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Epic Breakthroughs Spanning 13+ Hours

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

The testimonies keep on flowing into the mission. As I mentioned in my last email update, this last North American mission was wildly successful in that many souls were brought to Jesus for salvation, millions of demons cast out, broken hearts healed, and bodies repaired. Moreover, many hundreds of saints are now equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom! In our last service, for more than 13 hours, we battled the demonic seeing many souls encountering epic spiritual breakthrough in their lives, marriages and ministries! Having the Body of Christ unified in love was really special to witness. 

Meeting after meeting , throughout the earth, disciples are sharing with me how they have incorporated what we have demonstrated, in public, in their ministry to others. They have discovered it works. So many people are being freed from evil spirits in Jesus name through our mission partners from around the world. Many thousands, every year, are being set free from demonic afflictions from those who we have trained. In our last few missions we have heard many testify of this reality thus encouraging our hearts greatly! Moreover, many are incorporating what we teach in their own lives and many are encountering a deep work of self-deliverance; as many demons are being expelled from one’s life!

One precious saint from Australia, who is enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center, shared this with me:

“I would like to take this time to personally thank you Jay for all the great work that you do as a result of your ministry. I have consecrated a cross and wear it all the time and when I’m in worship ministry while the others are getting sick, sickness can’t touch me. As a result of partaking in the sacrament of Holy Communion properly; I personally taught my children that the grape juice actually turn to blood and it has power. The amount of self deliverance I’ve gotten from that is incredible. I have received complete deliverance, as a result of being under your mission studying. Praise Jesus the prophetic anointing is incredible; I see things before they happen now thank you so much to your yielding to the Holy Spirit and bring deliverance training to the body of Christ in Australia.”

Another precious disciple, in Northern California, who has received incredible ministry from our mission, reported this:

 “Hi Jay, this is Angie, from the Northern Californian meeting. There are so many things I would like to share with you but I will do that at a later time. But this one thing cannot wait —the Lord has told me to tell you thank you from HIM for delivering me. It means so much to Him. The Lord is so happy with you!”

Jesus is really blessing us in many ways; He seems to be happy with us. This pleases me more than anything; as I want to honor HIM!

UNREAL: Jesus Miracles on Halloween

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As many of you know I have safely arrived back home from a very lengthy mission journey where we witnessed the mighty works of the Holy Spirit. Stunning, thrilling, powerful! The testimonies I’m receiving from Canada and throughout the United States are amazing! Like this one:

“Pastor Jay, Forgive this lengthy message but I had to testify. I am the lady that drove to the Atlanta conference on Halloween from Mississippi. Thank you, Man of God, for persisting in helping me to get an epic breakthrough over the heavy evil bondage in my life. I fasted for a miracle in October and The Lord moved mightily on the last day of October. I have suffered much for years and years. God is continuing to move in delivering more layers!!! I felt some tightness in my head this morning and followed the principles you taught Saturday night and casted out: 

1 Sinus disease that came by fear, doubt, and unbelief

2 A human interject (my aunt Loretta) was sent to Jesus. She is still alive so I do not know how she came

3 Maternal granddad that died from brain stroke (sent him to Jesus) it caused headaches because he bumped his head after he fell

4.A Spirit called “venomous spiders”

5.Kami Spirit ( I looked this name up and it was a Japanese god)

6 Ancestor part named Ida May That lost a son through a dynamite explosion 

7 Phobias ( I was able to breath clearer when they left!!!)

8 A monitoring spirit

9 A lizard spirit

Unreal- Glory to God!!!!!!!!!”

This precious sister in the Lord (pictured above with her husband) had been desperate for deliverance for many months. She had been fighting and God directed her to our site. That site opened her eyes and she made the decision to attend our mission. This woman; along with her husband are Godly people and were serious about obtaining a Jesus miracle thus their 6+ hours of driving to our recent Atlanta mission.

She attended every service we held and soaked everything up. She was hungry as was everyone else. I’m really grateful for the opportunity I had to teach and equip the Body of Christ in Georgia. I’m already making plans on scheduling another series of larger public meetings.

Standing Room Only Meeting Witnessed Signs & Wonders in Atlanta!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The entire month of October was intense! Usually is; due to the Halloween season where the demonic activity increases. Consider how God sustained me on the October mission:


  • Spent more than 21 days on the road; visiting 10 different States and 1 Canadian province.
  • Traveled nearly 14,000 miles (nearly 20,000 kilometers) visiting dozen or more cities.
  • Conducted more than 30 private and public missions; reaching many hundreds with the ministry of deliverance and healing.
  • One phase of the journey consisted of traveling from the Eastern province of Ontario, Canada to the other side of the continent –Anchorage, Alaska (then from Anchorage I traveled by car another few hours into the village of Seward, AK).
  • Most of our meetings consisted of encountering violent and aggressive evil spirits; God sustained.
  • Most of our meetings were, at the very least, 5 hours long. Many lasted 7 to 8 hours. Our last evening service, in Atlanta, consisted of 13+ hours of teaching and cast out demons esus name!
  • We conducted many dozens of exorcisms where millions of demons were expelled; tens of thousands of ancestral dissociative identities were guided to Jesus and tens of thousands of dissociative identities were were supernaturally healed by Jesus! Moreover, many human interjects were also removed by Jesus!
  • We witnessed many souls won to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ in nearly every public meeting

This gives you some glimpse of the intensity of the mission we are involved in. I didn’t share all of the personal attacks I had to endure; including some death threats. Furthermore, being far away from from my wife and family, during this extensive mission, was tough too! I often don’t share half of what we are involved in.

Everywhere I traveled to; I witnessed the power of God being unleashed in an unusual manner; with greater intensity. My friends, time is so short, before the second coming of Jesus. We must preach the WORD with the signs and wonders following. As many of you know I don’t merely talk; I walk the talk (at least, by God’s grace, I try to). I actually demonstrate, in public, the power of Jesus over the demonic for ALL to SEE!

Our last stop was in Atlanta, Georgia. We are loved in Atlanta. The mission is celebrated and supported in Atlanta. In recent years we have seen the numbers increase. In fact, our last service was a jammed packed service. We literally ran out of seats thus it was standing room only service consisting of individuals and families that traveled throughout the nation (few traveled more than 17-18 hours) to attend and receive deliverance. God did not disappoint; His love rescued so many dozens.

We conducted a teaching seminar from 3pm to nearly 7pm; then after a 30 minute break we conducted a public deliverance meeting until 4am or so the following morning. How does one lead a service like that? Flesh will fail. But walking in the Spirit will allow you to sustain supernatural strength for many hours to deliver precious souls hungering for deliverance.

Many of the exorcisms we conducted were quite violent. Some were vicious actually. Some of the Santeria, voodoo and witchcraft demons were encountered on this night were extremely strong however Jesus prevailed. Like in the case with Maria (pictured above with me) whose family practiced Santeria; performing rituals. Her ancestors participated in ancient blood rituals; including the drinking of blood. These past few nights in Atlanta we encountered many demonic beings that boasted how they held onto the spiritual rights; of those ancestors that indulged in human and animal sacrifice.

When I approached Maria, the demons were berserk! As I approached her; the demons surfaced and chairs flew everywhere. They grotesquely twisted her body and violently threw her to the ground. They spun around insanely. It took great spiritual effort to maintain order. The demons eventually obeyed and were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Maria is changed as a result. She is FREE. The light, the peace on her face said it all!

Not only was she delivered she was also miraculously healed of cancer, tumors, cysts, migraines, and fear. All of this brought upon her life because of these demons within her ancestral bloodline.

“Ha! We entered her because her ancestors offered things to us, they consumed blood, we bring tumors in her body to torment her,” the spirits of Santeria boasted to me, “we go back more than 1,000 years ago because her ancestors practiced idolatry.”

Obviously, before Santeria entered the historical picture; there was ancient idolatry that the pagan nations surrounding ancient Israel indulged in. These hellish practices opened the doors to the demonic. Sadly, we discovered not ONE single believer in these 1000 years ever intervened in Maria’s family; to drive out the evil spirits. Thank God we were there and we did intervene and witnessed Jesus prevail!

Demons Bowed as Jesus Visited Us!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 My friends this international mission is blessed. In many of our meetings now we are encountering the ascended Lord in a very tangible manner. Yes, we know He is omnipresent. He fully understand He is present everywhere however He is visiting us in a very real manner. His love, His power, His deliverance is being manifested in many of our missions.

 Years ago, I was honored to see the ascended Jesus in Pakistan with my very own eyes; in His ascended state among the clouds; as He reigned over all. Over the past few years we are seeing the increasing amount of holy visitations of Jesus in our missions. This is perhaps the greatest of the signs and wonders we are encountering –witnessing the tangible presence of Jesus in our midst! He is actually walking among us; the demons are screaming out of their victims as a result. They are petrified of HIM!

 The past year we are seeing King Jesus display His power in unusual ways. We take these holy encounters very serious as He is pleased with us —to visit us in this manner. Tonight, here in Atlanta, Georgia, was no exception. To give you some idea of the ministry that took place; allow me to share what took place in the life of those whom we ministered to.


  • 100,000’s of evil spirits were driven out, of a young man in Jesus name!
  • Spirits of death, Moloch, Baal, Jezebel, Voodoo, Freemasonry, Anti-Christ, & many others defeated and sent to the pit by King Jesus.
  • Demons behind human sacrifice, animal sacrifice, sex with animals, and unholy blood oaths were destroyed by the cross of Jesus.!
  • Tens of thousands of ancestral dissociative identities were removed in Jesus name.
  • Encountered numerous human interjects; they were removed and sent to Jesus.
  • Ancestral curses that stemmed from thousands of years ago were renounced.
  • One demon, generational unworthiness, held captive more than 5,000 ancestral heart parts (the demons were forced to release them; they were guided to Jesus for healing). I spoke to a few (within a man, perhaps in his 30’s) including a 65 year old man who died in a car accident.
  • Numerous physical afflictions were cured by Jesus! One lady was so dramatically healed that she testified that she had been in pain for more than 20 years and NOW Jesus had healed her!
  • Numerous dissociative identities (broken heart parts) healed by Jesus.
  • Numerous miracles took place as we utilized the spiritual weapons such as the fire of the Holy Spirit, mighty holy angels, the Sword of the Spirit, consecrated objects and the love of Jesus!

It was stunning to witness; the supernatural power of God being unleashed among God’s people. It started off pretty quickly. I taught from the Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion; then proceeded to minister to those who had assembled.
Within seconds, demons manifested. Some rather violently. Some were screaming. Some were twisting limbs; some were shouting.
One demonized woman to my right; surfaced with great fury. The spirits shook the body of a lady who had traveled more than 6 hours to be present in our meeting. I spoke to the demonic forces; as so many surfaced. We are speaking of many, many thousands from within her surfaced and spoke to me.

Many were rooted in ancient voodoo ritualism and blood sacrifices. These were vicious spirit hell bent on battling me. So I battled back with the spiritual weapons we possess.
“You are too strong for us,” the spirits confessed.
I reminded them it wasn’t me they had to contend with but rather Jesus. As I mentioned that –the Lord Jesus walked into the meeting hall resulting in the demons bowing quickly to Him. They screamed as they could see HIM!

The disciples of the Lord could feel his presence also; many of us bowed before Jesus. We continued to battle these demons and expelling many. Many broken hearts then surfaced as they were held by these demon powers. They were guided to Jesus for healing.

This was only the beginning, as the night continued more and more miracles took place. Spectacular miracles took place that stunned the audience; as many had never witnessed anything like this before. Other souls were miraculously physically and emotionally healed. Others were supernaturally set free from demons.

Even well after the public meeting ended a small group of us continued to minister deep into the night; well after 2am. In the small group meeting a precious lady we were ministering deliverance to saw the risen Jesus! She fell down to her knees crying with joy; Jesus entered her (she was in utter shock that this occurred) and began to speak to those of us who had assembled. He reminded us of the need to reach hurting souls, to preach His Word, and to not grieve the Holy Spirit. Many others things were spoken by Jesus that we treasured in our hearts.

My friends, we are encountering the heights of the miraculous. We give all praise to Jesus for He is the miracle workers and Lord!

Defeating Jezebel, Idolatry, & Islamic Demons in Atlanta!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Another powerful meeting here in Atlanta, Georgia, we were once again jammed packed with hungry souls for Jesus! However, at the start of the meeting, a confrontation transpired where a man was furious with me as I called him and his wife out for not participating in our mass deliverance prayers. The entire time they were in the meeting hall they were angry and were in opposition. I am tired of seeing infiltrators attending our meeting and disrupting our services with their unbelief, mockery, and outright opposition. All year we have witnessed this take place in meetings all across the world. The enemy is really furious with me and desires to destroy. I’m fighting back in Jesus name and will call out those who seek to undermine and bring destruction.


These particular individuals eventually left however not until he pointed to me and told me in uncertain terms we was very angry with me. He ended up walking out. Then moments later his wife. I even inquired why they even attended our service and was never given an answer. Strange but unexpected. Remember it’s pre-Halloween and the forces of evil are in full force. We felt it.


We pressed on in Jesus name! One of the first individuals we ministered to was a young lady, who is really fired up for Jesus, she came to our last public deliverance service and was significantly freed as we drove out thousands of Buddhist spirits. This time around, God directed me to her, once again, this time, she was needing deliverance from Jezebel. She growled and sought to battle me. Jezebel was there along with spirits of idol-worship, mind-control and some serpentine spirits. They were all driven out in Jesus name along with numerous sicknesses and pains they had been bringing into this woman. She encountered freedom and healing; take a glance at the picture above and see for yourself!


Another lady we ministered to, was a woman, who had been invaded by a number of spirits of rejection. They even held her broken heart. These heart parts were released and were able to see Jesus for healing! Spirits of rebellion and Freemasonry were encountered and were rejected on this night. In the name of the Lord Jesus we drove out many of these demons to the pit!

Teenager Freed from Tens of Thousands of Demons!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I have conducted thousands of exorcisms thus far this year. What we witnessed in Boston last weekend was among the top ten exorcisms we have conducted in 2014. A young man, originally from Haiti, attended the meeting with his mother. I’ll refer to him as Thomas. While I taught from the Scriptures and ministered I didn’t notice anything unusual from this young man. He sat quietly with virtually no response. However, as I would soon find out, deep within Thomas, waged a internal war for his soul!


This internal war manifested externally as vicious and very violent demonic entities surfaced from within him. I had the holy angels literally spiritually arrest the demons and immediately the angels forced the demons into a literal position of having been arrested by God Almighty! The angels literally carried, without any human aid, this young man up on stage so I might be able to minister to him effectively.


The evil spirits had so twisted and grostesquely contorted his body that it shocked many who had assembled in the sanctuary. The demons growled, spat, blasphemed, and threatened me. They were extremely strong too. Tens of thousands of various kinds of demons were within this young man; many rooted in voodoo and witchcraft. They had brought all kinds of various maladies within his body and mind. In fact, while casting a group of demons from him; the spirit of cancer departed his body. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, many thousands were sent to the pit. This young man was really excited about encountering Jesus and His freedom on this night. It was extraordinary in that while we ministered to Thomas, Jesus tangibly visited us (the demons went insanely berserk knowing Jesus was present with us) and bestowed unusual amount of grace and power upon me. The demons even remarked at one point how they noticed I was given a new spiritual weapon.


They were actually SCREAMING out of him; as they could see Jesus giving me this new weapon. They were utterly petrified of me –because of this weapon! They glared at me with, threat amount of trembling, knowing this weapon would be used against them. 


“That weapon over your left shoulder is HUGE,” the demons screamed, “Please don’t use that sword on us.”

AH! I knew I have access to the swords of the Lord; however, this was a very special weapon given to me that slung over my shoulder. Since it was there, by faith, I took hold of it, with my right hand, and struck the invading demons. You should have seen the response of the demons!

They literally flew backwards and immediately with great spiritual force hit the ground. Actually, crumpled to the ground; fatally wounded! The demons were no match to the Sword of the Lord! 

Interestingly enough, not knowing what transpired on this night (as I’m sharing this encounter the first time), a Australian sister in the Lord, emailed me this evening, as she saw this vision of me:

“Jay–I saw you riding on a white horse with Jesus riding a white horse beside you. Swords raised high, charging into battle – the enemy easily trampled and destroyed as you and Jesus laugh heartily together. Not even looking at the enemy, your eyes are fixed on each other. So, I release an increase in fun and ease into every facet of your life. That everything would be an act of intimacy, fun and adventure with you and King Jesus!!”

WOW! What more can be said? I look forward to using this new weapon I have, that is slung over my shoulder, in many more battles throughout the earth. Thank you Lord for this gift!

Thomas was significantly healed and delivered from demons (some more ministry needs to take place) and praised God as a result. It was a very intense war, involving many hours of ministry but Jesus prevailed! I have given him my small Bible (Thomas, pictured above with my Bible) and believe for mighty works in this teenagers life!

Actually, I am not doing proper justice sharing what transpired on this night. It was that stunning! Jesus truly visited us in His holy power.

Delivering Souls from Tormentors!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s well after 5am and I’m still up. From New Orleans I traveled onward to Atlanta, Georgia where I am currently. We have a series of public and private meetings here in Georgia and I look forward to meeting you this week!

In recent days, I have been receiving many testimonies of souls encountering instant physical healing, deliverance and restoration as a result of attending our recent missions throughout the world. Hurting people who have been rescued from their tormentors. Allow me to share some with you:

From Boston:

“I thank God for you, Jay, your ministry; for assisting the Holy Spirit, for delivering me from my tormentors. Friday night, in Boston MA; you helped freed me of many demonic bondages of the enemy. I praise the Lord for you! I have no racing thoughts! I am calm, confident, content and happy. I no longer fear! But, now I sleep well and peace within my self and can feel the presences of the Holy Spirit in my life! I expect good news soon in my relational department! You and your wife will surely get an invite when I plan to marry! I believe in Jesus Christ name it’ll be much soon! Amen.”

From Toronto:

“May God bless your mission of salvation Jay! Meeting you at Mississauga was eye opening and perhaps soul awakening as well. Truly a blessing in life you have been to repair lives in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The meeting was extraordinary, and your teachings truly helped in my understanding of salvation.”

God is pleased to bestow His power upon our mission. Please stand with us today in financial support so we might continue this work of the gospel!

Exorcisms in Voodoo-Land (New Orleans); Witchcraft Defeated!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Life is a blur at times. I’m constantly in motion. Visiting one city after another; all across this continent. I started this latest mission back a few weeks ago. I’m still on the road, preaching Jesus and driving out demons. From Canada to Alaska to New England to Voodoo-Land. Ha! This is what I call the city of New Orleans; as the city is drenched with occultism. I like the people, the architecture, the tasty food and the vibrancy of the city but despise the evil that lurks within the city. No mistake about it; it’s filled with the powers of voodoo! I know because earlier tonight I encountered the demons.

Over the years I have traveled into New Orleans and conducted very large scale evangelistic events. Especially during Mardi Gras. I have conducted numerous open air missions in the French Quarter, preaching the good news of Jesus, to tens of thousands of souls needing life. In my last visit, while I proclaimed the gospel, I was attacked by a mob –beer bottles and other hard objects were thrown at me in an attempt to injure me. God spared me. 

So, this time, I decided to conduct a public deliverance mission, as a number of believers have asked me to. So, from Boston, after a very late service, I was able to catch a few hours of sleep then boarded, yet another flight into New Orleans. I rushed to the hotel and led a public deliverance service in their small meeting hall. Though we were small in number; precious souls came great distances to find freedom! One lady traveled more than 6 hours to be present! While in Boston one family traveled more than 8 hours to be present. This isn’t unusual; we see this all the time!

I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. I then proceeded to pray for those afflicted with evil spirits. Almost immediately, a mother and daughter (pictured with me; post deliverance), manifested demons. They both began to go into some minor convulsions and the invading demons growled at me. The demons even spoke very differently. 

The mother had spirits of witchcraft. 

“We have been here because her ancestors practiced witchcraft and some of us were sent here. But, we hate it here. All this woman does is pray and talk about this Jesus,” the demons bemoaned, “We want to stop her but we can’t. We tried to scare her. One day, she left the house and we entered. We went into her closet and under her rug. We threw some things around, in the house, but when she returned back home; she wasn’t fearful. She fought us!”

We also discovered that some of these spirits of witchcraft had been sent to her.

“Don’t you understand, we are all over this city. We cause people to feel oppressed here. We used some of these people to send curses to her; to destroy her. But we are not able to get too far. She’s too strong,” the demons confessed. 

Moreover, we discovered that some of these witchcraft demons had been tormenting her, for years, by appearing to her throughout the day. They mentioned how they were attached to her eye lids; to ensure she would see them all day long. Tormenting spirits. 

I battled on the behalf of this dear 69 year old woman and commanded the demons to come out. To take all of the torments. They obeyed and they vomited out of her in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards! She began to rejoice in praying in tongues and praised God for her deliverance. Furthermore, she testified that she felt lighter and could no longer see the tormenting spirits; that she had been battling for years! 

WOW! Jesus is the Liberator! This precious lady is ready to cast out demons from others! We also ministered to her daughter. She too, had witchcraft demonic spirits, that plagued her.

There were some deeply rooted witchcraft demons that were causing a number of physical problems and spiritual issues. They confessed to having been there a long time because of ancient idolatry; rooted in her Native American Indian heritage. One spirit, was identified by my dear pastor friend, Robert Jones, who oversees a church in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, who came to the meeting in support of the mission (along with some friends of ours, Arthur and Tiffany). The Holy Spirit told him it was a spirit named, “Black Hawk,” and the demons acknowledged their identity.

Black Hawk has been spiritually harassing this woman for a long time and admitted to being behind much of her afflictions. 

“We hold her spiritual gifts –teaching, preaching, healing and deliverance. We must stop her as she is a powerful woman of God!” the spirits warned me.

They had actually held this woman in spiritual slavery; binding her. They also held parts of her broken heart too. I spoke to them and released them to Jesus! Great inner healing took place too. During the exorcism, we found other spirits: like Incubus, fear, bitterness and many others. All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name! As they came out of her; she was feeling great too! Both, actually, testified of experiencing physical healing of various ailments. too; along with their mighty deliverance.

Both of them are very excited about serving Jesus and said they will travel to my other meetings so they might help others! The mom was so happy; she kissed me and blessed me. This was a strong woman of God! She’s now released into freedom. Amen! 

Boston Area: Out of This World Signs & Wonders, Legions of Demons, Hearts Healed, Bodies Cured!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Somebody isn’t happy with me!


After a thrilling supernatural night of signs and wonders; I travel back to my hotel room and check my emails. Guess who I receive a email from?


A demon.


That’s right; a wicked spirit within a lady, who lives in Europe, who took control of this woman’s body and typed out a death threat to me. The demon writes and tells me:


“I’m going to slice your face and hack your hands off with a butchers knife! You deserve nothing more than my disgust! This will be my time and your end.”

I must be doing something right if the demonic forces are furious with me; with this kind of intense hatred directed to me. I thank God I’m counted worthy for the cause of Christ!


For more than 8+ hours I taught from the Scriptures and battled legions of unclean spirits. For more than 4 hours I taught from the Word; then signs and wonders followed. Now, prior to the ministry session, a number of individuals were sharing how they were instantly physically healed of various ailments as a result of attending and participating our series of meetings here in the Boston area; specifically Buzzard’s Bay which is very close to Cape Cod here in Massachusetts. 


The sheer number of miracles that took place tonight was stunning! Over the next few weeks I’ll need to share more and more miracles that have taken place here at the River of Life Church. My dear pastor friend, Bob, is already looking forward to us returning to conduct even more meetings. Our meetings here have been well attended. Tonight, we were jammed packed with precious souls hungering for deliverance from demons.


Many were healed of a broken heart. Many bodies were cured from various ailments and afflictions. Many thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name! Just when I thought last night was spectacular; the Holy Spirit pushed us to another entire new spiritual level. The holy angels were arresting demons in an dramatic manner. Placing the demons hands behind their backs and binding them. They were striking the many demons with their swords; thus greatly weakening them. The fire of the Holy Spirit was burning demons in unusual ways. The power of the blood of Jesus defeated so many demons.


In fact, one of the first families we ministered to was the one pictured above. Josh and his wife Amber traveled a good distance to be present for a deliverance and healing. As I began to pray for him; numerous spirits named “Insanity” surfaced and spirits named, “Love of Money.”


When the demons of insanity surfaced from within him; they grotesquely twisted his body and contorted his limbs. They confessed to bringing all forms of pains and strange ailments within his body.


“Yes, we torment him. We have been here a long time. We entered because he participated in witchcraft,” the demons informed us as they growled out of him.


It was true. Josh has delved into all forms of the New Age movement and metaphysics (and mind sciences) resulting in his demonization. Moreover, he had been having a issue with love of money resulting in the spirits of greed invading him.


As Josh repented and renounced these sins and curses; the demons were removed in the name of Jesus and experienced instantly healing of his body –he reported of feeling zero pain! It was beautiful to behold; seeing Jesus perform such great miracles in our midst. Now, Josh was living, finally, in some peace and joy!


That was only the beginning as one miracle after another took place. I look forward to sharing the many signs and wonders that took place in our midst. Jesus to be praised. I leave, in a few hours, for New Orleans, for another public mission. I need urgent intercession for divine strength.

Extraordinary Jesus Encounters in New England: Demons of Cannibalism Defeated!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s well after 5am (I got so tired; went to sleep. Now it’s 4pm; the following day) and still on a spiritual high from last night’s service here in the New England region of the United States where we witnessed incredible power encounters of the Lord Jesus! We are holding a series of public meetings here at the River of life Church here in the Boston area with my pastor friend, Bob Corderio, who started this fellowship just a few years ago that is centered on bringing healing and deliverance to the captives!


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those afflicted, almost immediately, many were manifesting evil spirits and I was commanding the demons to leave in Jesus name! Some were getting some significant spiritual release (and even physical healing) though others were being hindered.


At the beginning of the service I could feel the spiritual walls –skepticism, unbelief, pride and doubt operating in many who had assembled. One particular man in the middle of the sanctuary glared at me the entire service. He looked angry and inquired why he was so angry and not participating in the deliverance prayers. He replied smugly, “I don’t need to pray; I’m perfect!”


Ah! One of those! I rebuked him in Jesus name. He was an infiltrator from the enemy; hindering the service. At one point, even the demons, within someone else, remarked how they controlled him and were using him. Didn’t surprise me at all. In many of our meetings we are watchful; as the enemies of the Lord seek to undermine and hinder our global missions (this infiltrator ended up leaving the service; immediately the freedom to minister was noticeable). Another demon, within someone, stated, “We will attack this church. We will make sure all of their electricity is turned off,” in which caused the pastor to respond forcefully, “Oh, no you’re not in Jesus name!”


We had some intense opposition but Jesus the Lord prevailed! One lady we ministered to was Sarah (pictured above). Originally from the Republic of Haiti, Sarah was birthed in a family that practiced witchcraft. In fact, her own father was a witchdoctor. As I approached her numerous demons surfaced including hundreds of of thousands of demons named, “Rejection,” who boasted how they had enslaved more than 17,000 ancestral dissociative identities within this woman. I spoke to some of them and was able to gather them as a group; guiding them to Jesus.


One fascinating ancestral part that surfaced was birthed in 1782 and confessed to being a witch and working in communion with demon powers. Her village discovered she was a witch. She ended up dying in a fire that was started by some villagers who were petrified of her witchcraft. This part was sent to Jesus.


Obviously, along with all of the spirits of rejection there were mass numbers of demons of voodoo, witchcraft, and sorcery. We are speaking of tens of thousands of various kinds of demons working within this woman.


“We have been here for more than 600 years! We are here because her ancestors allowed us in. They practiced blood rituals –sacrificing humans and animals. HA! It goes beyond that –her ancestors practiced cannibalism. They ate those who were sacrificed to us,” the many demons revealed to us.


Cannibalism is a serious evil that will allow mass numbers of demons into a family bloodline. However there were many other demons within this woman, there were more than 1,800 spirits of pride, 78,000 spirits of mind control and 15 spirits of hate.


“We tell her all the time, she’s worthless, that she’s dumb, and we bring shame!” the demons confessed to me.


These demons were defeated as Sarah renounced these word curses and spirits. But, there was more. Sarah had also been invaded by the wicked witch Jezebel. The ever boastful and seductive Jezebel.


“I’ve married her and I’m not leaving. I have placed rings on her and I have my crown which is staying with me,” Jezebel informed.


We discovered that not only was Jezebel present but many mermaid and spirit husbands that were boasting how they had kept in bondage all of these years.


“We keep her from getting married, from any relationships, from prosperity and bring migraines, stomach pains and bring arthritis. We weaken her bones and fingers. In fact, watch this as I twist her hands and fingers,” the spirits inform me.


These demons then proceeded to twist her hands and fingers in a unusual claw-like manner. I used the fire of the Holy Spirit to remove the arthritis and pains. Immediately, the afflictions left her hands and fingers. It was beautiful to behold; God removing these demonic afflictions.


As I warred against these 100,000’s of evil spirits within this woman, I called forth the mighty holy angels of God. They quickly came and assisted me. They struck these invading demons with their holy swords and greatly weakened them.


“They Holy Spirit is here in this room; He is moving around,” the demons told me with great fear!


Speaking of the Holy Spirit, I employed the fire of the Holy Spirit and called forth the fire to rest upon my hand. It did. I then directed the fire into the demons. They growled, groaned and angrily told me to stop as: “It burns, it burns!”


To further weaken these many demons, I also employed my holy cross. The demons backed up with utter terror; glancing at my cross. The power of the cross was too great for these demons to handle and was greatly weakened and defeated.


I then proceeded to drive out hundreds of thousands of demons from her body in Jesus name! More then 17,000 heart parts were sent to Jesus! The cures were broken in Jesus name and this woman was FREE! It was amazing to behold. It was incredible, extraordinary deliverance! Sarah was free and she was so happy!


In fact, she was shocked when she came out of demonized state and wondered how she even ended up being on stage. She was in a deep demonic trance like state. But, now she was liberated from voodoo; to serve Jesus for the rest of her life! She also mentioned that she felt no more pain! She had been battling various kinds of pains for a long time. But her body now felt healed!


My friends, it was an extraordinary night. Others were set free from tens of thousands of demons. During the service, even the Lord Jesus tangibly visited us! He could be seen. One lady was even healed of varying degree of blindness (It was tested before all). There’s so much more to tell you! We even saw precious souls surrender to Jesus as Lord! The miracle of salvation!


Can it get any better? Yes! More miracles, more Jesus encounters, even TODAY! I am deeply humbled and in awe of God! He has been visiting us tangibly where He can be seen! I’m honored that the Lord Jesus would visit us in such a manner.


I hope to share more miracles with from this night soon. I discovered I have a NEW WEAPON; I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SHARING WITH YOU THIS NEW SPIRITUAL WEAPON I POSSESS.