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Strangled by Satan but JESUS!

Friday, January 1st, 2016

Recently, in West Palm Beach, Florida, a young lady, attended our powerful seminar with horrific spiritual problems. As I taught from the WORD the young lady, was literally being STRANGLED by demonic powers. She couldn’t breathe and almost lost consciousness.

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,” she desperately cried out, “I need help.”

It was as if there were invisible hands around her neck strangling her. Life was gradually being taken from her by powerful invisible spiritual entities.

This young woman whom I’ll refer to as Beth was experiencing a serious demonic assault. She wasn’t kidding and everyone in the conference hall could see the demons attempting to kill her. It was very obvious the demons wanted to take her out before she could encounter freedom in Jesus!

BUT JESUS! There’s always a but Jesus….

Your marriage is in shambles but Jesus….

Your health is declining, the doctors are telling you have this disease or that ailment but Jesus….

You are being challenged by the hosts of hell but Jesus….

You are emotionally dead inside but Jesus…..

You have lost hope but Jesus….

There’s always a but Jesus….

Jesus is willing to offer LIFE NOW! That’s what Beth experienced. Despite the numerous spiritual, emotional mental and physical challenges Jesus stepped in and rescued!

During the meeting, I reached out to her and commanded the demons of death and destruction to depart. I then breathed into her LIFE, the LIFE of Jesus. The evil strangulation Beth was experiencing  departed swiftly, the spiritual evil hands were commanded to release her. They obeyed. Her breathing resumed like normal; in fact, Beth cried out:

“Jay, I have NEVER breathed like this before! I can BREATH! I feel so good. I haven’t slept in YEARS and now I feel like I can sleep for days!”

Everyone in the hall was in AWE seeing what Jesus did for this woman! She was miraculously healed and delivered from the demons of death. Her face spoke of wellness, restoration and joy! She was given new life! She was so happy.