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Good Friday Service in Perth, Australia: I’m at His Throne!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

During a Good Friday service I preached the WORD, led everyone in Holy Communion and ministered to those afflicted. Extraordinary miracles took place –soul invaders were removed, heart parts healed and evil spirits cast out! I even heard a testimony of a pastor who shared that one of his friends, recently, saw me in the Spirit, casting demons out someone, in the name of Jesus! God is truly blessing our small global mission.

For many years I have been traveling to Western Australia, conducting meetings in many various venues throughout the city of Perth. We have been extraordinarily blessed as most of our meetings here have been incredible, graced with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit with beautiful signs and wonders taking place. Tonight’s seminar, near downtown Perth, was something to behold. Souls who were bound were released. Broken hearts and minds were restored and lives were transformed.

One lady I ministered to, pictured with me above, had been terribly assaulted by demonic spirits. While praying for her many demons surfaced including death, witchcraft and Lucifer. They boasted how they had been in her bloodline for thousands of years as a result of her ancestors worshipping other gods. She renounced this generational sin and was freed from the curse.

I commanded all of the evil spirits within her, to release her. All of them were commanded into the abyss. They obeyed and immediately she testified of being miraculously  healed of various kinds of pains and tensions. Moreover, I located a inner warlock that had been sending her destructive curses. This invader was forced out in the name of Jesus.

Even God’s holy angels assisted me greatly and struck the invading demons whom I was battling. The demons released this woman and a heart part surfaced –a little 8 year old. I guided her to the Savior and she was loved and received. What she encountered was thrilling. She had the high honor to enter the Third Heaven and thus receiving from God. It was beautiful to behold. Be sure to view her video testimonies to hear what transpired.