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More Souls Won to Jesus! Amazing Miracles of Deliverance & Healing!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Still here in Melbourne, Australia continuing the work of the gospel as in nearly every meeting souls are being won to Jesus, heart parts are seeing the risen Savior, healed from various kinds of torments, delivered from demons, and hearts being repaired by Jesus. These past few days have been busy as we have held a intensive training seminar at the Australian Basic in Life Headquarters where we had a good turnout of hungry souls desiring to learn about the ministry of healing and deliverance. For many hours I taught from the Scriptures and many saints were equipped to carry on the work of the gospel. Then that evening we conducted a powerful public deliverance service where many were prayed for.

Some very violent Freemasonry spirits surfaced within a precious 60 year old French Canadian living now here in the Melbourne area who has been very determined to receive liberation from the dark forces of Satan that have bound her for so many years. These Freemasonry spirits fought me furiously however they were cast into the pit in Jesus name! As these spirits were expelled many broken heart parts surfaced and were healed by Jesus. This precious saint was clearly feeling much better and testified of such. 

Many Islamic and Hindu spirits surfaced from within a Indian man that was attending the meeting with his wife. As I prayed for him, he fell to the ground and rolled around as many Islamic spirits surfaced and spoke to me.

“We are here because he came to us, as he entered a Mosque as a young child,” the spirits informed me.

We discovered that this man, who appeared to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s had been taken by his parents, as a child, to an Islamic Mosque and was prayed over by a Islamic priest. Since he submitted to the laying upon of hands an evil spirit transferred into him as a result. The demonic spirits then proceeded to take control vast areas of his mind bringing much torment. A number of Hindu spirits surfaced also whom boasted about placing satanic garments over his body. These were removed as was the torment. These spirits were all commanded to leave in the name of Jesus. As they departed a little heart part surfaced, crying. 

I inquired why he was so sad.

“I’m scared because a priest laid hands upon me in the Mosque.”

Apparently this was so deeply traumatizing for him as a child, as a result of being forced to visit a Mosque and then having received prayer from the Islamic priest. The part was truly frightened. I had the little one go to Jesus and the little one was dramatically healed by Jesus. The deliverance and healing in this man was dramatic and powerfully demonstrated.

Another person we ministered to had a snake demonic spirit that held onto a soul part of the animal thus tormenting this precious disciple. We forced the animal soul part out of person along with the many snake spirits that had invaded. So many heart parts were being healed by Jesus! So many souls experiencing deliverance from demonic spirits. There were a number of people testifying of supernatural physical healing also. 

Then earlier this evening we held a public exorcism meeting at a Pentecostal church that was nearly jammed packed with souls hungering for deliverance and healing. I preached the gospel and more souls were won to Jesus on this night. Moreover, many demons surfaced within those in the meeting. Many violent demons screaming out of their victims. Some were going through horrific convulsions. Again many heart parts were also surfacing during the duration of the meeting that needed healing. Many hearts were healed on this night. 

It was beautiful to see many souls experience deliverance as I simply led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. Many spirits were flying out of bodies and souls on this night. I even had a remarkable encounter with a precious woman, who had not been born-again, while leaving for the night, after concluding the meeting, who had mentioned to me that she had horrible back problems and pains. I asked her if she would be willing to surrender to Jesus if He healed her back and she said she would. So, I commanded her back to be healed in Jesus name. Instantly, she testified of feeling no more pain in her back. She was then ready and open to receive Jesus as Lord. It was awesome to see another soul surrender to Jesus on this night of miracles. 

My friends, in each meeting we are seeing the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit and we look forward to more meetings in a few hours. Appreciate all your prayers. Jesus is Lord!

Power of the Cross Saves Souls, Defeats Chaldean Demons!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

God’s Word declares: “For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel—not with wisdom and eloquence, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power. For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

We proclaim the cross of Jesus for in the cross is the power of God. When there is a public proclamation of the message of the cross demons will scatter and we saw that very powerfully in tonight’s meeting in the Melbourne area. We witnessed the power of the cross in the salvation of souls. A handful of souls repented of their sins and confessed Jesus as Lord for the very first time tonight and this brings me great joy. Besides, God’s mighty holy angels are also rejoicing in the new births. 

The power of the cross of Jesus brings salvation, healing and deliverance power!

Our day started this morning as we gathered together, as a small group, to conduct a training seminar, to learn about the healing power of Jesus. As I taught spirits of Jezebel surfaced within a Iraqi woman. What was amazing was she was at our previous meeting and she had asked the Lord to speak to me about inviting her to the front for ministry. So, the Lord responded to her cry as the Holy Spirit touched my heart to focus on this woman, for a period of time of ministry, out of the many who were present on last night. 

She was stunned but yet happy that I called her from among all the people at the meeting and knew God was trying to get her attention. As I ministered, demons surfaced from within her. Powerful spirits of Jezebel.

They revealed they had been in her for many generations and that her ancestors, from her father’s side, were victims of witchcraft curses and rituals. As we broke off the curses and the rituals in Jesus name, great spiritual release occurred however we really had to battle for her soul as Jezebel fought me. We wore her down by forcing her to drink the blood of Christ.

“This is disgusting, tastes like iron,” the Jezebel spirits informed me.

We even had some of her heart parts fight Jezebel and they did with great passion and righteous anger as this spirit truly brought spiritual havoc in their lives. The parts wielded a sword and thus was able to dismantle Jezebel. They (the parts of her broken heart) finally saw the true nature of this being that for so many years portrayed herself as being an elegant being. They saw that she was gruesome and grotesque as her spiritual mask was removed and her true identity was seen in the light of Jesus.

We continued and persisted in the spiritual warfare for the sake of this precious woman who just recently surrendered to King Jesus. The blood of the cross greatly weakened the spirits. We destroyed the strongholds in her life and there were many –anger, rage, bitterness, witchcraft and many other sins. However, as she repented and called upon Jesus, God swiftly answered her with liberation power in her life. 

One ancient spirit revealed that he has near her Chaldean ancestors in ancient Iraq. They would hide in “caves” and would throw “rocks” at them. What were these rocks? They were “fiery darts” that the apostle Paul spoke on in Ephesians 6. These rocks weakened her ancestors and allowed these spirits within the bloodline and have been present all of these many thousands of years. These ancient Chaldean spirits were defeated on this day by Jesus.

While ministering with her, as I mentioned, I also encountered many broken heart parts –ranging from very little to the teenage years (she’s 35) and they were healed by Jesus and were merged together. It was beautiful to witness. We also came across some ancestral heart parts and the were sent to Jesus. For several hours we ministered deliverance and healing and Jesus brought victory in her life as Jezebel was expelled along with many other demonic spirits within her. She testified of feeling much better and relieved. Peaceful. Contentment and deep joy. Jesus truly healed her this woman’s heart.

Several hours after the training seminar concluded we conducted another public deliverance meeting in a small community meeting hall where precious souls gathered to hear about the miracle working power of Jesus. This crowd of people were truly excited and thrilled to be a part of the work of Kingdom. Many were delivered as we led everyone in mass deliverance prayers including a family of Iraqi disciples who came hungering for the things of God. Many of them were victims of witchcraft curses and spells. These were all broken in Jesus name. One dear Iraqi believer shared of his desire to serve Jesus as a pastor (and he’s only 3 years in the faith, he is hungry for the service to the King). He testified, “I’m willing to die for Jesus.” One glance at his face and his heart reveals he was speaking the truth! God will raise him to be a powerful minister of the gospel to reach many of his people for Jesus.

We prayed for those broken in heart, those afflicted with various torments and pains, and those whom were demonized. Jesus appeared to the broken heart parts, the power of His blood set the captives free and His mighty healing power comforted and healed many bodies. More work needs to be done however our God was faithful to heal and set the captives free. I also had the wonderful honor to lead even a few more people to Jesus, for salvation, in this meeting. Thus far, every day, of this mission, we are seeing people respond to the holy call of salvation. Souls are being won to Jesus as we preach the cross. 

In less than 30 minutes I’ll be traveling by car for an hour to another city to conduct another public training seminar and deliverance service. Appreciate your prayers for this mission. 

Soul Saved, African Witchcraft Demons Expelled

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus the King ~

Yesterday we conducted our first meeting here in Melbourne, Australia, where we are scheduled to minister at multiple locations throughout Victoria with the hopes of reaching many for the gospel. It was here in Thomastown at the Revival Centre where we held our very first meeting of this mission. Though we were small in number mighty was our God. I led everyone in Holy Communion, then taught from the Holy Scriptures. While teaching many demons were quite agitated. One young man sitting in the far back of the meeting hall shared with me that he felt the desires to physically attack me, to actually “throw a chair at you.” These were violent spirits within him seeking to stop me for conducting this meeting. They failed. The meeting went on as did the teaching.

After the teaching I then proceeded to lead everyone in mass deliverance prayers –breaking generational curses. When the curses were broken evil spirits surfaced and I could tell as I looked out everyone there were those being liberated from evil spirits in Jesus name. I called a few forward who were experiencing great spiritual attack and ministered to them. Two African ladies from Botswana experienced some significant deliverance and healing. One reported having been afflicted with pain for some time. She was nearly instantly healed. The other African lady revealed there were witchcraft in her ancestral background and as I ministered to her the demons surfaced shaking her body and tried to step away from the holy oil on my hands. At one point they threw her to the ground. These demonic spirits were vicious and were hell bent on staying within her. We fought and battled on her behalf and many of these demons were driven out in Jesus name and she reported of feeling much better.

There was one 18 year old lady who was sitting in the back with her brother whom the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for and I called her forward. As I began to talk with her it was revealed she had never been born again before. So, obviously, that was my first and foremost concern. I asked everyone to spiritually throw the love of God upon her and wave after wave of the unfathomable love of God poured all over her. It was beautiful to witness. She was clearly touched as tears ran down her face. She opened her life to His love and I led her in a prayer to receive Jesus as Lord. On this night the greatest miracle occurred which was a soul being birthed into the Kingdom of God. Amen!

Now in Melbourne, Australia! More on Animal Demons in LA

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I just arrived here in Melbourne, Australia, from another flight in Sydney. Later today I will be conducting a public deliverance service and looking forward to seeing everyone here in the Victoria area. As I mentioned in my previous email report, some of the evil spirits we encountered in Southern California were violent and aggressive. in fact, at one point, they lunged at me and drew some blood. Demons are destructive beings and murderous however they cannot touch my very spirit nature which has ascended to be with Christ in the heavenly realms. I fight these spiritual foes out of a position of victory. Sure they will fight back but we win with Jesus!

Over the past 25+ years we have encountered many animalistic kind of spirits, some have even threatened to eat me. Some of have even lunged at me in attempt to bite me and chew on me. I recall in one very violent exorcism years ago they actually got a hold of my finger and bit down on it and if it wasn’t for two dear brothers in Christ I might have lost a finger that night. Anyway, while in the Los Angeles area we encountered many of these kinds of evil entities. Some of them were called spirits of dog, crows, snakes, and frogs. The satanic theory behind this, from the devil’s standpoint, is to dehumanize men and women. To deface the image of God for we were created in God’s image. Demons are thrilled to seduce men to intermingle with the animal kingdom in inappropriate manners. Thus allowing these spirits access into lives and at times to bring into our bodies the souls of animals to torment and to debase humanity (note: animals do not have a spirit nature for that distinguishes us from the animal world). Noted author and apologist the late C.S. Lewis argued that we have a divine responsibility to alleviate unnecessary animal pain (see Proverbs 12:10). In the 17th century the French philosopher Descartes argued that animals did not possess a consciousness thus this element of ethics in regards to animal pain was not necessary to discuss. I would vehemently disagree. I believe animals do experience pain and moreover they do possess a soul nature (animals do have emotions and a mind nature as seen in Psalm 104) thus the possibility for their souls to experience a form of dissociation that many humans have experienced when extreme pain and trauma occur. 

During one of the deliverance meetings we held over the weekend, we encountered such animal spirits who boasted they also attached themselves to the various animal broken soul parts that has been passed down generationally. It’s a disgusting element of demonization. I have encountered all kinds of strange spiritual creatures through the years and their goal is to bring torment. Obviously, if you have a demon and a broken soul part of an animal within you then you will be terribly vexed and tormented. There are reasons why the devil desires to see this occur. One, to produce animalistic tendencies within humans, again to debase. There is much to be said about this subject and I will be covering it in our Premier Levels of the Freedom Fighter International Training Center online studies that start October 1st 2013. Be sure to register TODAY so you can be equipped to deal with animal spirits (and broken animal soul parts) within humans (this is very common in many African and Asian societies). 

All of these animal demonic spirits (and the animal soul parts), numbering in the thousands, were driven out in Jesus name! These precious saints were testifying of feeling so much better as a result and gave God the glory. 

After that particular meeting, pastor Gene Smith and I traveled onto Azusa where we held a small home deliverance meeting for families and individuals that came in from various cities. After teaching on our position in Jesus Christ I led everyone in deliverance prayers and immediately demons were manifesting and were being quickly cast out in Jesus name. Moreover, many broken heart parts were surfacing and were being healed in Jesus name. This small home church was excited and very enthusiastic about the deliverance and healing ministry. Elderly Indonesian women were manifesting spirits and they were quickly being driven out in Jesus name. They were so excited to be part of the work of God.

Because of the great spiritual needs of California I’m making plans for some continual extensive ministry in this part of America in the coming months. Will share more details soon!

Appreciate all your prayers for me as we now believe God to set on fire disciples here in Victoria, Australia, with the fullness of the gospel. 

I’m off to bed for some quick sleep!

For Jesus is King!

In LA: Violent Warfare in Russian Jewish Service

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Last night I held a powerful public exorcism meeting during a Shabbat service at the Temple of Salvation which is congregation comprised of Russian Jews dedicated to the apostolic ministry of casting out evil spirits and healing the sick. The meeting hall was jammed packed with precious souls from various cities throughout Southern California. We also had families and individuals arrive to the meeting from Seattle, Washington and even as far as Wisconsin. After the Shabbat meal we began teaching from the Holy Scriptures and with great anticipation and enthusiasm the Body of Christ applauded as we learned who we are in Jesus. The people were truly joyful. I then I led everyone is mass deliverance prayers resulting in many demonic manifestations. There were screams, very strange animal like manifestations, and convulsions. What a good start to a public exorcism service as the evil spirits were very threatened by the presence of our King Jesus. For many hours until deep in the early morning hours I taught, prayed for the sick, and drove out demons. 

This mission is truly welcomed in Southern California and this brings joy to my heart. Moreover, many Jewish communities throughout the globe also accept this ministry. As a disciple of Christ with Jewish ancestry I marvel how the Holy Spirit lines me up with fellow Jews from across the earth. Not only was I welcomed by the Russian Jews in Los Angeles I was also welcomed by Jews in the city of Azusa where we held another deliverance meeting earlier today. We are planning on being in Israel next month and look forward to more doors being opened to this mission among the Jewish communities of the world.

We dealt with many Jezebel spirits, spirits of death, murder, violence, and sickness. On this night, while we broke generational curses, many within the meeting hall were being freed from demons –with yawns, burping, crying, screams evil spirits came out of many. A handful were even physically healed from various pains and afflictions. Moreover, a number of broken parts surfaced and spoke with me and were healed. Furthermore, some of these broken parts saw the risen Jesus. 

Towards the end of the evening, I encountered a violent spirit named Python who was within young Russian woman who had participated in cannibalism (she was forced to eat parts of human bones). These strong spirits had been staring me down all night and on this night the battle was on. The spirits threw the Holy Communion cup into my face, they kicked me and shouted they hated me. It took several disciples to assist me. We were able to wear the demonic spirits down to the point where there were greatly weakened utilizing various spiritual weapons–holy water, the blood of Jesus, and the Scriptures. Many demons were expelled from this young woman and parts were healed. Obviously more work needs to be accomplished however incredible ministry has begun in her life and we rejoice in our loving God as He has rescued this precious saint. 

After a few hours of sleep, we had another meeting in Santa Monica, California, where we battled thousands of evil spirits within two ladies. They were expelled in Jesus name. We also encountered animal spirits that held onto soul parts of the animals they had possessed. These generational spirits came into the bloodline as a result of the sins of bestiality many generations ago. As the result of the trauma to the animal’s soul, due to the sins of bestiality, the various animals experienced a form of dissociation–their soul was fragmented and a demon took a part of the soul nature of the animal and transmitted the part of the soul generationally through the years thus ending up into this one woman we ministered to in this private meeting. As we battled these vile animal spirits they manifested through their victims in a like animalistic manner. The one spirit we encountered was a demon named, “Dog,” He barked and made other animal like noises. Her hands became claw-like. It boasted, “we are eating her from the inside.” Over the years I have encountered many animal like spirits and there’s much to be said about these kinds of spirits….

I’m about to board so I will finish the email when I arrive into Australia.

Jesus has proven Himself as Lord!

Ministering Healing & Deliverance in China

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013


One of our ministry partners in China sent this report:


“Here’s an amazing testimony about Jesus healing a family (physically, and spiritually!) here in China.


Last night was the second time I’ve ministered to them.


Firstly, you may recall 15yr old Jenny that I ministered to two weeks ago.  She had really bad acne for 3 years, and had badly been bulled at school.  When we met the first time, she had come back from her first day at school, distraught and in tears, spending the entire day in bed.  She had been badly victimized. Her father had called and asked if I could come and minister to her as she was a big mess and hadn’t left her bedroom all day.  In the taxi on the way, the Holy Spirit clearly told me He wanted to heal her heart.  Within a few minutes of ministry with her, Jesus brought forward her 10 year old dissociation that managed all her other dissociative parts from years of bullying.. There was a LOT of emotion locked up in there, and the tears were flowing as the dissociations surfaced and were healed.  Within 20 minutes, Jesus completely healed her broken heart, and she felt all the hurt go away, and the pieces of her heart heal.


They are a solid Christian family (Jenny has a strong faith, and had already forgiven all the people that had bullied her), but haven’t been witness to dissociation/supernatural as their background is conservative.  Jenny’s father watched in amazement, as his 15yr old daughter had a 10 year old part speaking through her, describing in detail her encounter with loving Jesus, and His precious words to her (she also describing 3 angels that surrounded her in some detail).  After Jesus healed her heart, spirits of fear came out of her for more than 2 hours, and finally, a Jezebel surfaced (with the normal laugh and seductive looks) proudly announcing “I bring the pimples to her”.   We commanded Jezebel to remove the pimples in Jesus name, and Jenny’s hands started moving, and removed a spiritual mask (she was peeling it off her face), and then for 10 minutes or so, was aggressively wiping something ‘spiritual’ off her face that was bringing the acne.  Afterwards, she told us that it was such a weird experience to have her hands moving without her control, removing something she couldn’t see!  Also, she hadn’t touched her face in years because she was so paranoid about the oil on her hands affecting her acne, so the experience was very foreign to her.


With some simple instruction, her father ended up casting out the spirit of Jezebel (his first time casting out a demon), and the whole deliverance was finished within 3 hours or so.


Anyway… update; her father sent a picture a week after the deliverance, a RADICAL shift in her pimples (they were very severe when I first met her.. very inflamed etc). Except for a single lone new pimple on her upper lip, there are NO NEW pimples.. the other numerous pimples are the original ones, and are simply fading away. As you can imagine, she’s over-the-moon-happy and thanking Jesus.  She also said that for the first time, all the hurt and emotions are gone when she thinks back to the bullying.  She was often plagued by emotion and tears over these memories that made her very emotional and moody.   Jesus healed her heart and the emotional swings are gone!


So, last night, we ministered a second time to the family, this time to Jenny’s 16 yr older sister, Michelle.  Michelle is a strong personality that doesn’t show emotion (she started by informing me that she’s absolutely NOTHING like her sister!).  Minutes into the conversation, I realized that, unlike Jenny, Michelle didn’t know Jesus.  She was asking questions such as ; “how do we know Christianity is any more real than Buddhism, Hinduism etc”.  She had been brought up in Christian schools but was yet to know Jesus personally, or experience Him in any way.  I could see a strong spirit of doubt in her. Michelle also has skin issues (eczema on the arms).  Her life was full of fear, mainly centered around what university degree she was going to apply for.  The fear would keep her up at night.


Her father Thomas started in prayer for her, and then we asked Jesus to touch her and show His love for her.  The moment we did, tears started streaming down her face as a dissociation surfaced and experienced Jesus, and was healed in a matter of minutes.  Then for 2 or more hours she was set free of deeply ingrained fear, as spirit after spirit manifested and left her.  The manifestations were quite extreme as the spirits were leaving (their maid, who could hear what was going on, gave me a very strange look as I was leaving!), but she was able to communicate that she was with Jesus, at peace, and wanted it all out of her.


Finally, after the fear and doubt had left, the same generational Jezebel (that runs in her family, and I saw in her sister Jenny two weeks ago) surfaced (with the standard Jezebel laugh and seductive looks) also proudly announcing that she was bringing the eczema to her arms.  There were 9 Jezebel spirits, and they were stubborn, but the father knew what to do this time, and within a couple of hours, all 9 were completely out of her. 


Now for the best part, Michelle then gave her heart to Jesus !!  She looked completely different afterwards.. said she had an incredible feeling of freedom and lightness, and knew that Jesus was Lord!   Interesting that during the deliverance, I was suddenly led to have Jezebel confess who was bringing the lies about religion.  She said “I am!”.


Next week, we will be ministering to their son (he also has skin issues, and severe eczema on the back of his knees).  The skin issue is a generational curse from the fathers side, and is in all their children, manifesting as pimples or eczema, and also, very strange birth marks.  Please keep Thomas’s son (I can’t remember his name) in your prayers.  Jesus will heal him!”

Apostolic Miracles & Wonders in China, North America, Australia, Africa

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have been unable to sleep as I’m so fired up for Jesus! As I go through all of my recent emails I’m seeing so many testimonies from around the globe of precious souls being touched in some manner by this mission –our YouTube videos, our many volumes, our radio broadcasts, our public meetings, our Extraordinary Encounters, and other avenues of outreach. Through all of these outreaches we have been able to touch thousands of lives in a significant way –by encouraging souls to serve Jesus first and foremost and by training the Body to carry on the works of Jesus. 

Because of the light we bring to the subject of deliverance and inner healing, precious souls are now casting out millions of demons throughout the globe. People are being won to Jesus and hearts are being healed! Our ministry coordinator in Australia, Joan Smale, is reporting continued ministry to the demonized even well after leaving Australia. Same can be said here in North America as pastor Tony and Betty (whom I installed as a pastor recently) have been casting out demons on a weekly basis. My dear brother and ministry partner, Steve, in China, is reporting apostolic miracles whenever he holds public meetings. Our ministry team members in Michigan, Jeff and Lally, are reporting stunning deliverance sessions where millions of demons are bring cast out (Steve has also reported the same in China). Same in South Africa as numerous disciples are now casting out demons regularly because of our recent mission there. 

We are literally being used by the Holy Spirit to set the world on holy fire. Yes, we are a small mission but we are making MASSIVE spiritual impact!

Allow me to share a few testimonies with you:

“Hi Jay, God bless you. Just wanted to share with you a testimony. I have been to 2 out of 3 workshops you have had in Florida (West Palm beach and Ocoee at the cross shaped church) with my husband and my aunt. I have to tell you I put to the test what I learned through you and it worked!. On a Sunday service, the Pastor made the altar call and one of my youth (I work with the youth at my church) went to the front to receive Jesus. And the pastor prayed and prophesied over her also told her that she had pain in her heart and she needed to forgive. Well after the service, I noticed she was sitting by her self with her head down, I asked her if she was ok and she said she felt like there was something inside of her that wanted to come out!!!! I got exciteddddd. I said to her, that sometimes when we have a demon inside, and is coming out you feel like you have to throw up, go back in the bathroom and throw up. Well I went behind her and she threw up a little but said it was still there so I started praying for her and commanded the spirit to come to the surface, I told the girl that I didn’t want to talk to her, but to the spirit. I asked its name and it answered PAIN… oh men, I got up on its face an commanded it to come out in the name of Jesus, after it confessed it had been there since she was 8 and that it was there by itself. After just a few minutes it came out and the girl felt instant relief. Glory to God. Thank you Jay, God bless you.”

~Sister in Christ from Florida who attended our public training seminars and deliverance services

“My son and I both have been praying for you and cant wait to see you guys again!!! He told me the next time I talked to you to remind you to thank the angels that are assisting you and he said you would understand lol He really misses you and cant wait to talk with you again! I am praying and believing for the funds so we can travel with you and the team to Australia next time you go. We want to assist you and help set the captives free!!! We have also partnered with you on the missions fund. I can never thank you enough for changing me and my sons lives and healing Hunter! The time you spent with him made such an impact on him and when I pray and thank the Lord for putting your ministry and friendship in our lives the Lord reminded me that what you did for Hunter , He will bless your sons for it!!!!! God is so good! Again proud to see everything the Lord is doing and pray for you always!!!!!”

~Sister in Christ from Tennessee who attended our Extraordinary Encounter in Atlanta, Georgia

“We had another lady drive 10 hours just for freedom, as we knew this person was coming weeks in advance we knew in the spirit there was going to be something ….well just a bit different with this deliverance. So we began at 6 on a Friday night , this person had been to over 20 Psychics multiple “deliverance ministries , and the wrong people laying hands upon her , so for 5 hours we were just spinning our wheels ..until the Holy spirit promoted us to ask a certain question … . and there was the break through, what you ask ???? SHE HAD CHANGED HER NAME YEARS BEFORE !!! She was renouncing with her new name , but had given rights in the past with her given name . You and I know it doesn’t work that way . The demons were laughing ,. but not for long . She then started to renounce all over again in her given name & the tide changed quickly !! 45 levels of spirits and 2.7 million demons later she was FREE ! Praise be to GOD ! He is faithful !

 A young mother who had showed up in the Grand rapids meeting  months ago had came to us for help. We first sat outside in the park for a peaceful setting , but then the rain started and in to the van we went. Van you ask? We have been turned down by many churches for just asking to use a room for deliverance ,They must not have read the verse ” Having a form of Godliness , but denying the power there of ….from such turn away” . So for 4 hours this young mother sat in the van staring at the heavenly`s . With every question to the spirit came a direct answer , and hundreds of thousands of spirits later she was free indeed. Joy came upon her like we had not seen . Gods is always the Victor !


Weeks later we dealt with her young son of 9 ….. knowing her husband was heavy involved in occultism, video games & satanic music the meeting was a very cautious one and once again God prevails . the boy smiled with happiness , and mom was pleased. A few weeks later we dealt with the sister a mere 10 years old .  As we began we realized very quickly the spirits that are within are not doors this child of God could have opened , there was something else going on here . After an hour and binding 2.3 million spirits we realized the dad had been transferring them to his little girl through his touch and hugs . We stopped at that point and spoke with her mother sitting beside her , we need to get your husband set free first . we are still in the process of that victory .God will prevail!”

~A family whom has attended numerous training seminars and deliverance meetings and now serving as our contact in Michigan

“Hello Jay, This is stirring me so much, I am crying as I sit here at work. Thanks Jay, this is really good for me to read. A clear example of what I am called into by our Lord Jesus. Go for it brother!”

~A dear disciple in South Africa who is now being equipped via our email updates.

“Jay, I went street evangelizing with a friend for the first time! God gave my friend a vision of a location, and when we came to the location, we prayed for a Christian, homeless woman who was there and she got healed of asthma. A demon of infirmity manifested and we cast it out. It tried to hide at first, but soon came out after a relatively brief struggle. She cried afterward and said, “I feel good. Oh I feel good.” She said “God just healed me of asthma and just restored me back to Him.” Not only had her nasty, relentless cough left completely, Jesus had wrapped His arms around her and spoken to her through a word of knowledge. The best part of evangelism is getting to bring Jesus to people and watch as He touches their hearts with His love.”

~ A dear sister in Christ who attended our Church of the Cross services in Texas

“Hi Jay, I write so soon again just to keep you updated. We returned home from the meetings in Sydney, feeling blest and some level of freedom. Michelle, our youngest daughter, who received some inner healing and  who also manifested the spirit of Jezebel at the meetings was happy, I heard her laugh for the first time in a long time, she put on praise music in her room and read the bible, it was so encouraging to see.”

~A dear sister in Christ who attended our recent Australian meetings

“Anyway.. here’s where it gets interesting.  God had lined up a practical example.. DIRECTLY at the end of my teaching (I was teaching for about an hour and a bit), a lady in her 50’s,  two rows from the front starts screaming in despair, so I was able to get a microphone to her (not that I really needed it!) and she said she was 2 years old and her daddy left her… Jesus healed that part, then 4 other parts came up.. a man had put his hand up her skirt in the bus at 11 years old, and her grandfather left her and died at another age… then it went on for an hour or more.  She had tears flowing down her face and her parts were screaming in the pain that she had held for so many years.  Parts came up one after another, and were healed by Jesus. The parts also told us (into the microphone so everybody could hear) what Jesus said to them, and what He spoke into the situation, and it was so touching.. many people were obviously deeply moved by what Jesus said, and the supernatural healing that took place in her. This particular lady had rejection that had plagued her for her whole life.. she was in her 50’s or so.  She never knew the root of it was the hurt held in the dissociative parts.  People were watching on with amazement.. one person said they will never look at the world the same way again (Jay; this is what I said to you when I first saw dissociation.. right?!)

 The manifestations were full on, and interestingly, mainly just parts, not demons.. as Jesus healed the parts, demons coughed out, but the night was99% parts and only 1% demons (which is perfect as I wasn’t training on demons).. Jesus lined up a perfect practical example (actually a few of them.. but the first one was amazing) to show everybody how D.I.D is real, and how Jesus heals it.. We serve an amazing God!    This lady looked COMPLETELY different at the end of the night.  Her face glowed and she had the most amazing smile and her eyes,.. wow.


There was a pastor present from another church and his jaw was on the ground watching.. I noticed he’d conveniently shifted next to the people that were manifesting at the time to watch intently!  We didn’t finish until  2am as probably 20+ people ended up manifesting spirits and dissociative identities.  Wives were bringing their husbands up for prayer!.. one example is one wife’s husband was a compulsive spying/eavesdropper.. would spy on people through their windows, but couldn’t help it, and he was delivered as demons belched out of him… lots more like this,.  the room was full of the sounds of demons leaving by uncontrollable belching, coughs and dissociative parts crying out to Jesus for healing until early morning!  By the end of the night, there were many helping out, praying for people, seeing Jesus heal parts, and casting out demons for their first time!  I looked around at one point and saw three of four groups of people healing parts and casting out spirits, and I’m sure they’d never seen or experienced this before that night.


There were two unbelievers there too, and I had the opportunity of sharing the gospel with them. The wife had anxiety and their son had a weird disease that made his left side of his body weak.. They allowed (our developer) and me to pray for them too for healing, and God to show them truth.


 China is very void of the Holy Spirit in churches… nothing spiritual allowed or encouraged, and often the churches here are for the rich with “no trespasser” signs at the front; there for the elite, and well connected people that are given the front rows to sit in… The Holy Spirit is changing this now though!


One thing we can be encouraged about.. Wherever we go and touch people, Jesus is with us.  I felt so powerless last night, not knowing how to teach dissociation in a second language to people that most had never seen a deliverance or anything supernatural, but God showed up in the most amazing way… with practical examples, lined up in advance!.  i was completely out of control, and feeling awkward, only to discover it was all completely in Jesus control.   I was told once that God goes with us no matter where we go, and He touches the people we touch.. and that was so obvious last night.”

~A dear brother in Jesus, in China, now serving the people in the ministry of deliverance and healing

Powerful Exorcism in Houston

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

At our Church of the Cross service last night, here in Houston, Texas, the Holy Spirit descended upon us with power to set the captives free and to heal broken hearts. As we see so often, our small meeting hall was, again, jammed packed, as precious souls from across the nation arrived for healing and deliverance. God did not disappoint as many souls were freed from demonic torment and bondage. I do not think we could have seated any more people in the hall. 

I was deeply touched to hear so many testimonies from those in the meeting that testified of feeling the love of Jesus and feeling like a part of the family. This is a common comment we receive wherever we travel –people are drawn to our public meetings because of the love that we freely bestow on people. Our Jesus has so filled our hearts that it overflows abundantly thus those who attend our meetings tangibly feel the love. Think about this as this is what people need –the love of God. Jesus so clearly taught that we ought to love one another. We are His disciples if we love. The beautiful love of Jesus attracts. 

I was also deeply touched to see that our meetings are quite multicultural. We have precious souls from all over the world that attend our services. Many even remarked on this too. It’s great to see the Body of Christ unified in love.

This love opened so many hearts. After a brief teaching and partaking of Holy Communion we began to minister to those troubled by evil spirits. As I was leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers –quite a few people were testifying of feeling released and relief as I commanded demons to depart bodies and souls in Jesus name. I would estimate a few dozen experienced some measure of deliverance on this night. The Spirit of the Living God moved so powerfully as many demons convulsed their victims and came out. One of the first ladies we ministered to was a former Wicca practitioner who had been involved in blood sacrifices. As I led everyone in prayers to renounce Jezebel she manifested demons thus I brought her to the front and as I did demons began to convulse her body and spoke to me.

“We belong to her because her mother’s ancestors allowed us in,” the demons Jezebel revealed, “and we are not leaving.”

I had this young lady come back from this demonic trance she was under and formally renounce the curse of Jezebel on her mother’s side and as she did the demons were greatly weakened. I then had the holy angels of God battle the demons and they did. I commanded them to strike the demons and they did with great spiritual force to where the demons moaned in agony. Jezebel had been defeated. Then in Jesus name, these vile spirits came out and immediately relief and release was evident on her face. 

Earlier in the day pastor Gene Smith and I along with this woman’s mother ministered to her battling a powerful spirit of death. Again we called forth the holy angels of God and they fought against the spirits of death. They were literally striking the demons with their swords and at one point even caused the demons to fall down onto their knees as they sought to escape the meeting hall. The mighty angels of the Lord greatly assisted us on this night. I also felt the fire of the Holy Spirit on my right hand in a very tangible sense and burned the invading spirits as I laid my hands upon her head. They cried out in agony. 

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by His power, these death spirits were expelled and immediately this mother of 3 precious girls was experiencing the comforting love of Jesus like she had never experienced before. Our great Deliverer was present and He was pleased to set the captives free!

Throughout the evening service demons manifested and were dealt with. Another young mother was quickly delivered from the spirits of Jezebel. Within minutes of her renouncing the curse of Jezebel, the spirits quickly departed and she was AMAZED at the power of God and stunned by His great love to rescue her. As these precious people were delivered, I had them come up to the front of the meeting hall and testify to the power of God. That opened up even more hearts for deliverance and healing. 

Speaking of healing, there was one lady in her late 60’s who attended the meeting who was physically healed of various infirmities, pains, and torments as pastor Gene ministered to her. She gladly testified of feeling release and relief. “The pain, the hurt, is gone, I was skeptical when I came but now I see the power of God and truly feel His love in this place.”

Pastor Tony Walters and his wife Betty ministered to many souls also and many were dramatically delivered from many demons. In fact, I have personally seen a difference in this man’s life since I ordained him a few months ago into the gospel ministry. The power of God has increased in his life and he is freeing souls from the powers of hell. It was beautiful to see all of these men and woman of God (a dear sister in the Lord, Wanda, another deliverance minister was present and delivered souls from demons too) being used by the Holy Spirit to free souls. It brings me great joy in the Holy Spirit. This isn’t about Jay Bartlett, it’s about the Body of Christ being equipped to move forward in the ministry of the gospel and we saw that reality on this night as many ministers freely ministered and set so many free from demon powers in Jesus name.

We also dealt with a number of broken hearts that surfaced –little ones that held so much pain and hurt. They were reached and were loved on. They experienced the love and freedom of Jesus too. Many hearts were healed. At one point I even had everyone lift up their hands and as the Holy Spirit power came upon their hands, I had them lay their hands on their hearts and many experienced deep healing and release.

At one point as we ministered in group deliverance and as many demons were crying out, a former Hindu lady, manifested demons and placed her in a demonic trance. I began to command the demons to depart in Jesus name. With a great amount of vomiting the Hindu spirits were being expelled. She was truly experiencing the power of Jesus. She was so thankful to God. 

So many other miracles took place on this night and in our private meetings over the weekend. In fact, in one private session, Gene and I witnessed tens of thousands of demonic spirits depart from a man with deep ancestral roots to Freemasonry, Illuminati, and other forms of paganism. In fact, one spirit we dealt with, held in captivity, more than 1,000 parts of his broken heart. These spirits were forced to release the parts and these heart parts experienced the healing of Jesus. This precious man also testified of experiencing physical healing too. 

I marvel at the wonders of God, my friends, I marvel, at His amazing grace, mercy and love. I marvel, that He would use me to further His Kingdom here on earth. I think, it was close to 4am after we finished the night of ministry to the hurting. This has been an amazing mission journey thus far and I’m just starting –From Canada to Houston, now unto Europe, Asia, then Australia.

Supernaturally Thrilling Meetings in Sydney

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Sydney about to head to the airport for the city of Perth, in Western Australia, to conduct more public deliverance meetings, at Concordia Lutheran Church, led by my dear brother Milo. I look forward to seeing my friends in Perth in a few days. However, I did want to take this opportunity to thank those who made our Sydney meetings a success –my sisters Nave and Joan and my brother Kobus. All of them served the Lord Jesus with faithfulness. I am grateful for each of them. 

It’s been an extraordinary time in Sydney as God has blessed us with His mighty miracle power each and every meeting we conducted at the HJ Progress Public Hall and at the Faith in Christ Fellowship where many souls have been freed from evil spirits and miraculously healed in Jesus name. Moreover, many have been equipped to engage in spiritual warfare on behalf of their families and those whom they might minister to. Many testimonies have been given of inner healing, physical healing and liberation from demonic spirits. Many souls have been refreshed and encouraged. We have had to battle each and every night –as the enemy has sought to hinder and attack– however we have been persistent and there has been spiritual breakthroughs. Trust me the warfare has been intense and required the people of God to fight.

Prior to our last night’s meeting in Sydney I had the wonderful opportunity to minister in a small group private meeting where precious souls gathered for freedom and divine healing including a man with various forms of cancer, a few women terribly vexed with horrific pains, and a few women with the Jezebel spirit. I, believe, in every meeting, here in Australia, thus far, we had to battle the Jezebel spirit and this private meeting was no different as many Jezebel spirits surfaced and violently fought me. 

Within minutes of my arrival I was encountering and battling the spirits of Jezebel. In my global travels this is perhaps the most frequent demon I encounter in exorcisms. She delights in fighting (as seen in the historical Jezebel in the Book of Kings) and undermining. Yes, she fights, but she is fighting a battle which at the end leaves us victorious and her defeated. 

The first lady was delivered rather quickly from the Jezebel spirit then I ministered to her husband whom had been afflicted with cancer and various kinds of afflictions. I recall meeting him and seeing the torment in his eyes. The fear. I first addressed the spirits of fear and as I threatened the spirits with the holy blood of Christ they quickly departed. Ha! They didn’t want to partake of the victorious blood of Jesus so they decided to enter that pit instead. In Jesus name they swiftly departed and immediately the fear, the torment, in this man’s eyes was GONE! He was shocked! I then moved on to minister physical healing to his body. He revealed to me that he could not pick up his left leg at all, he was that weak. His precious wife mentioned she had been having to assist him with changing even his clothes. No doubt, this was a wearisome task. Obviously, she loved her husband and would do anything for him but she is human and this was becoming increasingly difficult. Her face speaks of her hardship. I rebuke the pains in his legs, the pain obeyed and left. I commanded strength and immediately he was able to lift his legs which he had not been able to do previously. 

He also mentioned he could not lift his arms up –so weak, no strength. I rebuked those spirits attached to his arms and they departed and gradually he was able to lift them up. God truly displayed His power. I spoke to his body in Jesus name, to be healed. Immediately he felt healing in his body and testified of feeling strong. Jesus truly healed this man of this demonic affliction of cancer. I then moved on to minister to a dear lady who manifested spirits named, “Killing,” who traveled through the bloodline as result of her ancestors having been involved in World War II and other conflicts where there were mass killings. Immediately the spirit named Killing fought me violently. He kicked me repeatedly. He was furious with me for daring to drive him out. I had this precious woman renounce the killing curses and then I proceeded to cast out the Killing spirits. They flew out and immediately she testified of feeling zero pain in her head. Mind you, she had been suffering horrific pains in her head for years. Quickly they left and she was healed by Jesus.

I also ministered to a woman who suffered greatly at the hands of her husband. Great heart pain. I ministered to her broken heart and parts of her heart was healed supernaturally in Jesus name. She was so happy! Many demons also surfaced causing her to fall down and as I commanded them to leave they screamed and entered the pit. This is where demons need to GO! 

This dear woman also revealed she had been terribly afflicted with pains in her legs and feet. I commanded the pains and the afflictions to leave and they departed quickly. She was so happy and joyful of her new found healing. Moreover, this lady and her husband reconciled and sought forgiveness from each other –a marriage restored by Jesus! 

As we continued on Kobus’s 15 year old daughter had shared that as we ministered to the man who was healed of cancer that she saw holy angels coming down with some kind of canisters that were placed into his body, as I prayed, in his blood, that gave him healing strength. What a beautiful thing to behold. 

These holy angels who had been previously resisted in our last few meetings were now very much present and active in this private meeting. I then ministered to a precious family –a husband and wife from the Samoan Islands. As I prayed, spirits of Jezebel and ancestral worship were confronted and they manifested wildly and violently. These demons surfaced with great force. I was able to capture the exorcism on video as you’ll Jesus overcoming the powers of the enemy. I also captured her afterwards testifying of her deliverance from Jezebel and her singing to the glory of God. It should be noted that even during this battle with Jezebel we called forth the holy angels and they greatly assisted us in lifting this woman who had been thrown on the ground up. Kobus’s daughter even saw these mighty angels assisting me. 

As I mentioned this precious lady testified of her deliverance on video. Watch and see what a beautiful voice she has but I had to really battle these vicious and violent demonic spirits –yes, Jezebel was present however she was defeated by the blood of Jesus. She and her husband has invited me back to minister in a small meeting for her people –those from the Samoan Islands. So I hope to return perhaps in late September (on my way to Perth for the Festival of Light) and minister deliverance and healing to these precious souls. I believe God will deliver many. 

From this small group meeting I held another public meeting in the evening and for many hours we exorcised numerous demons from precious souls after teaching from Mark 9 and leading the church in Holy Communion. Moreover, we ministered to many broken heart parts. So many were surfacing throughout the sanctuary. Little heart parts ranging from infancy to teenage years. Many of them were taken to Jesus for healing and comfort. So many hearts were healed on this night. 

I’m quite concerned that the global church is not doing enough to reach little heart parts. In Isaiah 61 we see the Messiah as being declared as a healer of the broken hearted. He desires to heal hurting souls. So many needs, so few workers equipped to bring healing. That is why I spent so much time teaching, attempting to equip the Body of Christ in the ministry of inner healing. I hope to continue the teaching in Perth.

We broke the spiritual holds of death, unholy sexual unions and so much more as a group and as we did many souls were receiving measures of freedom. So many evil spirits were expelled in Jesus name. Including some very violent generational spirits of witchcraft that held a precious New Zealand woman in deep bondage. They sought to claw her eyes out and injure her. Many demons convulsed her, screaming out of her. In Jesus name, they were defeated and were sent to the pit! So many demons departed and many heart parts were healed. 

Australia Mission: Jesus Wins Despite the Violence of Jezebel (More Healing of the Eyes)

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus ~

Last night was one of the most intense public deliverance meetings I have ever held in relation to battling the Jezebel spirit. As many of you know Jezebel is a wicked spirit witch hell bent on destroying men of God who seek to the further the work of the gospel. She surfaced like I have rarely seen before in all of the earth. At the very beginning of the service she surfaced within many of the women in the meeting hall. We are speaking of dozens of women having this Jezebel spirit and they all were conspiring to destroy the ministry on this night. In fact, at the beginning of the meeting, she surfaced within one woman and cursed me. Mind you I had just walked into the meeting hall and the spirit was already surfacing and cursing. These spirits were furious with me as for the past few days we have been confronting her and driving her out in the name of Jesus. Moreover, we have been teaching, from the Scriptures, on our authority that we have in Christ to overcome all of the power of the enemy. Thus Jezebel along with all of the other demons with her were extremely agitated and ready to battle me.

On this night they battled me with great strength, as so many legions of Jezebel had camped out in the hall ready to fight me. I felt hordes of demonic spirits, wave upon wave of them, assault me. I stood my ground and fought back by the holy power of Jesus. As I taught from God’s Word and led everyone in Holy Communion the many spirits were surfacing. In fact, after Holy Communion, I ordained two more people into the gospel ministry which led them to take the attacks to entire spiritual level– they began to manifest in some very foul odors I have ever smelt before. It was a mixture of sulphur, human waster, urine, and sewage. It was disgusting and nearly everyone could smell this most unholy of smells. It was Jezebel. She is a disgusting spirit. She reveals herself as being such an elegant being but she’s not. She’s vile and wicked. As the night carried on the foul smells gradually subsided as we fought back in Jesus name.

I pleaded with the people to repent as so many who were attending this night of deliverance were holding on to various sins and curses that allowed her access to their lives. The unrepentant hearts allowed these vile spirits to flourish like I have rarely seen before. It was massive, off the charts kind of demonic experience. I should note that even the holy angels had great difficulty accessing the meeting hall as there were that many Jezebel spirits –they literally camped out on this night ready to battle. So, we fought back with all of the weapons we have at our disposal –holy water, sacred oil, the Sword of the Spirit, and other spiritual weapons thus weakening the Jezebels in the hall. Hour after hour we battled her through the night (and even after I left the hall other disciples were fighting her with passion). 

The violence of Jezebel was also off the charts. It was extreme violence. Women were bring thrown around, off their chairs as the spirits manifested. There were twisting of bodies, disfiguring of the bodies, screams, loud cries, violent speech and physical violence from the demons. In Jesus name, these demonic spirits were commanded to the pit and they screamed in agony. Multitudes of demons were commanded out. I personally confronted Jezebel, Death, Baal, Ancestral Worship, False Christ, and so many others. They were driven out in the name of Jesus. There’s more work to be done however the work has indeed begun!

In this nearly packed meeting hall so many evil spirits were cast out by the disciples of the Lord Jesus. It was beautiful to see my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ assisting me in deliverance. So many were being delivered from demons. At one point, we had a handful of exorcisms taking place at once up front. It was astonishing to see and watch Jesus be glorified in setting the captives FREE! 

Many were testifying of receiving measures of freedom and physical healing as I led everyone to break generational curses and witchcraft curses. At one point, while ministering to an entire group of people with a history of ancestral worship, a young Southeast Asian lady manifested very strange and unusual spirits that caused her to enter into a very demonic kind of dance that at first she attributed to the Holy Spirit as her church spoke to her and encouraged her in this dance as they attributed it to being the work of the Holy Spirit in her life. This isn’t the work of the Holy Spirit but rather a demonic spirit. She eventually saw this as God opened her eyes. Many demons were cast out of her.

This Australian mission has been quite busy. Please continue to pray for me for supernatural strength as we are in the midst of a great war with Jezebel specially. She has been demolished by our Great God! Tonight another public meeting. We have held so many public meetings thus far on this mission and we have seen many freed from various kind of afflictions and torments. I have been receiving some amazing testimonies from our time in Perth, allow me to share one:

“Hi Jay

 Just wanted to send you a quick email as I know you get very busy….

 Firstly, I want to thank you for your time in Perth this last week. I am one of the people that got set free through your ministry, and although I know there is still a bit more work to be done, I know that I am so much different a person than the one I was prior to deliverance…. The freedom I have received has given me greater clarity about the calling I have on my life, and I am very excited.  As someone who had known Christ all of their life, with only about 4 years in the wilderness, I never would have expected to have needed deliverance of the magnitude i had!  

 It has taken me a good 2 or 3 days to recover from my deliverance, and during that time, I have been very gentle on myself. I didn’t realise just how ‘noisy’ those demons I had really were… They used a very quiet voice, but had constantly been putting me down over my life. They had fed me the lie that I was unworthy, and I had believed it. Now when I look back over the last few days, I am amazed at how much freedom I now feel! The weight has been lifted, and I feel like a new person! I think the thing that most amazed me was that I had done courses on deliverance, and had done much self deliverance to check if I was all clear… I didn’t feel like I had any demons to rid myself of, but did know that the doors could have been opened by previous generations… I had people who do deliverance tell me that I was all clear, and had no reason to even think that I had anything to be rid of! It wasn’t until we were sitting in your session closing doors from our father’s side, that i wondered if something might be happening. I asked the Holy Spirit what I should repent of etc from my Father’s side (as I don’t know him or anything about him)… A few things came to me, but then I had an experience of knowing there was more, but not able to articulate it. I then got a pain in my heart, and a few pains through my back etc that were not in character, and I felt strange… I then came forward with this, and came to find I had at least 6 demons, including 100 Jezebel demons. I manifested quite strongly with these… So now, 3 days later, I feel amazing. I feel lighter, my eye sight is clear (was a little cloudy before), I feel more confident and sure of myself and my position in Christ etc. I am amazed… Thank you for your obedience Jay.”

Dear friends, now you see why we do what we do. It’s because of precious souls like this. This is why we minister deliverance and healing. Here’s another case of someone who has received deep healing including healing of her eyes. We are seeing many with varying degrees of blindness and eyes afflictions healed by Jesus!

Jesus is worthy to be praised! Yes, He is! He is Lord!