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Witchcraft Fiery Darts Eradicated by Commands of Jesus

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

We have had a wonderful time in Australia however there has been some incredible spiritual warfare with the forces of darkness. I have noticed this recent Australian mission has been marked with an incredible amount of spiritual confrontation with the powers of witchcraft. My ministry team was affected to one degree or another. Even my wife was attacked one night. I led her into pulling out a number of fiery darts from her back in Jesus name (she’s fine now). Moreover, many of our meetings were invaded by demons of witchcraft. Furthermore, some of our meetings were even invaded by those influenced by the spell-binding powers of sorcery.

Despite the satanic opposition, Jesus prevailed over the powers of witchcraft and we declare: We win with Jesus! By the way, starting today, I’m offering a special 3-part audio series on how to overcome the powers of witchcraft. I have had thousands of encounters with these wicked forces throughout the earth and know how to come out on the other side victorious in Christ! Click here to pre-order this brand new special offer today. 

That beautiful couple, pictured with me above, after our last seminar in Melbourne, Victoria, was saved from the fiery darts, satanic arrows, and demonic swords that had been sent to them. Specifically, the wife, had been terribly afflicted and shared with me that she truly believed she was a victim of witchcraft. She nearly died recently as a result of the witchcraft. Very serious.

After teaching for more then 4 hours from the Holy Scriptures, I began to minister to those afflicted with demons. One lady I ministered to was dramatically freed from numerous demonic spirits that held her in captivity. Others were experiencing quick deliverance from demons and various kinds of afflictions. One Polish lady shared with me that while I prayed, she felt the pains in her neck vanish. The lady, pictured above, also encountered a quick deliverance.

As I concluded the seminar I started to command out of bodies and souls all the powers of witchcraft and it’s afflictions. As I prayed and took forceful command over those who had assembled, a number of people were being touched by the power of God including this young lady.

After praying, she immediately came up to me and said she could SEE many witchcraft darts, arrows, spears, and swords were being removed from ALL over her body, falling to the ground in front of me, as I stomped on the ground, declaring defeat to witchcraft. She was SO HAPPY afterwards and profusely thanked me for the mass deliverance commands.

This made me think of all the tens of thousands of souls that have testified of this in our public meetings around the globe. Thus the importance of mass deliverance commands and prayers. Which is one reason why I do public deliverance missions –I want to reach everyone with the power of deliverance through Jesus Christ the Lord! I can vividly recall conducting missions in South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, and here in Australia, leading mass numbers of people in deliverance prayers and seeing phenomenal spiritual results. It works!

Memorable Miracles in Melbourne

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Been receiving some powerful testimonies from our recent Sydney and Melbourne missions. Allow me to share one that involved a miraculous healing after attending our deliverance service:


“Hi Jay Its very inspiring to read your stories of deliverance. I met you in North Epping on the last night and I was the lady with the pentagram earrings. I actually forgot to mention that night that my right ear continuously felt inflamed; something I probably only experienced when I was really sick with hay fever or sinusitis. I just realized my ear has been healed. I no longer feel the inflamed ache.”

In our services, we see many souls healed and freed from evil spirits. Often times, the miracle is reported to us well after the meeting as the healing is manifested. Many times, we are able to witness the miracle right before our eyes. Such as the case in our most recent mission to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where a number of souls encountered a miraculous healing and deliverance.


In fact, in each service, we witnessed Jesus freeing souls. On the first night, I recall vividly, encouraging everyone to break generational curses. Suddenly, demons manifested within a woman in the back of the meeting hall, demons were quickly leaving her body. After her deliverance from this group of evil spirits she mentioned she could no longer feel any back pain (she previously had some major back problems). God healed her.


On the second night, she was freed from an additional 600 spirits of divination. Then I was led by the Holy Spirit to minister to a young woman in her twenties, whom I’ll refer to as Mary. As I prayed for Mary, little heart parts surfaced –a two year old and a seventeen year old. The two year old spoke of great fear and torment. Attached to the little dissociative identity was a spirit of fear.


“We appeared to her as a monster!” the demons of fear revealed to me, “We entered through her eyes and have brought some blindness to her.”


Turns out when she was only 2 years of age she was hospitalized due to some asthma. It was there, during the hospital visit, that the demon appeared to her and brought the torment. Besides the spirits of fear, there were a number of evil spirits named, “Heart-Breaker.” All of these spirits worked in conjunction to enslave her broken heart. As we ministered to the hurting parts –something POWERFUL TOOK PLACE!


The little ones feel down to the ground as they could actually SEE the resurrected Jesus. His holy appearance was enough to cause the little ones to fall down to worship the Lord Jesus! I then proceeded to drive out the many demons within her. During the exorcism we took off her glasses.


After her deliverance, without the aid of her glasses, she could actually read what was posted on the wall of the sanctuary. She said she couldn’t previously read these things on the wall. Another miraculous healing of the eyes. Please pray for her, for her faith to be strengthened, as I heard a report that her eyesight, though improved, has some issues still. May she continue to walk in faith in the God who healed her.


Moreover, after her deliverance from these demonic spirits she testified of being able to breathe better! She exclaimed, “Jay, I can breathe.”


For a long time she has suffered with respiratory problems and for once she could breathe! Jesus healed her breathing. Take another glance at her picture with me, post deliverance. So many others received a measure of supernatural healing –either emotionally, mentally or physically. What a beautiful mission in Melbourne…memorable!

In Melbourne, Victoria: Protestor Attempts to Disrupt Exorcism

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


In all of the years of global mission work I have participated in, I encountered something here in Melbourne, Victoria, I had never experienced before. While ministering the past several days in the sanctuary of Imagine Church, I encountered some extreme cold. I’m speaking of being in the building and seeing one’s breath as the cold winter weather oppressed one’s body. Initially, I thought I was seeing things. HA! It was that cold. I have ministered in very cold outdoor conditions in Eastern Europe and elsewhere but never this cold while inside of a building.


What amazed me and others on the ministry team was that nobody dared to leave, despite the uncomfortable and wintery conditions. On the second night, some were wearing 4 to 5 layers of clothing in an attempt to keep warm. However, no-one left. Why? Because of the power of God. For many hours I ministered and witnessed Jesus perform mighty wonders in our midst. I’m looking forward to sharing more of the miraculous events that took place. However, I must share what occurred yesterday afternoon at Imagine Church.


We conducted a all day training seminar and I was pleasantly surprised to see a good sized crowed assembled to receive from the Lord. I noticed everyone was extremely attentive and remarked they had never heard such extensive teaching before. I taught on some intensive subjects such as dissociation, ancestral dissociation, human interjects and the authority we have in Jesus Christ. The majority of the atteendees were interested however there were a few who were wanting to argue on some finer points and I refused to engaged. One young man in the back of the meeting hall looked as if he wanted to engage in a argument. He held his composure until the end of the seminar. Of all times he could have picked to protest the ministry and to disrupt, he picked the worst of times.


Allow me to explain. After the seminar I was praying for individuals when suddenly a 72 year old grandmother approached me and urgently requested intervention. She shared with me, with seriousness in her eyes, the need to be delivered of a spiritual entity that was, in her words, “bubbling up within me and pulling me down.”


I knew who this entity was! It was an evil spirit determined to destroy this woman. I made the symbol of the cross on her forehead and immediately a demonic spirit surfaced and placed her unconscious. She fell to the ground. The demons groaned and moaned. They bulged out of her eyes and revealed to me much:


“We have been here a very long time! Witchcraft was sent to her father. We decided not to go into her father but into her,” the demons revealed to me, “We entered her at age 12. She was alone so we entered her.”


AH! At the tender age of 12 this woman’s family was being targeted by some local witches to destroy. They initially targeted the father but then the decision was made to invade the young daughter. We also discovered the demons had brought much torment in her life:


“We bring arthritis, diabetes, and torment,” the evil spirits shared with me, under command, “For so long we have tormented her and we are now about to make her blind!”


That’s a demon for you. They are only interested in torment, destruction and placing gradual horrific afflictions upon a mind and body of a human. Thus, the need for deliverance from demons, generational curses and ancestral evil. I’m so satisfied in my heart to know we were able to intervene in this 72 year old woman’s life.


I also learned that over time Christians have tried to intervene and pray over her. In fact, the demons even revealed this.


“AH! Many Christians tried, to get us out,” the demons told me boastfully, “But they were not able to.”


Knowing Jesus would deliver her. I told the demons they would be entering the pit very soon. I came to understand, from those who knew her, that in fact, some tried to intervene, but circumstances always prevented her from getting her the spiritual assistance she needed.


I was about to command the demons to depart when suddenly a young man, who I referred to earlier that was sitting in the back of the sanctuary, who was desiring to argue with me, approached the front of the hall where we were conducting this impromptu exorcism. He not only approached the front of the hall but came very close to where I was ministering to this woman. He began to raise his voice and protested the ministry. He began to argue and debate me.


I couldn’t believe it. Of all times, to debate me, he choose a time when I was trying to intervene in a 72 year old woman’s life. This grandmother was on the ground having evil spirits speak out of her and this protestor wanted to stop me and hinder the deliverance. Thankfully some of the saints, including my very bold and fiery Australia mission coordinator, pastor Joan Smale, intervened and stopped the protestor and rebuked him from interfering. Thank God for Joan. We have had numerous people, on this mission, who attempted to slander me and attack me and Joan stood her ground and stopped the attacks from escalating.


Nobody knew who this man was or why he was at the training seminar. He never formally introduced himself to me and his presence raised more questions then answers. No doubt, he was another plant of the enemy wanting to attack me and this mission. Jesus and the apostles encountered resistance and opposition constantly. So, this is expected but I don’t like it. At least I know the enemy sees me as a threat. A dire threat to his work. Good.


When the protestor was removed I was able to command the demons out of this woman and she was powerfully delivered from many witchcraft demons. Moreover, she shared with me, she could SEE clearer without her glasses (during the exorcism we took off her glasses). Here was another beautiful miracle of blindness being removed and someone being able to SEE without the aid of glasses. Take a glance at that picture of the grandmother above, again. No glasses and freed from pains. We just need to pray for this woman, that she will maintain her healing as I sense she is in a weakened state and needs our prayers in Jesus name!

Extraordinary Supernatural Jesus Power in Melbourne!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in cold and rainy Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, conducting a series of public meetings and a training seminar with the hope of reaching souls for the gospel. I apologize for not being able to send out a email update the past few days. The Internet connectivity at my hotel has been horrible. There’s much to report.


Last night, was STUNNING! Perhaps one of the most memorable exorcisms I have performed in Melbourne and I have conducted many over the years. It involved a young lady whom I’ll refer to as Julia. To be honest with you, I didn’t suspect Julia would need deliverance. She is a worshipper of Jesus, a prayer warrior and an heart for evangelism and yet she needed FREEDOM! She was sitting in the front row, to the left of me.

During the entire night of teaching and ministry I didn’t discern anything nefarious at work within her life. However, the Holy Spirit was at work powerfully in the secret recesses of her heart that would result in her freedom. What was to take place brought tremendous JOY to the Body!


After teaching from God’s Word and leading the Body of Christ in Holy Communion, before a jammed packed audience, here in Imagine Church, I began to minister to those held in captivity to the enemy. There were many I ministered to that were set free from demons. Many encountered a beautiful healing of their broken hearts. One lady encountered a miraculous healing of her eyes –she came in wearing glasses and left without needing them! More on that supernatural wonder in my next email update.


Demons screamed, they threw people onto the ground and some were violent. Many of the evil spirits were determined to fight me. I was determined to fight back in Jesus name! Towards the end of the service, I walked over to Julia and many demons surfaced. They immediately surfaced and SCREAMED at me.


“We are NOT leaving! Do you understand, we are not leaving her body,” the many demonic spirits confidently told me, “We have been here for so long and her body belongs to us.”


As they revealed to me their intention on staying, I revealed to them that Jesus would be setting her FREE! This provoked a violent response from the many spirits that were within her including Jezebel and witchcraft. They shouted and took her up against the wall of the church sanctuary and stomped their feet in protest. I swiftly called forth the holy angels to assist me and they came in power. I asked them to draw out their swords and they struck the invading demons, they shrieked in agony. I began to war against the demons in the power of the Holy Spirit.


“We see the Holy Spirit in your eyes,” the demons confessed.


The Holy Spirit fire also descended upon them and burned them. The supernatural power of the holy anointing oil was too much for them and they screamed out of her in great torment.


It was true, the demons had been in Julia a very long time. I discovered that many had entered as a result of ancestral evil due to her ancestors participating in idol-worship and blood sacrifices. They had been in her bloodline for thousands of years.


“There’s MILLIONS of us, we had all of her ancestors,” the strong spirits of Jezebel confessed to me, “We hold her gifts, her abilities, her destiny, her supernatural vision.”


I forced the demons to release her gifts. They obeyed. Furthermore, I discovered there were many evil spirits within her had been holding her broken heart. The demons were commanded to release her heart. They surfaced and were guided to Jesus.


The parts were able to SEE Jesus. By the way, you’ll be STUNNED to hear what happened with another lady I ministered to whom witnessed the risen Jesus in our service! Julia, mentioned after her exorcism, that she could see the glory of the light of Christ! It gave me chills as she spoke and shared her encounter with the ascended Jesus. Beautiful Lord!


The millions upon millions of demons, within their woman, as a result of her ancestral evil, were demolished last night. At one point I brought out my CROSS of DELIVERANCE (look above at the picture and she her embracing the CROSS) and the demons were terrified of seeing the CROSS. The cried out loudly and they spoke of it’s holy power. By the power of the CROSS of Jesus all of these demons were commanded out of her body in Jesus name. They flew out of her into the pit. Julia collapsed on the ground and allowed the washing of the living water of Jesus flow through her. She stayed on the ground as a few prophetic words were given to her by the people of God.


Julia testified of feeling lighter and freed. She shared with everyone how she encountered the glory of the Lord Jesus. God did a wonderful work in her and I rejoice in her freedom.


My friends, this Australian mission has been marked by incredible satanic resistance and opposition from individuals and groups that are, simply hell-bent on destroying me and this mission. Slander, lies, fabrications, false accusations and distortions. IT WILL NOT WORK.


By God’s grace I’m going to continue to come to Australia despite the protest of some who are determined to see me never come back again. I know some of my enemies read these reports, strangely enough, please know this –I’m not going anywhere. Jesus within me is GREATER then the demons within you. Go ahead waste your energy spreading lies and following me around…I’m just going to go about doing good –preaching Jesus, casting out demons and healing the sick.


If you want to help me battle back in Jesus name. Then consider giving so I can continue on with the mission to Australia! Thousands of souls, over these many years, have been impacted as a result of these many missions to Australia. In fact, when I return, I plan on bigger events to reach souls for King Jesus!


Saturday, September 5th, 2015

I’m always wanting to make a difference and you do this one soul at a time. Looking back at our latest mission, in Sydney, I was really impressed with the young man from Peru pictured with me above. The entire service he was ENGAGED AND WAS INTENSE IN HIS WARFARE PRAYERS! This young man never set his eyes off me as he was listening intently as I preached Jesus. Seeing him receive deliverance from spirits of mind control and witchcraft was encouraging. Moreover, this young man is fired up to serve Jesus in the gospel ministry. He will go far!


This is what my life is about –seeing lives transformed. I want to see you changed by the powerful gospel of Jesus. Get the word out about our Melbourne mission. Invite your family, friends and foes! Will see you soon!

Read some of these powerful testimonies from our recent missions throughout Australia:

“I just wanted to send you a quick update after the incredible deliverance I received through our precious Lord Jesus Christ when you were here on the Gold Coast!

Jay, to say that life is completely different is an understatement. I am truly walking in the peace, love, joy and Grace of Our Lord!

Jeff and I have experienced the most incredible peace in our marriage – there is NO STRIFE!!!!!! (apart from one day of me getting ‘taken out’ a few days after deliverance)…. Prior to my deliverance, we were living in constant strife, if not every day, every second at least!! And since then, our own Ministry is growing and moving like never before. God is pushing and advancing our territory for His Glory!!! AMAZING!!!!

So Jay, from the bottom of my heart… truly truly truly, thank you!!!!!

I know I still have a bit to clean out, but for the most part, I can totally feel God’s peace and presence in me and upon me and it’s INCREDIBLE!!”

Here’s another testimony:

“Many thanks for your time, teaching and the energy you give as you minister. It was the first time I witness deliverance at that level and give all the Glory to Our Awesome God and Our Lord Jesus for sending you to us. I learn a lot and will learn more now, thanks to your introduction to such a powerful Ministry.”

Yet another testimony:

“I can’t even begin to put into words my gratitude for all I learnt over the last 3 nights and how much my faith has been strengthened just by witnessing the Almighty Power our Wonderful Lord and Savior.”

Enigma of Exorcism, Empowering Future Exorcists

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


This has been an extraordinary mission to Australia. We have seen some phenomenal and staggering wonders of the Holy Spirit. Some of the exorcisms we conducted were intense and stunning. Many have encountered the miraculous power of God and we still have one more series of public meetings in Melbourne, Victoria this week. Hope to see you. You are welcomed to attend.


By the way, not only did we witness amazing miracles but we were able to participate in some very powerful sacraments that have empowered and inspired. Not only did I lead the saints in Holy Communion, each night, but I also had the wonderful opportunity to water baptize a believer (Jonathan pictured above with Chris). Then within 24 hours or so later this same believer was ordained into the gospel ministry.


As some of you know I’m very concerned that the modern church has placed holy events (commonly known as sacraments) such as Holy Communion, water baptism, and Holy Ordination aside. In some cases they have simply ignored the mandate to the carry on the fullness of the gospel. We embrace the need not only for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to operate but also allow the sacraments to flourish within local communities of disciples of Christ! The sacraments will empower the saints to go forward with holy power to reach the world for Jesus.


Jesus ordain, called, consecrated, set aside some apostles (and prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers). He didn’t call everyone to be apostles, He called some. This divine calling continues down through the centuries of church history. Those called to the 5-fold ministry as described in Ephesians 4:11 should be acknowledged by the universal church. I’m always keen to acknowledge those whom have been called by the Holy Spirit. People need encouragement and need empowerment. I’m determined to be discerning. When God has called disciples to the five-fold then we ought to do something about it –namely ordain. As an apostle, I must follow through.


In Acts 13, we see this holy event being carried out by the early church. We were fortunate to be part of this sacred continuation in the midst of the Sydney mission. God impressed on my heart and others the need to ordain into the gospel ministry –two young men who are evangelists. So, after their deliverance from demons. That’s right, both of these men received deliverance from evil spirits. I have already reported on Chris and his exorcism a few days ago. However, allow me to share about the deliverance of Jonathan (pictured with me and Chris above, post ordination).


He’s a young man I have been mentoring for the past year and it’s quite clear God has called him to be an evangelist. It was solidified while in New South Wales. After I drove out demons from Chris, I then noticed Jonathan was also needing further deliverance (Jonathan has been through a process of extensive deliverance, as often is the case with many). As I began to pray over him, strong demonic spirits surfaced. One was named “Destroyer.”


“We are NOT leaving! We are wanting to destroy him!,” these destructive beings revealed to me as they convulsed his body and twisted his limbs, “We entered in 1244. We have brought destruction through the generations and we will destroy him too.”


There were so many of these Destroyer demons within Jonathan. These were ancestral spirits lingering around and now being exposed by Jesus. He was delivered, on that night, of these powerful spirits, however, it should be noted that he’s already been freed from many thousands of demons….yet there was another layer of demonic activity operating secretly in his life. This is the enigma of exorcism.  

How could a young man, like Jonathan, who lived a pure life for Jesus since the age of 8, was homeschooled and had Christian parents be so terribly demonized? The enigma exists in the reality of ancestral evil and dissociative realities. All of our ancestors opened doors to demons and these demons remain in secrecy because no one placed spiritual pressure on them.

Which points to the reality, once again to the urgent need to bring the ministry of deliverance and exorcism to the Body of Christ! Moreover, there is a urgent need to unleash the younger generations to the work of the fullness of the gospel. We need to see many young men and woman rise to the occasion and be ordained –to be empowered to preach the gospel and drive out demons. In other words we need to raise up a generation of exorcists that will go into the world and proclaim the Jesus saves and delivers! Our world is getting darker thus the need for more exorcists.


By the way, the ordination of Chris and Jonathan speaks of the reality that God isn’t calling people who are perfect and fully delivered but those who are humble and willing to obey God. These men are. Thus the  ordination. What an honor.


I believe another young man that will be ordained at some point is the young man pictured above with his mother. Both are originally from Peru in South America and both were freed from many demons. Seeing all of these young men receiving freedom and responding to the call of God is encouraging. I love preaching, teaching and casting out demons but it really fires me up to have a part in ordaining a generation of disciples to do greater works of the Kingdom.

In Sydney: Jammed Packed Hall Witness Broken Hearts Being Healed!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


Stunning several days here in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, as we have held a series of public meetings and seminars with the hopes of reaching souls with the power and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each night, our attendance improved from the previous night and we were jammed packed on the very last night of our mission.


Our last day consisted of two meetings –a afternoon training seminar and a evening deliverance meeting. Both were well attended. Incredible ministry took place as many encountered supernatural healing. More on this in a moment. However, I must say, it was a draining series of meetings as I poured out my heart in reaching souls that were enslaved to Satan. Furthermore, each night, we battled some very strong demonic spirits and the powers of witchcraft that had been sent to us; in an attempt to hinder the work of the gospel. However, Jesus prevailed.


After I arrived back to the apartment I was exhausted but was strengthened in being back with my family. So, this afternoon, I took the family to a fun park, on the other side of Darling Harbor, here in Sydney. Pictured above is my family as we traveled by boat, passing under the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I needed the time away with the family. I’m still needing some time of recovery. My energy levels are low. My vocals are strained too. I am grateful for your prayers in Jesus name. I have already held 12+ meetings and seminars in 4 different cities in 3 different regions of Australia. Many souls have been set free by Jesus as a result. However, all of this travel and ministry have taken a toll. I am appreciative of your prayers and support at this time.


As I mentioned, last night, we had a supernatural service where souls were freed from demonic powers. One lady we ministered to, named Judy, pictured with me above, attended each of our services. She had been terribly afflicted by demon powers. As I began to minister to her, numerous demons surfaced from within her including Jezebel, Baal, and a number of spirits named Lucifer. They convulsed her body and spoke to me as I approached her, to pray over her.


“Her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices,” the demons revealed to me, “When she was younger she invited us in.”


We discovered that when Judy was a younger lady she participated in the occult and literally called upon the devil and invited his demons within her. She wasn’t a solo practictioner of Satanism either; she was actually involved in a formal satanic cult that participated in horrible rituals.


I was honored to lead her in some prayers to renounce the devil and the ceremonies she participated in. She had great difficulty in praying with me however when she did some spiritual release took place. Many of these demons we confronted were driven out of her in Jesus name; including some very stubborn spirits named Lucifer. They had been holding, in captivity, parts of her broken heart. I was able to reach some of the little ones. They were so fearful and terrified.


I was able to guide them to Jesus for healing. The holy angels surrounded them and ministered to them. One 7 year old part had been terribly hurt. At first the little one didn’t trust me.


“This Jesus…will He hurt me?” the little girl asked.


Due to her involvement in sorcery and occultism she had been introduced to a false Christ that deeply hurt her. I’m thankful we were able to intervene and introduce this precious little girl to the loving Savior who greatly comforted her. When this part encountered Jesus, suddenly, the little one began to open up to me with a MASSIVE smile! She could tell I was nice. She told me she trusted me as she could see I was a good man and I was filled with love.


I later discovered that Judy had NO IDEA that a little 7 year old dissociative part existed within her life. Or that others existed. She just knew there was a tremendous amount of inner darkness lurking within her soul. Jesus pushed the darkness back and brought some freedom to her!


So, many hearts need the love of Jesus, my friends. So many bruised and battered hearts. I met them this week. Jesus has come to heal those broken in heart. Judy needs some incredible amount of counsel, love, deliverance and healing. However, the journey to restoration has begun and I look forward to seeing what Jesus will do in her life in the days to come.


Judy wasn’t alone. There were many others, who were dissociative, who were attending our services. I spoke to many of their broken hearts ranging from little babies to older teenagers. They poured out their grief, torment, and pain. Beautiful healing took place a result. Many of them testified of seeing the risen Savior.


These supernatural power encounters with these little broken heart parts spoke volumes to those who had assembled in the public hall. Many realized the need, for themselves, deep inner healing and in the Body of Christ. Yes, there is a need for physical healing but also healing of broken hearts. Jesus came to heal the shattered. Many hearts were supernaturally healed and many more need to healed. We are already receiving some fascinating reports from those who have experienced the restorative curing powers of Christ this past week. I’m grateful to God.

Violent Exorcisms, Another Murderous Threat in New South Wales

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


Last night, here in Sydney, New South Wales, we conducted, yet another public mission to offer souls the opportunity to find freedom in Jesus name! I was pleasantly surprised to see even more souls arrived to the meeting hall to receive ministry. For the second night in a row, we encountered many violent demons including some from the woman pictured with me above.


Those evil spirits within this woman, at one point, violently threw her to the ground, no doubt in an attempt to injure her. God was gracious. She was liberated from numerous evil spirits that had brought a host of physical and emotional afflictions. We also contacted a little dissociative identity (a broken heart part) that held so much pain and hurt. That little one was guided to Jesus for healing. This woman needs more ministry however tremendous deliverance took place in her life and you could tell glancing at her picture she had experience the power of Jesus!


The night, however, began with some crazy supernatural intensity. As I taught from the Holy Scriptures I was being bombarded by numerous witchcraft curses and fiery darts. It was intense. I pressed through and led everyone in Holy Communion. Everyone assembled was led to partake of the body of Christ. Then I proceeded to lead everyone to partake of the blood of Christ. Immediately, evil spirits, surfaced from within a woman in the back of the public hall. As she held onto the Communion cup, the demons violently convulsed her and groaned. The spiritual pressure was too much for the invading demons. The cried out and screamed out of her.


As I continued to pray, the demons went into the frenzy and suddenly the demonized woman flipped backwards and chairs started to fly in the air as she crashed into the chairs. The demons were extremely violent and cried out:




Another murderous threat from a power of darkness. I have received, perhaps, thousands of such threats over the years. I take them very seriously as I have been physically attacked and even shed blood as a result of these attacks. Very serious warfare we are involved in. I swiftly went back to the demonic commotion and confronted the demons within this woman.


They immediately placed their hands upon my hands in an attempt to claw me. I rebuked them in the name of Jesus. I have been violently clawed before by demons and their claws. I forced the demons to place their hands down. They obeyed. They screamed and moaned. These were vicious demons.


Numerous generational spirits of witchcraft, perversion, lewdness, and destruction surfaced from within woman. They grabbed the woman in a very perverted manner and attempted to touch others in a perverted manner. The demons were confronted with the power of God and they obeyed and entered the pit in Jesus name. They flew out of her and she encountered the peace and healing of Jesus. More ministry needs to take place in this woman’s life however I am happy we were able to intervene and provide some much needed relief to this woman’s life.


All night long, we confronted evil spirits and commanded them into the pit. Many demons departed from those who had been tormented for so long. The lady pictured above, mentioned, she had been waiting for YEARS for relief. I’m thankful to God that we were able to intervene in the name of Jesus.


Another exciting ministry event took place last night prior to the evening service. I had the wonderful opportunity to water baptize a young disciple of Jesus, in our bathtub, in our apartment, in Sydney. What was special was that my three little children were able to participate by watching and asking questions about the significance of the sacrament of water baptism. This young man was baptize in the name of the Father, of the Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Demon of Murder Warned Me in Sydney: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


The Australian mission marches across the continent as we have conducted missions in Perth, in Heathridge, in Gold Coast and now in Sydney –Australian’s largest city. Last night, we held a powerful service that was well attended and we encountered the majestic wonders of God.


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, a 27 year old man in the back of the meeting hall confessed to me and everyone else that he felt like murdering everyone and throwing chairs. I could sense violent spirits were surfacing from within him.


Within minutes of breaking ancestral curses, this young man named Chris, manifested strong and aggressive demons. They growled, they moaned and cried out loudly. They gnashed his teeth and spoke to me.


“We are going to kill YOU!,” the violent demonic spirits warned me, “We hate you and we will you! We have been here a very long time. Thousands of years ago we used his ancestors to kill many children. They worshipped and served other gods. They worshipped Baal!”


AH! The ancient demonic worship of Baal. Many Middle Eastern communities, through the ages, worshipped and offered sacrifices to this demon-god. I have discovered in encountering tens of thousands of demonized souls that the demon named Baal is a common spirit that has invaded billions of souls. It is a strong –yet defeated– demonic entity. We quickly discovered that Baal was present within Chris.


“We cause him pain, fear of people, we control his mind, we have placed numerous snakes within him,” the demon Baal revealed to me, “We desire for to him go completely insane. We bring depression and mental illness.”


Baal even admitted that he’s been hidden through the generations, more than a millennia, because no one dared to break the deep hidden curses. Chris did and Baal was threatened so he surfaced.


These demons that surfaced were extremely violent, they convulsed his body, twisted his limbs, and contorted his face. They mocked me and even, at one point, violently threw him into some chairs. This spirit was intent on attempting to injure him and others. However, God’s holy mighty angels arrived swiftly and assisted in restraining the demons and their blood-lust violence.


The angels restrained the demons, they arrested the spirits and forced them to bow to King Jesus. I called upon the holy fire of God which greatly weakened the demons and utilized my CROSS of Deliverance to destroy the invading demons. As we warred against these ancient entities we learned more of their intentions and workings within his family bloodline.

  • A group of demons named “Legion,” surfaced that were located within his mind. They held captive parts of his heart. They were released and were guided to Jesus for healing.
  • A group of demons named “Jezebel,” surfaced that were located within his body. The demons confessed to working with some spirits called “spirit wives.” They keep him from meeting a Godly woman and to bring isolation.
  • A group of spirits named Asura surfaced and opposed me. These were ancient beings that span Hindu, Norse and Buddhist mythologies and spirituality. These were higher level spirits that battled me and held claim to the bloodline of Chris due to his ancestors worshipping false gods.
  • A group of demons named “witchcraft,” surfaced and battled me. They were holding onto a part of Chris’s dad named Bill. This “human interject,” surfaced through Chris and spoke to me. He mentioned he was jealous of his son and wanted to hinder his progress towards the things of God. I sent him out of Chris along with the spirits of witchcraft.

This extraordinary exorcism was witnessed by many. It was intense. It was dramatic. It was violent. However, King Jesus prevailed over these demons and we cast these ancient beings out of his soul and body. Chris was set free and encountered the mighty presence of Jesus.
“Jay, I feel amazing. I feel free and healed. As you prayed over me, spiritual electiricty surged through my body,” Chris shared, “My mind is cleared and the pains I had been experiencing are GONE!”

Freedom Fighter Healed of Afflictions in Gold Coast

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

I’m still marveling at the ministry that took place this past weekend in Queensland where multitudes of demonic spirits were cast out in Jesus name. We encountered dissociative identities, ancestral dissociative identities and human interjects. Moreover, bodies were healed. For example, on our second evening service a precious saint came to our meeting (pictured with me above, whom I’ll refer to as Mary) with a friend. During the deliverance service, Mary, started feeling great pains up and down her legs. These afflictions were causing her an element of torment. I commanded the pains to depart in Jesus name and the pains came out of her. Mary was so happy afterwards.


What an honor to see so many, over a span of nearly 30 years, miraculously healed. Tens of thousands of lives have been cured of various infirmities, freed from evil spirits and saved by JESUS!


Mary is one of many Australians who have enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center. In fact, she is one of the graduates of our training center who has a deep desire to serve Jesus. She mentioned to me, after the service, that even her young children love our ministry and watch our deliverance videos to learn more about the ministry of Jesus. Isn’t this beautiful? We hear this often. Many young people listen to our radio presentations and watch our videos and are inspired. We are blessed to be able to share to the world and impact millions of souls.


You might recall the testimonies of the family that have bene receiving a mighty deliverance from demons and are committed to serving Jesus for the rest of their lives. Well, I recently received a powerful email from this family that will encourage you. Read and enjoy:


“Hi brother Jay, I just want the oppurtunity to thank you one more time for the help Joan, Marshall and you gave to my family through Jesus Christ amen. My wife and daughter have been relieved of the evil spirits but we now know this is a war that will continue daily till the day we are with Christ in heaven. I am so grateful to Jesus for sending you all to Gold Coast, God had a purpose, apart from healing us all, the full extent of that purpose is still to be fully revealed. But I do know that what ever that purpose is or will be, it will be in service to our Lord Jesus (it may well be fighting demons). Thank you for showing us the tools of Jesus to fight them, we will armor ourselves daily and will now always be prepared to fight them. Thank you again in Jesus name.”