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Powerful Exorcism in Houston: Violent Animalistic Spirits Defeated!

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Tonight was an unusually powerful public deliverance service, at our monthly Church of the Cross meeting, here in Houston, Texas. God’s FULL power was on display to heal, to deliver and to restore! Our small meeting hall was jammed packed with hungry souls who drove in from different cities to receive liberation from the powers of Satan. After a brief teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those afflicted with evil spirits. As I did immediately there was a violent reaction from some very strong spirits within a young teenager who was sitting with his parents and brother in the back of the meeting hall. The demons began to pound his head against the wall viciously and with murderous intent. As I approached him the demons insanely threw him to the ground and he slithered like a snake to the other side of the room. The entire group of disciples in the room began to pray in warfare mode. 

These demonic animalistic spirits surfaced no doubt because I exposed them early on as I taught on their reality during the time of teaching. They were exposed to the light of Jesus. Pastor Tony Walters assisted me in helping this demonized teenager whom I’ll refer to as Max. Only 17 years of age and yet had opened up so many doors to demons. I’m thankful to God we were there to intervene for this family who had driven nearly 3 hours to the meeting hoping to find some help for their son whom they knew was deeply bound by the powers of demons. 

As Tony and I battled the demonic spirits controlled of this young man these animalistic spirits sought to bite us and to eat us. They were literally lunging at us with the hopes of grabbing ahold of some body part to eat! Sadistic animalistic spirits. They were even foaming uncontrollably from the mouth. They were physically very strong. They even threw a cup at me. They had invaded his life and we warred against them with the blood of Jesus! They were greatly weakened by the holy blood. I had Max’s adopted father take authority over the spirits in the name of Jesus! This also greatly weakened the demonic spirits. 

I then had the holy angels of God pick his body off the ground and I bound him with chains. The spirits were literally bound up as they struggled to even move. I then told the demons to move to the front of the meeting hall. The holy angels assisted in this also. I utilized my holy cross and the demons immediately bowed before the power of the cross of Jesus. In fact at one point they literally grew so weak the knees buckled and they crumpled to the ground. Our King Jesus is too powerful! Demons tremble at the presence of Jesus. I tangibly felt the fire of the Holy Spirit on my right hand and struck the demons with the fire of God. They were shocked by the power of God through His servants. The demons were literally amazed and baffled that God’s servants could possess such miracle power.

After I led Max in repentance of the various sins that opened the doors to the demonic I called forth the chief ruling spirit. He so wanted to kill me. He so wanted to hit me however the supernatural power of Jesus was too much for these spirits. Spirits of murder, anger, rage, and others were all bound together and cast out in the name of Jesus!

Immediately Max felt the a surge of power. The power of the love of Jesus that was overflowing his very heart and he began to speak in new tongues. He was so happy and joyful. His brother came up to the front of the hall and gave him the biggest bear hug and then proceeded to give me a massive hug! He had been set free and he knew it! The smile, the inner peace, the joy was stunning to see! God rescued Max and he now wants to serve Jesus with all of his heart! 

Others were set free from demons too! As I led everyone to break generational curses a number of people experienced freedom and could feel the demons exiting their bodies and minds. One lady we ministered to was originally from Germany. Her great-grandfather served in Hitler’s Nazi forces which allowed demons access into the family bloodline. We commanded many of these spirits out of her in Jesus name. They vomited out of her. Another lady we ministered to had recently escaped from her family’s involvement in witchcraft and sorcery. In fact, she is the only believer in her entire family. Her entire family is deeply involved in the occult and spiritism. God has extended His mercy to this precious woman and I was able to drive out many demons from her that were tormenting her mind. One demon that was controlled of her didn’t want to stand up and face me so I asked the holy angels to assist me and the demons resisted. Finally, the angels picked her up off the chair and I was able to battle them face to face in Jesus Christ name! They were sent to the pit too! 

Immediately a huge smile came across her face. She had been set free. I also ministered to a little 7 year old girl heart part that carried so much pain and hurt. This part went to Jesus and I invited any others to go to be with the Healer. This precious young lady experienced deep healing along with her deliverance from evil spirits. We also ministered to many broken hearts and as I prayed for the love of Jesus to fall upon the hearts, many were testifying of experiencing the deep healing love of Jesus! 

I am a firm believer in displaying the power and love of God in a public manner. The watching world needs to see as does the church. This is why we conduct public exorcisms. We want everyone to see how powerful and loving our King Jesus truly is! As I look back on these past several weeks I marvel at the numerous miracles of healing, deliverance and salvation! His love extends to all. I rejoice in the love of God!

God truly loves you! I am here to proclaim the love of Jesus. The world needs to hear that God cares for them and desires a personal relationship with all souls. The world needs to hear that He heals, that He delivers and that He saves to the utmost! 

There was also a time for physical healing as pastor Tony and his wife Betty ministered to souls needing physical healing and a number of people were immediately healed from various kinds of pains and afflictions. Testimony after testimony people shared how Jesus had healed their bodies! What an amazing God we serve!

As I wind down this North American deliverance mission tour I am humbled before Jesus. He deserves all the praise and glory. He did it all! I will be heading back to my family and will rest. These past 20 days (it’s well past midnight here, so this is my 20th day of the mission) have been truly inspiring. So many have been saved by Jesus, so many were healed and so many freed from demonic spirits! 

Deprogramming in Utah, Now in South Texas Casting Out Demons!

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s day 19 on this North American deliverance tour where I have visited numerous cities throughout this continent teaching, preaching, driving out evil spirits, praying for the sick, and healing hearts. I have received so many miracle reports and encouraging words from so many who have been deeply impacted by this most recent mission. Jesus has been moving in our midst and liberating many souls. For the past few days I have been in Salt Lake City, Utah ministering and let me tell you the many miracles that took place there.

As some of you might recall I was dealing with a lady who was formerly involved in the Mormon church who had been ritualistically abused in the Mormon Temple. We continued the intensive ministry with her and discovered many more parts of her heart that needed healing. We also dealt with that wicked witch Jezebel. As I commanded the witch to hold my sacred cross the demons convulsed her wildly and threw her onto the ground and made her violently shake as the demons could feel the power of the cross. There were a multitude of these kinds of spirits. They were driven out in the name of Jesus. Moreover, we dealt with numerous spirits of fear and terror. 

My heart went out to this woman. The various broken heart parts that were surfacing, that were held captive by these fear spirits, were completely terrorizing the heart parts. As they surfaced a look of utter horror and terror was painted all over her face. The horrified look was one of as if she had witnessed a gruesome act. She had! The parts endured years of satanic rituals while the Mormon leaders were invoking the the name of Jesus. That form of spiritual abuse is common and can be found in all of the metaphysical cults and false religious groups in our modern day. There are millions of souls that have been held captive by these sects who have brought upon trauma upon so many. While traumatizing the individual the name of Jesus is often invoked thereby bringing much confusion to young minds and hearts.

I hear the questions all the time from those victimized by these kinds of alternative groups: Why are these representatives of Jesus sexually assaulting me? Why are these ministers of God telling me that God approves of their evil? Why is it that Jesus do these bad things? 

There is a immense need to bring deliverance and healing to those tormented by mind controlling cults. So few are qualified to offer release and inner healing. This is why the Freedom Fighter Training Center was created to raise up a spiritual army who are equipped to battle cults and their evil.

I had to spend a good hour deprogramming one part and affirming the true nature of Jesus and trying to clarify that the Mormon Jesus was a different kind of a Jesus. A false Jesus. The little part was so terrified. She didn’t like the Mormon Jesus.

“Mormon Jesus is a bad Jesus,” the little part told me.

“Yes, Mormon Jesus bad. He is not good. The good Jesus does not hurt children or do bad things to people,” I tried to explain.

As I affirmed the little one, great peace came upon the part. Deep rest. Supernatural rest. She finally was able to understand that the Mormon Jesus was not the authentic Jesus. That understanding alone brought tremendous relief. The little part went to Jesus and was healed. 

We also discovered many heart parts had been held by a group of spirits named Ritualism. For each Mormon ritual there were demons attached to it thus allowing the demons to transfer into the soul of this woman as she endured each satanic ceremony. I spent a few hours battling these spirits. They fought me with great intensity. I had to call forth many angels and they arrived and assisted in battling and weakening these violent demons. After enduring many minutes of torture the demons finally gave up and were sent to the pit in Jesus name!

This precious woman has experienced some amazing inner healing and deliverance. She testified of feeling so much better, lighter, and cleaner. More work remains and will be back in Utah before too long to continue the work. Thank you for praying as this has been a intense war for the sake of this woman.

After our mission in Utah I traveled into South Texas where currently I’m in the Rio Grande Valley region, near the Mexican border, where I have been invited by pastor David Elijah, who oversees the King’s Revival Church here in McAllen, to teach and minister. Last night in a large hotel conference many souls arrived desperate for deliverance and healing. It was jammed packed with people who were enthusiastic for Jesus. 

The pastor had heard about our work of deliverance from a radio broadcast I conducted out of Guatemala City, Guatemala, last year. This is amazing. These radio presentations I do reach so many throughout the world. Originally from Bombay, India, Pastor David Elijah was a Muslim when he encountered Jesus and His love some years ago while on cruise ship. Obviously that supernatural encounter drastically transformed his life. A series of powerful God events occurred in his life leading him here to the valley to start a church that conducts deliverance missions. 

It’s great to be in fellowship with other pastors and ministers who support the ministry of deliverance. So last night I taught from the Scriptures and then led everyone into Holy Communion. I briefly shared the good news of Jesus to those assembled and many souls responded to the call to salvation. I was encouraged to see so many souls come to the Lord Jesus. This has always been a key mark of this mission –the proclamation of the gospel. Millions have been reached over the past 25 + years!

After partaking of the body and blood of Jesus, I began to pray for those afflicted with demonic spirits. Many demons surfaced and were driven out in Jesus name! Many spirits of witchcraft and the occult were forced out in Jesus name! Many Jezebel spirits were expelled and many heart parts were healed. Moreover, a number of people testified of immediate healing from various kinds of sicknesses, diseases and afflictions. One lady testified of her sight immediately being restored after praying for her. Allow me to share what the pastor just wrote me in regards to the meeting last night:

“Dear brother Jay,

Wow !! What can I say but “Glory to God!”

We had such an awesome conference last night as generational sins and curses were broken, traumas were healed, Jezebel spirits were confronted and defeated, witchcraft was broken, the spirit of death was expelled, broken hearts were healed, hidden sins were exposed and cleansed, Aztec and Mayan demons were cast out, dissociative conditions were restored, spirits of fear were broken, various pains were healed and the list goes on….

I am waiting for more testimonies.

In this valley of darkness and despair, a ray of light came in last night!!

Satan was defeated on so many different levels!!

Thank you Jesus!!!!


I am so grateful to you and sister Sharon for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and visit us here in the valley of witchcraft.

I am so excited to plan the next one in January.

We need to rally together and overcome these ruling spirits that have so many in bondage here.

By myself. I am severely outgunned and outnumbered!!

Thank you so much for your powerful and passionate ministry to the brokenhearted. 

The Lord is always watching over you to keep you in all your ways!!!”

We look forward to returning. This valley is indeed being overrun by powerful spirits of death and witchcraft. Much of it overflowing from Mexico. We need to resist these powerful demons and drive them out in Jesus name! Pray for this dear brother and his work! He needs our love and support in Jesus name!

Massive War with Mormon Demons (Public & Private Exorcisms)

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Yesterday, here in Salt Lake City, Utah, we met up with a family being targeted by the powers of evil. For many hours associate pastor Peter Toler and I battled numerous demonic spirits including: Mormonism Mind Control, Jezebel, Death, Anger, Moroni, Astrology, and a host of others. For years this precious family has suffered greatly at the hands of our spiritual enemies. In particular this Christian mother of three whom I’ll refer to as Mandy. As some of you might be aware, Salt Lake City is dominated by the powers to be with the Mormon Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as LDS) and one can easily pick up the spiritual oppression that emanates in this region of the nation. Many believers in Christ have personally testified of this reality. Salt Lake City is a hotbed for satanic ceremonial trauma. Why? Because this city serves as the chief headquarters of the Mormon Church that functions as a cult group that not only denies the essentials of historic Christian faith namely that Jesus is God in the flesh but also participates in very eerie metaphysical ceremonies involving raw demonic elements. Moreover, the cult group operates temples where known Luciferian ideals are being promoted. It was here we in this kind of environment we conducted an exorcism.

At first we led Mandy to renounce numerous occult sins and curses her family participated in through the generations. Then the various Mormon acts she participated in –being baptized, submitting to the unholy upon of hands, being baptized for the dead, various confessions that she formally verbalized affirming Mormonism and the generational curses of Mormonism that go back several generations. As Mandy renounced these acts a number of demons surfaced. Powerful spirits. Her body began to contort horribly. Her body was twisted like a pretzel. The first group of demons that surfaced were named, “Mormon Mind Control,” these numbered well over a million. 

I have spent a life time looking into the dynamics of mind control and can speak with authority on this subject. I grew up in a family that was involved in a mind controlling secret society and have ministered to thousands who have been enslaved by cults and led them into freedom through Jesus! I know of the strong powers that exist in mind controlling sects. These Mormon mind controlling spirits were hell bent on blinding this woman however because Mandy had surrendered to Christ and was actively seeking to serve Jesus these spirits were now very concerned about their very existence within this woman’s mind. What we discovered, as we continued on with the exorcism, was SHOCKING:

  • Mind controlling mechanisms were implanted within her soul to control her when she was involved in Mormonism so that the church leaders could sexually abuse her.
  • The Mormon Bishop purposely created dissociative states, via gruesome satanic ritualism, so that they could be accessed when needed to further the sexual abuse.
  • The Bishop’s laying upon of hands, the baptisms, the confessions, her attendance furthered and deepened the mind control within Mandy’s soul.
  • While under various altered states of consciousness Mandy was placed in horrific satanic ceremonies including some that allowed the Mormons to cut her and drink her blood.
  • The oaths, the vows, the ritualism, the ceremonies, the affirmations, gave the mind controlling spirits great strength and that provided them the ability to greatly resist our efforts.
  • With the mind controlling spirits were various dissociative parts of the Bishop. Allow me to explain.

As Mandy submitted to the Bishop, for example, in the laying upon of hands, that allowed the Bishop to control her mind to access her mind. Much needs to be said about this spiritual act. Because he had access he was able to transfer into her soul and body various elements that furthered her demonization. This is how Mormons are largely controlled. It’s difficult for many Mormons to escape (I have been able to lead many dozens into freedom however by the power of Jesus) because of this very fact. Various dissociative identities (in this sense human interjects) are now within Mandy. I spoke to the Bishop and he was petrified. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe I was able to access him. You should have seen his look! Stunned! He was commanded out along with the demons with him and they immediately departed.

Furthermore, this is how the Mormons were able to sexually please themselves using Mandy, at the time a young lady, as they were able to access the various parts and they placed in her a trance state. This is how satanic cults, false religious groups and sadistic sects are able to accomplish so much in the realms of human and drug trafficking is through the manipulation of the soul via abuse and trauma. When all of this was discovered and revealed you should have seen how the spirits reacted. They took their physicality to another level –they were becoming more violent and aggressive as their secrets were now being revealed.

Remember, there is power in secrets. There lies deception and the ability to work undetected. We must expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness as the apostle Paul stated in Ephesians 5:11. We continued on with the exorcism and as Mandy renounced the mind control and all the various controlling elements we were able to drive out more than one million of these spirits. It was difficult my friends, trust me. We had to systematically, go through the various oaths, vows, rituals, ceremonies, to lead her to formally renounce all aspects allowing us the ability to cast out these million demons. It was a war!

These mass numbers of demons fought me and the holy angels. I called for 3 archangels (there are numerous archangels within the angelic kingdom) and 3 of them showed up and assisted me in the spiritual battle. All of us raised our swords and struck the demons. They resisted us. They used their weapons. Peter and I could feel the battle waging around us. We continued to strike them and used all of the spiritual weapons at our disposal. Finally the spirits bowed before the cross of Jesus!

It was then discovered that these many spirits held unto various dissociative identities of Mandy. As I led one young part to confess that Jesus is God the entire army of 1 million mind controlling spirits flew out of her mouth and entered the pit! Mandy testified of feeling so much better. 

We also were able to access an ancestral dissociative identity that held ancient Mormon curses and demons. These were renounced the part was sent to Jesus. We also met up with a little prenatal part that was present because when Mandy was only a months in the womb her twin suddenly died resulting in her little soul being traumatized thus this little part. It met up with Jesus and healed. We also dealt with other little ones and they were sent to Jesus quickly for healing. So much healing transpired! Jesus truly heals broken hearts as revealed in Luke 4:18.

A more powerful spirit surfaced named Moroni. As some of you might be aware Moroni is the so called angel that appeared to the founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith to reveal spiritual teachings that would lead to development of this global cult. Moroni, is not an holy angel. He is a powerful spirit. He is a principality. As I write this I am being attacked. I am feeling dizzy. He is overseeing the spiritual activity that occurs here in Utah. Let’s not be surprised. He is placed on all the temples and such is in a high place. He is a prideful demon and he fought me but he knows who Jesus is!

I asked him: You know Jesus is God don’t you?

“Yes, but I’m here to deceive Mormons, to ensure they believe he isn’t,” Moroni told me.

There were so many of these Moroni demon spirits within this woman, numbering into the hundreds of thousands. I really had to battle these forces. Wave after wave they came against me. However they were no match for King Jesus! Our great God defeated these armies and Moroni confessed Jesus is LORD! Moroni was sent to the pit. 

By the way, I encourage you my friends, to be effective in battling the cults you must be of good and sound doctrine. This is a key element of the Freedom Fighter International Training Center. I spend considerable amount of time teaching, instructing on Systematic Theology. We must be of sound doctrine as the apostle Paul instructed. I would encourage everyone to register for these courses today so you can not only learn how to cast out demons and heal the sick but also be equipped in the mind. This is key element of warfare. This is not merely a power encounter but also a truth encounter. We must counter lies with truth. This is what I term as a Jesus encounter –a balance of power and truth!

Obviously, Mandy, after the expulsion of these demons, was feeling much better however, we discovered a group of Jezebel demons that was above Moroni. Today, we battle her. Please pray! Jesus will win!

After the home exorcism Peter and I traveled to the Temple Square, in Salt Lake City, and there was that demon angel named Moroni placed so prominently above the main temple. I felt the anger of the spirit as I drew closer to him. Oh, well. Jesus is God, He is LORD! In the shadow of this wicked demon and with the Temple looming above us, we ministered on the streets, in public. We encountered a 52 year old Danish woman who revealed she had been water baptized by Mormons. We shared the gospel and she readily opened her life to the fact that Jesus is God and was born again. Moreover, I led her, before the public, to renounce the Mormon baptism. She did and then conducted a public exorcism upon her. Demons flew out of her quickly! Not only was she was born again but she also was delivered from demons on the streets! She exclaimed: “I really feel good! I felt the demons leave me. Thank you so much.” God is awesome!

Miracle Reports: “I have never seen anything like that in my life.”

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m deeply humbled by all of the miraculous wonders that we have witnessed on this North American Deliverance Tour that has literally taken us across America, in many different cities setting captives free. Though we are not completed with this tour, thus far we have witnessed these amazing miracles:


  • Six or seven souls healed from poor eyesight and freed from spirits of blindness (individuals reported being able to see clearly without needing glasses)
  • Five souls being healed from ringing of the ears and freed from spirits of deafness (in nearly every case it was instantly healing)
  • A 10 year old girl instantly healed from pain (she was on crutches but dropped the crutches and was able to walk around with zero pain)
  • About ten or so souls supernaturally healed from arthritis and associated pains. In one meeting alone, we saw about 6 instantly healed from arthritic pain
  • We removed numerous animals out of a woman including parts of a raccoon, butterfly, rat and dog
  • Many ancestral dissociative identities, human interjects, animal soul parts, and dissociative identities were encountered resulting in either removal, healing or deliverance
  • Some powerful encounters with holy angels where they assisted us greatly in ministering to those bound by evil spirits
  • Dozens of souls powerfully delivered from demons as we have conducted dozens of exorcisms
  • Hundreds have been equipped in the area of deliverance and healing ministry

Even in our morning training session in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I taught from the Scriptures and ministered to a young lady in front of me bound by Masonic spirits. I was able to reach a number of dissociative identities within her and each of them experienced the healing of Jesus. Furthermore, some of them experienced deliverance as demons were expelled from them. Moreover, I spoke to an ancestral dissociative identity born in 1920 whose body died in the 1970’s. This ancestral part was guided to Jesus. Even after I left the training session, our mission contact for Michigan, Jeff and his wife Lala, continued the ministry resulting in many demons being driven out in the name of Jesus.

This has been a rest day for me and as I have been looking at my emails I have marveled at some of the powerful testimonies that have come through. Including a email from a pastor whom was impacted by this mission more than 10 years ago! Read this:

“Jay, God bless you my friend. Its been a long time. I have read many of your emails. I see God is still using you in the ministry of deliverance and casting out devils. l know you are busy man of God. I thank God for your ministry. I thank God as 10 years ago I was at a low point in my ministry doing ungodly things, you did not judge me, you did not beat me up with the word and today I am free pastoring a small congregation in New Jersey. We are doing good we are building and God is moving each week.”

Jesus is worthy to be praised! This mission has been assisting souls for more than 25 years! We are consistently walking the talk. I have seen many ministers come and go however few stay the course. God has sustained us and we continue on as this dear pastor mentioned, “God is still using you…in casting out devils.”

This other email victory report came in from California. As you will read this believer is a Catholic and is being challenged (note: we have quite a few Catholic brethren who follow this mission, as they see we are interdenominational, whom we adore and we appreciate). 

“Jay, that night after the deliverance meeting, I was able to sleep soundly. Praise Jesus and thank you very much for doing what you did to help me. I never told you this but for about 4 years I have been suffering from insomnia and panic attacks. I have to tell you Pastor Jay, I truly felt not only the power of the Holy Spirit but also the love of Jesus in your seminar. Something inside me has changed.  It kind of scares me because I have been a Catholic all my life,  strongly believed my church teachings. Now, there’s a part of me that wants to seek the truth and questions the validity of my church doctrine.”

I just think this part is the best: “I truly felt…the love of Jesus in your seminar.” It saddens me to hear some people attack this mission (though they are a small minority) when multitudes are being deeply impacted by the love of Jesus through the work we conducting globally. This is the balance we seek–the power of God and presenting the love of Jesus!

Here’s another short testimony from the Eastern Coast of the United States:

“It was good to see the Holy Spirit at work thru you. I have never seen anything like that in my life! Sight restored!!! Praise God!

As I reported a number of souls were healed including a handful having their eyesight restored!

We are still getting amazing reports out of Australia where I have traveled to many times in recent months. Read and rejoice:

“Dear Brother Jay, thank you so much for the Freedom Fighters teaching/training, I have been so blessed through it, I’m feeling that God is truly equipping me  through your sessions for His healing, deliverance, evangelism ministry for His Glory in Jesus name. I’d also like to mention that Joan and Kobus (our Australian and Southern African mission contacts) have also been a blessing, God is doing exciting things here in Perth, setting captives free in Jesus name. I’m looking forward to the Intermediate level training, I’m very hungry to learn more to be fully equipped for His service. God Bless you Jay.”

This email report from a disciple in Maryland:

“Hi Jay, thanks so much for coming to Baltimore and teaching on deliverance, in addition to freeing some people!  I want to thank all 3 of you, including Sharon and Peter, for taking time out of your lives to help others!! I was very encouraged by everything I learned and can see how many, many people need to hear this message.  Please keep teaching!!!  God bless!”

This from a disciple in Southern California:

“This is greetings.  It was so great seeing you Brother Jay, to see your are well and to see so many victories for Jesus in San Diego! I feel great and stronger after this past deliverance session, your rebuking of Jezebel really makes a immediate difference….I feel a great vision to be able to help more when I am more ready and when the time is right.  I feel strongly that your work is the front line of the battlefield. I am grateful and I love you Brother Jay as my brother in Christ 100% and I know your work is very precious to Jesus.  I recognized your work as godly as you did not refuse seeing me.”

The testimonies speak for themselves. I could easily keep on sharing as there have been so many! We are hearing many testimonies at our public seminars and meetings. Some reported hearing of the mission on television, on radio, via our books and other speaking events. What an honor to serve Jesus. He deserves the praise! 

Mass Deliverance and Healing in Maryland

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

Our North American Deliverance Mission Tour continues marching onward in the power of the Holy Spirit. What a joy it has been to serve the Body of Christ in the ministry of healing and deliverance. We are currently in Baltimore, Maryland, conducting public meetings. Today a training seminar however last night souls jammed packed the meeting hall once again to where every seat was taken. As we continue this mission we are noticing greater numbers of souls attending. It is apparent that in North Carolina, in Maryland, and other cities here on the eastern coast of the United States there is a hunger for the power of God. The people were receptive resulting in great miracles of healing and deliverance.

I was astonished to see that many individuals and families came in from all over America and Canada. Moreover, a handful of pastors and deliverance ministers were present desiring to learn more about the work of the gospel in relation to casting out of demons and inner healing. For a few hours I taught from the Scriptures on our position in Christ and led everyone in Holy Communion. Immediately after the partaking of the body and blood of Jesus we began to minister to those suffering from demonic torment. Many souls among the group manifested evil spirits. In Jesus name I commanded the demons to depart and many exited bodies and souls on this night thereby testifying of the power of Jesus to liberate. At one point during the mass deliverance curse breaking prayers I would estimate half of the crowd manifested spirits in one manner or another. Some were vomiting. Some were screaming. Some were crying uncontrollably. Some were yawning. Some were burping. Some were coughing. All that matter to me was that demons were leaving in mass numbers as I gave the command in Jesus name. 

On this night, powerful Aztec spirits surfaced within an Argentinian lady. Along with the Aztec spirits were spirits of Jezebel and death. Ancient curses were discovered and ancient ancestral heart parts. The ancient curses were broken and the heart parts were released and sent to Jesus. Obviously, this woman felt much better as a result. They fought me fiercely. However, we prevailed in the name of Jesus. It was discovered more than 500 of these Aztec spirits were within her ancestral bloodline as a result of her ancestors participating in blood sacrifices and idol worship. These curses were directly confronted and renounced. Moreover, we exorcised these spirits that had been in her bloodline for thousands of years. She testified of feeling much better. 

We also ministered to a young lady who had been invaded by powerful Jezebel spirits that sought to stay within her. They convulsed her body violently. They screamed, “Leave her alone. We will kill her. We will destroy her,” the spirits boastfully told me. As I have shared in previous emails to you, this is one of the more common demons we have encountered in all of these years of global ministry. Jezebel and those associated with her are working powerfully on earth and we must be on guard and defeat her through the power of the cross of Jesus. We battled Jezebel and we defeated her on this night as she declared that she had been defeated by our great God and Savior –the Lord Jesus! Victory to Jesus!

So many hearts were healed on this night as many broken heart parts surfaced desiring to be met with love and understanding. We also witnessed some healing also. Souls testified of feeling pains and infirmities leaving their bodies. Some even testified of feeling the warm presence of the Holy Spirit in a very tangible manner. Furthermore, more were being liberated from the powers of Satan as I led souls to break curses and sent the demons to the pit. Dozens on this night experienced the power of God. 

As the apostle Paul wrote some 2,000 years ago, “When I came to you, I did not come with eloquence or human wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God. For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”

In Charlotte: Face to Face with Aztec Warrior Demon, Jesus Wins!

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Tonight was AMAZING –a spiritual show down with powerful Aztec and Santeria spirits!

Just a few hours ago we concluded our last meeting here in Charlotte, North Carolina, and God was pleased to display His mighty power in our midst. Our two public meetings were jammed packed with souls that literally traveled in from different states throughout the nation for deliverance from demon powers. On our first night, here in Charlotte, we literally could not fit anymore people in our meeting hall. It was standing room only kind of crowd. We kept on bringing in extra chairs and I do not think we could have added any more in the room. With great anticipation and enthusiasm we participated in Holy Communion and broken ancient generational curses and as we did people were instantly healed and delivered from demons. One lady reported tonight that as we prayed she could feel ALL the arthritic pains, she has been suffering from, leave her body in Jesus name. 

One African lady I ministered to, that first night, manifested very strong water spirits whom violently threw her to the ground and twisted and disfigured her body in gruesome positions. I commanded the spirits to leave her body and she experienced significant deliverance on this night. We also dealt with a lady who had strong spirits that held her broken heart in captivity. These broken heart parts were released and taken to Jesus where she received deeper healing. It was beautiful to witness. Others experienced powerful liberation from demonic powers by simply praying with me as we broken curses. Tonight I heard their testimonies and was amazed how many these past few days have been freed from demons from a distance. 

Not only did we conduct public deliverance meetings we also conducted a training seminar where I taught for more than 4 hours and the saints were greatly encouraged. Over these past several days so many dozens of people shared how this ministry has deeply impacted their lives –equipping, encouraging, delivering and healing. One lady who has been listening to my radio broadcasts for years testified of being delivered as a result of reading our materials. Not only has she listened to our radio presentations but also read many of our books. I could recount many of these kinds of testimonies. It was encouraging to hear! 

Jesus and His power was really on public display tonight however! Many were instantly freed from demons and healed from various pain, sicknesses, brokenness of hearts and afflictions. I often tell my friends to keep on coming to the meetings as they usually grow in power. This was definitely the case here in North Carolina tonight as we witnessed multiple miraculous miracles. ASTOUNDING POWER of the Holy Spirit. We are blessed, as a mission, by the mighty power of Christ! 

We witnessed numerous souls delivered from various kinds of evil spirits —Jezebel, murder, blood sacrifice, Santeria, witchcraft, occultism, Aztec, cancer, arthritis, and so many others. Some of the satanic spirits we encountered were quite violent and aggressive. One mother and daughter, originally from Puerto Rico, who arrived to our meeting, were powerfully touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit. As I approached them the demons within them manifested. One spirit of death that surfaced attempted to spiritually strangle the mother. You could see the mother reach towards her throat hoping to remove whatever it was that was was strangling her. As I commanded the demons to leave, many departed. I then started to pray for her daughter and immediately the spirit unleashed his power and made her fall to the ground. I then proceeded to call forth mighty holy angels whom assisted me greatly in the ministry tonight. I called forth the holy angels and had them carry this woman up to the woman, without any human aid, as it groaned and moaned.

“We hate you!” the spirits informed me.

They were totally in control of this woman and they were furious with me for intervening. 

With claw like hands the demons growled. They contorted her body violently and caused her to shake. Many Santeria (a form of witchcraft rooted in the Caribbean culture) surfaced and revealed that many of them had been within the generational bloodline for thousands of years as a result of ancestral participation in ancient blood sacrifices. Along with the blood sacrifices were the curses of adultery, idol worship, lust, perversions of all types, homosexuality, bastard, death, and various ancient Aztec warrior demons gods. These Aztec warrior spirits surfaced with great aggression and faced me and were also linked with the spirits of blindness who laid claim to her eyes (many of the spirits held her eyes as her family consistently reminded her of her need for glasses, essentially speaking word curses). 

“We are here to destroy her family. We will not let go of her eyes,” the spirits boasted to me.

In Jesus name, for a few hours, I had to truly battle in the Holy Spirit against these spirits of blindness that held her eyes. They were linked with these Aztec warrior demons who decided to go face to face with me. I tortured the demons with holy water, the blood of Christ, my holy cross (which by the way they hated, REALLY hated), and sacred oil. The demons at one point were begging me to leave.

“You know, there are many other people who need help, why don’t you help them instead?”

I continued on warring against these Aztec spirits. They finally were worn down as I called forth the holy angels of God to punish these wicked spirits. I had some of the angels strike the demons with their holy swords and spears. The demons moaned and groaned in agony. They were defeated. Jesus conquered them.

All night long I used the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted us in the battles we found ourselves in with these wicked ancient Aztec spirits. The demons submitted and were greatly weakened as the holy angels struck with force. The demons at one point fell to the ground in utter defeat. I commanded them to the pit and all them left the body in Jesus name! 

We prayed for all of the various parts of her heart that had been broken to supernaturally merge which they did and her heart was healed. As this dear lady came up off the ground she testified before everyone in the room how GREAT she felt. How much lighter she felt and much more peace is now in her life. 

Not only was she freed from demons and healed from a broken heart but she also experienced a healing miracle. As she looked around. She could see without needing glasses anymore. No blurriness, spots or difficulty seeing! Jesus healed her of blindness.

I am been given great grace and power by Jesus to heal eyes (though not everyone is healed that I pray for but many are) and operating in greater faith, as time goes by, in this area of healing ministry. I have countless people healed of varying degrees of blindness. It’s been remarkable! Jesus all the praise! 

“Here, I thought, that I was simply here to see my mother delivered and yet here I am needing the deliverance,” this young lady shared with the group that had assembled.

This was deeply impactful for everyone in the meeting hall. As she was being delivered from all of these unclean spirits many others in the hall were also being liberated. Even after the meeting concluded more exorcisms were being conducted. One man I ministered to manifestly violently, the demons threw him against the wall and shook his body aggressively. I battled the spirits of violence and murder in Jesus. All of them were cast out and this man was also deeply healed of dissociation as many heart parts were surfacing crying unleashing deep anguish and pain from childhood trauma. They were all healed and sent to Jesus! 

There were so many miracles on this night however I am touched by the fact that the people here in North Carolina are open to this ministry of deliverance and believing God for more miracles in my return visit! It’s well after 3am and now I’m needing to prepare to depart later today for Baltimore, Maryland, where more meetings are planned. Make plans on attending! 

I have been on the road for 10 days now traveling throughout North America, visiting numerous cities and states preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and driving out demons. I was praying with my wife just earlier and everything is peaceful at the home and I am grateful as I could not do this kind of traveling if things at home were not right. I am really blessed with a wife who believes in this mission with her entire heart (I led her to Jesus many, many years ago, so she knows God is using this mission). I often tell younger ministers that unless their homes are in order and in peace then traveling should be placed on hold as you cannot be sustained unless you have your family support!

Appreciate all your prayers and blessings in Jesus name!


Unusual Miracle in Alabama: Removed Raccoon from Human!

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m still receiving amazing reports from our recent Southern California mission. In fact, our Los Angeles mission contact texted me earlier to report others obtaining freedom from evil spirits and a victory report of her friend receiving a miraculous healing, as she now reports her eyesight improved from our last meeting. God truly met the needs of the people and I rejoice in His love!

I’m currently in Mobile, Alabama, where I arrived late last night from Southern California. It was a very long journey from San Diego to Texas then onward to Louisiana. I then drove from New Orleans, Louisiana through Mississippi onward to Mobile where I arrived at nearly 3am. This most recent mission is literally taking me across the continent where we are seeing many souls being set free from demons in the name of Jesus. While here in the city of Mobile we have been ministering over a 12 hour period to a satanic ceremonial abuse victim who has been suffering greatly for many years. Linda pleaded for me to intervene while I was recently in Denver conducting a mission. After hearing some of the horrific demonic attacks she has been suffering from I was determined to assist in Jesus name hence all the intensive traveling! 

There were several key dates in Linda’s life that left her open to demonic invasion. The days she was cursed by a witch whom she worked with. Classic Jezebel. Another day was when she was sodomized. Another key date was when she was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy. How did the demons use this medical procedure to invade Linda’s life you might wondering? Well, as with many invasive medical procedures of our day, she was under anesthesia. While under anesthesia, the doctor attending her, used the opportunity to rape her. Moreover, he cut her and drank some of her blood. He performed some standard satanic rituals –a destruction and lust ritual– while attending to Linda. Mind you he was a satanist with ancestral roots in sorcery that goes back more than 400 years. Not only did he sadistically abuse this dear woman but he also inserted within her body nearly two dozen dead animal parts. Without getting into all of the gory details you can imagine how this evil doctor inserted these creatures in her body. It was disgusting to hear of the horrific event that occurred. 

This powerfully controlled satanist inserted all kinds of animals within her, during that surgical procedure, from a rat tail to a butterfly wing to a dog ear. We had a battle on our hands and I was determined to fight these strong satanic forces with the weapons of Jesus. For more than 12 hours I battled many thousands of demons, human interjects, animal soul parts, and so much more. The exorcism was violent. The exorcism was gruesome. The exorcism produced the power of Jesus over the demons! 

In the midst of the exorcism we encountered 100’s of demons that were rooted in Santeria, ancient pagan religions, Jezebel and multitudes of other kinds of demonic beings. Some of them boasted how they had kept in place all of these years parts of dead animals. Specifically, they revealed they held in place, in her stomach, a piece of a dead raccoon. As you can imagine, the imagery that immediately came to our minds made us uneasy. I have encountered and extracted dead animals, a fetus, and cursed objects from bodies before and in each case the battle was intense and this exorcism was no different. 

For many hours, we warred against the demons that held onto the raccoon. In a very dramatic fashion, we forced the demons holding captive the raccoon to depart in Jesus name. With blood-laced vomit the animal was seen being carried out by the evil spirits. As the demons departed so did a piece of the dead raccoon. The color of the raccoon was clearly discernible as was it’s fur. Little chunks of the raccoon was removed by forceful commands in Jesus name. The chunks of the dead raccoon landed in a basket and removed from the home. It was disgusting to witness I assure you however immediately Linda revealed she was feeling so much better as a result. There’s much more to this most unusual case as thousands of strange kinds of entities and powers exited her body on this night but I must end it here as I’m extremely tired and will be departing the city of Mobile for a series of meetings and training seminars in Charlotte and Baltimore. I hope to share more of this encounter soon with everyone. Jesus conquered the powers of evil!

Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Shock, Awe in San Diego!

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We have experienced SHOCKING signs and wonders on this night in Southern California. Those afflicted with varying degrees of deafness and blindness were miraculously healed by Jesus on this night! I am so blessed. I feel like I’m the most blessed man in the world right now to be able to witness these stunning miracles!

It was refreshing to depart the Los Angeles area. No offense to my dear friends in the Los Angeles area however in Los Angeles there is considerable amount of demonic activity that make this city one of the most oppressive in North America. I have been traveling in and out of LA for years however I really felt the oppression more on this mission than in any other previous mission to LA. It was strong and intense. As we left and headed south towards San Diego it became much more tolerable. Upon arriving into North San Diego it was spiritually liberating. I arrived into the hotel and prepared myself and immediately the Lord’s presence fell upon me in a very tangible sense. He encouraged me and strengthened me through His Word from the Book of Hosea. This mission God has allowed me to be a steward of will only extend it’s spiritual influence even further throughout the world and I am thankful He has sustained me through His freeing love. I give glory to Jesus!

In our public meeting here in Carlsbad (just outside of San Diego), California, I led everyone in a brief teaching from the Scriptures on our position in Christ resulting in many saints being deeply encouraged. The smiles said it all. I then led everyone in Holy Communion and began to minister to those assembled in the meeting hall. Though we were small in number, God’s miracle working power was on full display. On this night we witnessed multiple souls being miraculously healed of various degrees of blindness, deafness and sickness. Moreover, many thousands of demonic spirits were expelled and many broken heart parts supernaturally healed by Jesus.

The first lady I ministered to, named Michelle, was terribly broken and hurt. Yet, Jesus was at work in her life. Within seconds of praying for her various parts of her heart surfaced and I led them to the healing presence of Jesus. Furthermore, I called forth mighty holy angels and two strong holy angels arrived ready to assist me in battle. On several occasions I had the holy angels strike the demons with this swords to great weaken the wicked spirits. It was awe inspiring to witness.

After spending some time ministering to her broken heart, I spent some time battling powerful Jezebel spirits that were hell bent on warring against me. They began to shake her body and take over her body. They revealed they had been bringing high blood pressure, cancer, ringing of the ears, digestive problems, blurriness, and a host of other physical problems. Jezebel boasted how she enjoyed tormenting Michelle. 

“There’s many thousands of us!” Jezebel warned me, “We entered her through her ex-husband, as we controlled his ancestors.”

This is a means of inheriting generational curses via one’s husband or wife. Due to the fact of the oneness of the martial union one can obtain their partner’s ancestral curses. This is why it is critical to break, in Jesus name, generational curses from not only your mother and father but also the ancestral curses from your spouse. Michelle broke these curses however she had never commanded the demons to leave her body and soul. We intervened and we did! 

I had all of the armies of Jezebel to take upon themselves all of the sicknesses, curses, afflictions. They then had to stand before King Jesus and in His presence they were brought to defeat. 

“Jesus tells us to be gone,” Jezebel confessed, “Please just leave us alone.”

The demons were literally begging me to stop torturing them with all of the spiritual weapons I was utilizing such as my holy cross, the holy communion, the holy angels, the sword of the Spirit, the authority of Jesus and a few other weapons. As I greatly weakened them they tried to escape only to be restrained by the angels of God. Moreover, they tried to hurt me.

“We are firing darts at YOU!”

So where did the darts go to?

“They fell to the side because you are covered with the blood of Jesus,” the spirits informed me as you could tell they were very discouraged, “We see Jesus in your eyes and we hear Jesus say that He loves you.”

As I commanded the thousands upon thousands of Jezebel spirits to depart her body the wicked witch Jezebel departed in groans and moans along with all of the afflictions it had brought into her life. As the demons exited to the pit something beautiful occurred. Her eyes were completely healed! Michelle was STUNNED. SHOCKED. She began to cry and shout with joy: I am truly healed. I can’t believe this. Thank you Jesus! 

She walked around the room STUNNED and testified: I can SEE without my glasses (I had her take them off) with 100% clarity. The colors of the room are vivid. This really happened. I promise Jay to serve Jesus with all of my heart for the rest of my life!

Not only was she healed of a degree of blindness she was also healed of a form of deafness (she could not hear clearly) as she suffered from the ringing of the ears. This also disappeared. She was healed from these afflictions also. Jesus healed her from cancer and so many other infirmities. Even her face shone like an angel. LIGHT in her eyes! Everyone was in AWE! These healing wonders are simply means by which our God tangibly reveals His love to those hurting! She was not only healed physically and delivered from demons but she was also supernaturally healed from dissociation as many heart parts met Jesus and were unified to the heart! 

Another beautiful aspect of these miracles was that this woman left her glasses behind as no more glasses were needed! I just love this! 

I know most of America was perhaps captivated by sports on this Sunday (I enjoy watching sports too) however I would much rather spend my time casting out demons and healing the sick in Jesus name. This is more fun to me than watching a sports program. One lady who attended the meeting even inquired of her husband if he would be interested in attending the meeting however he wasn’t interested because the football game was on. I think much of America is spellbound by television and they are held captive to trivial matters that have little significance to eternal issues of life. 

From there I ministered to others including a couple from Pakistan. I battled powerful generational spirits of murder, killing, and violence within the woman. 

“I’m here because her grandmother killed her husband. I will kill her too. I am violent,” the many demonic spirits warned me, “We cause her to have have eye problems and ringing of the ears and so many other problems.”

In the mighty name of Jesus, I fought for this woman’s eyes. The demons has boasted they had placed “chains around the eyes.” They really fought me with the healing of the eyes. I really had to put some intense spiritual effort to ward off the blindness. Holy water was a powerful weapon to bring healing and deliverance to the eyes. Eventually the spirits left the eyes and she could see without any problems. No need for glasses. Furthermore, I commanded the ringing of the ears to stop in Jesus name and the ringing stopped! 

The signs and wonders Jesus was bestowing upon us were simply amazing! I just love it! Others in the meeting hall were greatly encouraged by the many significant miracles taking place and they liked the fact that I tested the miracles before all to see whether people were truly healed or now. I want people to witness genuine miracles. Jesus did it all!

Not only was this Pakistani woman miraculously healed and delivered from hordes of demons but her husband was also instantly healed from ringing of the ears too! He also was delivered from many demons in Jesus name! This family had flown all the way from San Francisco to receive their healing and God was gracious to heal!

Another lady we ministered to from Taiwan was liberated from countless demonic spirits that came in from various unholy soul ties that had been created. This dear believer was powerfully delivered and freed. She looked like a different person. She revealed she actually felt so much lighter and freer. Her smile was beautiful to behold. More works needs to take place however Jesus has begun a good work in her life which I praise God for. 

Others experienced deliverance and healing and rejoice with them in their new found freedom. 

This mission is truly marked with signs, wonders, miracles. They are shocking and awe-inspiring. I’m honored to be a steward of the miracles of God. In all of these meetings in California we have seen the hand of God. He is loving, merciful and powerful. He is worthy to be praised.

Later today I am off on another deliverance mission stop. I thank you for praying in Jesus name! The prayers were heard and mighty miracles took place! 

Jesus is worthy to be praised!

War in Los Angeles, Many Jesus Victories!

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

These past several days in Southern California have been constant warfare. We have had to really fight the good fight. A few nights ago, upon arriving from Denver, Colorado, we had a public deliverance service in the city of Arcadia. It was amazing to see even after 3 hours after the meeting had started individuals were still arriving in from other areas to receive healing and deliverance. After leading everyone in Holy Communion, we began to pray for those who had assembled.

The first lady we ministered to was a woman who had been invaded by the spirits of death. They threw her head back and shook her body. They spoke and said they had been within her bloodline for many generations and had brought premature death into her family. This dear saint had already renounced the curse so we simply commanded the demons of death out of her and they departed quickly in Jesus name. We also ministered to a Asian woman, in her 70’s, who had an ancient ancestral dissociative identity, that was sent to Jesus. We also dealt with this woman whom also had a host of bloodthirsty Japanese Samurai Warrior spirits that had been in her ancestral bloodline for centuries. They were defeated and sent to the pit in Jesus name! 

In this public meeting many evil spirits were commanded out of bodies and souls in the powerful name of Jesus. In fact, the next morning while leading everyone in the “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts Seminar,” I heard a handful of powerful testimonies where it was revealed that during our evening mass deliverance prayers that many were touched by Jesus to where many demons were being removed. Testimony after testimony spoke of evil spirits coming out of bodies and souls. Testimonies spoke of healing, liberation, relief, and inner peace now. This is why we conduct public meetings as we are fully aware that many are simply delivered from demons by simply being present in our meetings. In this I give God praise! 

Last night’s meeting was tough however. We had great difficulty breaking through. This happens. There were many spiritual walls that greatly hindered us. We pressed on and disciples reported great healing and deliverance. One Asian lady that attended our meeting encountered something she had never experienced before in her life. As a number of Jezebel spirits were surfacing from within her, I had her hold onto my holy cross. Mind you this dear lady, a mother of two, was experiencing extreme cold and was shaking as a result. I had her hold my holy cross and as she touched it she withdrew.

“Ouch, it’s hot!” she told me.

Try it again. So she reached out attempting to hold my holy cross.

“Ouch, it’s hot, I can’t seem to hold it,” she hold me again.

I was persistent and asked her to try one more time.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t touch the cross. It’s hot,” she said while looking extremely baffled.

Why couldn’t this dear lady hold a cross? It was because the demons within her –the Jezebel spirits– didn’t want to experience the power of the shed blood that laid upon the cross. I have seen my holy cross drive out and weaken thousands of evil spirits around the world. Here was another dramatic example of this. Eventually she was able to hold it and was able to drive out many demons from this woman. She still needs ongoing ministry however we also ministered to a handful of broken pieces of her heart that also surfaced ranging from the ages of 4 to 9. They surfaced with great grief and pain. They were sent to Jesus and her heart experienced a powerful healing. These parts even said they were able to see Jesus. In this I praise God.

I was astounded by the amount of people, in this meeting, who had revealed that they had prior involvement in the occult (this would explain the difficulty in ministering on this night). I would estimate 70% of those assembled had been involved in rather deeply in the occult. From visiting witchdoctors to reading one’s Tarot Cards, to reading New Age books to being forced to attend ceremonies. There was a high level involvement in the occult in one way or another. This deeply troubled me. We pressed on and had everyone renounce, in public, all forms of the occult and witchcraft. As we did many demons departed including some from a African young lady and a Catholic believer. Other broken hearts were healed supernaturally by the Lord Jesus. 

I’ll be honest with you my friends it was difficult to minister on this night. However, we simply pressed onward in Christ. Knowing He had the victory! It was encouraging to hear that though we were strongly resisted Jesus still healed hearts and delivered souls from bondage. One young man who attended the meeting was trying to escape his family’s involvement in the Illuminati. He testified of being forced by his own parents to immerse himself in their satanic activities. However, he has recently come to know Jesus and he has fought back these powerful spirits in Jesus name. Though we were not able to spend too much time with him as there were so many others needing assistance he shared with me personally that he feels much better as he could feel some of these Illuminati demons leave his body. 

Over these past few days in the Los Angeles area we have witnessed the power of God despite the opposition of the enemy. I was also encouraged by a testimony, I received while on this mission, from a disciple whom recently purchased my small volume on the subject on the deeper mysteries of the deliverance ministry. As a result of reading this book he received a measure of freedom and deep healing. He writes:

“Jay, as for me- more broken parts were brought to Jesus and Healed and restored. I read your booklet on ancestral dissociation, and gave it a shot after reading. One ancestral part was found, left (I heard that part say ‘Oh, is it time to go?) And went to Jesus.”

After reading the book, he reported, he decided to try to investigate whether there were ancient brokenness in his own life. No doubt, to his surprise, he dissevered one ancestral part that actually spoke. It was sent out and met with Jesus. This is truly exciting. Yes, we minister in these public meetings however we also minister via our many volumes and small publications. In fact, here in California, I have distributed perhaps more than a 100 of my newest publications with the hopes of reaching many more souls for Jesus. God is pleased to display His liberating power to many who are reading these volumes. 

Jezebel Demons Departing During Teaching Seminar in Denver

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s well after 3am and I just completed another day of meetings where we saw souls set free from demonic bondage.

We have been witnessing powerful acts of the Holy Spirit in our meetings here in Denver, Colorado. This has been our 3rd mission to Denver this year and we have seen mighty miracles each and every time we come here. Though we were small in number God did not disappoint as He displayed His power over sickness, demons, and various kinds of demonic afflictions.

Earlier we conducted a training seminar, “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts,” where I spent more than 4 hours teaching those attending the seminar how to cast out demons, to heal the sick, and to minister to those broken in heart. While in the midst of the teaching from God’s Word, a lady named Helen, was being supernaturally touched by Jesus to the point to where the demons within her were coming to the surface and were departing her body. At one point, during the teaching from the Scriptures, the incredible spiritual pressure upon the demons were so intense that they were exiting this woman’s body. Helen actually left the meeting hall at one point because she was needing to vomit. As she vomited she was feeling spiritual relief and could breathe much better. In fact, while encountering some more demons, within her, moments later, it was revealed by one of the demons that it was Jezebel that exited her body while she was vomiting. 

We see this quite often in our public seminars and meetings where people are testifying of being delivered and healed by simply being present during the teaching. The presence of God is driving demons, infirmities, and other kinds of afflictions out of bodies and souls. 

After the teaching session I continued demonstrating, to those attending the meeting, the very principles I was instructing on. Helen who had just been liberated from the powers of Jezebel, shared with everyone she had been terribly afflicted with arthritis for more than 23 years! Severe pain, throughout her body, had brought great suffering to this dear woman. I began to minister and pray for Helen. Within seconds, she began to shake and a demon surfaced named, “Arthritis,” who boasted how he was causing tormenting pain. He loved the fact that he was able to afflict her with such great pain however he was frustrated in that she was “stubborn for God,” (the demon’s words) and that she was fighting them. There were demons of death, fear, and sickness within her that had brought such suffering to this woman and her family. I immediately called forth holy angels and more than 10 arrived (the demons were revealing how they could see these 10 mighty angels) to assist me in battling these evil spirits. Many of these spirits were generational and been in the bloodline for many years and yet no one came along to offer deliverance and curse breaking to this lady. How disappointing this is to hear of no church offering intervention. God sent us and we intervened. 

In battling the spirit of arthritis and some spirits of sickness we commanded them to take upon themselves the pains, the infirmities and the other afflictions and they were commanded out in Jesus name and we ministered healing to this woman. She was nearly instantly healed and could walk around the meeting hall completely pain FREE! This is amazing, 23 years of pain vanished within minutes! Our God heals! 

Many of the demons also revealed, during the exorcism, they had been holding captive many parts of her broken heart. They were forced to release the parts of the broken heart. One little 4 year old part surfaced and along with many others. They were sent to Jesus and Helen was miraculously healed from a broken heart! She even testified of how happy her heart felt! Imagine the new life this woman will now experience as a result of this ministry session? 

Also, during this spiritual war it was discovered that one spirit named Fear had gained access to her as a result of her being fearful in a home she lived in back as a little girl. The spirit of fear revealed, “We were in that house, she lived in, we were there because the prior owners abused innocent children.” They were simply lingering around (the abuse in this home allowed the demons access to the property) waiting for the opportunity to attack this young girl. When she experienced severe fear, that allowed the demons access and then they simply followed her when her family moved to another home thereby continuing the torment. 

These tormenting demons were driven out in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ! Helen had been truly transformed by the love of God!

While leading everyone in deliverance prayers, others were experiencing freedom by breaking generational curses and demons. One lady, named Jackie, that started manifesting while we broke curses was brought to the front. She mentioned she was growling like a wild animal as we were breaking curses and heard a voice within her head to tell me to, “shut up, shut up, shut up.” These were demons who were furious that I would dare to expose them and defeat them by the power of Jesus! 

While ministering to her many generational Jezebel spirits surfaced along with a Arabic spirit that revealed to us that her ancestors had opened many doorways to the demonic including:

  • animal and human blood sacrifices
  • orgies
  • sexual perversion with animals
  • incest
  • witchcraft
  • casting of spells, hexes and curses
  • satanic ritualism

These were renounced and we confronted the demons within this lady. As we battled the demons it was discovered that more than 40 ancestral parts existed. I spoke to a little 2 year old and sent her to Jesus. They were all released and experienced Jesus. 

Many of the demons within her were ancient spirits stemming from ancestral participation in the dark arts. Some of the demons were rooted in more than 2,400 years of generational ties. These wicked spirits were defeated. All of them were defeated in Jesus name and sent to the pit. Furthermore, after she was being liberated Jesus appeared to her and exclaimed: “You are set FREE!” She was indeed free and experienced deep inner healing of various broken parts of her heart!

We also ministered to a young 10 year old girl who was on crutches as she was in such great pain from a accident that occurred earlier. We prayed for her and commanded the pain to be gone in Jesus name. The pain instantly vanished. She testified of feeling zero pain! She was able to walk around without the aid of the crutches and gave glory to Jesus for He truly healed this woman! We also ministered to a young man who had been experiencing some spiritual hardship. I placed my holy cross on his chest and he revealed to me that he felt a very warm supernatural sensation as a result of the holy cross being placed upon him. God granted him his holy presence! 

So, many miracles, so little time to report on this mission. Others experienced a measure of divine physical healing. Please pray for our meetings in Southern California later tonight!

By the way, check out our powerful video testimonies from those healed and delivered from evil spirits. Jesus performed many signs and wonders and I look forward to seeing more miracles as we continue this North American mission where we will be ministering some 13 days in a row in multiple cities across the continent. Appreciate your prayers for this mission that seeks to win the lost, drive out demons, heal broken hearts and bodies!