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NYC: Open Air Preaching in Times Square, All Day Deliverance Meetings

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus~
Jesus reigns forevermore!
I know this update is a longer one. However, I wanted to share some amazing miracles we have witnessed. We proclaimed the gospel to thousands in the open air in Times Square. We have seen people healed of muteness, blindness, and deafness that demons had brought into their lives. We encountered demons, human interjects, ancestral parts (including one Irish part who was born in 1718 who died by burning to death), dissociative identities, demonic afflictions, and so much more. We even cast out demons out of 4 children. In each case Jesus prevailed! Read and enjoy!
Prior to this most recent mission my wife and I were viciously attacked by the kingdom of darkness with numerous threats. In fact, one demonized individual wrote to me and said he would be sending curses to my children to ensure they have demons in their bodies! I rebuke that in the name of Jesus! We are involved in a very serious war. We need to be on guard as Jesus teaches! The enemy attacked because he knew the plans of the mission. He was furious. Too bad. Jesus and His mission moves forward!
We are currently in Buffalo, New York where we have just concluded a public meeting and earlier in the day a private meeting. Though we were small in number we were honored to witness a number of miraculous signs and wonders. One of the most beautiful wonders that took place here in Buffalo was hearing of the testimony of a young lady, who during our deliverance meeting, encountered the risen Savior. Again, this is a simply amazing aspect of our mission work. In many of our meetings precious saints are testifying of seeing Jesus and his holy angels. The appearance of the Savior and the Holy Spirit is quite special.
It’s been a remarkable several days here in my home-state of New York where pastor James Beason and I are conducting numerous private and public meetings. As some of you are aware the northeastern part of the United States is one of the spiritually darkest regions of North America. It is here we have been sent by the Holy Spirit to minister to the captives!
Thus far this New York mission has led us to conduct more then 12 public and private meetings. Each event has led us deep into the night. It was non-stop ministry. In fact, because of the great needs many of our meetings easily overlapped with our scheduled meetings. A few nights ago in Manhattan, it got to the point where we had to combine the meetings and held small group deliverances.
The Holy Spirit descended upon us in power in NYC as many souls were miraculously healed and delivered from evil spirits. Just some of the highlights:
Aliens Defeated!
A 24 year old young man, named Josh, who had traveled by bus to one of our meetings from Boston, Massachusetts. He had been following our ministry for some time now and was desperately desiring liberation from spirits of homosexuality, abuse, trauma, the occult, and a host of other kind of demonic afflictions.
In the exorcism, a little 18 month old baby part of his broken heart surfaced and grabbed a towel, laid down, and cried with deep moans and groans. This little baby had surfaced because it was reliving the very traumatic event. Josh was involved in a horrible car accident when he was 18 months old that led to the vehicle he was sitting in to flip over upside down and thus being trapped in his car seat with no way getting out. He was strapped into his car seat. Think about that for a moment. That would be a truly terrifying event for any one to experience let alone a baby. Being trapped like that in any upside down vehicle! This horrific experience led to the fracturing of his heart. A baby heart piece took the memory, pain and trauma so Josh would not have to live with this deeply distressful experience. We spoke to little baby. While we ministered to baby various alien beings within the little one surfaced. These alien beings (these were demons taking upon the form of an alien) admitted that they had taken this form to further terrorize the little.
See how cruel demons are. They are utterly depraved. Here is a baby part with deep trauma. The demons entered because little Josh had fear. The fear allowed the spirits to enter. Then these spirits located this little heart part and decided to invade and hold captive the little one as it was so vulnerable. The little didn’t have means to fight back and these demons decided to maximize the suffering by taking upon the form of aliens to truly terrorize the baby. It succeeded. However, Jesus intervened on this day. After commanding the aliens to leave we led little baby to Jesus. Moreover, little baby was able to encounter Jesus and see HIM! This precious little one experienced wave after wave of deep love from our Savior. What tremendous healing took place! Many other evil spirits were also confronted in this exorcism and driven out in Jesus name!
Now, this is exciting! After the healing that took place Josh decided that he wanted to minister to others. So, he joined James and I in our open air meetings in the Times Square area of NYC and ministered with us. He is now wanting to serve Jesus in the ministry!
This ministry is not only about freeing souls but empowering souls to serve in the Kingdom of God!
Removing Jezebel’s Jewelry
In Revelation 2 we see very clearly that Jesus abhors the spirit of Jezebel thus rebuking the church for even tolerating her. Much can be said about her in the context of spiritual warfare but it is suffice to say she EVIL and is within the church seducing, dominating, manipulating, controlling and placing many within the Body under a witchcraft spell. Her characteristics are universal and in a meeting we conducted with a lady she surfaced. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this vile spirit had placed jewelry upon her and specifically on her fingers. I led our dear sister in the Lord, who had found it quite difficult to locate a marriage partner, to take off Jezebel’s jewelry. This precious lady was having difficult removing the rings off her finger. At times the rings were stuck and it took considerable amount of spiritual effort to get the rings off her fingers. But they did come off in Jesus name. Many demonic pains and afflictions within her body were also removed in the name of Jesus. Many other demons were expelled also!
Small Group Exorcism: Ex-Muslim, Ex-Hindu FREED from Demons!
One night while in NYC James and I conducted a small group deliverance meeting where precious saints from all over the region traveled into Manhattan to receive liberation! I taught from the Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion, and ministered to the demonically enslaved.
A former Muslim from Bosnia, a former Hindu from Guyana, a Lutheran elder were all dramatically set free from many evil spirits. Our former Muslim brother in the Lord surfaced strong Islamic spirits. They were literally squeezing him. I could see the demons were tightening chains and ropes around him. His arms were tied, his body was stiffening and was rigid. I placed my SWORD (the Bible) upon those ropes and they were cut off in Jesus name! He was loosened and we commanded the various pains and afflictions he had been experiencing to leave. He was immediately supernaturally healed! It was POWERFUL to behold! With loud cries and convulsions many evil spirits came out of him and testified of being delivered!
Soon thereafter a former Hindu manifested demonic spirits. The first to surface was a demon named, Santeria (a form of voodoo). The spirit manifested quite wildly but was no match for the King Jesus. The holy angels of the Lord were called down and they fought against these spirits. I remember being so filled with God’s power, my friends, that I felt like my spirit was about burst with all of the energy the Holy Spirit was bestowing upon me. The Santeria spirit revealed he had brought “blindness, madness, paralysis, death” and other afflictions into his body.
“We are here to destroy him, we are here because his ex wife sacrifices pigs, she sheds their blood, she send us to him,” the demons confessed to us.
Our former Hindu friend was formerly married to a voodoo practitioner who is deeply involved in the voodoo underworld –sacrificing animals to Satan. Other powerful spirits surfaced including Hindu spirits of Kali and Shiva. From our experiences in exorcisms around the globe we have discovered that Kali and Shiva tend to be some of the more powerful demonic spirits to battle. On this night they had no chance for survival as Jesus was in our midst! I had the angels of the Lord strike these evil spirits and the spirits cried out loudly. The Holy Spirit fire descended upon them with great power thus defeating them. We also encountered spirits of voodoo and black magick. All of these demonic spirits were driven out in Jesus name!
As these spirits were exorcised all of us began to worship JESUS! I fell down to my knees and we praised Jesus with loud voices. Jesus is worthy to be praised!
Also present in our meeting was a Lutheran elder who had read my small volume, “Holy Mysteries of the Holy Eucharist,” which he found compelling as I defended the sacredness of the Communion utilizing Scripture and church history. He first hand got to experience the power of the Communion in this small group exorcism. In partaking of the Communion the demons rose from within him. As we battled the spirits within this dear Lutheran brother the devils were departing quickly as he vomited blood! He was liberated from many demons on this night in Jesus name!
Others experienced freedom from demon powers and encountered miraculous healing. It was unfortunate we did not have more time as we could have easily gone on for another 5 hours! I was pleased to see that the saints were not only experiencing freedom but also were now equipped to battle for the sake others. This mission is accomplishing much for the Kingdom –preaching, teaching, casting out devils, healing the sick and raising up an army for Jesus!
Mother and Daughter FREE from Generational Witchcraft
In one private session with a family James and I encountered powerful generational witchcraft spirits within a Dominican lady who had a mother who practiced spiritualism and sorcery. She too delved into the occult and the dark arts thereby opening many doors to demonic. She was in need of deliverance. What was beautiful was that it was her 15 year old daughter who was sitting right next to her that emailed her and set up this meeting with the family. James and I could easily discern this was going to be a very special young lady as the Holy Spirit has given wisdom beyond her years. As we battled the many demons with her mother the young girl prayed earnestly. The first spirit that surfaced was mockery. He snapped her head backwards and laughed and mocked the Lord Jesus. As we battled the spirits in the name of Jesus all of these spirits of witchcraft, sorcery, spiritualism, necromancy, and many others were being weakened and were expelled out of the body! What was amazing was that while the mother was being freed, her daughter was also being delivered from demons also as she testified of feeling the demons depart from her also! They also experienced healing of their broken hearts too. As a result of their miraculous deliverance the 15 year old now wants to be exorcist and cast demons out of others! I love it…don’t you?
Octopus and Snake Spirits Confronted within Pastor
In yet another meeting we dealt with demonic spirits within a dear Dominican pastor and his assistant pastor. Both of them had been following the ministry for years also. We are amazed how this outreach is reaching throughout the lands of the globe. Jesus to be praised! While we were praying over the ministers an evil surfaced quickly within the assistant pastor. This was a man of God and I could easily tell these demons just needed to be told to leave and they left quickly as he vomited many spirits out in the name of Jesus! His pastor also was freed from demonic spirits also including some octopus and a 5 headed snake spirit that we cut the head off of. These brothers desire to minister now in the deliverance ministry also. Furthermore, they humbly asked for prayers of consecration. As an apostle we see this quite often where precious men of God locate me and ask for spiritual advise, prayers of consecration and apostolic oversight. It is humbling. I do not take this lightly. I am a servant unto the Body!
I could easily go on….
Open Air Preaching to Thousands in Manhattan!
James and I also had the wonderful opportunity to not only conduct numerous deliverance meetings but also were honored to preach the gospel in the Times Square area of New York city –this time without any police interference. James shared with me that God granted me more then an hour of being unhindered to preach the WORD to many thousands. Armed with my powerful audio equipment I was able to share the love of Jesus. Many were being clearly touched on this night in the heart of New York City in the shadow of some of the tallest buildings in all of the world. The masses were shocked to see that someone would dare to preach in public however many were captivated and only God knows how many prayed with me as I led the masses in prayer to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior! I really enjoy this aspect of the mission –preaching in the open air, calling people to Jesus! You should have seen the children when I preached so many were clearly touched by the love of the Holy Spirit. I heard many amens but there also some who mocked. Nevertheless, Jesus and His love blanketed New York City on this night and no doubt many will be impacted in the days to come as the Spirit of God reminds then how much he truly loves them!
From NYC Onward to Buffalo, New York to Encounter Human Interjects, Ancestral Dissociative Parts, Broken Hearts and Devil Demons
We are now currently in Buffalo, New York, where last night we held some private and public meetings. In one meeting a young lady came who was deeply demonized. During the exorcism many evil spirits surfaced including spirits of insanity, panic, lust, and a host of others. There were also very strong spirits named Devil within her and a spirit named Esthrin. There were more then 300 of these spirits.
“We have been here for more then 14 generations because her ancestors practiced Satanism. They sacrificed a young woman. They cut her throat. They danced around a fire. We are here because of human sacrifice. They sacrificed animals too,” these spirits revealed to us.
This spirit battled us fiercely. Many others spirits were warring against us also. There were even spirits named the Devil within her. In fact, the devil spirits revealed that they were holding captive an ancestral part named, Irahaane, who was born in 1718 in Ireland. Irahanne was only 21 years of age when she was put to death by the villagers who found out that she practiced sorcery. To kill her they boarded up her home and place her home on fire. This lady burned to death. This traumatic event result, obviously, in her heart being fractured. The heart part then was taken captive by a devil spirit –that was there in the village at that time because many were practicing witchcraft in this region– and then traveled through the bloodline into this lady who we were now ministering to more then three centuries later here in the United States. We spoke to Irahanne and she experienced healing by Jesus and was sent to the Lord. We also encountered two human interjects. They too along with their demons were driven out. Many heart pieces were also healed in the name of Jesus.
There was even a dissociative identity within this lady held by a powerful spirit named, Brackus. James and I battled this demon and he was forced to release a little part of the broken heart. Not only was this part able to visit with holy angels but also encountered the risen Jesus! This was unbelievable to see. Not only was the part able to see Jesus but also the the core too! They held on to Jesus! Jesus poured out His intense love upon them in mighty waves. It was great to see and deeply moving. Brackus was cast out and parts were healed by the Savior. We also prayed for her 4 children and they were delivered from evil spirits also. I was able to capture this precious lady’s testimony of seeing Jesus!
In a very small public meeting we held in Buffalo last night precious souls were delivered and healed by the power of Christ!
During the exorcism, an violent spirit surfaced within a believer who traveled many hours to attend the service. This disciple shared he had been reading my books and listening to my global radio broadcasts and decided to attend one of our meetings. It was obvious he was terribly demonized as the demons surfaced quickly and cursed me profusely.
“We are too powerful for you. You do have the power to cast me out. We will defeat you! We are too powerful for you!” the demons screamed at me.
With intense rage they surfaced. They hit my hand and caused me to drop the Communion cup several times. They yelled and used horrible words. At one point they threw my Bible across the room and even some of my brothers and sisters had to move to the other side of the room due to the violence of this spirit.
As I continued to bring forth the Holy Communion to bear upon them they suddenly changed course.
“Leave us alone! Leave us alone! Leave us alone! Send us not to the pit but out of the room only,” the spirits begged.
In Jesus name though this violent spirit named Blasphemy and many others were cast out of his body! To the PIT!
Others experienced deliverance and healing including a man with a Freemason noose around his neck and a woman with a 8 year old part who was supernaturally healed and integrated.

Washington DC Area: Jezebel Attacks, Jesus WINS!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I have arrived safely back from my most recent mission where God displayed His miraculous power in our midst.

On Friday I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, through Washington DC onward to Alexandria, Virginia where I conducted a public deliverance meeting. Several months ago while teaching at a meeting in New York City I was challenged by a number of believers, from the Washington DC area, who had traveled to Manhattan to attend the meeting, to host some deliverance services in the nation’s capital. Soon thereafter the Holy Spirit urged me on and I scheduled a public meeting and I’m glad I did.

Because of the great interest I decided to begin the meeting at 4pm. Well, by 3pm, people were arriving. By 4pm, every seat was taken in the small meeting hall and twice we had to contact the hotel staff to bring in more chairs to accommodate all those who had arrived. This has been truly refreshing to see more and more people attend our public meetings throughout the world. There is deep hunger for the deliverance ministry as the Body of the Christ is largely ignoring this area. We are seeing that before our very eyes. 

In Alexandria there were families who had traveled great distances to receive ministry. Again this is a common occurrence we witness. It speaks, again, of the desperation of the people to receive a liberating touch from the Spirit of God. For several hours I taught from the Scriptures and led those assembled in Holy Communion. Then we began ministering to those in the meeting hall. Many evil spirits surfaced. There were a few at this meeting who challenged me and who were quite critical. In fact, one lady admitted to everyone that she was being very critical of nearly everything I was teaching on at the beginning of the meeting. However, slowly but surely she was discovering I was indeed authentic and began to open up to the ministry. 

In the midnight hour, it was clear she had humbled herself to the Lord and was apologetic to me and with the assistance of my dear friends –pastor Rich Koepper and apostle Johnathan Hill– we drove out many Jezebel spirits from her along with many others! In dealing with a group of generational spirits we had to spiritually pull out of her mouth untold numbers of demonic spirits that were rooted within her grandmother. She was clearly feeling much better, lighter, and peaceful.

Afterwards, she was amazingly happy! She was quite joyful of her new-found freedom! There was light shining from her happy face! This is Jesus at work!

Not only was I deeply touched to see the Holy Spirit work within my sister I was also really encouraged to see two disciples whom I have ministered to in the past be a part of this exorcism. Rich Koepper is a deliverance minister in his own right whom I had the honor of formally ordaining, via the Church of the Cross, into the ministry several years ago in Central Florida, now serve others. He also hosts a weekly deliverance presentation in Baltimore reaching souls for Jesus. Moreover, after a meeting with him and his beautiful family the decision was made, by the will of the Holy Spirit, to begin the process of starting a church in the Baltimore area which he will lead. If you are interested in being a part of this new work in this city, please email me. 

Also present was a fellow apostle, Johnathan Hill, whom I had the honor of the ministering deliverance to in the past in a some meetings in Augusta, Georgia, where we expelled many evil spirits from him. He is a powerful minister of the gospel. He has also joined me on an evangelistic mission to the Pacific Northwest last year! At this midnight hour meeting, there were times I stepped away to allow my fellow apostle minister and the holy fire of heaven fell upon him and transferred onto our dear sister thus liberating her from demonic afflictions and spirits. Johnathan is a younger brother in the Lord but I really feel he has unique calling upon his life. Pray for him, his precious wife and children. He has received mighty visions where he is before thousands all over the globe preaching the gospel where signs and wonders are following. He is a part of the ministry. 

This brings me GREAT joy to see ministers whom I have impacted in some manner to reach others for the gospel. This is a BODY ministry. We are equipping and raising up thousands of workers that are going forth in the world! If you are wanting to be trained please go my training site: where you can get equipped to preach the gospel, cast out demons and heal the sick. I get emails ALL the time from disciples throughout the globe who are being impacted by these teachings thus being educated on how to minister. 

There was also a lady sitting next to her son who surfaced demons. There were of a generational kind. They revealed they had brought numerous physical and mental afflictions into her body and mind. They boasted how they liked tormenting her and confessed to “holding her entire heart.” This is something we see often where demons have captured the entire heart of a person. The demons fiercely fought me on this as he didn’t want to release her broken heart as he wanted to cause even more damage and torment. He was commanded in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to let go and he did! All of these spirits were renounced and were commanded to got to the pit! We prayed for the healing of the heart. Jesus touched her and healed her broken heart! Immediately our dear sister testified of feeling so much better. You could easily tell with just one quick glance at her face to see she had experienced Jesus (her face simply shone with light) and his miracle working power! She was healed and freed from years of hellish torment. 

Also in this meeting I was also surprised at the amount of Jezebel spirits that surfaced. Our meeting was infiltrated with many Jezebel demons. They were interacting with one another in attempt to gain strength and to disrupt the meeting. Many of the ladies who had these Jezebel demons were critical of me and even challenged me during the public service. That universal Jezebel like grim and smirk was seen on the faces. Like the Jezebel of the Old Testament, she has no holy regard for the ministers of the gospel. She wants to to challenge and undermine the men of God. She wants to mock and she did at this meeting.

At one point, I was told by one of the ladies in the meeting, who had a Jezebel spirit, that I didn’t need to really confront demons but simply listen to the Holy Spirit. That is a lie. We need to drive out demons in the name of Jesus as clearly taught by our Savior in the Gospels. I refuse to listen to Jezebel. I drive her out in Jesus name! She fought and fought and exclaimed: I’m not leaving! I’m the queen!

She might claim to be a queen of the demonic underworld but she still bows at the KING –the Lord Jesus and on this night she did!

One 40 year old woman, at the meeting, who was vexed by a Jezebel spirit was so shocked to see how this spirit was operating within the other ladies. She broken down in tears in brokenness before the Lord. She agreed to let go of some of the jewelry that she was wearing that was from her mother whom she was convinced had a Jezebel spirit. Before all in the hall she threw with passion for Jesus, into the trash bin, the disgusting Jezebel jewelry. Obviously, the demon was angered but it had no chance! Within seconds of praying for her, the spirit surfaced and threw her violently onto the ground. While in convulsions and going to the ground, the spirit made her hit her chin against a nearby table (God was gracious as she testified of feeling no effects of being hit in the chin). These Jezebel demonic spirits were cast out and sent to the pit in Jesus name! 

Others in the meeting were also healed and freed from satanic powers. Pains vanished! Demons went to the pit! Jesus was exalted! 

What was so beautiful is after more then 8 hours of the ministry the people of God didn’t want to leave! They even begged me to stay longer, to teach and minister. Well, I would have but I had another meeting to speak at so in the early morning hours we concluded the ministry and the people rejoiced in the awesome God we serve! 

After getting perhaps 3 hours of sleep I drove back through Washington DC onward to the international airport in Baltimore where I boarded another plane to head to the Church the Cross meeting in Waco! I fly into Austin then onward to Dallas. I get a rental car and drive to Waco with only a few minutes to spare before the public service. Again individuals arrived more then an hour before the meeting. 

Once again we had to bring extra chairs in our small meeting room to accommodate the people that had arrived. Many drove many hours to be present in the service. After more then 2.5 hours of teaching from the WORD and partaking of the Holy Communion pastor James Beason and I ministered to the souls present. The first lady who manifested spirits was a precious saint who could feel her feet being terribly afflicted. As I confronted the demons within her –her body shook terribly– and we quickly expelled many spirits from her with the aid of her husband. 

Now this excites me –to see husbands being proactive in assisting their wives. This dear couple are dedicated to Jesus and the Lord honored their commitment and brought a mighty deliverance and healing into their lives. Her husband was recently delivered from a Freemasonry curse and demon in our last meeting in Houston. 

Do you see all of the FRUIT being born through this mission? MANY souls are coming to Jesus Christ as Lord. MANY souls are being delivered from demons. MANY souls are experiencing healing in their hearts and bodies. MANY souls are being equipped to carry on the works of Jesus. 

I am deeply humbled to see Jesus bless this mission! I am merely one servant of a ministry team of many spread out throughout the globe! 

Also present in our Waco meeting was a young 20 year old lady who also manifested demons. She was delivered and experience a powerful healing of the heart! She was truly joyful and very thankful! I’m amazed at the work of God in the lives of so many!

Another lady was delivered from a Freemasonry curse and demon. I led everyone in a mass deliverance prayer in renouncing specific masonic curses and I noticed immediately she was being vexed by a spirit that was trying to strangle her. I assisted her in cutting off a demonic noose that had been placed around her neck by masonic spirits and it was cut off and she was released. We drove out these spirits in Jesus name. You should have seen this dear woman afterwards! She was truly joyful and thanked me several times. Jesus healed her and gave her great inner joy in this deliverance!

There was a brother in the Lord present who also manifested demonic spirits. He was freed from many spirits and testified of feeling much better! 

Others were delivered and healed. Many satanic curses were broken. Hearts were released. Saints were equipped as I taught on how to devil proof your home. In our Waco meeting there was a sweet spiritual atmosphere and true family of God environment. People loved on one another and encouraged one another. Many were testifying and praying for each other. We sang together. We exalted Jesus! This is New Testament church! Again this went on for many hours! God was pleased to display His awesome delivering power in our midst!

Here it is 1:30am and I’m very happy in Jesus! Earlier this evening I was having a wonderful time with my wife and kids as I was taking everyone on tractor rides around our property. Ford, Ranger, and Sahara all were give turns to sit with Daddy and drive the tractor. They were having such a great time! I think I might have been enjoying it more then them as I was watching their  beautiful faces light up as we had some family fun! You know we are in the battle for souls but do remember to take time to have some fun! Enjoy your kids, your wives and husbands. Go to a park, play a game together. Laugh and allow yourself to have some fun. You know Jesus tells us that the kingdom of God belongs to children. Ever watch a child? They like to play. In the Kingdom of God there is time for play! I know some might say that’s not spiritual. I disagree. In 1 Timothy 6:17 we are told God in the One “who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” God provided tractors for our enjoyment!

Jesus is LORD! 

Powerful Testimony of a Hindu Girl Exorcised from Demons in India!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

One reason why I do large gospel meetings around the globe is the impact that it can have on a family, on a community, on a nation for many generations to come. These large gospel festivals have the ability to reach people who are not even attending the meeting as often times people on nearby streets, stores, homes and cars will hear the proclamation of the gospel at the meeting and will experience a miracle without even attending the meeting itself. I have seen this hundreds of times. Moreover, our ministry doesn’t end when we leave –it continues on as we have trained the believers and now they are casting out demons.

In fact, as you’ll read below, because of the encouragement and training we brought to thousands, in a recent meeting they were able to assist a young lady in freeing her from more then 1,000 evil spirits. Also it was reported that a lady from a Hindu family, who was plagued by demonic voices, was at one of our meetings and after receiving ministry she was immediately FREE from many demons. 

I’m telling you my friends, she was but one who received deliverance. As the host pastor testified there are “MANY wonderful testimonies,” being shared as the days go by. Many hundreds in each service experienced healing and deliverance from demonic powers! 

My friends, we are still getting powerful reports from the host pastor of the many miraculous signs and wonders that took place while conducting our deliverance festival in South India just a few weeks ago. These email reports truly encourage my heart! I see that our work is never in vain as we know God honors the preaching of HIS WORD! This international outreach, which is an extension of the Church of the Cross, is making an eternal impact in the here and now. Lives are being saved by Jesus, souls are being liberated, saints are being equipped, bodies are being healed and broken hearts are being mended! That is why God is blessing this work for we are focused on doing what Jesus did! 

Read this recent email:

“Dear Apostle Jay,

Even though the days of deliverance festival passed, so many wonderful testimonies are being shared by our believers and non-Christians.

 One sister who attended our night meeting experienced complete deliverance from the demonic voices. She used to hear the voices day and night. Pastor Yohan, who arranged this meeting at Karishma Gardens counseled her and prayed for her; but it was of avail.The voice told her that her husband was going to be met with an accident, within a couple of days, it exactly happened. This is just one of them. As you were explaining such evil voices during that night meeting at Karishma Gardens, the Spirit of God powerfully touched her. You prayed for her and commanded the spirit to leave, immediately she was set free the very night. When the spirits left her, now there are no longer such voices.

 She is from Hindu family. She is alright now. This is one of the miracles took place during the meetings.

 In reality, there has been a phenomenal change in the entire ministry ever since the miracle revival deliverance festival. The Spirit of God has been mightily at work in our meetings. Today, in a fasting meeting in one of our branch churches, a sister has been delivered from more than thousand demonic spirits. She was being tormented by those evil spirits for past few months.

 God is restoring the Faith Home Ministries to its former glory and broadening  its horizons in a phased manner. You taught, you prophesied, you encouraged and you set the deliverance ministry once again in motion. Now we will start reaching  the unreached with the signs following deliverance ministry.

Thank you for praying for us and the ministry. You, your family in particular and the whole ministry in general are always there in our individual and congregational prayers.

Please keep  praying for us and the deliverance ministry.

With regards,


To break this down let’s see what God has done:

~Thousands heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

~Thousands were trained to heal the sick and cast out demons

~Churches have been restored and revived because of the festivals

~The Body of Christ now seeks to win the lost in other unreached regions of India

~Many hundreds, including many Hindus and idol worshipers were won to Jesus, freed from demonic spirits and healed

~Marriages were restored, prophecies were given and blessings were given

~Ministers are now carrying out the ministry of deliverance in their churches

As you can probably tell I’m FIRED up! This ministry is making an impact in the gospel resistant areas of the globe and we dare to preach the gospel even in the face of great resistance from the enemy. Many missionary evangelists send out reports that never speak of actually leading anyone to Jesus. I know because I receive so many newsletters. Many of them are talking about the historical sites they have visited, the food that they tasted, and the people they have met. But when it comes to sharing how people were delivered from demons, it’s not there! I’m convinced many ministries and churches are simply country clubs, they have good intentions but lack the will to risk everything for the gospel. 

By God’s grace we are different. We actually LEAD souls to JESUS! We are a FULL gospel ministry.