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Demons Entered During War in Indonesia Now Expelled!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

For more then 4 years a tormented and tortured disciple tried to get to one of my seminars on the East Coast of the United States but failed in each attempt. Why did she fail? Demons sabotaged here, each and every time. However, she kept on fighting and she prevailed. She was able to make the trip –she traveled in to the Washington DC area for one of my recent seminars. I’m so happy she attended the meeting. God was pleased to display His awesome power and love in our midst.

As I began to pray for her, demons rose up and battled me. Some of the spirits that surfaced had been in her bloodline for more then a millennia. They spoke out and revealed much:

“We have been here for more then 1,382 years,” the evil spirits boasted to me, “We entered her ancestors while they were involved in a war in Indonesia, they touched the dead and we invaded them.”

Very fascinating. As a result of her ancestors being in Indonesia during war time and touching some of the war dead allowed the demons the right to enter the family bloodline. Indonesia, a nation I have visited, has been a country, historically speaking, plagued by various kinds of conflicts, invasions and wars. 

“We bring her torment and a persistent cough for the past ten years,” the demons revealed to me gleefully. 

It was true, she had been suffering from horrible pains and a terrible cough that wouldn’t go away. The demons caused it. As soon as these evil spirits were expelled, the pains and that persistent cough disappeared. We noticed she wasn’t hacking anymore. God cured her.

“We also have a brain disease we are about to afflict her with,” the demonic spirits informed me. 

Wicked. We are at war my friends with nefarious powers that are seeking your destruction, much of it rooted in witchcraft). The demons were not the only dark powers operating within her life, there were many soul invaders –inner witches.

I was stunned when I uncovered more then a half-dozen within her. They all confessed to directing spirits and spells to her. The witchcraft curses were working and she was getting battle fatigued. Thankfully, we were there to assist in Jesus name. We were there to intervene. The demons and witches were expelled and she was set free.Moreover, we were able to reach her broken heart and they had a heavenly experience in the Third Heaven! All praise to God!