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A demon came flying out of the mouth…

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Another praise report from pastor Gene:

“I ministered with another person today, five broken parts holding anger, happiness, pain, independance, and sorrow were all belended into the core. Some parts were demonized, some weren’t. Two didn’t have light, but I prayed and they received it. God’s power is moving MIGHTILY!

When I asked the Father to send a warrioring angel the person told me they felt something push right up through their stomache. A demon came flying out of the mouth, it wouldn’t even stop to talk. Others wouldn’t talk either, they just vomitted out. They were running for their lives!!!”


Submitted by Jay Bartlett

A Mute Spirit Expelled & Healed of Dissociation

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Pastor Gene Smith of Creston, Ohio reported:

“Norma and I just finished a session with a young lady who was completely healed of six broken parts, one of which had demons of Mute and Divination.  At first it would only shake it’s head yes or no to my questions.  I asked it if a demon was keeping it from talking and it shook yes.  I commanded the Mute demon to leave and then it could speak to me.  At the age of five it tried to tell people what was happening so the Mute demon moved in to shut it up. The parts’ ages ranged from one to five.”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Generational Infirmity OUT!

Monday, October 20th, 2008

The dear pastor, Gene Smith, who recently hosted our exorcism meetings in Ohio recently shared with me this great report:

Things are still cranking up here. That broken part in the lady didn’t want to manifest but we took care of several demons, including generational Infirmity. Here’s what she said two days later:Today was the first day in a long time that I wasn’t achy. I truly don’t know how to act. I feel weird. But I’m thanking God every minute of the day for all that He has done for me and all that he will continue to do.My left thumb was twitching for about 2 weeks. So badly that I thought I had Parkinson’s disease. It didn’t twitch once today. My confusion is gone along with the lack of concentration. I’m not agitated and haven’t been eating as much. I feel at times like I don’t know myself. It’s really, really strange, but a good strange. Thanks for everything.”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Delivered, Healed and Raised from the Dead

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Four times I had to bring back a young lady from the dead (she had no pulse, body limp, had stopped breathing and was cold). I was involved in one of the most intense exorcisms, in years, in our recent meeting in Austin, Texas. The demons were within a young lady who had traveled, with her father, to Austin to receive freedom from the demons that were tormenting her life. The first spirit that surfaced was a spirit named, “Blasphemy.” He was quite aggressive and violent. Took three men to hold her and God’s Holy Angels. He spoke in different demonic languages, crissed crossed her eyes, disfigured her body, manifested various burning smells within the room, exhibited supernatural power, and extremely blasphemous (as it repeated blasphemy in Germanic like accent).

During the battle we utilized holy water, conscreated objects, praise, the Scriptures, and holy angels. They weakened the spirit, in fact, the spirit of blasphemy, was literally burned by the conscreated cross when I placed it in her hand (her hand had physical marks due to the cross burning her but God healed her and the marks were completely GONE!). We expelled hundreds of these spirits.Then “Destroyer” surfaced and was entirely different & a higher level demonic entity that literally put her to death at least 4 times during the exorcism–no pulse, no breathing whatsoever, cold & limp body, and no life. As you can imagine, the lady’s father was frantic (but strong in Jesus) as he saw her dead–she was gone–but with the commands of Jesus we spoke life and raised her back to life. I breathed in her life, via her mouth, the life of the Holy Spirit and she was revived. In each instance when she was in the state of death I had to breathe life in her. Jesus answered our prayers and raised her back from the dead to life!

Also, during this exorcism while praying over her head, the demon snapped at me and got a hold of my right pointer finger and clamped down on it and all I thought was– it was going to chew my finger right off –as it sneered and rejoiced that it had me. The pain, my friends, was incredible and very intense as you can imagine. I’m sore. But God is healing me. One time the demon choked the father, and spat in my face. The demons violently disfigured her body and called for reinforcements, however, God prevailed. Thousands of these spirits were driven out of her in Jesus name. They had entered her through ancestral Satan worship back many generations ago. There is SO much to share…but I am rejoicing in the goodness of God as people were healed physically, emotionally, delivered from thousands of evil spirits, and the young lady raised from the dead four times.

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Woman Raised From The Dead

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

I teach spiritual warfare and deliverance every thursday evening at the Travel Lodge in downtown Windsor Ontario, Canada. Last Septemeber, we had powerful praise and worship at the beginning of the service. I went into teaching, as I was teaching, a woman in my class died of a heart attack. She was literally gone. I rushed up to her and the body was cold and had no pulse. I started praying in the Holy Ghost, I commanded the spirit of death to leave her in the Name of Jesus. I then quoted Romans8:2 which says, “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.”  Her body started to respond and warmth started coming to her body. Suddenly, she coughed, I then realized that the spirit of death was coming out of her body.

I give God the glory for what He enable me to do. It is not by my own ability to do anything, but through the power of the almighty God. He gave us the authority as Jesus tells us in Luke10:19 and Mark16:17. It is time for the body of Christ to start walking in that power.

Pastor Rita Sevigny

Jesus Came and Delivered!

Monday, October 6th, 2008

What a powerful testimony of God’s goodness from a couple who visited us in Ohio at our Deliverance Meetings:

“Sorry that this testimony is so long in coming. It has been quite busy on our side of the planet since the deliverance. But I want the Lord to has His glory!For the two weeks between the discovery of the demons and actual deliverance, Ashley and I planted our faces in the carpet. We prayed, listened to worship music, sprinkled holy water around the apartment, and took communion once a day. Two other friends and I began to fast for Ashley, and for the victory of the Lord. And glory be to His name! He delivered!

We had two sessions with Jay, the first lasting about two hours, and the second around 6 – 8 hours, extending until 5 AM the next morning. The demons never manifested, but spoke to Ashley internally. In reflecting on this, both Ashley and I think that they were too week to manifest in any physical way, after being warred against with prayer and fasting.

In our first session, we discovered that Ashley had a total of 56 demons. We, by the grace of God, expelled 14 in the first night. Ashley and I truly felt as though the Lord had delivered them into our hands. We called up the strongman, who’s name was Anger, and he had 11 underlings in his command. Upon challenging him, we found that he actually wanted to leave – he told us! He was ready to get out of there! How amazing is our God! He had completely weakened and surrounded the enemy out of His great love!

Anger put up a little bit of a struggle, mainly because he wanted to leave on his own terms. Jay quickly sent him and his minions to the pit. Next was Fear, and one demon under him. We found out that fear caused the nose bleed the other night. We cast him out without any manifestations or trouble. Any time we met resistance, Ashley drank some Holy Water and the demons screamed in agony.

In our second session, we cast out unclean spirits such as Suicide, Retribution, Woeful, Pain, Puny, Insecurity, and Resentment, as well as many others. We found that many of the spirits were generational, but some were let in through doors. Nevertheless, their curses and holds were broken and they were cast out in Jesus’ victorious name!

During the deliverance, Ashley could see vivid pictures in her mind of the demons. She saw demons fighting each other, being cut in half by the sword of the Spirit, Angels coming to assist – she even saw Jesus! While casting out the spirit of Suicide, Jay had me (her husband) put anointing oil on her wrists and legs where Ashley had cut herself. She said that while I did that, Jesus appeared (in her mind’s eye) on His knees, bandaging up her wounds. He said, “See, it’s all better now.” Ashley cried from being touched by the compassion of our Lord.

Among the most vidid images, Jay called for the Arch-angel of the area to come and assist in the deliverance. As soon as he asked, Ashley saw the angel bust in through the doors of the church with anger. He was taller than the other angels, surrounded in flames with a big sword. He ran many demons through with his sword, and greatly assisted in the deliverance.

Near the end of the ordeal, Ashley said that Jesus came, wearing a white robe with a purple sash and a crown. As soon as He appeared, the angels all bowed with their sword points in the ground. She commented on how the sight was very cool, because Jesus was meek and humble, but all of the angels still knew that He was King. Before it was over, Jesus lifted her chin so that He looked her in the eye as if to say, “See, I told you I would be here at the end of it all.”

In all things let Jesus have the praise! He is King! Victorious and risen! Splendor and majesty and glory be to Him forever and ever! He given freedom to my wife!

We will be forever thankful!

Praise the Lord!”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett