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Casting Demons Out in Manhattan!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

While in New York City we held a number of private and public meetings, leading precious souls in Holy Communion, that lasted more then 12 hours. In one meeting two African sisters were freed from powerful generational idolatrous spirits. As soon as I made the symbol of the cross on their foreheads evil spirits surfaced, violently shaking their bodies. With unearthly moans and groans ancient demonic spirits manifested and attempted to hold on to their victims. Over the next several hours we dealt with many different kinds of unclean spirits including:

  • Demons from ancestral idol worship that entered the family bloodline through numerous animal and human sacrifices that their family still practices to this day in Western Africa.
  • Spirits from eating antelope and chicken, that had been sacrificed to false gods as little girls.
  • Demonic spirits from their grandmother’s uncle who had been a slave trader.
  • Evil spirits that had transferred through various Fetish Priestesses, that the family had contacted through the years, that led the family in raw paganism and spiritualism.
  • Spirits from polygamy –as their father was a polygamist.
  • Various spirits of infirmity that were transferred through various doctors that spoke disease into their bodies including multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons.
  • Numerous beast-humanoid creatures (some even appeared to them as aliens, black hooded figures and shadows) that stalked these dear sisters and sexually assaulted them.
  • Various spirits from Freemasonry, Hinduism, Divination, and Ancestral Tribal Religions.
  • Demons that were attached to a idol that their extended family, back in Ghana, still possesses in their home (I was even able to pray with their dear mother on the phone during the meeting and commanded the demons to leave her in Jesus name).

As you can imagine these vile spiritual beings battled us with the hopes of staying within them as they desired to continue their domination in subsequent generations. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we confronted these demons and expelled untold numbers of them to the pit. Many of them came out through yawns, groans, vomiting, and through the breath. Some tried to hinder by choking the ladies, other times they would violently shake their heads and bodies, and still at other times, they twisted their bodies. In one instance, they tried to kill the younger sister by choking her with spiritual chains around her neck. We immediately removed the chains and she was able to breathe properly.

Both ladies experienced some amazing deliverance and deep healing (various dissociative identities were identified and healed by the love of Jesus). The one sister –a medical doctor– who has been unable to work as a physician because of these demonic torments sent me a beautiful email thanking God for the powerful deliverance they had received

“Dear Brother Jay,
Thank you for taking your time to minister to us. We really appreciate it and we know that the Lord did some work in our lives. We feel better and lighter spiritually. Please extend our gratitude to Pastor James. He was such a blessing. Both of you have a heart for the body of Christ and your passion to set captives free is encouraging. Have a wonderful trip back. We hope to see you on the show “Beyond Belief”. We will keep in touch and keep on reading your blogs; it builds our faith for miracles, signs and wonders.  We will let you know how we are doing and will continue to take authority and fight the good fight of faith. Be blessed and may the Lord clothe you with His glory and continue to release the anointing from Isaiah 61 over your ministry.”

Masquerading Demonic Spirits Sent to the PIT!

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

With great joy I write this email as I KNOW Jesus Christ is risen and in Lord over all. He is indeed King!

Last night while in Bellmead I spent more then 12 hours ministering to those afflicted with evil spirits, infirmities and afflictions of all sorts. The first ministry session was brief but a young man was delivered from many “masquerading spirits” whom confessed that they had placed a “cap” on his skull to keep him from understanding spiritual truths that would lead him into greater freedom and gave them a greater capacity to masquerade as angels of light. For with that “cap” they were able to control his mind to a certain degree which no doubt brought heaviness. In the authority of Jesus Christ we removed the “cap” and sent these spirits to the pit –immediately the young man confessed he was able to think clearer which no doubt will lead him to a greater understanding of God’s Word thereby giving him victory in his personal life. I have personally been delivered of such spirits as a result of having more then 300 + years of demonic activity rooted on my father’s side of the family as a direct result of their participation in secret societies (interestingly enough on my mother’s side is the Jewish ancestry and the sensitivity to true spirituality. Side note–it was my mother that led me to Jesus).

This is a demonic phenomena that is quite common…where demonic spirits have placed various demonic elements (i.e. sickness, blindness, heaviness, etc) on the lives of precious people. The prophet Isaiah spoke of a  “spirit of heaviness,” the apostle Paul wrote of “the spirit of slumber,” whereby the “eyes” could not see, and “ears” that could not hear. These kinds of spirits are rampant within the Body of Christ in our day. So many are being terribly afflicted and need to be freed from these spiritual chains. Again only Jesus is able to bring deliverance!

There were many battles and some persistent demons. While ministering to a 63 year old lady the spirits revealed themselves in an unusual manner–they actually drew pictures of themselves while on a brief break. I noticed the eerie drawings. One was of a elegant woman that had some Hindu qualities to it. Another picture was of a clownish face with a look of utter madness. Oh, but the eyes. The eyes reveal so much. Did not Jesus tells us that the eyes are gateway to the soul? The eyes in all of these drawings (they numbered about 4 or 5) were devilish and dark. They exhibited madness and terror. That drawing of the Hindu woman with a flair of elegance was Jezebel and the dear lady confessed that indeed it was. James Beason and I did discover there was a Jezebel spirit that had been hidden in her life for more then 45 years. There were some generational Jezebel spirits rooted from her ancestors, on her mother’s side of her family. Like most Jezebel spirits she exhibited a certain look that one easily identifies with Jezebel. Having dealt with this spirit so often through the years you pick up the certain characteristics. The eyes. The smirk. The flair of false elegance. The arrogance, the defiance, but the eyes say it all. I have observed this from the United States to Europe to Australia, this spirit’s characteristics are the same. She is vile, deceptive, seducing, and defeated.

“I’m not leaving,” Jezebel defiantly informed us.

I had asked her husband to take authority and with great difficulty he did however there were issues of lack of faith and unbelief that Jezebel drew strength from. The husband for more then 30 years never really took spiritual authority over his family thus Jezebel moved in and did take up her false authority causing even greater havoc in the family.

“I like you,” Jezebel informed the lady’s husband. Why? Because the husband did not take up his God ordained authority and Jezebel was free to move around.

Please pray for this dear couple that their faith would increase. We have made some tremendous progress in some areas but the husband needs to be encouraged to utilize his authority. This is a major problem in many couples. They are not alone. May God strengthen husbands to love their wives and to lead their families.

Victory in Bellmead, Miracles in Chicago!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

 Anicent Entity Named Bok Bows to Jesus

Chicago Meetings Produce Miracles as Jesus Delivers!

Ancestral Dissociative Identity Identified in Deliverance Meeting

Broken Hearts Healed by the Love of God

Saints Travel Hundreds of Miles to Attend Meetings

60 Year Old Believer Liberated from Secret Society Spirit

Jesus Wins in Series of Private and Public Meetings

Blood of Jesus Breaks 320 Years of Bondage to Murder

Various Afflictions, Pains, and Infirmities Healed

Evil Spirit Desires to Murder Me but FAILS!

Spirits of the Occult, Torment, Homosexuality, Alcohol, Addictions, and Many Others Cast Out!

 For the past 9 months God has allowed me to travel and minister in more then 85 cities of the world in more then 25 states here in the United States and more then 18 nations around the globe. We have ministered in more then 300 private and public ministry events thus far –ranging from speaking in churches, to conducting radio presentations, to ministering in home churches, to organizing open air evangelistic missions, to private deliverance sessions– before tens of thousands of live audiences– we have sought to proclaim the victory of Jesus! It is an honor to serve the King and once again God granted us another opportunity to serve Him in the past week in Bellmead and in Chicago.

Pastor James Beason and I were ministering to those afflicted by evil spirits and Jesus prevailed over the spiritual forces of wickedness in Bellmead and in Chicago. While in Bellmead we ministered to a family that had been troubled by the powers of darkness, specifically the father whom had opened up his life to the spiritual powers behind a secret society that undermined the Christian Faith. All it took for him to get a demon was to read their materials and inquire about their teachings through the mail. This act of spiritual curiosity opened a door to a demon and an evil spirit invaded his life. After explaining him the seriousness of sin, he renounced his participation of this secret society and I immediately drove the evil spirit from him in the name of Jesus and he could actually feel the spirit depart from his body! James and I also ministered to his youngest son and he was delivered from many hundreds of evil spirits including a group of unholy spirits that had been bruising his ENTIRE back with some ugly sores, boils, rashes, and blotches. When James and I prayed these rashes and blotches started dissipating and his body was starting to heal. The son could actually feel the healing power of Jesus working within his back and testified of feeling much better.

While in Chicago, America’s 3rd largest city, we held a series of private and public meetings where we ministered to the broken hearted, afflicted, and demonized. One 47 year old man that attended the meeting had been bound by hundreds of demonic spirits –grudges, lust, adultery, critic, hateful, liar, fornication, lewdness, poverty, bitterness, doubt, and many others– during our time of ministry with him we discovered through the deliverance process that he had suffered a broken heart and various parts surfaced from within him. Deep anguish surfaced with many tears. There was groaning and moaning as this part of his broken heart was finally able to surface and experience God’s acceptance, love, peace, and deep healing. One part was 35 years old who had experienced some very deep heart pain resulting in a fractured heart. He was healed and immediately rejoined the core’s heart. Also during this discovery process we located a few ancient ancestral dissociative identities that brought memories from prior generations that God removed (more information of ancestral dissociation can be obtained from a small book that Dr. Clare Fischer and I wrote some years back titled, Deeper Mysteries of the Deliverance Ministry, which can be downloaded for free at my site).

During the exorcism, an evil spirit named, Bok, surfaced from within and growled at us. He had been hidden in his life and furious that we had exposed him. In fact, this ancient entity had been in the family for hundreds of years unexposed.

“We’ve been here forever,” the spirit boasted, “We are here because of his ancestor’s acts of murder.”

Bok battled us but was defeated as He (Jesus) that is within us is greater then these spirits that were in these brothers of the Lord! Bok was sent to the pit in Jesus name!

Another demonic spirit named, Joseph, surfaced that came into the family three generations ago because the men placed sodomized themselves with objects, wore woman’s lingerie, and raped. This sex spirit was driven out in Jesus name.

Yet another demonic being surfaced by the name of Jasper. He too had been in the family for many generations –more then 29 generations– due to the sins of masturbation and perversion. This spirit was cast out in Jesus name.

Threatened in Chicago by Demon Powers, Jesus Wins Though!

For now more then 20 years I have been threatened with death by many different individuals and groups from around the globe. I have been stalked and hunted down for years. I estimate we have probably received more then 500 hundred death threats over the years including many actual attempts on my life by those involved in sadistic sects and groups. Yes, there has been a handful of times where I have actually shed blood for the gospel but even in the midst of these evil events God has prevailed, sustained, and preserved my life for His glory!

Well, while ministering in recent days in Chicago I was once again threatened by an devious evil spirit who was desrious of murdering me. Though the spirit was extremely violent in his intentions, he was quite calm in explaining what he would like to do.

“You know, I would really like to get within you, Jay and mulitate your body like hamburger meat,” the spirit said quite calmly as went on, “Oh, I so desire to kill you but I can’t, I can’t even get into you but would like to.”

God prevailed once again and prevented the spirits of death and murder from hurting me. Furthermore, these death spirits who had been following this man and trying to provoke him into killing others were driven out in Jesus name! He was so relieved as you can imagine!

Hours later, James and I received this email testimony from him:

“Jay and James,

Thank you for being there for me!  And for all the Ministry and freedoms I received at your loving hands.  Blessings to both you and James.

I realized something had changed when as I was driving this morning I started to whistle an old gospel tune and then broke out singing it and a couple of other praise songs today on the drive back to Michigan.”

Praise be to God for His wonderful grace and powerful love that delivers!

Broken Part Experiences a Creative Healing!

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Good Sunday to one and all!

Jesus has resurrected from the dead and is LORD over all!

Nearly twenty years ago, in 1992, God opened my eyes to the needs of people, with broken hearts, to encounter the deep healing of God’s love. I understood the need for physical healing and to some extent the need for emotional healing however I did not understand up to that point how deeply the heart could, be fractured, as a result of horrific trauma, resulting in the creation of soul parts, that need to be rescued and healed in Jesus name. The Universal Body of Christ, when open to the Spirit of God, historically, has focused on the healing of broken bodies –this is good– we need the ministry of physical healing however God is not merely limited in healing those with broken bodies He also desires to heal broken hearts.

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me,
Because the LORD has anointed me
To bring good news to the afflicted;
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives
And freedom to prisoners…”

On every continent I have ministered the gospel we have come across many with a broken heart. Countless souls that need a deep work of the Holy Spirit to repair, to restore, to comfort, to renew, to heal their bruised, battered, wounded hearts. Not only have many thousands responded to the salvation call of Jesus Christ in our meetings but many have also responded to the call for their hurt hearts to be healed by our Savior. In nearly every meeting precious souls are desiring for a deeper healing –one that touched their wounded emotions, minds, and hearts. We have seen some amazing miracles take place in this area –hearts FREED to love Jesus, emotional wounds healed, and minds unbound. Often this kind of ministry is time consuming and spiritually taxing so few are willing to work in this largely untouched area of ministry. This must be addressed and resolved as millions of hearts are deeply wounded and hurt. Millions in churches around the globe sit in a satanic silence and these souls need to be reached with the compassion of Jesus!

Just a few days ago while ministering to a young man who suffers from dissociation (which is a fancy medical term that describes a broken heart) we came across a dissociative identity that revealed to us that his “arms and legs” (these precious parts have spiritual bodies in their inner world) have been cut off by demon powers. This younger part of his broken heart was very sad and obviously in great pain as a result of what the demons had done to him. Demons are cruel beings that seek destruction and they especially like trying to destroy parts that so vulnerable. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we communicated with this young scared part that had missing limbs that we believe God would restore their limbs and bring about a creative miracle. I commanded the legs and arms to grow back in Jesus name and almost immediately the limbs were restored. The legs and the arms reappeared. This precious part was so happy as you can imagine!