Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Shock, Awe in San Diego!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We have experienced SHOCKING signs and wonders on this night in Southern California. Those afflicted with varying degrees of deafness and blindness were miraculously healed by Jesus on this night! I am so blessed. I feel like I’m the most blessed man in the world right now to be able to witness these stunning miracles!

It was refreshing to depart the Los Angeles area. No offense to my dear friends in the Los Angeles area however in Los Angeles there is considerable amount of demonic activity that make this city one of the most oppressive in North America. I have been traveling in and out of LA for years however I really felt the oppression more on this mission than in any other previous mission to LA. It was strong and intense. As we left and headed south towards San Diego it became much more tolerable. Upon arriving into North San Diego it was spiritually liberating. I arrived into the hotel and prepared myself and immediately the Lord’s presence fell upon me in a very tangible sense. He encouraged me and strengthened me through His Word from the Book of Hosea. This mission God has allowed me to be a steward of will only extend it’s spiritual influence even further throughout the world and I am thankful He has sustained me through His freeing love. I give glory to Jesus!

In our public meeting here in Carlsbad (just outside of San Diego), California, I led everyone in a brief teaching from the Scriptures on our position in Christ resulting in many saints being deeply encouraged. The smiles said it all. I then led everyone in Holy Communion and began to minister to those assembled in the meeting hall. Though we were small in number, God’s miracle working power was on full display. On this night we witnessed multiple souls being miraculously healed of various degrees of blindness, deafness and sickness. Moreover, many thousands of demonic spirits were expelled and many broken heart parts supernaturally healed by Jesus.

The first lady I ministered to, named Michelle, was terribly broken and hurt. Yet, Jesus was at work in her life. Within seconds of praying for her various parts of her heart surfaced and I led them to the healing presence of Jesus. Furthermore, I called forth mighty holy angels and two strong holy angels arrived ready to assist me in battle. On several occasions I had the holy angels strike the demons with this swords to great weaken the wicked spirits. It was awe inspiring to witness.

After spending some time ministering to her broken heart, I spent some time battling powerful Jezebel spirits that were hell bent on warring against me. They began to shake her body and take over her body. They revealed they had been bringing high blood pressure, cancer, ringing of the ears, digestive problems, blurriness, and a host of other physical problems. Jezebel boasted how she enjoyed tormenting Michelle. 

“There’s many thousands of us!” Jezebel warned me, “We entered her through her ex-husband, as we controlled his ancestors.”

This is a means of inheriting generational curses via one’s husband or wife. Due to the fact of the oneness of the martial union one can obtain their partner’s ancestral curses. This is why it is critical to break, in Jesus name, generational curses from not only your mother and father but also the ancestral curses from your spouse. Michelle broke these curses however she had never commanded the demons to leave her body and soul. We intervened and we did! 

I had all of the armies of Jezebel to take upon themselves all of the sicknesses, curses, afflictions. They then had to stand before King Jesus and in His presence they were brought to defeat. 

“Jesus tells us to be gone,” Jezebel confessed, “Please just leave us alone.”

The demons were literally begging me to stop torturing them with all of the spiritual weapons I was utilizing such as my holy cross, the holy communion, the holy angels, the sword of the Spirit, the authority of Jesus and a few other weapons. As I greatly weakened them they tried to escape only to be restrained by the angels of God. Moreover, they tried to hurt me.

“We are firing darts at YOU!”

So where did the darts go to?

“They fell to the side because you are covered with the blood of Jesus,” the spirits informed me as you could tell they were very discouraged, “We see Jesus in your eyes and we hear Jesus say that He loves you.”

As I commanded the thousands upon thousands of Jezebel spirits to depart her body the wicked witch Jezebel departed in groans and moans along with all of the afflictions it had brought into her life. As the demons exited to the pit something beautiful occurred. Her eyes were completely healed! Michelle was STUNNED. SHOCKED. She began to cry and shout with joy: I am truly healed. I can’t believe this. Thank you Jesus! 

She walked around the room STUNNED and testified: I can SEE without my glasses (I had her take them off) with 100% clarity. The colors of the room are vivid. This really happened. I promise Jay to serve Jesus with all of my heart for the rest of my life!

Not only was she healed of a degree of blindness she was also healed of a form of deafness (she could not hear clearly) as she suffered from the ringing of the ears. This also disappeared. She was healed from these afflictions also. Jesus healed her from cancer and so many other infirmities. Even her face shone like an angel. LIGHT in her eyes! Everyone was in AWE! These healing wonders are simply means by which our God tangibly reveals His love to those hurting! She was not only healed physically and delivered from demons but she was also supernaturally healed from dissociation as many heart parts met Jesus and were unified to the heart! 

Another beautiful aspect of these miracles was that this woman left her glasses behind as no more glasses were needed! I just love this! 

I know most of America was perhaps captivated by sports on this Sunday (I enjoy watching sports too) however I would much rather spend my time casting out demons and healing the sick in Jesus name. This is more fun to me than watching a sports program. One lady who attended the meeting even inquired of her husband if he would be interested in attending the meeting however he wasn’t interested because the football game was on. I think much of America is spellbound by television and they are held captive to trivial matters that have little significance to eternal issues of life. 

From there I ministered to others including a couple from Pakistan. I battled powerful generational spirits of murder, killing, and violence within the woman. 

“I’m here because her grandmother killed her husband. I will kill her too. I am violent,” the many demonic spirits warned me, “We cause her to have have eye problems and ringing of the ears and so many other problems.”

In the mighty name of Jesus, I fought for this woman’s eyes. The demons has boasted they had placed “chains around the eyes.” They really fought me with the healing of the eyes. I really had to put some intense spiritual effort to ward off the blindness. Holy water was a powerful weapon to bring healing and deliverance to the eyes. Eventually the spirits left the eyes and she could see without any problems. No need for glasses. Furthermore, I commanded the ringing of the ears to stop in Jesus name and the ringing stopped! 

The signs and wonders Jesus was bestowing upon us were simply amazing! I just love it! Others in the meeting hall were greatly encouraged by the many significant miracles taking place and they liked the fact that I tested the miracles before all to see whether people were truly healed or now. I want people to witness genuine miracles. Jesus did it all!

Not only was this Pakistani woman miraculously healed and delivered from hordes of demons but her husband was also instantly healed from ringing of the ears too! He also was delivered from many demons in Jesus name! This family had flown all the way from San Francisco to receive their healing and God was gracious to heal!

Another lady we ministered to from Taiwan was liberated from countless demonic spirits that came in from various unholy soul ties that had been created. This dear believer was powerfully delivered and freed. She looked like a different person. She revealed she actually felt so much lighter and freer. Her smile was beautiful to behold. More works needs to take place however Jesus has begun a good work in her life which I praise God for. 

Others experienced deliverance and healing and rejoice with them in their new found freedom. 

This mission is truly marked with signs, wonders, miracles. They are shocking and awe-inspiring. I’m honored to be a steward of the miracles of God. In all of these meetings in California we have seen the hand of God. He is loving, merciful and powerful. He is worthy to be praised.

Later today I am off on another deliverance mission stop. I thank you for praying in Jesus name! The prayers were heard and mighty miracles took place! 

Jesus is worthy to be praised!

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