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Atlanta: Satanist Bows to the Cross of Jesus!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Special Note: Jesus Church coming to British Columbia over the Summer of 2018! More details forthcoming.

It’s utterly shocking to see the frequency of soul invasion in those whom we minister to throughout the world. I’m encountering thousands of individuals with soul invaders. Nearly everyone I’m ministering to has this spiritual problem. The church of the living God needs to address these pervasive issue. We are the ones with the answer to this spiritual complexity –the power of Jesus!

For you must understand, most individuals, who have soul invaders, have inner witches (or sorcerers, satanists, etc). This is a fact we are discovering. Last night, at the beautiful sanctuary of the Liberation Freedom Ministries, here in Atlanta, Georgia, I ministered to those with soul invaders. For example, the young lady, pictured with me above, had numerous soul invaders and a number of those were witches. One was a satanist who had befriended her (a common tactic to connect, to gain access to your life). He also referred to himself as a warlock.

“That’s right, I placed a witchcraft spell upon her,” he readily confessed, “I used all kinds of curses to control her and get what I wanted from her.”

He was boastful and arrogant. He also confessed to be involved in devil worship. I brought out my CROSS of DELIVERANCE and he was immediately nervous and shocked. He was stunned of the inherent powers of the cross of Jesus! As soon as he touched it, he bowed his head in submission to the holy powers of the cross of Christ. The packed hall watched closely and attentively as each and every witch I confronted, last night, bowed to the superior powers of the cross of Jesus.

All of the witches were amazed and marveled at the superior powers of God. I have discovered many sorcerers have never been challenged with a superior power. Jesus is the difference-maker. He is superior for He is God in the flesh. Do not retreat, go forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Last night, the church stood her ground and we battled the witches with the superior powers of Jesus Christ and they were expelled (along with their demons). Moreover, many heart parts were reached with the healing of God. Some of them were able to be access the Third Heaven and meet the Lord Jesus. One lady we ministered to was able to get a hug from the Savior and many ancestral heart parts were rescued too.

Furthermore, a few individuals in the sanctuary had open eye visions that were quite similar. It consisted of the Father in Heaven, on His throne, pouring an abundance of brilliant light down from Heaven into me while I preached. He was gracing me with His divine favor. He was well pleased with what I was doing for Him. This is something I’m receiving from individuals, all over the world, God is pleased with us and this global mission that is focused on Jesus!

 The young lady who had the satanist was beautifully rescued. She was so happy afterwards and exclaimed: I’M FREE! I’M FREE!” Obviously, she will need some follow up and more healing and deliverance but what transpired last night was amazingly beautiful to the glory of God.