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Vancouver Wonders: Freed from Islamic Spirits then Jesus Appears!

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

The power of the cross was on FULL display, recently, in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, where we conducted our weekly Jesus Church service. In a packed hall, I preached the WORD, with great liberty. At one point during the service, I inquired about those needing to be born again. A few indicated to me their desire to be born again by the Holy Spirit, including a young man from an Islamic background.

Another soul that indicated their desire to be born again was a young woman that was sitting way back in the meeting hall. I had her come up to the front of the hall to pray with her. I tried to get her to say the name of “Jesus.” She couldn’t. The demons wouldn’t let her. Obviously, they wanted to hinder her from being rescued by our loving God.

I have seen this many thousands of times. Demons will cause individuals to suddenly become mute. To the point, where they, literally, cannot mutter the words like, “Jesus.” I wasn’t about to let the demons stop this woman, so I commanded the tongue to be loosened in Jesus name and for the demons to release her. Almost immediately, the demons released her tongue and she was able to call upon the name of Jesus! She was beautifully saved. 

Then I turned my attention to this young man. He also called upon the name of Jesus. He shared with everyone, during the service, that he was involved in a very serious car accident, as a teenager, where he was nearly killed. In fact, his car flipped over more than 15 times. While in the midst of this terrible accident, he said a man appeared to him, in white, with a beard (no doubt, Jesus). No doubt, God kept him from dying. This man has a destiny but the demons were trying to destroy him.

As I prayed for him, many thousands of evil spirits surfaced, including many Islamic spirits, that go back many centuries in his bloodline, due to participation in idolatry. When my cross was brought out, the demons submitted and obeyed the commands of Jesus. It was beautiful to see –as I called upon the holy angels, to carry this young man, to the front of the hall, without any human aid. The demons tried to freeze him. He couldn’t move however God’s holy angels assisted me and moved his body.

At the front of the hall, I confronted the evil that tried to kill him. The evil spirits confessed to bringing him head pain. The pain was expelled in Jesus name! He, also, shared that for more then 16 years he had been having head pain –the pains were GONE! The demons revealed:

“Yes, we tried to kill him,” the demons admitted to me, “We caused the car accident with the hopes of killing him.”

These vicious demonic spirits were also cast out and commanded into the abyss in Jesus name! His divine destiny has been released and he will serve the Lord. He was wonderfully delivered by the power of the cross of Christ!

Moreover, we were able to reach his broken heart. A young inner child surfaced. I immediately, guided the little one to the Lord Jesus. Immediately, the little one, was caught up into the Third Heaven and met the Savior, who was dressed in a white robe and was smiling. His heart was being filled with God’s love. 

Furthermore, the Lord Jesus took his hand and guided him to the Throne Room where he was able to meet the Father! As he entered into the Throne Room, he noticed there were many kids in the room. As he passed the children….

There were some steps….steps that led to the THRONE! He was able to sit with the Father and receive divine directions for life. God told him to read His WORD and taught him some skills that he will be using in this life. It was astounding to behold.