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Omaha: Extremely Violent Demons Expelled then Caught Up into Heaven!

Monday, March 30th, 2020

What an explosive night of miracles here in Omaha, Nebraska, as thousands of spirits named Lord of the Flies were expelled from this young man (pictured above with his father). These were extremely violent demonic spirits that surfaced. They were physical, aggressive, murderous and hateful. They threatened to kill us and my family. Thankfully, God prevailed and were victorious in Jesus name.

“We came to one of our seminars in Houston, Texas, more than 5 years ago,” the father shared with everyone, at the beginning of the service, earlier tonight, “My son has been suffering a long time. During Holy Communion, during that Houston, Texas seminar, it was too intense and he walked out of the hall. He just found out about your meeting here, tonight, and we are here to see Jesus deliver!”

For 5 long years they waited for this opportunity. As the meeting progressed, the vicious demons manifested. At one point, they wrote down, on a piece of paper, some strange satanic symbolism –including the drawing of an inverted cross, the number of the beast 666 and other satanic symbolism. This young man didn’t even remember drawing these evil symbols. The demons surfaced and compelled him to write.

During the mass deliverance prayers, this young man named Stefan, manifested terrible evil spirits. The demons lunged at me with utter hatred. They were brutal. They were extremely violent. Several ministers had to assist me, as the spirits sought to kill me. They were incredibly strong and filled with insanity. They looked out of his eyes with death. The demons surfaced and spoke out of this young man.

“We desire to kill,” the spirits told me, “We bring him lung cancer, diabetes, and pain into his life. We hold captive his heart and his dreams.”

We called upon the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and assisted us in wearing the invading demons down. The demons were greatly weakened. The holy angels moved this man’s body to the front of the hall and sat him in a chair, so we could minister to him.

“We have been here for thousands of years, as his ancestors killed people,” the spirits named the Lord of Flies revealed to me, “There’s thousands of us!”

All of these thousands of unclean spirits were bound up in Jesus name and forced to depart in Jesus name! The spirits groaned, moaned and screamed out of him. He was wonderfully set free. Then suddenly, little broken heart parts were released. The broken hearts were gently guided to the Savior and they encountered the Living God. You’ll need to watch the NEWEST heavenly encounter video here.