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Animal & Santeria Spirits Driven Out in Jesus Name!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Your many prayers have been felt in this recent journey to set the captives free. I left Dallas yesterday and found myself only 30 minutes down the road before running into the midst of a hail storm with marble sized hail battering my car, I must have passed by a couple dozen cars who decided to wait the vicious storm out. The extremely poor visibility was such that I literally had to slow down to a snail’s pace. This was but another personal satanic battle I had to fight through to get to the place where the ministry would take place. The enemy has been determined to hinder me the past several days —death threats, strange phone calls in the middle of the night, travel hardships, and guarding myself from the enemies of the gospel– however I am happy to report, once again, Jesus WINS!

It’s about 4am here and I just finished ministering about an hour or so ago to a family who has been terribly terrorized by demonic forces. A sadistic group known as the “Sons of Satan” have been targeting this family for some time now with spiritual attacks and it has been difficult for them to sustain the demonic assaults. These believers like so many believers in our day do not have the support of any church. By God’s grace we were brought together and we were able to see this family overcome these horrible attacks. The Sons of Satan, some years back, had viciously assaulted the son by breaking into his apartment while he was attending Graduate School and as a result transferred a number of evil spirits within him. He had been targeted for some time by this cult with the hopes that as a result of the intimidation and assault that he would simply surrender to their wishes and join them in their criminal activity. He refused to bend to their evil desires. He paid the penalty but in the final say of things– he WINS with Jesus!

For many hours I encountered and drove out demons of —Lust, Fornication, Fantasy Lust, Witchcraft, Blasphemy, Santeria, Infirmity, Mind Control, Fear, Doubt, Lying, Pornography, Sexual Perversions, Satan, Masturbation, and other demonic spirits. Moreover, I encountered and expelled animal spirits named: chicken, rat, pig, lizard, lion, donkey, and goat. All of these satanic forces were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! There was this one particular spirit that gave me a very difficult time…it was a spirit that referred to itself by a family name. This family had placed a demonic curse upon his life, some years ago, as a result of his stand for Christ. This family who practices sorcery had targeted him as he refused the sexual advances of their daughter because he wanted to stay pure for Christ. So, in retaliation, the family sends spells and curses in an attempt to harm him, to teach him a lesson, to not mess with the family. Since, this young man had already opened some doors to demons within his life, he was easy to demonize. We led him in prayers of renunciation and God honored the prayers.

By God’s wonderful grace and mercy, he was able to fight these forces with his father present and, again, hundreds of thousands of these spirits were commanded to leave his body in Jesus name! They departed and went to the pit! He was also healed miraculously of various afflictions and from a broken heart! God is so good to us!

Furthermore, this young man whom the Holy Spirit had been dealing with him, about entering into the ministry of the gospel, for more then 5 years, he finally surrendered to the service of God during the deliverance session. This surrender to the obedient call of Jesus, pleased the Father in Heaven, as we need more workers!

I have survived the demonic attacks in Jesus name!

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Blessings to you and your family on this Resurrection Day. Jesus, is indeed, risen! I’m praising God for His protection and goodness as I have survived three near car wrecks, a frightening turbulent flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico that caused even the Captain of the flight to be shaken up, and guarding my family against a crazed demonized man that lurked around my home! All of this within the past 24 hours. More on all of this later however I want to send out a victory report. Jesus once again rescued precious tormented souls and many more received the message of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ during our mission to the Pacific Northwest!

This mission to the Pacific Northwest was extraordinary in that God provided Evangelist Johnathan Hill and I with supernatural strength to perform deliverances and evangelistic outreach in various areas with little sleep and not eating for long periods of time. When I initially arrived I continued with the ministry despite the fact that I had been up for nearly 21 hours! The Lord is so gracious!

On our last night Johnathan and I ministered in some open air street gatherings in downtown Portland and the demonic oppression was evident in this area of the city. People looked like zombies, bodies without souls. God placed us in this environment so that these people could hear of God’s mercy, amazing love, and grace which is found in Jesus! One of the very first individuals we ministered to was a young lady by the name of Ashley. She was only 21 years of age but had already been out on the streets for more then 8 years. She was hunkered down in front of a vacant entry way to a building. Drenched in filth and urine she looked so sad. I sat down in front of her and offered to help her. She was more then ready to call upon Jesus. I prayed with her and she made peace with God! I also spent some time talking to her about the healing power of God. Ashley was so open to this as nobody truly sat down with her and understood her painful existence (one familiar with dissociation could readily tell she had experienced a broken heart on a very deep level). She had been diagnosed with schizophrenia along with a host of mental afflictions but she kept on telling everyone she wasn’t crazy but had lived a horrible life and her problem was with demons! She was right on about this!

She was infested with demons as a result of a intensely traumatic childhood –which included having been stabbed by her sister, being severely abused by family, and generally being told she was worth nothing — all of this and so much more brought deep pain in her life — her lovely heart was shattered. There on this cold night as she huddled there beside an vacant building she allowed us to reach those precious parts of her broken heart with the unconditional love of Jesus, her heart began to experience deep healing from the touch of Jesus! We also confronted the demons within her and commanded them to leave her in Jesus name! We need to follow up with her and my brother Johnathan mentioned he really felt a burden for her and would assist her!

There were many other Ashley’s there on the cold uninviting dark streets of Portland. Other lost youth dying from within. Johnathan and I ministered to a small gathering of former drug addicts and ex-cons, we encouraged these dear brothers to serve the Lord Jesus and they readily received our message. We prayed for others to receive the Lord Jesus and God moved powerfully in our midst! One young man we prayed for was still bloodied from a vicious assault that he had endured just a day or so earlier, from a militant homosexual who was furious with him for rejecting his sexual advances. He had made plans to leave the street life. He was fed up and wanted to go back to Sacramento, California to live with his family. He was visibly touched by the ministry of the Word we offered him. We were also able to assist him financially to get off the streets. This greatly encouraged many others who were part of this open air meeting.

The proclamation of the gospel, the ministry of healing, and the casting out of demons on this trip caused great damage to the kingdom of darkness. In retaliation Satan attacked in an unusual manner –with 3 near car wrecks, enduring a frightful flight, and having to guard my young family from a demonized man who was enraged with the gospel!

My flight from Seattle to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we briefly stopped on the way to Dallas was one-of-a-kind! One I would not like to experience again. I have experienced some tense times in the air as when I traveled over the Sahara Desert in Africa during some highly intense storms however this flight was hellish and I might add demonic. I truly believe with all of the things I experienced this weekend that this was not another random occurrence, but rather this was an demonic attack through the use of a storm. In Job 1:19 we see Satan using weather for his evil purposes.

While descending to land the jet, the aircraft ran into some very intense wind sheer that literally made it impossible to land safely. In fact, after our landing I overheard the frazzled Captain (I was sitting in the front row) tell the Stewardess that it was his first time (the Captain looked like a seasoned veteran) he had ever experienced some of the emergency detection actually activating in the cockpit. He even said he was considering going to another entirely different airport to land as the weather was that bad.

Since we it was unsafe to land the Captain of the aircraft decided to abort the landing and take off upwards in an attempt to retry the descent and landing. I prayed and commanded the demons behind the vicious weather to cease their activity. The second attempt was successful but with great difficulty as the jet jerked unlike anything I have experienced (I have been flying since I was a little boy). Afterward I asked the Lead Stewardess if she had ever experienced anything like this before. She said, “No!” Some were so jolted by this event that some were crying.

Prior to taking off to continue the journey I could hear the aircraft crew talking with hushed and concerned tones about the trip onward to Dallas as we would be running into 3 storm cells! I was thinking perhaps I needed to get off the flight and just rent a car and drive back. I trusted the Lord! This unknowingly to me was just the beginning of my eventful evening…

I arrived back to Dallas after experiencing another very turbulent flight. I hailed a taxi and while heading back to the house I noticed my driver didn’t seem like he was “present” if you know what I mean?? I shared the gospel with him and within a 10 minute window he nearly lost control of the vehicle, narrowly missing several fast moving vehicles. I told him that he needed to call upon Jesus for help as I KNEW demons were once again trying to kill me this time in a taxi cab! He was furious with me for sharing the gospel and said he would never pray! About this time a rather large dog (looked like a German Shepard) ran into the middle of the darkened road and trying to avoid hitting the animal, he nearly ran us off the road. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to avoid the dog and we plowed over this creature as the dog looked right at us! So sad! I then told him to get me off this taxi as he was extremely dangerous. He didn’t grant my request and simply yelled at me for “preaching” to him about Jesus! A few minutes later I was able to get out of the taxi but this wasn’t the end of it!

Because he was enraged with me for sharing Jesus he didn’t leave our property but simply parked in front of our home, lurking around the side of the house (my wife and I have been talking about placing a fence around our home as we have had strange people lurk around our home before). I decided not to engage him as he was enraged and felt like he would turn violent. Besides, I have three young children in the home and I needed to be with them! I called the Dallas Police to report this suspicious activity and moments later he left the area! It was well after midnight and after prayer with my wife, went to bed and slept peacefully! Amen!

Jesus is Lord! Prior to leaving the Pacific Northwest area I opened up my little New Testament and landed here:

“16 He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
   he drew me out of deep waters.
17 He rescued me from my powerful enemy,
   from my foes, who were too strong for me.
18 They confronted me in the day of my disaster,
   but the LORD was my support.
19 He brought me out into a spacious place;
   he rescued me because he delighted in me.”

I could not help but wonder as I was going through all of these demonic attacks –was the Lord preparing me hours before all of this satanic activity so I would be prepared? I think so! God loves us so very much that He warns us!

Street Deliverance!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

I am currently in Guatemala City and God has been pleased to work miraculous wonders in our midst as the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has gone forth. Just earlier this evening, a very troubled man in his 30’s, approached Evangelist Adolfo and I while we were ministering in one of our street meetings. It seemed like the demons were hovering over him and you could easily tell he was terribly tormented. So, even before praying over him, he fell to his knees in spiritual desperation, evil spirits began to surface within him and before many hundreds we commanded the demons to leave his body in Jesus name! They caused him to go into minor convulsions and were chocking him however God’s grace was extended to him and he was liberated from these dark forces. He then surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ! 

“I have never felt the presence of God like this before,” he shared with us, “I really feel good.”

It was thrilling to see a precious soul so touched by the gospel, to go down on his knees, in the middle of a public place, in desperation to find freedom. Jesus freed this dear brother and he will be joining the church! 

It was equally thrilling to hear God speak to my heart so clearly about a 11 year old boy that was in the midst of the crowd we were preaching to. I just KNEW he would be getting saved. He reminded me so much of my little boy, Ford, as he had this spiritual disposition that you could tell that was very open to the things of God. So, we ensured we were able to reach him. You could tell he was ready to receive Christ! Upon introducing ourselves to him, he exclaimed, “I want to pray for Jesus to enter my heart” with such innocence and purity. We must come to Jesus in such manner, like little children. I’m telling you my friends, children and young people, around the globe, are looking for authentic love found in Jesus Christ. It’s just our responsibility to proclaim this unfathomable love to the hurting masses. Unfortunately, the church, in many places are cold and young people are turned off. Our love must be passionate, real, and compassionate. This young man was captured by God’s love and it really touched my heart deeply as you can tell God the Holy Spirit is going to do a wonderful work in this young man’s life!

Awesome Display of God’s Power Over 65,000 Evil Demons

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Fellow Co-Laborers and Partners in Jesus ~

Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.”
~Mark 1:38-39

This is our mission–to preach the gospel and to drive out demons. It has been thrilling to see God’s wonderful grace being extended to so many on this most recent mission to Latin America. I left early Sunday morning after only sleeping a few hours, boarded a plane back to Dallas, spent some time with the family, and then headed back out on the road to minister in our public Church of the Cross deliverance meeting in Bellmead, Texas. What we experienced in Bellmead was extremely powerful in that precious souls were delivered from tens of thousands of evil spirits in the name of Jesus!

The first miracle which was witnessed was a dear African American sister in Christ, who had been sexually assaulted by evil spirits, tormented in her body and mind, and suffering from various cruel afflictions, arrived to the meeting despite various car troubles (note: this is a common occurrence with those attempting to get to one of our meetings, as the demons will often hinder the demonized by causing various transportation difficulties). How did she hear about our service? Just hours earlier she was searching the web looking for deliverance ministry in Bellmead. She was desperate for help as she attended several churches that very morning seeking deliverance. No one offered to help! Providentially, I had this meeting scheduled and we wanted to help!!! Was that not the miracle working power of the Lord or what!

Though we were small in number, we were mighty in God as He was pleased to display His power over the evil one! After prayer and a brief teaching from the Scriptures, I led the saints in Holy Communion. As soon as we were about to partake of the blood and body of the Lord, demonic spirits surfaced within our precious young African American sister in the Lord (it is a joy of mine to have various believers from different ethnic backgrounds attend our monthly small meetings–we are truly a multi-cultured group), who had placed her in a demonic trance. With her eyes rolled back in her head (you could only see the white of her eyes), she severely convulsed and her head began to shake violently.

The first spirit named, Nala, manifested and revealed to me, that at the age of 6 as a little girl she was abused by a family friend that was involved in Voodoo.

The spirit often spoke to me in a unknown African tribal like tongue. I commanded the spirit to speak English!

“She ate demon food!” Nala informed me.

After further interrogation it was revealed that this family friend that practiced voodooism had taken this lady when she was 6 years of age in the back yard of her home (she was babysitting the girl at the time) and forced her to eat some root called “cheese” that had been cursed. The demons also revealed that she had to eat 90 little pieces that had been cut up for her (interestingly, there was demon within her named 90). She was forced fed this disgusting root! Not only did this traumatic event allow tens of thousands of evil spirits to enter her body but it also brought about trauma to her heart, as her soul was deeply wounded and broken. This lady not only needed liberation from demonic spirits but also experience deep healing of her broken heart!

I called our dear sister out of the trance and had her renounce this demonic act of voodoo and then confronted the spirit of Nala again.

For nearly two hours I battled this voodoo spirit. It was a intense spiritual battle. It has been my observation in dealing with various kinds of demons in different lands of the world that voodoo spirits, Islamic spirits, and elite Luciferian spirits tend to be the most difficult to battle. The voodoo spirit, at first, was quite boastful but towards the end of the battle he was begging for me to let him go to the pit. He was commanded out in Jesus name!

Voodoo spirits of Boya, Ninea, Douya, Lena, Dena, Lord Dena, Ninea, Shena, Noya, Shena, and many tens of thousands of others, of their various kinds, were encountered in this exorcism and were expelled out of her in Jesus name! A few of them had implanted complex mind programming control mechanisms within her soul. These were destroyed by the power of God. A number of these vile spirits even told me how much they liked tormenting the broken pieces of her heart. They especially like perverting and torturing the little wounded parts of her deeply traumatized heart! We spent considerable time during the ministry session to release these parts of her heart into the loving hands of Jesus! What marvelous healing took place! More follow up needs to take place but we are rejoicing in the goodness of God upon this lady’s life.

Yes, the demons were stubborn and battled us but with each one they ultimately confessed their defeat by the blood of Jesus Christ! At times these spirits were speaking various kinds of African tribal tongues (and even a Indonesian tongue) which required us to command the spirits to speak in English. They twisted her body and shook her body for many hours with very little relief. It reminded me of the various animist & voodoo dance routines I have witnessed in Haiti and various parts of Africa. No doubt some of these spirits came from these far away lands.

A dear mother who are present with her grown son (he was needing deliverance too) assisted me in note keeping and more then 65,000 predominately voodoo spirits were identified and driven out in Jesus name! She was feeling relieved and free. What a beautiful feeling it truly is! She was very shy but she testified of her deliverance on video which I hope to have on the site soon!

Our public meetings in the US tend to go deep into the night. It is not unusual to have all nighters–10, 12, 16, and even more 20 hours of deliverance ministry! Even then we often run out of time as was the case in this most recent meeting. The needs are more then what people realize. Demonic activity are at epic proportions. God gave me supernatural strength, though, as I had just traveled earlier that day from Latin America. I had, perhaps, slept a total of 9 hours during my mission and here I was conducting deliverance sessions deep into the early morning hours! God is gracious. He is to be praised!

It was 1am and others needed assistance, (by the way, I even received a couple calls during the night from others needing deliverance from out of town) so I continued on! A 26 year old man had arrived needing liberation from the powers of the devil as he was being constantly harassed by voices, mental torment, and other kinds of strange afflictions. We battled more then 7,000 spirits of infirmity that had been sent his way by an old bitter girlfriend that is involved in witchcraft and the powers of the occult. The demons spoke and revealed much. Because he had opened up some doors up to the demonic he was wide open for more demons from this witch! By 3am we were able to drive out more then 7000 demons!

For nearly 10 hours we battled and witnessed the display of God’s power over the evil one. God’s grace was quite evident! We will follow up and believe God’s healing power to rest upon these precious souls!

Ancient Mayan Demons Driven Out in Latin America

Monday, April 18th, 2011

My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

First off thank you for praying for me. I needed your prayers and God answered by providing supernatural protection here in Guatemala. It was a grueling 6 plus hours in a old, over-crowded, extremely suffocating, hot bus on some horrible roads. While on the bus I nearly witnessed a little girl, perhaps, 6 or 7 years of age, being nearly crushed by the overcrowded mass of people desperate to get on the bus. I literally intervened by picking up the little girl, from the main aisle she was standing in, while her parents stood by, without a care in the world and had her sit on my leg. The passengers could have cared less that a little girl was nearly trampled on. I was angry and very sad! The little girl was happy I helped her though! I just do not get it my friends…why people are so cruel.

Moreover, our bus broke down a couple times delaying us more then an hour. Then I was hit with a closed fist by someone who walking by the bus during one of our stops. I was stunned! It was during a time I was about to get some rest when out of the blue a young guy comes up to the window and hits me hard! What would cause a man to strike a another man like that I asked myself! One word came to my mind—demons!I have had strange experiences like this before. I recall being in Paris some years ago and while in the open courtyard in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral a demonized man, out of the blue, rushes to me, placing his hands around my neck in an attempt to strangle me. I could recount similar experiences from around the world. I believe these attacks are demon inspired as none of these attacks make any human sense. These are supernatural attacks compelled by devils.

Then upon our arrival to the region, where we would minister in a few primitive witchcraft dominated villages, I hopped on a open bed pickup truck for another hour of difficult traveling on unpaved roads. Then we had to traverse some difficult pathways to this little village dominated by the descendants of the ancient Mayans that were known in ancient times to participate in human sacrifice.

Friends of Jesus, evil demons wanted to hinder me and discourage me so they attempted to use a variety of ways to accomplish this. These unholy spirits did not want me to come to preach in this village. Furthermore, I discovered when getting my email set up to write all of you, those demons inside that precious woman who we have been reaching out to in the United Kingdom wrote me ANOTHER email threat, “I hope you die on the road,”  this was a death curse upon my travels. The email was sent just about the time of our journey! Interesting….no doubt the demons in this remote primitive Mayan village were communicating with the demons in Western Europe with the hopes of killing me on the road. They failed!

Remote Village Dedicated to King Jesus!

For several hours we held a open air evangelistic meeting, sponsored by one of the new mission churches of the Church of the Cross. We participated in Holy Communion, sang, and I proclaimed the gospel message to a crowded field of people in the central part of the village. From throughout the village people assembled. One lady had traveled far to join us for these special services. People were listening in their homes, in their yards, and all around us. It was beautiful to see!

I sensed many who had assembled were sick. I asked those who wanted to be healed of their infirmities to come up to the front. I would estimate nearly 50% of the crowd responded. These were desperate people in a very spiritually dark region of Latin America. The needs were astounding. I was told that I was the first evangelist to hold a open air meeting in their community. The first to hold a service where the sick and demonized were prayed for, and first Anglo to ever visit!

For a long time, I prayed for the dear people and many were miraculously healed of various infirmities and afflictions. The first lady I prayed for had been told by doctors there was nothing else they could do for her. Medication had failed and she had been in terrible pain for over three years! I commanded the spirits of infirmity to leave her body along with the various pains and immediately she was healed! She however did not want to move, she just stood there in front of all and cried profusely! She was healed after three years of pain and she was relieved! God had touched her! Amen! So many were sick, so many were in torment, and in pain! I was astounded. Now, I knew why the demons tried to hinder me. They did not want to see these people free in Jesus!

The villagers were stunned witnessing first hand these open air miracles. Even the mayor was present and he was deeply moved (the Holy Spirit at one point had me give him my watch, you should have seen his face–priceless!) It opened them up the gospel and many prayed with me to receive salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! Many children were present and they opened their little hearts to Jesus too! It was also reported to me that only 20-30% of the villagers were born again believers. What a great time to bring the good news of kingdom of God to this remote Mayan community.

We also gave an invitation to those who wanted to experience deliverance from demonic spirits to come forward for prayer and again a great number responded. As soon as they lined up in front of me I could feel the evil spirits and their intense rage towards me for daring to confront them! In the power of Jesus, we confronted the evil spirits and commanded them to leave those who stood before me. Many were freed. One lady manifested powerful Mayan spirits of violence. The demons had been compelling this dear mother to beat her children viciously. These spirits were cast out in Jesus name! Another lady manifested demons who laughed and laughed, blasphemous spirits that simply mocked the work of God! These were driven out in Jesus name! Many were freed from ancient pagan Mayan curses through the all powerful blood of Jesus!

Delivering Souls in Belize!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit manifested wonderful power to proclaim the gospel, to drive out demons, and to heal the infirm. Again, God gave me strength to walk many miles and along the way led many to Jesus Christ. By the time I reached the center of the city I had already led 12 souls in repentance. Upon arriving downtown I held a number of small open air meetings and the miracles were amazing!

Upon praying the prayer of salvation, a lady, among the group, was not only immediately saved by the holy blood of Jesus but also experienced instantaneous deliverance from demons! She shouted for all to hear, “I needed that, I needed that!” God had set her free! Another man who was present to hear the gospel was also saved and exclaimed, “I felt the demons leave out of my head,” he was astonished and joyful in this new found liberation from the powers of Satan!

(I know, often times, deliverance from evil spirits is a more of a process, as strongholds and evil spirits are confronted and expelled. I have assisted people through this process thousands of times. We have seen, though, in evangelistic gatherings in the Third World, precious souls are being delivered quickly as God is confirming His Word with signs and wonders so that unbelievers can witness His power over all other pagan powers)

I also ministered in front of the historic Anglican Church, in Belize City, by the harbor. A grandmother surrendered to the Messiah and she asked if I could pray over her little granddaughter who in the past 12 months had two close encounters with death. She believed a demon power was trying to kill her. We prayed over her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

As I was walking back to my motel room God directed me to a home where a number of little children were present, many of whom were sick. I led these precious little ones to Jesus and laid my hands upon their hands and prayed for their healing. The dear mother was there and she opened her  life to the love of God! She was born again by the Holy Spirit. Then she revealed she had been sick for awhile with horrible migraines and liver disease. You could see she was in intense pain! I commanded the pains and the infirmities to leave her body and they immediately did!! She testified before her children that God had healed her! The pain disappeared! Praise be our amazing healing God!

One of her little boys then pleaded with me, after seeing her mother healed, to come into their home. So, I entered their home and the little boy led me to his grandfather, who was blind, with a cane in his hand. I asked the grandfather if he wanted to be healed. “Yes, I do.” So, I spent the following few minutes rebuking the blindness in the name of Jesus. He was able to see! But not clearly though but he was able to see where he wasn’t able to see before! Again, I commanded all the blinders to come off his eyes and again he testified he could see but again not clearly! I trust the Lord to complete the healing that has already begun in this dear man’s life!

(I have discovered long ago that healing is quite mysterious. Not all get healed and many do not receive their healing instantaneously however God does heal, sometimes through a process and sometimes through medical care. We are honored, though, to partake of these beautiful miracles! We believe nothing is impossible with God. Amen!)

The Spirit of the Living God led me later in the evening to a 38 year old man named George. While praying over him God spoke to me so very clearly. George had been called to the ministry and yet something was enslaving him–sexual sins–God was being gracious but he needed to repent! I asked him if these things were true. He bowed his head and said YES! He confessed that he had been involved in adulterous relationship. I led him to break the unholy sexual bond and recommitted his life in service to King Jesus. Also, he destroyed before my eyes a Jehovah Witness magazine that someone had just given to him. He said he was curious about the literature and was reading it but knew it was not of God! I believe George will be assisting us in the future in the gospel work here in Belize.

I had a wonderful time of ministry with the House of Refuge Church and experienced a personal prophecy, when the elders joined me in prayer, that confirmed some marvelous things that God was going to perform in the ministry in the coming years. Praise be to God!

In Belize where a little boy was healed of blindness!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

od is so wonderful to bestow His miracle working power in our midst. Last night after walking more then 4 miles I arrived in the city to preach the gospel and along the way many were captured by the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, healed of various afflictions and delivered from demon powers. Moreover, a group of new converts desire for a church to be birthed here in Belize City!

Before sharing more details allow me to explain some strange things that have transpired prior to arriving to this beautiful small Caribbean Island-like Central American nation of Belize. A few nights ago, a dear friend of mine who publishes gospel tracts left some for me to pick up in a city outside of Dallas. I took the train, picked up the tracts, and headed back to the train station when suddenly God brought a young Latino man by name of Orlando, who was very receptive to the gospel and surrendered to Christ right there on the side of the road. What a beautiful victory for Jesus–the salvation of a precious soul! This is my heart–to see people drawn to Jesus and to experience His healing and delivering power! Satan then attacked me hours later. I experienced a horrible nightmare whereby Satan was reminding me of past sins and bringing general condemnation–it was terrible. I was seeing flashbacks of my past, then being put in a very eerie dark prison where grotesque creatures were following me, however, was able to escape and find a hiding place but knew I was being hunted down!

This nightmare stayed with me even while in transit to Belize. I couldn’t seem to get rid of it’s demonic effects. Then the loving Father began to speak to me at 2:07pm (the 7 is significant in a biblical sense).

“You are my son, you are loved, you WILL be my witness to the ends of the world.”

I was truly touched deep within my soul of these loving comforting words from our Father in Heaven, then the Holy Spirit began to interpret the dream that I was so troubled by.

“The enemy placed you in a prison of condemnation, you are being hunted down but you are free and hidden in Jesus!”

My friends, Satan is the accuser, he likes to bring condemnation but rejoice in that our living God has forgiven you (see Psalm 103) and set you free. Furthermore, those in the Son–are hidden in Christ–what a safe place to be present in! I was freed from the night terror!

As I mentioned while in Belize City I witnessed the power of God upon proclaiming the good news of the cross of Jesus on the streets and in the open air meetings. Some of the tremendous miracles I observed include:

~Seeing a young boy, perhaps 7 years of age, (just typing this brings tears of joy), was touched by the Savior. He was blind and being led by some of his little friends. I immediately laid my hands on his head, rebuked the spirit of blindness and then while I pulled out a gospel tract that had a “Toy Story” cover his face lit up! He could SEE the cover of the Toy Story characters and this brought him joy! Jesus healed him of this blindness!

~Witnessing a lady who had revealed she was suffering from serve pain, as a result of arthritis, was healed by Jesus! At first when I commanded the pain to go, it wouldn’t go! I remained persistent, a second time things didn’t get much better, so I continued to be persistent. On the third time of rebuking this affliction she was astonished! She couldn’t feel any more pain in her joints! God had healed her! She was then saved by the love of Jesus!

~Seeing a 61 old lady approach me while I was open air preaching and inquiring for deliverance. She even stated, “I have DEMONS in my body!” We sat by on a near by bench and she revealed that at the age of 12 an evil spirit had entered her body and had possessed her. This spirit then spoke to her soon thereafter and told her to “grab a machete and cut off your sister’s head.” For nearly– a half of a century– this dear woman had been tormented and no one came along to drive these tormenting spirits from her. My heart broke! I confronted these murderous spirits and before many bystanders, in the center of the city, I cast these demons out of her in the name of Jesus! The demons could be seen coming out! With tears in her eyes she testified of finally being relieved of the torment and demonic afflictions. Jesus had set her FREE! She even allowed me to videotape her testimony and she was so happy with tears in her eyes!

~Observing a number of Haitian young men (who came to Belize to look for a better life) gather around as I proclaimed the gospel in one of the impromptu meetings and see them surrender to Christ and renounce Haitian voodoo generational curses! It was truly beautiful to see!

~Witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit fall upon a dear Belize man who was then delivered from powerful demonic spirits that had been destroying his life and his family! This man had been addicted to alcohol and he couldn’t find a way to escape this satanic bondage. In fact, his family, had decided to kick him out of the house until he got cleaned up! Well, I am happy to report he has been cleaned up by Jesus–he was saved and delivered and he will be going back to his family!

Many souls have been won to Jesus Christ and more meetings are planned. Thank you for praying dear ones!