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Power of Jesus Overcoming Mafia, Satanism, and Murder

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I am currently in San Antonio, Texas conducting meetings with those enslaved to the devil. God has been gracious to bestow His holy power upon us and we have seen some amazing miracles that I would like to report on!

The battle began at the airport in Dallas. I have been flying for more then 30 years and I have never experienced being stuck on a runway as a result of a fire alarm going off in the controller tower thus causing all of the controllers to evacuate the tower. I am curious to know if any of you have experienced anything like? The pilot, when notifying us of the delay, sounded astonished when reporting that the entire tower had to be evacuated. Was this simply a coincidence –here I was traveling to set precious souls free and now I was once again being hindered in my travels. No, it was NOT a coincidence this was the attempt of the enemy to stop me. The devil failed.

I safely arrived to Brian and Michelle’s home here in San Antonio and discovered that this dear family was much deeper in darkness then I had originally thought. Though on the outside seemed like this family was fine –she a nurse, he a federal law enforcement agent– Brian and Michelle had two precious children and a nice home however something nefarious was at work right under the surface of their lives and that is why God sent me to drive out these evil forces in Jesus name.

Michelle grew up in the Mafia in the Bronx, New York, where her father admitted to killing people and conducting numerous criminal activity in the underworld. Her childhood and home was filled with violence. When she was 3 years of age she recalls her father viciously attacking her mother and trying to separate the both of them (I can’t imagine how this would affect a little 3 year old). Having endured two rapes as a young girl her heart shattered and powerful demons moved into her life causing more problems. As a devout Catholic in the Bronx she vividly recalls as a 6 year old going to Mass one morning and hearing a demonized man sitting behind her spewing out vile profanities towards the priest. This further traumatized her life and brought such fear that she did not desire to attend any church from that point forward.

Through the years Michelle had experienced some intense paranormal activity in her life and home  –the appearing of phantoms, ghosts and monsters– at times these entities (demons) would even physically assault her and choke her in an attempt to murder her. She grew desperate for help but no one was there to offer any assistance.

Brian also grew up in the Bronx and for years experienced intense spiritual attacks, that at times seemed relentless. The attacks gradually intensified to the point where Michelle had to admit him into a psychiatric hospital as she did not where else to turn (isn’t that horrible that a family in such dire straits couldn’t feel they could turn to the church for intervention but rather an insane asylum). This also worsened the problems as the demons were not obviously dealt with and the forces of evil continued the attack –this time they took it to an entirely different level as they began to attack their two children –in one instance their little girl woke up petrified as she saw a man in their home who declared: “I am going to kill your family!”

At this harrowing point Brian sought ministries that are involved in deliverance and exorcism and came across our work which led me here. For seven hours I battled the violent spirits within Brian and Michelle (and within the children) and this entire family in NOW free and healed to serve Jesus!

Michelle within an hour of my arrival to their home strong satanic spirits hell bent on murdering me confessed –“We were the ones behind your travel problems earlier today on the plane,” –a spirit of murder revealed to me (this doesn’t surprise me at all, as demons will hinder the servants of the Lord in their travels).

Numerous spirits of Murder, Death, Fear, and Evil surfaced from within her and spoke to me.

“We entered a long time ago –more then 30 generations ago– as her ancestors, on her father’s side, worshiped our master Satan, they murdered animals, prayed to Satan, murdered humans, conducted rituals, wore cloaks as Druid priests,” the demons went on, “she was born with chains because of the ancestor’s witchcraft oaths.”

These demons battled me and her husband fiercely, growled, contorted her body in a grotesque manner and moaned. But this experience jolted her husband to the reality of what these demons were doing within her wife’s life. I called Michelle back from her demonic trance and explained to them what was occurring (they had never been through a deliverance nor did they realize to the extent the demons were actually operating from within their lives. After some moments of talking I realized that though these were good people who had attended church and desired the things of God they had never experienced that inner transformation of the Holy Spirit being within them –the mystery of Jesus Christ living within us –our hope of glory! So, I led them both to the Lord Jesus Christ and they miraculously saved!

I then proceeded, with her husband assisting, to drive out these unholy spirits that had been in her body and mind for many generations. The evil spirits were commanded to release the many broken parts of her heart (there was one little 3 year old part of her heart that was quite strong and actually during this meeting SAW the RISEN JESUS). We also prayed for her heart to be healed and she was healed of dissociation and delivered from these powerful Satan spirits.

My friends her face just lit up with relief, liberating light, and joy! It was amazing to see! Her husband just sat their astounded but overjoyed!

Not only was she delivered from demons but her husband was also –demons of fear, lust, greed, murder, and doubt. He was so powerfully delivered that he immediately entered a deep restorative sleep that brought great healing to his soul and body. The waves of healing presence of Jesus was quite tangible and powerfully in the room! I nearly fell asleep in the loving arms of Jesus! I enjoyed it greatly! Moreover, we dealt with numerous demons within their home that brought horrific hauntings as result of possessing Native American religious artifacts and Eastern Mystical books. These items were destroyed immediately. These spirits were expelled from their home and could feel a definite change in the spiritual atmosphere. Their precious children were also delivered from generational spirits of death and evil.

Prior to concluding the ministry for the night (it was well after 1am) they desired to be water baptized so in their backyard pool, in the early morning hours of Friday, I baptized these new converts to the Lord Jesus Christ in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen!

What more could be said?

Praise be to God!

Nazi Forces Bow to Jesus!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Some of the demons we are encountering include Nazi demons, Illuminati spirits, and high level mind control spirits. In fact, one lady who has met with us has decided to stay at the safe house as she is in extreme danger from the Illuminati and a group of them are in the process of locating her at this very moment. But God is protecting and delivering as seen in a recent exorcism with this lady:

“I’m a spirit from Josef Mengele,” the demon angrily spoke to me as I commanded to know his identity in Jesus name.

“I entered her ancestor in Europe as she was abused by him,” the evil spirit revealed to me.”

The demon within this Josef Mengele passed onto the this lady’s ancestor thereby traveling through the family bloodline. With the demon came a series of some very complex programming. This demon was driven out in Jesus name!

This is the same man, Dr. Josef Mengele, a Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau doctor, who was known as the “angel of death”. He onced, “burned several Jewish prisoners in a gigantic oven to test how long it would take for the human body to get first, second and third degree burns at certain temperatures. He also tested how much force it would require to break a human skull.”

Jesus defeats Nazi spirits! 

Submitted by Jay

Black Magick Spirits Defeated by the Messiah

Monday, April 20th, 2009

This past Saturday we held our holy services and an African man manifested demons that had entered him due to his family’s involvement in black magick. Two spirits of black magick surfaced while I prayed over him named, “Lethal and Letel.” These demonic beings had placed spiritual chains in his mind that held him into captive. Both were driven out and exited through his mouth. He could feel them leave and he was relieved.Minutes later, we dealt with some very strong satanic spirits that were quite violent and blasphemous. The demons spoke out of this woman in strange demonic languages, communicating to other spirits, and requesting for assistance. Our God was too powerful though!

“We will never leave her, there’s 7018 of us, we are too powerful for you,” boasted the spirits.

There were over 7000 evil spirits within a woman that had participated in numerous black magick ceremonies. Upon this woman’s confession of Jesus Christ over black magick, the demons were confronted with the holy command.

“You will repeat after me, evil spirits,” I informed the 7018 demons.

“We will not, we will go to your home,” the demons told me.

“In Jesus name, you will go to the pit,” I commanded the spirits.

Minutes later they repeated their doom and entered the abyss, screaming in utter agony!

The dear lady collapsed and was so happy that the demons had departed, all 7018!

Black magick is no match for the holy power of the Messiah!

Submitted by Jay

Voodoo Spirit Resisted but Came Out!

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Last night at the church, a dear lady surrendered to Jesus Christ for the very first time in her life. She had a head knowledge but had not repented of her sins. She had incredible difficulty praying with me, VERY difficult for her to even verbally confess Jesus. But, by God’s mercy, she prayed and light could be seen on her face! She was giggling as she was so joyful in making that decision. She said she could feel that her heart was warming up! Isn’t that awesome!

Then I had her even destroy a picture, in front of all, that she had drawn at the church…a picture filled with Satanic symbols and the sign of the beast 666. I also destroyed the book she had published that was about murder!

Then we began the exorcism. Within seconds of placing holy water & sacred oil on her head a spirit surfaced by the name of Tiera which was interesting as she thought Tiera was a broken part of her (good lesson for all who have dissociation–ensure you test the parts of you to see whether they are spirit or human). Her eyes glossed over and a perverted smirk appeared on her face.

The demon was violent and extremely hateful, as it flung my Bible across the sanctuary. It was in a rage but Jesus prevailed! I called forth the holy angels of God and within minutes they came into the sanctuary and I told the angels to carry her up to the front of the sanctuary (she was sorta in the middle of the sanctuary). The angels picked her up and placed in a upright position so I could minister to her. The demons warred against the holy angels. There was a intense battle but again God prevailed!

Tiera held on the spiritual rights of animal sacrifices and consumption of blood. The rights were removed and 2999 of the Tiera spirits were commanded to leave and she could feel them leave her body!

Then a major war occured. It was with the very last Tiera spirit, it was a voodoo spirit from prior generations (just a informational tibit~voodoo spirits tend to be very difficult and persistent due to their very nature of their being I have discovered as I have ministered in numerous voodoo areas of the world). It had entered her ancestors, I think 3 or 4 generations ago, as they practiced voodoo and sacrificed a little baby to the devil! This specific demon passed through the bloodline of the family into Kimi!

For a long time I battled this evil demon, as it fought back with great persistence, that it amazed me, as we were torturing it beyound belief! The demon shouted, “I’m going to murder her,” “I’ll leave when she is dead,” “I’m never leaving.”

I’ll be honest, I was worned out but then…

The fire of the Holy Spirit descended upon me in unusual power and I commanded this voodoo spirit to leave and it left her body in the name of Jesus!

WOW!!! She was so relieved and was experiencing the glory of God resting upon her life! She was really tired but so relieved!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Cursed Animals Expelled from Lady

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Note: some of this information may upset those who are spiritually vunerable so please do not read any further. This information needs to be made public so people can know Jesus is ABLE to heal those tormented in unusual manners. –Jay

We met for nearly 10 hours, last night, at the Mt Olive Free Methodist Church and conducted two intense exorcisms. I urged many of you to pray as I would be performing spiritual surgery on one of the ladies possessed, within her body nature, two literal animals–parts of animals that the cult spiritually surgically placed within her belly. One was a part of a lizard, it’s tail, scales, and fragements of it’s skin. These pieces of the lizard were cursed and placed inside of her. There was another animal part within her also, a rabbit’s foot, that had been cursed and placed within her stomach area. As you can imagine this lady has been experiencing, for many years, all kinds of stomach problems and issues. No wonder, she had animal parts within her. This isn’t unusual, though, the church is ill equipped on getting cursed objects out of bodies. I have seen all kinds of cursed things removed from the the demon possessed. The late German Lurtheran pastor & exorcist Blumbhardt of the 19th century writes of animals being inside the demonized (including a bat & a turtle) and being removed by the power of the cross of Jesus!On this victory night, a demon surfaced by the name of Jackinas who was holding into place the lizard. Melaco was the other evil spirit who held unto the rabbit’s foot. The power of Jesus is greater though and can remove cursed things from the body!

For a couple hours the power of the Holy Spirit was evident and assisted in the surgery with the Father & Son!

In Jesus name, I commanded the spirit to release the animals and to depart with it via the mouth. We witnessed parts of the lizard being expelled out of her mouth into a wastebasket and other gunk! It was disgusting and vile as the parts of the lizard were being expelled. But, I was reminded that after these animals were removed, this dear lady was going to feel so much better!!! And she did!

In Jesus name, I commanded the spirit to release the rabbit’s foot, and the foot of the animal came out immediately from the mouth as she heaved into the wastebasket! It was covered with blood and other gunk! God is so good and delivered this dear lady whom we love so very much!

The spiritual surgery was successful and this without having to take her to the hospital!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Delivered, Healed and Raised from the Dead

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Four times I had to bring back a young lady from the dead (she had no pulse, body limp, had stopped breathing and was cold). I was involved in one of the most intense exorcisms, in years, in our recent meeting in Austin, Texas. The demons were within a young lady who had traveled, with her father, to Austin to receive freedom from the demons that were tormenting her life. The first spirit that surfaced was a spirit named, “Blasphemy.” He was quite aggressive and violent. Took three men to hold her and God’s Holy Angels. He spoke in different demonic languages, crissed crossed her eyes, disfigured her body, manifested various burning smells within the room, exhibited supernatural power, and extremely blasphemous (as it repeated blasphemy in Germanic like accent).

During the battle we utilized holy water, conscreated objects, praise, the Scriptures, and holy angels. They weakened the spirit, in fact, the spirit of blasphemy, was literally burned by the conscreated cross when I placed it in her hand (her hand had physical marks due to the cross burning her but God healed her and the marks were completely GONE!). We expelled hundreds of these spirits.Then “Destroyer” surfaced and was entirely different & a higher level demonic entity that literally put her to death at least 4 times during the exorcism–no pulse, no breathing whatsoever, cold & limp body, and no life. As you can imagine, the lady’s father was frantic (but strong in Jesus) as he saw her dead–she was gone–but with the commands of Jesus we spoke life and raised her back to life. I breathed in her life, via her mouth, the life of the Holy Spirit and she was revived. In each instance when she was in the state of death I had to breathe life in her. Jesus answered our prayers and raised her back from the dead to life!

Also, during this exorcism while praying over her head, the demon snapped at me and got a hold of my right pointer finger and clamped down on it and all I thought was– it was going to chew my finger right off –as it sneered and rejoiced that it had me. The pain, my friends, was incredible and very intense as you can imagine. I’m sore. But God is healing me. One time the demon choked the father, and spat in my face. The demons violently disfigured her body and called for reinforcements, however, God prevailed. Thousands of these spirits were driven out of her in Jesus name. They had entered her through ancestral Satan worship back many generations ago. There is SO much to share…but I am rejoicing in the goodness of God as people were healed physically, emotionally, delivered from thousands of evil spirits, and the young lady raised from the dead four times.

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Satanism, Voodoo & Witchcraft Defeated

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

A young man recently contacted us who needed liberation from the witchcraft powers that have bound him for years. He had sliced his own body in rituals, made blood pacts, spoke with demons, and was actively practicing witchcraft, voodoo, and Satanism. His involvement included trips to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico to see some witchdoctors. In one exorcism with him, several evil spirits manifested that told me they had entered this young mans body through his participation is some blood pacts, that he had made six months earlier. One demon I confronted was named “Death” and he confessed to having entering this man’s body via his sin of making a pact with the devil. We dealt with several dozen evil spirits within this man. By the grace of God he was liberated by the power of Jesus Christ.

Jay Bartlett