive spiritual forces that exist in our day. I was liberated from Freemasonry nearly 30 years ago. I know of the strong demonic powers that are rooted with Masonry. 

(As I have been sharing with everyone, in our email updates, our victory reports over Freemasonry, I have received a number of emails from individuals, including some high ranking Masons, who are angry about me speaking out against Freemasonry. There were even some indirect threats concerning this. I’m here to tell you –Freemasonry is SATANIC and you will find yourself enslaved if you do not repent and seek deliverance from the ancestral curses.)

The violent Masonic spirits rose up against me in public and battled me. They used spiritual weapons; they fired spiritual darts in my direction. It failed to deter. With claw-like hands, within the lady I was ministering to, it approached me in an attempt to injure me. I called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me in restraining the violence of the demonic spirits. They struck the demons with their swords and spears; greatly weakening the demons. I sprinkled the holy oil (the fire of the Holy Spirit) and they cowered in utter defeat. At first, they stood face to face with me with rage and murder. I made sure this Jesus power encounter was front and center so that the church could see clearly that our Lord is greater and He conquers His foes. At the end, these spiritual enemies, were submitting to Jesus as Lord! 


“We have been here for many generations, hundreds of years because of Freemasonry rituals and ceremonies,” the Masonic spirits revealed, “We afflict with all kinds of sicknesses and pains.”

In the name of Jesus, I had these vile spirits remove numerous fiery darts from her body; instantly the pain left. We also discovered many other spirits within her body including spirits of death and Jezebel. We also found a human interject within her –her very own father who was a Mason. 

“I’m here to control my daughter; I want her involved in Freemasonry,” this human interject, her father, revealed to me. 

This is another aspect of the ministry that must be addressed and spiritually investigated as many souls are being controlled or tormented by these human invaders. Our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center spends considerable amount of time exploring this complex subject and offers practical tips on how to minister to those with human interjects. 

Think about it…how many ministries are conducting this kind of work in the field of the gospel? Not many; I assure you. We are. This is a very good reason to support; to invest into our global work so that many more souls might find freedom in Jesus name.

I spoke to the human interject that surfaced and commanded him to depart. He left. I then dealt with the spirits with him; the spirits of witchcraft and sorcery. All of them were forced out in the name of Jesus and directly sent to the pit; they screamed out of her. Immediately her facial disposition was stunning; she was filled with light. She looked totally different. What an amazing transformation as a result of the love of Jesus being poured out on her life.

This was only the beginning of the meeting; more Jesus power encounters took place. One was quite dramatic. A young lady to the right of me had been afflicted by demons all night long. I began to pray for her and powerful demons of death surfaced and battled me. They wouldn’t allow her to get off her chair. So, I asked the holy angels to lift her off. It was difficult to get the angels to pick her up off the chair. They finally forced her up without human aid and led her to the front of the sanctuary. I had the holy angels strike the invading demons. What a powerful public demonstration of God’s power! 

Among the many afflictions they placed upon her life; they had her eyes and fought for her eyes. I kept on fighting and pouring the blood of Christ upon her eyes. Finally the demons released her eyes and as this woman came out of demonized state (during the deliverance I had taken off her glasses) she could see clearly. Remarkable! We are seeing so many dozens supernaturally and miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness; amazing Jesus! I really feel empowered by the Holy Spirit in healing the blind. Not all are healed; but many are indeed healed of blindness. I had one of our ministry partners stand in the back of the room and tested her healing. He raised his hand and she could easily tell how many fingers were raised; where before she could not, without the aid of her glasses. 

This is only but one miracle that took place as for many hours we ministered to the sick and those tormented by demons. This same precious young lady, also, during the meeting, surfaced a powerful demon that made her run out of the meeting hall. Literally, she ran out of the sanctuary under a demonic trance and ended up outside in some bushes, in the middle of the night. No doubt the demons wanted her to leave and not submit to this kind of spiritual Jesus power. Eventually the holy angels captured her and without any direct human aid; the angels made sure they returned to the sanctuary. As she was being carried supernaturally by the angels back into the building; the demons glanced over at me. They were furious. Another powerful demonstration of the powers of Jesus. 

As she was brought into the meeting hall; I was able to effectively minister to this lady and drive out all of the tormenting spirits and they directly sent to the pit. As I was casting out demons from this woman; I began to minister to another woman in the middle of the sanctuary that was manifesting spirits all night long. I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit. Immediately it descended and caused the woman to twist in an most unusual position as the demons were reacting to the judgement of the living God. The Holy Spirit was forcing out many sicknesses from this woman, including some kind of Lupus affliction. She was powerfully healed and freed from demons on this night. It was extraordinary night!

Not only were many demons expelled but also many infirmities and afflictions. Moreover, many little heart parts (dissociative identities) ranging from little ones to  older ones; each were brought to the Savior for deep healing. Mass number of little heart parts have been healed by Jesus. Many were refreshed by the teachings offered from God’s Word and I as really encouraged to see even some disciples from Singapore, who have been following our mission for awhile, travel to these meetings. 

Looking forward to this evening’s meetings; believing for many to be freed from demonic bondage and healed from a broken heart. Thank you for praying for us.